A Snowy Weekend


"What in the fuck is THAT?"

"What is what?"

"That ball of fur. It better not be shedding on my Italian leather sofa! Justin, I thought we agreed. No pets in the loft."

"Oh, you mean Snowball, here? I'm just puppy sitting for Daphne while she's out of town for the weekend. She'll be back Sunday night. It's only temporary."

"Well, you can temporarily puppy sit Snowshoe over at Daphne's apartment, because it's not staying here!"

"Brian . . ."

"Justin, you know I don't do pets."

"Come on, Snowball. You can help me pack my duffle bag for the weekend."



"What are you yipping about, Snowball? Take it easy. It's only the doorbell. Brian?! What are you doing here? I thought you said . . . what have you got there?"

"I stopped at the pet store and picked up a few things for Snowdrift. A doggie bed, a doggie sweater, some toys, some treats . . ."

"Look, Snowball! Mean old Brian does have a heart! Look at all the nice things he brought you! Brian, is that an overnight bag?"



"It's a weekend bag. I just hope I bought enough shit to keep Snowman occupied til Sunday night. Come here!"


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