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Cowrie Bracelet

 What if Sunshine had gotten some balls in episode 304 instead of waiting until episode 308?

New - Mar. 6th 2012

Whatever It Takes

 Post 513, Separation sucks, but it all ends well.


Spin and Fall

Brian always goes out of town, uses his middle name and pays in cash when he feels the need to bottom. This time is no different except that JT, the young man who helps relieve his itch is everything he wants in a lover. Away from Pittsburgh and his reputation, Brian feels free to be a different man, but his worlds soon collide with JT's dark past adding difficulties to an already uneasy situation.


The List

Brian and Brandon compete to see who can seduce the men on “The List” the fastest. Some of the men listed are unknown to Brian, including a ‘Justin Taylor’. Meanwhile, Brian befriends Sunshine, a newcomer in Pittsburgh who is too young, too romantic, too sweet to be a trick. What will he do when he finds out Sunshine and Justin Taylor are one and the same? How will he deal with his confusing feelings for the young man?


In His Kiss

Brian and Justin meet in New York city, in 2005.  Brian is an ad exec and Justin is an intern for Brian's company.



Sequel to In His Kiss.



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