He Can't Do That, Kinney?

Justin stared at the empty doorway. Fuck. Brian just walked out on him! Anger coursed through the younger man as he picked up the phone and called the security station at the front door. "Greg, please ask Mr. Kinney to wait. I’ll be right down."

Then he picked up the other line. "Detect—Danny, I apologize for taking up your time, but I don’t need your assistance after all. Thank you."

By the time he got to the lobby, Brian was pacing like a caged animal. The older man turned to him, eyes dark with rage. "Justin, you can’t have security hold me here," he seethed.

The blonde struggled to keep his own temper in check. "I only told Greg to ask you to wait. You could’ve left anyway, but since you’re still here and I have your attention, I’d just like to add that you are not allowed to walk out on me during a fight because I can’t chase you!" The artist was yelling now and several heads turned. Realizing he was causing a scene, Justin maneuvered them behind the guard station and lowered his voice. "That wasn’t fair, Brian."

The older man was silent for a moment before nodding. "You’re right, it wasn’t. But I’m still angry you lied--"

"I didn’t lie! I would never lie to you, Brian. I just… didn’t tell you everything."

Brian’s eyes narrowed. "Justin--"

"Like you, yesterday. I asked you if there was something I should know about your fight with Lindsay and you put me off. How come it’s okay for you, but not for me?"

"Because it’s not my place to tell Lindsay’s business. But if we’re going to be…together, you need to tell me everything, especially if it involves Danny. He’s my partner and our safety depends on complete honesty with each other so you can’t be putting him in the middle like that."

Justin hadn’t thought of that, and the realization that he could’ve made trouble for the other man at work made him feel sick. He’d only done it to make sure Brian was safe, not to cause more problems. "Brian, I’m sorry, I overreacted."

Brian’s face softened. "About what?" He could tell Justin was still hesitant so the older man tried to piece it together and help him out. "You said you were worried I was late, so what you left out was why you were worried, right?"

The artist nodded, nervously averting his gaze. "I heard Em and Lindsay talking about the accident yesterday. She said you didn’t know who was driving and I freaked. I thought…"

"God dammit," Brian muttered.

Misinterpreting the detective’s anger, Justin tore his eyes from the floor and searched Brian’s face. "I’m not crazy, Bri, I just couldn’t stop…I was so scared, but I know it’s not true, I know it’s not him. I just needed to hear it. Please don’t think…please don’t…"

The kid looked close to a breakdown and Brian reached out to him, twisting around so he shielded the smaller body from prying eyes as he pulled him close. Brian was kicking himself for not guessing Lindsay had something to do with this. "I don’t think you’re crazy, Angel. It’s okay, just take it easy." He kissed the blonde head, stroking his back. "Now listen to me. Are you listening?"

Justin nodded, his face still buried in Brian’s neck.

"The driver didn’t stop when he hit my car, but a witness got the license plate number and Danny called it in. A patrol car picked him up last night. It was a seventeen year-old kid talking on his cell phone and not paying attention. Understand?"

Justin shook his head. "No, explain it to me again," he mumbled.

Brian frowned, pulling the blonde’s head up. The artist smiled coyly, but the effect was marred by his wet eyes. The detective dipped his head and kissed him hard. "Get it now?" he asked huskily, his breath tickling behind Justin’s ear.

Justin nodded, his eyes now glazed with lust. "Yeah, got it," he stammered.

"Good, let’s go."


Justin leaned back against his lover as the whirlpool swirled around them. "I never would’ve pegged you for a bath kind of guy," he teased the older man. He’d been totally shocked when he saw the large tub in the detective’s first floor bathroom.

"First thing I learned in the academy," Brian replied, hands sliding between Justin’s legs, "the regenerative power of heat therapy."

The blonde moaned as Brian pulled him back tighter, the older man’s erection rubbing against his ass. "You could’ve bought a heating pad," Justin panted.

"Moist heat is better than dry heat."

Justin mumbled in agreement as he wiggled out of Brian’s grasp. The blonde rolled onto his belly and pulled the other man down beneath him. They were now connected from head to toe as they wrapped together.

Brian twisted so they were on their sides, careful to keep Justin’s bad leg from getting crushed. One hand roamed over the blonde’s ass as his other hand slipped between them to stroke his cock.

Justin mewled as the older man rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head with each stroke. Brian felt Justin’s hand slide up to jerk him off as well, but he pushed it away. "Just hang on, Angel."

The words barely penetrated the lust-filled haze around the younger man’s brain until he felt a finger tease his hole. His surprised cry turned to a long pleasure-filled moan as the digit pushed inside. The blonde’s fingers skidded across Brian’s slippery skin as he grasped for something to hold onto.

The older man wiggled his finger, probing for the gland. Justin bucked in his arms when he first jabbed it. "Ah, there," Brian chuckled. He pressed it again and the blonde writhed uncontrollably.

"Oh, god," Justin gasped as another finger slid in. The slippery digits twisted and probed, rubbing against all the right spots. Totally lost to the sensation, he was now chanting Brian’s name between moans and whimpers as he worked his hips back and forth, mindlessly rutting against Brian’s hand. Once more, again, right there….

The detective let him control the tempo and fisted the blonde’s shaft in the same rhythm. He felt Justin tense, the younger man’s arms wrapping tightly around his neck as he got close to erupting. "Come for me," Brian coaxed, lips grazing Justin’s temple, "I love to watch you come."

