Eye of the Beholder

Part 6

The next morning Brian and Justin stood on Lindsay and Mel's front porch, their fingers laced together. Brian was eager for his two special boys to meet. Lindsay pulled the door open. Gus was in her arms.

"Bri! Hello, Justin."

Brian arched a brow.

"I got calls from some of the family yesterday."

"It's nice to meet you, Lindsay."

Brian led Justin over to the couch where they sat close together.

"Brian told me you're an artist too," Justin said.

"Yes, when I have the time."

"Hey Sonny boy, come see me."

He barely got the words out when the toddler hurried toward him. Gus pounced on his legs. Brian pulled him up on his lap. Lindsay served Brian some coffee and set out a plate of breakfast rolls. Brian handed Justin a roll which he ate hungrily. Brian fed little bites to Gus.

"Geez, he's getting so big."

Lindsay chuckled, "They tend to do that."

Brian ran his fingers through the shock of dark hair that would no doubt turn auburn when he got older. Gus smiled up at him and gave him a hug.

"Where's Mel?" Brian asked.

"She had to go into work early."

"It's just as well; she'd only bad mouth me to Justin. Gus, I want you to meet somebody. This is Justin; he's very special to me like you are."

Brian sat Gus on Justin's lap. Justin's arms went around the small boy. Brian draped an arm over Justin's shoulder. Gus looked up into Justin's smiling face and was immediately taken with him. He hugged Justin and gave him a sloppy kiss.

"Hi, Gus. He's definitely your son, Brian. I can tell already he's going to be quite the heartbreaker. He needs to work on his technique though." He wiped at his cheek.

"Jus!" Gus managed to say.

Lindsay watched her son interact with Brian and Justin. She had never seen Brian so affectionate with anyone before other than Gus. It made her a little jealous that she couldn't have a closer relationship with Brian.

"Do you like dogs?" Justin asked Gus.

The little boy nodded excitedly.

"Gus, Justin can't see you nod. You have to talk to him," Brian explained. "He's blind; he can't see you."

Gus looked up at Justin and patted his cheek with his hand. Justin took his hand and kissed his fingers causing him to giggle.

"He's probably too young to understand, Brian."

"Yes, Jus doggy!"

"Well Gus, I have a dog and his name is Logan and I know for a fact that he likes little boys to visit him. Would you like to visit him sometime?"

"Yes!" Gus was all but bouncing in his lap.

"What kind of dog do you have?"

"Logan is a yellow lab. He's my right hand man, next to Brian that is. He's very friendly; he loves Brian. Logan actually brings Brian the morning paper."

"Really?" Lindsay laughed trying to picture that scene."

Brian smirked, "I have the soggy papers to prove it. We're working on the drool issue. So Lindz, when can we have Sonny boy for a night or possibly a weekend?" Brian asked hopefully.

Lindsay shifted in her seat uncomfortably. "Oh Bri, I don't know."

Brian's eye's narrowed. "What's the problem? I still get visitation rights. All I'm asking for is a day. I'd like Justin and Gus to spend some time together, more than just an hour."

"Brian, could I talk to you in the kitchen?"

He glared at her. "I don't think so, Lindz. Whatever you have to say to me can be said in front of Justin too."

Lindsay clasped her hands on her lap trying to choose her words carefully. "I just don't think now is the best time. Gus is a very active two year old; he needs to be watched constantly. I think it might just be a bit much for you to handle."

"I'm not stupid, Lindz. I wouldn't leave Gus alone with Justin to take care of him. I don't need to watch Justin. He can take care of himself."

"I know you have the best intentions, Bri. I have to think about it and of course talk it over with Mel."

Brian's voice was cold as ice shards. "Well while your thinking about it, think about this. I'm going to be with Justin for a very long time and he's always going to be blind. So you just think about that while you're keeping my son from me."

Brian lifted Gus from Justin's lap. He kissed Gus one last time before handing him over to his mother.

"Come on Justin, let's go."

Their hands came together and they left. Brian was fuming in the Jeep all the way back to the loft. Brian was more upset than Justin was.

"I've known Lindsay since college. She's never been deliberately cruel. I can't believe her."

"I don't think she was trying to be cruel. She's just being a mother. She's concerned, I can see where she's coming from. Little kids need to be watched and I can't."

"So as long as I'm with you I can't see my son. That is totally fucked."

"Just give her time to come around. She doesn't even know me."

"I know you and I want my son to know you too."

"I'm sure I will; he's a bright little boy. I like him. If she doesn't come around I'm not going to get in the way of you spending time with him. If the visits are with just you I'd understand."

"I won't let it come to that." He grabbed Justin's hand and squeezed.


Brian was still in a dark mood when they got back to the loft. Justin wanted to make Brian feel better.

"How about I give you one of my special massages free of charge? I know how much you love them."

Brian moaned at the thought. "You're on."

Brian laid down on the bed on his stomach, his shirt removed. Justin went into the bathroom to get the oils. Justin straddled Brian sitting on his rear. He warmed the oil in his hands. He started at Brian's shoulders and neck working out all the kinks and knots. Brian sighed into his pillow loving the attention his boy was giving him. Justin's massages always got him hard but Justin didn't need to know that. Justin varied the intensity going from light caresses to deep kneading.

