Eye of the Beholder

Part 8

Brian awoke to the sight of his beautiful blond boy, who still slept on. A smile crossed Brian's lips. He loved to watch Justin sleep. He looked so soft, warm and innocent. Justin looked so much younger while he slept. Brian had to force himself to get up or else he'd just stay in bed all day with Justin. He was supposed to work out with the guys today.

Brian slowly untangled himself from Justin and got up. He pulled on his gym clothes and went into the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of guava juice and drank it down in a couple big gulps. Brian went back up to the bedroom for one last look at his boy. He knelt down and kissed him softly. Justin's sleepy eyes fluttered open.

"Morning," he mumbled.

"Morning baby, I'm going to the gym to work out with the guys. I'll be back in a couple of hours. Why don't you get some more sleep you look tired."

Justin nodded slightly and buried his head back in his pillow. He was asleep again in seconds. Brian rubbed his back soothingly. Brian petted Logan before he left. He took care not to make too much noise with the heavy loft door on his way out.


Brian got to the gym and started off with the weights. The guys were already there doing their mediocre workouts. Brian noticed a bruise on Michael's shoulder that disappeared under his shirt.

"How did you hurt yourself?"

Michael looked down. "Oh that, you wouldn't believe it, the shower bar fell right out of the wall and clobbered me. The apartment's a death trap. If you want anything fixed around there you have to blow the landlord and I so don't want to go there."

Brian eyed him suspiciously. "The shower bar fell out of the wall?"

"Yeah, the walls must be rotten or something; it just gave way."

Brian moved to the treadmill and began his run. He remembered what Justin told him yesterday, that he hit his attacker hard enough he thought that it would leave a mark. Michael was also about as tall as Justin. Brian fumed at the thought that Michael could be behind the attack on Justin. He pushed his body to the limit till he felt his muscles ache and burn. He'd have to find out from Justin exactly where he had hit his attacker. When he stepped off the treadmill his legs were a little wobbly. He'd been running too hard for too long. Sweat was pouring off his sleek body. Brian barely acknowledged the guys when he left not bothering with a shower there. He'd take a shower when he got home perhaps with Justin.


When Brian got home he found Justin still in bed. He pulled the duvet off the sleeping teen.

"Rise and shine, Angel. If you're a good boy you can come take a shower with me."

Justin's eyes popped open at that suggestion. He got up and pulled Brian close. "Mmm you're all sweaty." Justin ran his hands up and down Brian's slick biceps. "Just the way I like you."

They went into the bathroom and undressed. Brian adjusted the spray and they stepped in. Justin began to soap Brian's chest.

"Justin, do you remember where you hit your attacker? Did you hit his leg or maybe his arm?"

"I hit his shoulder and across the chest."

"And you think it left a pretty big mark?"

"Yeah I think so. I hit him as hard as I could."

"I want you to think really carefully. Do you remember which shoulder you hit?"

"I don't know, Brian, why do you want to know?"

"Just think, baby, it's important."

"It all happened so fast. I was facing him and I hit his left shoulder, which would be his right."

Brian stiffened, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, now what is this about?"

"I don't want you alone with Mikey, ok? He had a bruise exactly where you said you hit your attacker. I hope it's just a terrible coincidence. He gave this real lame ass excuse. How the fuck does a shower bar just fall out of the wall?"

"Geez, I know he doesn't like me but do you really think he would go that far as to hurt me?"

Brian held Justin under the spray of the water. "I don't know; I hope not. Just be careful."

"I will."

Their slick hard ons rubbed together causing a delicious friction. Justin moaned which sent a jolt through Brian's cock. Brian spun him around and pressed him up against the cool glass. He rubbed his thick cock between the crack of Justin's ass while he nuzzled his exposed neck. Justin wiggled his ass causing Brian's dick to slip further into the crevice. He stared at his unsheathed dick resting between the perfect pale cheeks. He had to take a few deep breaths to get under control. Brian smirked, baby wanted to play.