The tongue that flickered out and licked the blonde’s ear sealed his fate. That jolt of pleasure set off a chain reaction that ripped through him like lightning. Convulsions wracked his body as wave after wave slammed into him until he was spent. Finally, as the last tremor receded, he crumpled in Brian’s arms.

The older man held him close, awed by the sudden tsunami that just flooded his bathroom. He pushed damp bangs from the blonde’s eyes, and they slowly flickered open. "Hey," he murmured softly, kissing the flushed cheek.

"Hey," Justin responded as he turned his head, lips seeking Brian’s mouth. "Come up here."

Brian looked at him blankly and Justin kissed along his jaw, back to his ear. "Up," he repeated. "I want you to come in my mouth."

A delicious shiver ran down Brian’s spine as the blonde impatiently nudged him up on his knees, trailing hot kisses down Brian’s neck and chest. Justin flicked his tongue over a hardened nipple, then raked it with his teeth. When Brian yelped, he soothed the sting with his tongue again before moving to the other side and repeating the process. The older man’s hand gripped the blonde head, unable to decide whether to push him away or pull him closer. "Justin…"

The younger man looked up with a mischievous grin as he slowly sank lower. His head rested on the edge of the tub as Brian knelt over him. The older man tightened his grip on the blonde hair as he guided his cock to that sweet mouth. He watched, unblinking, as the pink tongue snaked out and flicked at the droplets leaking from the head of his cock. The teasing appendage circled the sensitive tip, following the ridge of the crown and down the underside of the shaft. Barely holding still, the older man was on the verge of begging to be sucked when his young lover suddenly wrapped his soft lips around the fat head, his eyes drifting close in obvious pleasure as he suckled.

Justin quickly starting bobbing up and down, sucking hard on the head with each withdrawal. As he worked the thick shaft with his mouth, one hand slid between Brian’s legs. He gently caressed the tight sac, then slid further along, between his cheeks, and rubbed the puckered opening.

"Fuck," Brian blurted as he pitched forward. He lost his grip on tub’s slippery surface and scrambled to catch himself before he crushed Justin beneath him. Unfazed, the artist continued to tease as Brian balanced himself on shaky arms. "Oh, Christ," the older man groaned as the new position made his hole more accessible and Justin’s nimble fingers breached the outer ring of muscle.

Justin knew the man was on the edge and doubled his efforts on the dick in his mouth. He was rewarded with another deep growl as his lover’s control disintegrated and he started wildly fucking the blonde’s face. Justin then pulled his finger out of the man’s ass, knowing it would drive Brian mad.

"No!" the older man barked on cue. "Do it… fuck… my ass," he grunted. Justin obeyed, deviously driving two fingers in hard and fast. The sudden penetration wrung a feral howl from the man as he came deep in the blonde’s throat.

Justin eagerly drank it up, licking every last drop from the pulsing shaft. Once it was clean, he let the softening flesh slip from his lips as Brian collapsed over him. Justin gently pulled him down and guided the trembling man back into the warm water to recover.

"For the first time the younger man looked around and saw the water everywhere. "Hey, Bri, we’ve capsized."

Brian slowly opened his eyes. "Good, everyone will think we’ve drowned and leave us alone."


Several hours and multiple encores later, they were finally sated and exhausted. Brian collapsed on the bed and pulled the younger man to him, curling around the smaller form.

"What are you doing this weekend?" Brian asked.

"Sleeping till Monday," the blonde groaned, burrowing closer.

"Okay," Brian sighed. "I’ll just go by myself then."

Justin twisted around to face him. "Go where?"

"There’s a Bed and Breakfast just outside of town that Melanie recommended. I thought we could get away again for a few days. No cars, no people, no--"

"Is that the phone?" Justin interrupted.

"No phones," Brian finished. "They’ll leave a message," he added to answer Justin’s inquiring look.

"What if it’s important?"

"They’ll page me." Brian gestured to the emergency pager on the nightstand. Only Melanie and Danny had the number so if it wasn’t a city-wide crime wave or a problem with Ricky, it could wait. "So what do you think? Do you want to go?" he asked, changing the subject back to the weekend.

Justin kissed him. "Yes. It sounds perfect."

Relief washed over Brian. He’d been struggling with himself over asking all evening. It wasn’t the type of place he’d usually go to, but that was what made it seem like a good idea now. There was something nagging in the back of his mind that he couldn’t put his finger on, but the idea of getting Justin out of Pittsburgh eased his anxiety. That would have to be good enough for now. The older man kissed the blonde once more, groaning into his mouth as the phone started ringing again.

Justin whimpered as Brian pulled away. "Don’t go."

"I’m just going to rip it out of the fucking wall. Be right back."

"Too far," Justin mumbled around a yawn, holding the man to him so he couldn’t disturb their warm cocoon.

Brian decided the kid was right and settled back down. It was all the way downstairs after all.


Justin bolted upright in bed, unsure what had woken him so suddenly.

Brian, disturbed by the sudden movement, blinked at him wearily. "What?"

Justin’s eyes strained to see in the dark. "I don’t know, something just--"

They both jumped as a loud crash came from downstairs.

Brian leaped off the bed growling, "Someone’s in my fucking house."

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