Blondes on the Brian III

"Oh, God…Brian…ahhhh…" the blond keened as the detective’s fingers grazed his prostate. Brian kept up the continual pressure, massaging the knot of tissue and Justin mewled helplessly. He knew what Brian was doing and he couldn’t stop it. "Nooo…not like this…" he pleaded between moans. Despite his body’s reaction, the uncontrollable writhing as he was pinned between the bed and the man, he didn’t want to come like this. It was unfair that he got all the pleasure. And he hated being so disconnected from the other man. But the worst part…the best part…was Brian’s unwavering gaze. It embarrassed him that Brian examined him so intimately. In broad daylight. No one else had ever made him feel so… he shouted the man’s name again as the digits twisted deeper, then another was added as his reward…No one but Brian could make him do things that were so…so…

"…So fuckin’ hot," the older man growled, the deep rasp cutting through Justin’s haze. "You have no idea what your ass does to me. What you do to me." He leaned forward, nipping along the firm globes. "Come for me. Just like this."

"Please…I need…"

Brian chuckled and the deep resonance sent jolts of pleasure through the blond. "I know what you need Angel, you need to do what I say. I want you to come, let me feel your sweet little ass hot and tight around me."

Justin whimpered incoherently as the older man’s fingers moved faster, pushing him relentlessly, and Brian smirked. "Then I’m going to fuck you."

That did it. The artist’s hips arched off the bed as he convulsed through his orgasm.

Brian didn’t bother to give him any time to recover. He lifted the smaller frame and shifted him back into the middle of the bed, turning him on his side. The older man quickly prepared himself and slid into the velvet tunnel. Brian groaned as the slick heat enveloped him.

Justin echoed his lover as he was stretched and filled. The blond trembled in Brian’s arms as every nerve sparked and tingled. He felt Brian smooth the damp hair from his face before the man’s lips burned across his skin. The artist turned his head to meet Brian’s kiss when he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye. "Michael," he gasped.

Brian jerked back as if he’d been slapped. "What?!"

Justin struggled to pull the duvet over himself, his skin tinged scarlet from head to toe. "He was watching us!"

Brian looked to the door and saw it was cracked open when he knew he’d shut it. The angry man flew across the room only to stop short at the top of the stairs when he heard the front door slam. "Fuck!"

He turned back to the bed and frowned when he saw the blond was wrapped in a cocoon, struggling to get up. "What are you doing?"

Justin glared at him as if it was obvious. "I have a meeting in an hour." How could the man just stand there in all his naked, still erect glory when all he wanted was for the floor to open up and swallow him.

"No, I meant what’s with the toga? Is this some kinky role-playing game I don’t know about?" Brian leered at the younger man and tugged at the end of the blanket, but Justin pulled away. Okay, so they weren’t going to be able to just laugh this off. He was going to fucking kill Michael. Not that Brian hadn’t planned to the second he found out, but the more upset Justin got, the more painful Brian imagined the payback. "Justin--"

"I’m not in the mood anymore, okay?" the artist huffed.

The detective caught him around the waist as he tried to slip past. "That’s okay, but this attitude’s not. Talk to me."

"What did you expect?" Justin snapped. "I wasn’t planning on a threesome this morning."

"I know I was caught up in the moment, but I’m pretty sure it was just you and me."

The blond’s eyes narrowed. "You know what I mean! Christ, you don’t even care do you?"

Brian struggled to keep his temper. "Of course, I care. And I will take care of it."

"Like you took care of it this morning?" the blond spat.

Brian raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"He obviously didn’t get the point—again. Brian, he’s never going to give up on you. He loves you. He’s obsessed with you."

Brian raked his hand through his hair. His first instinct was to tell Justin to quit being a drama princess, but, although he generally loathed the dramatic type, he’d found Justin usually wasn’t one without a reason. So what was it? Jealousy? Christ, he didn’t really think he and Michael…man, he was too old for this shit. "Look, he may not have believed me earlier, but I think he understands now. If this is what it took then--"

Justin gaped at him. "He was watching us," he sputtered. "He saw…" the blond unconsciously gripped the blanket tighter around his thigh and Brian finally understood.

"He saw you." When the artist looked away, Brian knew he was right. He set Justin on the edge of the bed and knelt between his legs, ignoring the blond’s protests when he pushed the blanket away. "Michael’s gone. The only person coming between us now is you. Don’t hide from me, Angel, I thought we were past that." He turned the blond’s head to face him, then trailed his hands over the younger man’s thighs, his eyes challenging the artist to pull away.

Justin flushed red again, squirming under the older man’s scrutiny once more. He hated the man for exposing him like that. Yes, it was hate that uncoiled in his belly, spreading heat everywhere Brian touched him. "Brian…" The artist’s arms slid around the other man’s neck, but instead of the kiss he was expecting, he was pulled to his feet as the detective stood.