Lindsay dropped Gus off at the loft around noon. The little boy was a ball of energy and ready to go. He gave Logan a hug around the neck and babbled to Brian about his day. Justin packed up the picnic basket with the food he had prepared along with a few of Logan's favorite toys. Brian held a wiggling Gus while Justin had Logan and the basket to deal with. When they got out front to the Jeep they ran into Michael.

"Hey guys, what are you doing?"

Brian strapped Gus into his car seat. "I'm taking my boys to the park."

Michael kicked at the curb. "I was hoping we could hang out together. I haven't seen you in weeks," Michael whined.

"You saw me yesterday, Mikey. You don't know what I had to go through to get this afternoon with Gus. Now I'm going to spend every moment I can with them today. Haven't you got some comic books to fondle or something?"

Michael noticed Logan was sniffing at his pant leg. "He's not going to bite me, is he?" Michael asked worriedly.

"Only if I tell him to."

"Brian!" Michael whined.

"Quit teasing, Mikey."

"Who's teasing?"

Logan lifted his leg and began to pee on Michael. Michael yelped and jumped back.

"Brian, look what that dog did. He did it on purpose. Justin's probably been turning his dog against me. Did you train him to do this?"

Justin put a hand on his hip. "I didn't do anything. Did you see me give any commands? Grow up already."

Brian was too busy holding his side, he was laughing so hard. Gus was laughing and clapping from his car seat. Michael had had enough ridicule for one day and stormed off. Brian gasped for breath as he got his laughter under control. Justin bent down and patted Logan's head.

"Good boy." He fished a milk bone out of his pocket and gave it to him. Logan was practically smiling as he crunched on his bone.

"You didn't train him to do that, did you? You couldn't have."

Justin smiled an innocent smile and singsonged, "I'll never tell."

Brian got his other boy buckled in and drove to the park. For a weekend the park was crowded but they managed to find their own little secluded spot. To Gus' delight Brian carried him on his shoulders. Logan led Justin by Brian's side. Justin spread out an old blanket under the shade of a large tree. Brian helped Justin set out the food. Brian sat Gus on his lap. He fed Gus little bit's of fruit that quickly turned into a game of sorts. Brian would feed Gus and Justin then Justin and Gus would feed him. Brian would treasure this moment always.

Brian cleared away the uneaten food while Justin took off Logan's harness so he could run. Justin sat with his back against the tree. He handed Gus an old tennis ball. Gus threw the ball for Logan to chase and laughed when he dutifully brought it back to him. Justin and Gus both took turns throwing the ball for Logan. Sometimes Gus would run after Logan to see if he could get to the ball first. A couple times Brian believed the dog let him get to the ball. Brian sat next to Justin with his head in the boy's lap. Justin ran his fingers slowly through his hair.

He watched Gus romp around with the dog and sighed. Gus was such a happy little boy for which Brian was glad. His own childhood was the stuff of nightmares. Logan did his job sufficiently wearing Gus out. The little boy plopped down next to Brian and dropped off to sleep. As the afternoon wore on they packed up their stuff and made their way back to the Jeep. Gus was asleep in Brian's arms. He dropped off his son at Lindsay's and had the promise of more visits in the future which satisfied him.


Brian ushered Justin through the crowded masses at Babylon. As usual the boys were holding up their little corner of the bar. Brian led Justin out onto the dance floor. He came there to dance with his boy. Justin loved to dance and liked Babylon. Besides the great music to dance to, he loved the glitter that always floated around them. Brian held Justin close. They ground their bodies up against each other, dry humping on the dance floor. There were always onlookers when the couple danced. They were the floor show. After a couple of hot numbers Brian led Justin to the bar. He ordered two beers and gave one to Justin.

"Baby, you were hot out there," Emmett gushed.

Justin smiled brightly, "Thanks."

Brian leaned up against the bar. He kept part of his body touching Justin at all times for both their peace of mind. As long as Brian kept in contact Justin would always know where he was. A funky beat started up and Emmett started to beg Brian into letting him dance with Justin.

