Phoenix's Fanfiction

Individual Stories

Dear Daphne

Written for the Vacation Challenge.

Ode to Magnificent Pricks and Fine Bubble Butts

With the right inspiration anyone can become a poet.

Miracle on Liberty Ave

A Miracle happens in the backroom of Babylon.


Justin is asked to speak about the bashing.

The Hickey

Justin has a hickey and Brian is less than thrilled.

Le Bet

The boys have a bet.

The Lamppost

Brian gets a little introspective about his relationship with Justin.

It's Happened Again!

Written for the Bad Fic Challenge.




Justin's hiding something from Brian.

June 30th

Sex, Lies, and Violin Music

Ethan tries to force his way back into Justin's life, but Justin isn't having it.

May 17th

Feedback for Phoenix

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