Eye of the Beholder

Part 7

"Hi, I'm Ethan."

Justin turned in his direction. "I'm Justin and this handsome furry fella is Logan."

"Now see, there's where you're wrong. Sure Logan is good looking, but it's his owner who is handsome." Logan barked.

"Now you've offended him." Justin laughed at Ethan's come-on line.

"So how did you like my music?"

"Well I only heard the end of it but it was good." Actually Justin thought it sounded like a couple of cats in heat. He hated violin music.

"Geez, tough crowd! Everyone always says I'm brilliant."

Logan started to growl low in his throat.

"I don't think your dog likes me."

"Logan, what's the matter? He's really friendly; he usually likes everyone."

"You know what I bet it is? He probably smells my cat on me."

"Yeah, that's probably it."

"Would you like to go have coffee with me sometime?"

"Uh I don't think so; I have a boyfriend."

Logan barked louder.

"Think about it. It's just an innocent beverage."

"I don't know. I have to get going. Come on, Logan.

When they were far enough away Justin bent down and patted Logan's head.

"If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to tell me something back there. You don't like him, do you? He's rather full of himself, isn't he?"

"Hey Justin."

"Oh hi, Michael."

"So this is the famous Logan?"

"The one and only."

Logan growled and showed his teeth at Michael. Michael took a step back.

"I think he has rabies or something."

Justin kneeled down petting Logan, trying to soothe him. "He doesn't have rabies. Do you have a cat?"


"I don't know why he's so testy today."

"Look, Justin, you seem like a nice kid and everything, but Brian doesn't do boyfriends. I don't know what's gotten into him lately. I just wouldn't get attached to him. He'll never be monogamous. It's all just sex to him. Frankly you're the longest trick ever to be with him."

Justin seethed as he rose to his full height. "I'm not his trick; I'm his lover. It's not my problem if you're slow on the uptake. Come on Logan."

Michael called after Justin, "Don't say I didn't warn you."


Brian was making notes on the new layout. A few things had to be done over and it had to be ready for the presentation in two day's time. Cynthia buzzed him on the intercom.

"Brian, you have a call."

"Thought I said no interruptions. Is it Justin?"

"No Michael."

"Fuck," Brian growled.

He knew sooner or later he'd have to have this conversation with his friend.

"Fine, put him through." Brian picked up the phone. "Mikey, I'm busy so you have two minutes to tell me whatever it is that was so important you had to call me at work."

"Well hello to you too."

"Two minutes, Mikey."

"Brian, what kind of mind games are you playing with that kid? We both know you don't do boyfriends. He's just going to end up getting hurt when you do get rid of him."

"What I do with Justin isn't your concern and for the record I'm not going to get rid of him."

"His dog growled at me," Michael whined.

"Oh, you saw Justin today?"

"Yeah he was out walking that rabid dog of his. I think it wanted to bite me."

"Logan is very protective of Justin. Maybe he sensed you don't like Justin."

"Christ Brian, why would you even want a damaged twink like that? You could have anyone you want."

Brian's pencil snapped in his fist. "Your two minutes are up, Mikey. Just so you know, Justin is going to be around for a long time. If you can't be nice to him then just stay the fuck away."

Brian slammed down the receiver. He was beginning to wonder just what kind of best friend he had.


When Justin got back from his walk he settled down on the couch with his handheld tape recorder. He began to weave his new tale.

"Once upon a time there lived a handsome prince. His hair was chestnut and in the sun it shone red and gold. He was a kind and fair prince but ruling his kingdom made him weary. So one day he traveled far away to a remote inn where no one could find him. There he met a young artist talented in many things. One of which was the ability to soothe the prince with his magic touch. The prince fell in love with the artist but discovered that he had been cursed to eternal darkness by a homophobic witch. The boy could not see his handsome prince which was a curse unto itself."

The buzzer sounded startling him out of his thoughts.

"Fuck," Justin murmured and turned off the recorder. He walked over to the door and found the button to talk.

"Yeah, who is it?"

"It's Lindsay and Gus. Can we come up?"

"Brian isn't here."

"I know; I wanted to talk to you."

"Come on up."

Justin pressed the button that would release the door. "Look lively Logan, we got company." Logan padded over to Justin's side. When he heard the knock he pulled back the heavy loft door.

"Come on in, Lindsay. Can I get you anything?"

"No I'm fine."


"Hey little guy, you remembered me." He reached out to stroke the toddler's back. Gus was holding out his little arms to Justin.

"He wants you to hold him." Lindsay placed Gus in Justin's arms.

Justin stuck out his elbow. "Care to escort me to the couch? I could get there myself but I don't want to make you nervous with Gus."

