All stories here are complete but Just a Walk in the Park and It Don't Matter to Me

It Don't Matter to Me

Since Justin left something has gone on with Brian that Michael refuses to see.

New!  July 31st

L.A. Dreams

Justin heads for L.A. and the boys deal with it.

Strangers in the Night

A dangerous handsome stranger becomes fascinated with the boys.

Toe Curling

We assume Justin will go to L.A.; we get a glimpse into the boys thoughts, desires, and fears.

Body Parts

Anatomy 101 QAF style.


A Queer twist on a classic tale.

Lots of You Know

Justin's in a red hot mood, so Brian gives him a hand!

Green-Eyed Monster

Jealously takes on different results in the lives of our beloved duo.

Life in the Key of Brian

POV's regarding the unconventional relationship of Brian and Justin.

Ashes to Autumn

a song fic in 8 parts


The boys spend an evening trying to out do each other with sexy torture.


Just a Walk in the Park

A series of vignettes, snippets of time in the lives of Brian and Justin.

New!  May 2nd

Love,Sex & Angst

vingnettes of Brian and Justin's lives

Hairy Situation

A little hair fun has unexpected results.

The Way He Moves

Brian's POV, ramblings, thoughts about Justin.


Brian and Justin experiment with a new cologne with some fun results and not so fun results.

Food For Thought

The boys share meals together and a whole lot more!

Silly Series

a series of stories that are kind of silly and fun

His Lean and Meaness

POV's regarding Brian's physical and inner strength.

Holiday of the Ass

A Continuation of the Body Parts Series

Weekend Mini Series

Brian spends a weekend with Justin.

Feedback for Sabina

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