"I want to dance with the princess; pretty please, can I take him out?"

Brian looked towards Justin.

"I'll be all right Brian. I want to dance with Em. You've been hogging all the dances for yourself."

"Boyfriend's privilege," Brian said kissing him.

"Ok, you can take him out on several conditions. Keep an eye on him and be careful. Keep at least one hand on him at all times so he knows where you are. One last thing, if that hand travels below the beltline you're a dead man, have fun."

Justin laughed and then he was dragged out to the dance floor. Emmett was if anything an inventive dancer. His exuberance made things fun. Brian and Emmett were on totally different ends of the dancing spectrum. Emmett was wild and fun while Brian was sensual and seductive. A lot of the time it felt like they were fucking with their clothes on when they took to the dance floor. Justin had heard all about the back room but Brian was adamant about keeping him out of there.

Brian watched Justin and Emmett dance for a while. Justin looked like he was having the time of his life. He wasn't too worried leaving Justin in Emmett's care. He trusted that Emmett would protect the boy. The two seemed to get along well and were already fast friends.

Brian turned towards Michael. "If Justin comes back, tell him I went to take a piss."

"Uh huh," Michael nodded.

When Brian was lost in the crowd Michael turned toward Ted. "What do you bet, he's going to the back room to get his dick sucked?"

Ted shrugged, "I don't know, he seems pretty taken with Justin."

"Brian will never change. Being with only one person goes against everything he's ever believed in. Justin can't even see when he's being cheated on right in front of his face."

Emmett led Justin back to the bar; both were flushed and out of breath.

"Where's Brian?" asked Emmett.

"In the back room getting his dick sucked, where else?"

Justin stiffened at Michael's words.

"He said he was going to the bathroom," Ted supplied.

Michael patted him on the shoulder. "You just have to read between the lines. Here have a drink."

Justin took the offered drink even though he was furious with the little rodent man. Justin leaned against the bar and took a drink. Then someone bumped into him jostling his drink, hands reached out to steady him.

"Hey sorry Justin, you all right?"

Justin groaned under his breath it was the annoying fiddler.

"I'm fine."

"You wanna dance?"

"Uh no, I'm waiting for Brain to come back; he should be coming any minute now." Justin ignored the laugh he heard from Michael.

"Are ya sure?"


"I'll see ya around then."

"Fuck off," Justin said under his breath. He drank the rest of his beer hoping Brian would get back soon. He was too angry to notice that his drink tasted a little off. Brian soon joined him by his side. Brian planted a kiss on him.

"Miss me?"

"More than you know; come on let's dance."

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and swayed to the music.

"So who was that guy?"

"What guy?'

"The one you were talking to."

Brian saw the look of disgust on his face.

"Oh him, he's just my stalker. The last couple of times I went out walking I've run into him. He's pathetically stuck on himself and has a hard time believing I have no interest in him whatsoever."

Justin pulled Brian in closer and took a deep breath. Brian smelled like his usual self. There wasn't anyone else on him but Justin.

Brian chuckled, "Were you sniffing me?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry I doubted you."

"What are you talking about?"

"When I got back to the bar Michael said you were in the back room. I didn't really believe him."

"But you checked anyway."

Justin nodded, "It's not like we ever said that we would be monogamous to each other. We're boyfriends but that doesn't mean you can't trick on the side."

Brian took Justin's face in his hands. "Justin, listen to me. I've been monogamous ever since I've been with you. I haven't tricked, not once. I don't even want to anymore. You're enough for me."

"Me too," Justin smiled. "You smell good too."

Justin ground his hips against Brian's. Brian danced one more dance with Justin.

"Brian, can we get out of here? I don't feel well."

"Sure, Angel."

When Brian got him outside he checked him over under a street lamp. Justin was unusually pale. He thought the best thing to do would be to get him back to the loft and put him to bed. As soon as Brian got him into the Jeep he curled up into a little ball.