Lindsay led Justin with Gus in his arms to the couch. Justin sat down and arranged Gus on his lap who was content to cuddle up to the young blond.

"Logan, where are your manners? Come and meet Gus." Logan came and sat by Justin's legs. "Gus, I want you to meet Logan. He's very nice. Would you like to pet him?"

"Yes," Gus said shyly.

Justin took Gus' small hand and ran it over Logan's furry head.

"Fluffy!" Gus said as he petted Logan.

"Fluffy! Logan, did you get a perm when I wasn't looking? He's more fuzzy that fluffy." Gus giggled at Justin's antics. "One of the secrets to winning Logan over is he's a sucker for getting his ears scratched." Gus set out to scratch Logan's floppy ears. "So you wanted to talk?"

Lindsay couldn't help smiling as she watched Justin and her son together. "I came to apologize, Justin. I didn't mean to come off the way I did. It was wrong."

Justin held up his hand. "It's fine, forget it. Brian was more upset than I was. I knew where you were coming from and I totally understand."

"I've never seen Brian so happy before. He must really love you."

"Well he hasn't said it but I know he does," Justin smiled.

"He grew up in a very cold uncaring home."

"I know. Hey Gus, would you like to feed Logan?"

"Feed doggy."

Justin fished a milk bone out of his pocket and handed it to the small boy. "Hold it out to him and he'll take it. He won't bite." Logan gently took the treat from Gus and then crunched on his bone. Gus giggled and clapped on Justin's lap.

"You're really good with him," Lindsay observed.

"Thanks, I have a younger sister. I've always been good with kids."

"How about I let you and Brian have Gus for Sunday afternoon?"

"I think Brian and I would like that very much. What changed your mind?"

"I wasn't being fair to Brian or you. I know that Brian is very protective of the ones he loves. I saw that when he was defending you. I also know he wouldn't let Gus get hurt."

"No he wouldn't; Brian is a good father. He won't get distracted by me. I can take care of myself."

"I realize that now, forgive me?"

"Of course, water under the bridge."

Lindsay noticed some children's books on the coffee table and picked one up. "Taylor's tales, these are your work?"

"Yeah, you can have those they're for Gus. I didn't know you'd be dropping by. I was going to send them with over with Brian sometime."

"These are beautiful," Lindsay said in quiet awe.

The art work was bright, colorful and intricately done.

"Thank you. It was just something to do to pass the time. Sometimes it gets really boring not being able to see stuff."

"Did you do all the art work?"

"No, I had someone else do it for me but I have lots of input when it comes to the art work. Sometimes I'll do little sketches to get the general idea across."

"I'm sure Gus will love these. This is so generous of you."

"I had some extras. Think of it as benefits to knowing Brian's boyfriend."

"Well I should be going, so this weekend for an afternoon will be ok?"

"Sure, I'll tell Brian."

When Justin handed over Gus he became fussy. "You'll see me and your daddy this weekend, ok? We'll go to the park and Logan will fetch for you." Justin kissed the little boy on the cheek and he quieted down.

"Oh Justin you're an Angel."

Justin smiled a brilliant smile. "That's what Brian calls me."

After Lindsay left, Justin worked a little more on the new story he had begun. He had to set it aside once again to start dinner for Brian so it would be ready when he got home.

Brian was greeted by delicious smells coming from the kitchen. He set down his briefcase and took off his coat. He couldn't help smiling. Justin was busy in the kitchen. Logan was by his side looking hopeful that something good might fall his way.

"How was your day?" Justin asked.

"It sucked but it's much better now that I'm home with you."

"Mmm flattery will get you everywhere. I had a visitor today, well actually one and a half."

"I'm not even going to ask about the half part. Someone came by the loft?"

"Yep, Lindsay and Gus."


"Uh Huh and we have a date with your son Sunday afternoon at the park."

Brian brushed a kiss against Justin's lips. "I guess Lindsay came to her senses." He grabbed a water from the fridge and sat down to watch Justin finish cooking their meal.

"She apologized, so everything is cool. I gave her some of my books for Gus."

"I heard you ran into Michael today."

"Uh, yeah."

"He was being a prick, wasn't he?"

"Just a tad."

"What did he say?"

"You don't do boyfriends. I'm just a trick to you and you'll eventually leave me so I shouldn't get attached. I tuned him out. He was nothing but a high pitched whine in my ear."

"You do know none of what he said is true, don't you?"

"Of course I do."

Justin turned the burner down to low and went around to where Brian was sitting. "Come here you." Justin snagged his tie and pulled him in for a kiss. Justin rubbed his groin against Brian's leg. "You've had a hard day. I think you need to unwind. Come upstairs and fuck me, I guarantee it'll make you feel better."