Brian smirked as the confused blond swayed, clinging to him. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to pick up where they left off. "Come on. We have to get in the shower again or you’ll be late." The older man hoped he sounded more firm on the matter than he felt. One little flicker from that devious tongue and he w—there it was, peeking out from between the plump pouting lips. Brian swooped down to capture it and they collapsed on the bed again.


Janine watched Lindsay pacing in front of her desk. The woman had been loitering in the reception area for the last twenty minutes. She said she was waiting for a messenger and needed to see him in person. Actually, the receptionist wouldn’t have cared one way or another what the anal retentive priss was up to any other day, but today Lindsay’s presence was hindering her obvious need to sweet talk her new boyfriend.

"I know," she sighed quietly, "but you can wait another hour, can’t you? Any other day it would be fine but I have to wait for an important call…Billy, please understand… I’ll be there as soon as I can… of course I’d miss you…don’t…"

Janine saw Lindsay coming towards her and cringed. She didn’t need another one of Lindsay’s lectures about personal phone calls. Like she was her fucking boss. Last time she checked, Emmett signed her paychecks and if he knew she was talking to her boyfriend he’d pick up the extension! Janine fought the urge to just flip the woman off and instead gave her a tight smile.

"Look, I have to go…I can’t do this right now, I’m working…"

She held up a finger to the other woman. Her index finger, indicating it would only be another moment, and was surprised when Lindsay mouthed, ‘Go.’ Janine raised an eyebrow questioningly and Lindsay shooed her away with her hands. The receptionist’s face broke open in a bright smile.

"Wait! I can make it after all…Yeah, see you then."

She replaced the phone in its cradle and jumped up, squeezing the other woman. She didn’t know what had gotten into the woman but she wasn’t about to look a gift dyke in the mouth. "Thank you!"

Lindsay smiled back. "It sounded important so I don’t mind covering for your lunch hour. I’m here anyway until my package comes."

Janine suddenly frowned. "Wait! You’re supposed to be leaving for Philadelphia."

"Actually, I’m also waiting to hear from Mr. Carter about the appointment today. Emmett wants me to stay if he confirms since I handled his first buy from Justin. He’s an elderly quirky man, you know, Emmett wasn’t sure Justin would be up to handling him alone."

Janine bit her tongue. As far as she could tell Justin was fine, but Emmett would continue to treat him like a…a spoiled princess if someone didn’t put a stop to it. They’d have to talk about that later. "Well, okay, if you’re sure," the receptionist tossed over her shoulder as she walked away without waiting for a response.

"Yes, I’m absolutely positive," Lindsay purred to herself as she slid behind the desk.


Brian arched his back and shouted a string of obscenities as he came in the blond’s mouth. Justin lifted his head and licked his lips, eliciting another groan from the older man. He tugged the artist up to him and kissed him soundly, tasting himself on the red swollen lips.

Justin reluctantly pulled away. "Now we really have to go." He was pulling the other man towards the shower when his cell phone rang. The two men looked at each other, then to the phone.

"Fuck it," Brian growled, pushing the artist into the bathroom. He could see the fear in the blond’s eyes. He would put the kid in the shower then check the phone himself.

Justin glanced back at the nightstand. "It’s probably Emmett wondering where I am," he reasoned, hoping Brian didn’t feel his heart pounding like mad.

The detective feigned annoyance and picked up the phone. At least there was a number on the display. "Who’s 4788?" he asked.

"Main gallery line. Must be Janine," Justin replied, relief washing over him as he took the phone. "Hello?"

"Justin, it’s Lindsay."

"Oh, hey, Linds." What was she doing at the gallery?

"Sweetie, I’m glad I caught you before you came in. Mr. Carter had a family emergency and can’t make the meeting. In fact, he’s flying back to London tonight."

"I’m sorry to hear that, I hope it’s nothing serious."

"He didn’t say. Anyway, you and Brian can get a jump start on your weekend then."

Justin was surprised she said anything nice about Brian, but he let it slide since he didn’t want to start a fight. "Uh, yeah. Thanks. You have a good weekend too. Drive safely. Um… actually, why aren’t you gone yet? Aren’t you meeting Roz this afternoon?"

"No, we rescheduled for this evening, she wants to show me the town."

Justin chuckled. "I’m sure she does. Don’t let her get you drunk, Linds, you remember what happened last time." He heard Lindsay’s long labored sigh.

"Yeah, the bitch took my commission."

Justin struggled not to laugh again. "Well, this is a charity event so she can’t do too much except steal the collection out from under your nose."

Lindsay groaned. "Thanks for the pep talk, boss."

"No problem," Justin giggled.


"Bye." Justin snapped the phone shut and lay down on the bed, holding his hand out.

Brian took the invitation and slide in next to him. "No meeting then?"

"No," the artist sighed as Brian nibbled his collarbone, "so we are free to leave for the B&B whenever we want." He pulled back slightly. "If you still want to go."

Brian swatted his ass. "Twat."

"But I’m your twat," Justin replied before he realized what he was saying. He slapped his hand over his mouth, ducking his head.

