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Blaine had been sure that he and Kurt were meant to be together forever. Unfortunately, he's starting to realize that Kurt may not believe that anymore. As he and Sebastian grow closer, Blaine begins to wonder if he believes it anymore either. Story begins after S4E14 'I Do'. Spoilers through the end of S4.  SeBlaine is the end game.

New June 5th 2015

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Kurt and Finn have car trouble on Christmas Eve. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.

Get Ready to Roomba!

Have you ever been attacked by a vacuum? Written for the It Seemed Like a Good Idea...Challenge.

That Blaine-kid

How does Burt respond when he learns that his son has a boyfriend – especially considering the not-so-good first (and second) impressions Blaine made?

Set Him Free

Spoilers for season 2. Written between E10 & E11, after ‘When I Get You Alone’ clip was released.

Written for the One That Got Away Challenge.

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