"Mmmm, I like the way you think, my naughty little Angel." Brian followed Justin to the bedroom unbuttoning his shirt as he went.


Justin went out for a walk in the afternoon. This time he left Logan at home. He used his cane to get around. As many times as he walked Liberty Ave. he knew his way around by now and knew all his favorite spots by memory. Justin sensed someone by his side.

"How about getting that coffee with me?"

Justin groaned inwardly. It was the egotistical violin player. He remembered only because his voice had a nasal whine to it, almost as irritating as Mikey's whining.


"Oh come on, your boyfriend won't mind."

"How do you know?"

"Everyone knows Brian Kinney."

"How did you know he was my boyfriend?"

"When someone like that starts seeing one person everyone takes note, everyone gossips."

"Fine I'll have one coffee with you but then I have someplace to be."

They walked down to the corner coffee shop. Justin wouldn't let Ethan touch or help him. He let Ethan get the coffee while he waited at a table.

Justin sipped at his coffee. "So why do you want to have coffee with me so badly when you know I already have a boyfriend?"

Ethan snorted, "I'd hardly call Kinney boyfriend material."

Justin tried not to grip his cup too tight. "Why is it that everyone has such a low opinion of him? He's kind, generous and loving."

"Let's not talk about him. You're not from around here are you?"

"No, California."

"How did you meet Brian?"

"When he was on vacation, he stayed at the resort I worked at."

"And he brought you back with him just like that?"

"No, he would travel back and forth to see me. After four months of that he decided to take me with him."

"I wonder what makes you so special."

"What do you mean?"

"He's had thousands of men. You must be something special for him to actually admit he has a boyfriend.

"I don't know; I'm just lucky I guess." Justin set his empty cup down. "I really have to be going now."

"Ok see ya around," Ethan grinned.


Justin was glad to get away from the strange fiddler. The guy unnerved him and he always seemed to be around. Justin heard footsteps behind him almost rushing. He assumed that whoever was coming up behind him fast would just go around. Then he was falling; rough hands shoved him to the ground. As he hit the pavement the wind was knocked out of him. His dark glasses cracked when he fell. Justin raised up and used his cane as a weapon. He lashed out and found his mark. He heard a muffled cry then footsteps running away.

"Oh my God! Justin honey, are you all right?" Emmett rushed to Justin's side.

"Did you see who it was?"

"No I didn't. Come on baby, I'm taking you to the shop. It's not far. I was on my lunch break. I swear some people can act like savages, no manners at all."

"It wasn't an accident, Em. I was pushed deliberately. I hit him back though."

"Well good for you, baby."

Emmett took Justin's arm and Justin shook him off.

"I take your arm, not the other way around."

Justin buried his head in Emmett's shoulder. His glasses were broken and it was a bright day out. They walked the couple of blocks to Torso. Emmett kept up a steady stream of chatter for which Justin was grateful. He didn't want to think about what had just happened. Emmett sat Justin down in a corner of the store.

"Now what we need to do is call Brian."

"Emmett no, don't bother him at work. I'm fine."

"You're not fine you were just attacked. Let your man take care of you. He'd rip me a new one if I didn't call."


Cynthia knocked on Brian's door. "Brian you have a phone call."

"I'm busy. Is it life or death?"

"An Emmett is on the line. He says it's about Justin."

Brian quickly picked up the phone. "Emmett what's wrong? Is Justin ok?"

"He's fine; a little shook up I think. He was out walking and someone attacked him."

Brian stared at the phone in disbelief. "Attacked how?"

"They pushed him down from behind. He's a little scratched up but he's one tough crème puff."

"Is he with you? Put him on."

"Hey Brian."

"Justin, Angel, talk to me. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. I told Emmett not to call you, you'd only worry."

"I want you to stay with Emmett till I get home. I'm taking the rest of the day off."

"Brian, you don't have to."

"Put Emmett back on."

Justin handed the phone back over to Emmett.

"Emmett, can you take Justin to the loft and stay with him till I get there? I'm leaving the office as soon as I hang up."

"Sure, I'll keep him safe for you."

Brian hung up and grabbed up his coat, he only paused at Cynthia's desk. "Reschedule my meeting I'm going home."

"Is Justin ok?"

"Yeah he had a scare today. Some sick bastard attacked him."


Emmett took Justin back to the loft to await Brian's arrival. Logan greeted them at the door.

"Come on baby, let's get you cleaned up before your prince comes home."

Justin let Emmett lead him to the bathroom. With some help he sat on the counter listening to Em go through the medicine cabinet.

"My God!" Emmett gasped, "He really is the anal retentive."

Justin laughed, "How's that?"

"You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they arrange their medicine cabinets."

