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All series are complete except for Now That You're Here - The College Years.

Now That You're Here

After being thrown out of his house for being gay, Brian finds happiness and contentment living with his brother and his brother’s partner. Then one day a new addition to the family arrives and everything changes. Brian has to learn to share his world with Justin…and Justin with his world.


Now That You're Here - The College Year

Sequel to Now That You're Here.  Complete

Now That You're Here - Life Moves on

Second Sequel to Now That You're Here.

New - October 14, 2023

Words Can Not Express

Justin regrets leaving the Rage party with Ethan, but before he has the opportunity to figure out what to do next, something happens that changes everything.

Coming Out

Brian and Justin are both juniors in high school. There is no Mikey, but only because it’s not necessary. If you have Justin, who needs Mikey?

Coming Home

This is the sequel to my series Coming Out. Its five years later and things between Brian and Justin have fallen apart. Is their love for each other strong enough to bring them back together? You should probably read Coming Out to understand the circumstances.

Arms of Destiny

What if Justin had agreed to go to Dartmouth to try to save his parents marriage? Timeline goes back to the end of season one, before the prom. There was no bashing.

Love Conquers All

Justin helps Brian through a tough time.

Whatever It Takes

Brian is a Psychiatrist devoting his life to suicide survivors. Justin lands in his hospital after a suicide attempt.

Love Will Find a Way

This takes place after Justin quits the diner in episode 301. He never goes to the girl’s party so he isn’t forced to take his job back.

Meant To Be

What if Mikey met Justin first? I promise this will be a B&J pairing.

Going the Distance

Justin and Brian are 17 and living on opposite ends of the country. Justin is blind, but Brian doesn't know it. Can technology bring them together, without tearing them apart?

Healing the Heart

Completely AU - the Orphan plot. Tragedy strikes Justin's world. Does Brian have the ability to get through to him? Justin is 17, Brian is 22.

Innocent Betrayal

Brian and his boyfriend Kyle move to the suburbs. What happens when they meet their new neighbors Justin and Luke?

Fate Wins Out

Brian and Justin meet under different circumstances. Brian is 30, Justin is 25 and married.

Accepting Your Fate

This is the sequel to Fate Wins Out. Brian and Justin meet under different circumstances. Brian is 30, Justin is 25 and married.

Letting Go

Brian and Justin never saw each other again after the bashing. Will unfortunate circumstances bring them back together?

Under a Doctor's Care

Dr. Brian Kinney is a single father of two. What happens when he crosses the line and accidentally gets involved with a patient's personal life?

Something To Prove

Justin Taylor is happily partnered to Wyatt Kinney when tragedy strikes. As Justin struggles to overcome his pain, he realizes that Wyatt’s brother Brian doesn’t trust him, and that bothers him more than it should.

Secret Love

Justin Taylor was adopted by Debbie Novotny when he was three years old and immediately became one of the family. As they grew up, Brian Kinney moved into the neighborhood and Michael, Brian, and Justin became as close as they could be until the day Brian moved away for college. What happens when Michael develops more than a brotherly love for Justin? Especially when Brian comes back to town looking better than ever.

Right Next Door

Brian finally finds the peace he’d been looking for with his sprawling house in the middle of nowhere. Now he’s ready to live his life the way he always dreamed of; by himself with no one to answer to. But when he goes away on an extended trip and comes home to find that his tranquil world has been invaded by the one thing he abhors most, a family with 2.5 kids and a dog, he’s less than pleased. This was just the scenario he was trying to avoid. Or was it

Fighting Regrets

Brian leaves Justin and Lindsay, his two closest friends behind, to further his career. Can he keep up his no regrets motto when he finds out how much he's missed?

Breaking Internal Barriers

Brian and Justin meet in a completely different way. Justin is an art director for a top ad agency in Ft. Lauderdale, and Brian is the new junior partner.  A collaboration between Meredeth and Nicole.

A Matter of Trust

Brian and Justin are millionaires, both having given up on finding someone who can see past their money. What happens when they meet?

A Fine Line

Brian and Justin meet through Michael, but there’s no instant attraction. In fact, they don’t even like each other. Can they learn to tolerate each other for Michael?

A Child's Needs

After tragedy strikes, Brian finds himself a single parent. Justin is a social worker who's trying to decide if Brian is fit to raise his son. A collaboration between Meredeth and Shirley.

12 Steps to Happiness

Justin walks away from Brian at the Rage party, but things don’t go the way everyone expects them to.

6 Weeks

Brian and Justin meet in Rehab. Can they help each other overcome their addictions? A collaboration between Meredeth and Jasper.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Brian gets a letter from an uncle he doesn't remember and flies to Denver to meet him. What he finds there is not only surprising, but it leads Brian to rethink his plans for the future.  Collaboration between Meredeth and Thyme.

Second Best

Justin is 26 and is dealing with his shaky family relationships. Brian was once his brother's boyfriend. Collaboration between Meredeth and Thyme.

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