Brian raised an eyebrow, letting the artist fidget for a moment. He loved to watch the pink color spread across the pale skin. "Yeah, I guess you are," he finally conceded. His reward was a bright mega-watt smile.

"Yeah?" Justin asked shyly.

"You know it. Twat."

"Yours," the blond beamed.

"Mine." Brian matched the goofy grin and pulled the smaller man to him and they snuggled close. He stroked the soft hair nestled under his chin and snorted to himself. Bad-Ass Brian Kinney, meanest mick detective in the Pitts was cuddling his boytoy on a lazy Friday off. His Pops was probably spinning in his grave. Too fucking bad, asshole.

They lay that way for a few minutes, feeling the mid-morning sun heat their skin as it sprawled across the room, until Justin purred. The blond arched like a content cat, licking his lips again. "I could just stay like this forever."

"Hmm… you could," Brian agreed. "We could just stay here all weekend. Wouldn’t have to move, or pack, or drive." It was sounding better and better to him actually.

"Just lock the doors, bolt the windows, dig an moat," Justin reminded him.

"Right," Brian sighed. "Okay, let’s get a move on then."

Justin grudgingly got up. "Besides," he added to the plus column, "even Lindsay gave her blessing so this is definitely meant to be. It’s a sign."

"Of the apocalypse," Brian huffed. "I wonder what she’s up to."

"What do you mean?"

"Lindsay would rather poke her own eyes out than say anything nice about me," the detective sneered. "So what’s she up to?" He picked up the phone. "I’m gonna call Mel."

"Brian!" Justin took the phone and set it back on the night stand. He had a feeling there was more to this than Brian was letting on. "Why are you being so cynical?"

Brian picked up the shield next to his keys. "See the shiny badge, Angel?" he asked sarcastically. "I’m a detective. I’m paid to detect bullshit."

"What’s bullshit is her attitude in the first place. I for one am just glad she’s finally come around." He put his arms around the older man and kissed his chest. "Come on, Bri, she just said ‘have a good weekend,’ same as any of our other friends."

"Don’t remind me," the older man grumbled.

"Now what?" Justin cried in exasperation.

"Is there anyone if this fucking town who doesn’t know where we’re going?"

Justin shrugged. "Shouldn’t they? In case of emergency?"

Brian frowned. "I know, it’s just that our definition of an emergency is vastly different from theirs! If anyone stubs their fucking toe they’ll be driving up to show us!"

"Okay," Justin soothed. He was partially flattered Brian wanted to really get away with him, and partially confused by the man’s sudden vehemence. However, he had to agree with the older man considering Michael’s previous visit so the logical solution was just thinking of somewhere else they could go. "Can you think of another place? Is it to late to get reservations anywhere else?"

Brian shook his head. "I don’t know. Maybe… shit. Shit! We have to go there. Mel called in a couple favors to get us that reservation on such short notice, if we back out now she’ll have my balls."

"Ouch." Justin sympathized, before his brow furrowed. "But why did you just offer to stay home? Or even make the reservations without asking me first?"

"I figured if you didn’t want to go Mel could and I’d take Ricky for the weekend. Win-win either way."

"But Lindsay’s going to Philadelphia."

"Who said anything about Lindsay?" Brian smirked.

"I’ve got it!" the blond squealed, ignoring Brian’s comment. "We can stay at my place."

"Riiight, because his Queenliness wouldn’t notice the princess roaming the palace grounds all weekend."

"He wouldn’t if he and Ted were at the B&B," Justin shot back smugly. "I’ll tell him they can have our reservations because we…um…we’re going to New York to look at some more clocks. They all hate my clock, so they’ll never question it."

"It is fucking ugly," Brian smirked.

"Shut up," Justin pouted. "I love my clock."

"I know, I think you thanked me once or twice." Brian felt his cock twitch at the memory and forced himself to push the lewd thoughts aside until later. "Okay, so that’s a plausible story…but what about the staff?"

"If I say I’m not home, they say I’m not home. And nobody can get on the grounds without my permission."

"Ah, it’s good to be the princess."

"And my prince," Justin reminded him. "We’ll have the whole estate to ourselves. We can go horseback riding, sledding, cross country skiing, swim--"

"I get it," Brian teased. "There’s plenty to do if I get tired of you." Before Justin could sulk, Brian kissed him sweetly. "So make the call, Angel. Tell Emmett the good news and I’ll pack."

Justin gave a little excited whoop and snatched the phone up. "Don’t forget the salve for your stitches," he reminded the other man as he dialed. "I think we left it downstairs last night."

"Yes, dear," Brian retorted... on his way to get the damn tube before he forgot. Smart little fucker.

The detective also wanted to make sure Michael left the key behind. He was relieved to see it on the table by the door. Brian put it in the cabinet and gathered the few things he thought he would need for the weekend at the Shickel estate.

Yes, this was definitely a better idea than the bed and breakfast. It would give Brian a chance to do a little investigating. If someone was harassing Justin, they were going to find themselves in a world of fucking pain.

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