Justin had a few cuts and scrapes that Emmett cleaned for him.

"Thanks Em, for being there. You're a good friend."

"It was nothing, honey."

They heard the loft door open.


"Were in here," Emmett called.

Brian was soon in the doorway of the bathroom watching Emmett dab at the last few cuts. Brian walked in and nudged Emmett aside. He took Justin in his arms and held him tight. He touched foreheads with Justin. It was their own intimate way of connecting.

"Well I'll just let myself out." Emmett backed out of the room. Neither acknowledged that he had left.

"Tell me what happened."

"I went for a walk. I was on my way back to the loft when I heard footsteps rushing up behind me. I thought they would go around me but I was pushed down instead."

"Where was Logan?"

"I left him home."

"From now on when I'm not with you, take Logan with you, ok? I want you safe."


"We should report this."

"And say what? I sure didn't see him and neither did Emmett. I hit him though with my cane, hard enough to leave a mark and I could tell he was short, my height. That's not enough to bother with."

Justin began to tremble in Brian's arms. Brian picked Justin up and carried him to the bedroom. He took off Justin's clothes then his own and crawled into bed with him, drawing him back into his arms. He rubbed soothing circles along Justin's back. He murmured soothing words into Justin's ear. Brian gently brushed his thumb along the purplish bruise that was under Justin's eye where the glasses had dug in. There was something about Justin that made him want to protect him with his life. Dare he admit it even to himself? He loved this boy.

Justin eventually stopped shaking. Brian felt something hard jab his hip and smiled. Brian rolled them to the middle of the bed. Justin was lying on top of him.

"Make love to me," Justin murmured.

Brian pulled Justin up so he was sitting astride him. He grabbed the lube and warmed it with his fingers before he applied it to Justin's twitching hole. Brian prepared Justin for the deeper penetration that this position would achieve. Justin rocked against Brian's fingers moaning softly. He whimpered when Brian removed his fingers. Brian caressed his thigh.


Brian rolled on a condom. He positioned Justin so he was squatting above his dick. He held his dick in line with Justin's hole. Justin relaxed and slowly sank down on the turgid shaft. Justin rested on Brian's lap, his pubes tickling his bottom. Justin breathed deeply adjusting to the fullness and the deep penetration. Slowly he began to rise up. Brian held his hips to steady the boy. Justin clenched his muscles around the head of Brian's cock causing him to moan deep within his throat. Justin sank down again and ground his hips into Brian's pelvis loving the deep stimulation. Justin milked Brian's shaft with his ass. Justin caressed his chest and pinched his rosy nipples till they were hard little pebbles. He mewled with delight at his own self exploration. Brian watched him with glazed eyes filled with lust. Justin never looked more beautiful than when he was in the heat of passion.

Brian let Justin control the pace of their lovemaking. Justin's hand dropped down to his lap and he began to explore his leaking cock. Brian moaned at the sight. Startled, Justin pulled his hand away. For a moment he forgot that he wasn't alone even though he had a nine inch cock up his ass. Even though he'd been with Brian for months he still became shy at times. Brian thought it was endearing.

"Don't stop," Brian whispered. "You look so hot."

Justin tentatively dropped his hand back to where it had been. Brian kept his voice soft and sensual.

"Take your finger and run it over the tip. Justin gasped as he did so. His slit leaked precum against his fingers, wetting them.

"Feels good, doesn't it? Taste yourself."

Justin stuck his finger in his mouth and began to suck. He moaned around his finger. Brian's dick throbbed at the sight and stimulation. Justin's thrusts were long and slow.

"I want to taste my sticky, sweet boy."

Knowing that Brian was watching his every move turned him on even more. His cock leaked freely. He gathered the dew on his fingers and painted his lips with the liquid. Justin leaned forward. He kept his ass clenched so Brian's dick wouldn't slip out. Brian lapped at his lips then pulled him in for a deep kiss.

"Mmmm, you taste so sweet, like honey."

Justin began to buck faster on Brian's rod. His balls were full of cum that ached to burst forth. Brian held onto Justin's bucking hips. Justin stabbed at his prostate once, twice, three times. He threw back his head and cried out as he spilled his hot seed across Brian's chest and neck.

Brian felt Justin's channel tighten around his cock. He roared as he felt his cum explode from his dick as he filled the condom. He never came so hard in all his life. He helped Justin roll off him. Brian stripped off the condom and cleaned them both up the best he could. Justin curled up against him.

"Mmmm, that was so incredible. When I came, I swear I saw stars, Brian."

Brian chuckled, "Well if you saw stars I saw fireworks." Brian kissed the side of his mouth. "We're good together."

Brian caressed Justin's back till he heard the familiar deep even breathing.

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