Brian frowned, "You didn't take anything, did you?"


As they rode the elevator Justin was leaning heavily on him. There was a light sheen of sweat that dotted his brow. He got him into the loft.

"Brian, I'm going to be sick."

Brian rushed him to the bathroom and guided him to the toilet. He vomited till he was breathless. Brian rubbed his back and kept his hair out of his face. When Justin leaned back Brian got a rag and wet it. He held it to Justin's forehead.

"How much did you have to drink? You don't look drunk to me."

"Two beers."

"Who gave you the other one?"

"Michael, despite what he said I thought he was trying to be nice and he is your friend. Plus it's not like I was alone with him. Emmett and Ted were there." Justin groaned and leaned over to vomit again. Brian held him, trying to make him more comfortable. Justin whispered, "Oh God, I want to die."

"I'm going to fucking kill Mikey. Obviously something was put in your drink. Maybe we should go to the hospital. We don't know what it was. You could have a reaction to it."

"No, please just let me stay here."

Brian sighed, "Ok fine, but if I think you're getting worse I'm taking you, no protesting."

Justin nodded weakly.

"Let's get you into bed."

"I can't Brian. Chances are I'm going to be sick all night. If you take me to the bedroom I'll never make it back here in time and I'm not going to make you clean up after me. Some things boyfriends just shouldn't have to do; this is one of them."

"Fine, then I'm camping out here with you."

"You don't have to."

"Well I am, so get used to it. I'm just going to grab a few things then I'll be right back."

Brian grabbed up a pillow from the bedroom, the throw from the couch and he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. While he was in the kitchen he heard more vomiting coming from the bathroom. Brian hoped that with all the vomiting Justin would rid the drug or substance from his system.

"How are you doing? You ok?"

Justin gave him a pathetic look. "Oh just peachy."

Brian wedged himself between the wall and the toilet on the floor. He propped the pillow behind his head and pulled Justin onto his lap. Justin was still close to the toilet but this way he'd be a bit more comfortable. Brian draped the throw over him.

"I brought you some water; it's cold though so just take little sips till it gets room temperature. I don't want you to get dehydrated."

Justin took a little sip of water then rested his head on Brian's chest.

"What did I ever do to him?" Justin whispered.

"Don't worry, tomorrow I'm ripping him a new asshole so big he'll be able to take a semi up it."

"Don't make me laugh," Justin whimpered.

Brian stroked Justin's hair soothing the sick teen. On and off they slept restlessly. Justin threw up a few more times but by early morning light the worst seemed to be over.

"Come on, Angel, let's get you in the shower."

"Brian, I just want to lie down." Justin couldn't help the whine in his voice. He was tired and weak. He felt like he'd been run over and had his guts ripped out.

"I know, baby, but you reek. Just a quick shower I promise."

Brian got their clothes off and held Justin under the spray. Justin leaned against him with his eyes shut. As promised it didn't take long. He turned off the water and leaned Justin against the counter so he could towel him off. Justin was too weak and tired to protest Brian babying him. He was actually kind of glad Brian was there to take care of him. He would have done the same for Brian if their positions had been reversed.

Brian helped Justin into some sweats and made him brush his teeth. He picked Justin up and carried him to bed. He heard Justin sigh as his head hit the pillow.

"Justin, I have to go to work; I have an early meeting. Will you be ok or should I just cancel?"

"Go, I just want to sleep."

"Ok, but promise you'll call if you need me."

"I will."

Brian went into the bathroom and splashed some cool water on his face. He looked like shit. He hadn't gotten much sleep last night and in less than a couple hours he had to be brilliant for the presentation. He wasn't angry with Justin though. No, he placed all the blame at Michael's feet. Brian got dressed for work. Before he left he placed another bottle of water on the night stand.



"There's water for you on the night stand and also a bucket just in case. If you miss don't worry; that's the beauty of hardwood floors." Brian placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Mmm minty fresh. Feel better, baby."

Justin drifted into unconsciousness as Brian left.

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