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Individual Stories


Justin thinks about a possible outcome to a problem. Written for a challenge called PushYourLuck.

New May 27th




Do Unto Others

Brian and Justin struggle with how to put the pieces of their life back together, when one of them is falling apart.

New June 19th


Brian and Justin tackle the highs and lows of raising a child, while trying to stay in the same realm as normal. And it may be easier said than done.

New July 31st 2010

Rose Water

Justin is a cutter who is struggling to find solid ground for himself and help for his problem while holding onto Brian for support.


Here I Come to Save the Day

Brian and Justin are superheroes who set out on a mission to save the world from total destruction.

New Feb. 28th


Life and Death collide, catching Brian and Justin in the middle, but sometimes what you see... is not what you get.



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