Justin lifted himself up a bit and rolled Brian over. He couldn't see the glazed expression of contentment in Brian's eyes. Justin sat back down on Brian's pelvis finding it lumpy. He shifted a bit and Brian groaned.

"Let's do something fun."

"I thought we were."

Justin smiled, "That was to get you to relax."

"I can think of something fun." Brian ran his index finger inside the band of Justin's jeans. Justin slapped his hand away. "We can do that anytime. I'm talking a fun outing, just the two of us."

Brian sighed dramatically "Sounds like a date. What do you suggest?"

"Well what do you do for fun besides fucking, clubbing and going to bars? Something you do that isn't with the guys."

Brian thought a bit. "I play pool."

"Nope that isn't going to work."

"That's pretty much it, Angel, except, well I occasionally bowl."

"You bowl?" Justin couldn't keep the shock from his voice.

"Yes I do and I'm good at it to."

"Huh, it's just you don't seem like the bowling type. That's it then; we're going bowling."

"You can bowl?" Brian asked with skepticism.

"Well not recently but I'm sure it'll all come back to me. Now come on, let's go."

"Ok wait I'll go get my ball."

"I should have known you'd have your own ball."

Brian took his hand and placed it at his crotch. "Actually I have two."

Justin gave them a squeeze. "And a fine pair they are."


Justin heard the rumble of balls as they struck the wood floor and the crack of the pins being hit. Brian got them a lane and helped pick out a ball that Justin was comfortable with.

"You'll have to keep score Brian. I trust you won't cheat?"

Brian snorted, "You question my integrity?"

"As a show of good faith I'll let you go first."

Brian's long lean body was poetry in motion from the approach till he let the ball go. He got two satisfying strikes. Brian led Justin over to their lane.

"Ok just line me up. Just kick my left foot over to the second diamond from the center."

Brian did as he was told then backed away. Justin swung the ball and kept his wrist perfectly straight. He could hear the ball rumble down the lane. He heard the pins drop, how many he just wasn't sure. Brian stood there in utter disbelief.

"Well how did I do?"

"Unfucking believable!"


"You got a strike."


Brian picked the boy up spinning him around kissing him deeply. He ignored the dirty looks he got from some of the patrons.

"See, piece of cake," Justin panted.

They began their game. Brian would bowl and then he would help Justin to line himself up with the pins. Brian positioned him at the best places for the shot. He had to admit he never had so much fun bowling. This was something he usually did alone. A few times he took Mikey but more often than not all Mikey bowled was gutter balls. Justin was a true opponent. The game was neck and neck for a while. Justin kept him on his toes. When the game was over Brian won but not by much. Brian had to admit Justin could have taken him.

"You know Deb started a gay bowling team. I'm on it and so are some of the others. We could partner up."

Justin smiled, "I like the sound of that." Justin got the double meaning of Brian's words loud and clear.


When they got to the loft Brian was relaxed, happy and in a playful mood.

"Get naked and wait for me on the chaise lounge."

"Mmm am I going to get a treat?"

"Oh yes, my little Angel."

While Justin did as Brian requested Brian was busy in the kitchen. He tried to keep his movements quiet so Justin wouldn't figure out what he was doing. It didn't matter though, Justin could hear far better than he could. It was true when one sense was lost the others picked up the slack. He grabbed a spoon from the drawer and a pint of ice cream from the freezer. By the time he got to the chase Justin was deliciously spread out. He sat the items on a table and quickly undressed. Since he was too much weight for Justin he sat on the end of the seat and placed Justin's legs across his thighs, spreading his hips open.

"Have you been a good boy?"

"Uh huh," Justin said with a big smile.

Brian opened the ice cream and got a spoonful. "Open wide."

Brian's dick throbbed as he watched Justin's pink lips part to reveal his talented little tongue. Brian fed him the cold sweet treat. Justin felt the cold treat slide into his mouth. He knew instantly it was ice cream. Then Brian's hot mouth engulfed his chilled lips. They passed the quickly melting treat back and forth between them. Brian licked the remainder of the cream from within Justin's mouth. Then the process began all over.

Brian dribbled melted ice cream on Justin's nipple. Justin flinched and gasped. The cold was forgotten when Brian's hot mouth soothed the hard nub of his tit. He laved the nipple till it was wet and shiny. Brian placed sticky kisses along Justin's face and neck, down his chest and along his stomach. Brian dribbled the last of the melting ice cream down Justin's leaking shaft. Justin gripped the chaise and bucked up at the cold sticky substance.

Brian swooped down taking the member into his mouth. The ice cream added extra slide. He laved the cap with long licks. Precum and ice cream gathered in his mouth. He felt Justin's fingers twine in his hair urging him on. Brian took Justin all the way into his mouth. He sucked and licked till Justin felt like he would explode. He wanted to cum badly but he also loved the delicious torture Brian was administering to his shaft. Brian's tongue delved into the slit slightly fucking it. Justin trembled and cried out as he began to cum down Brian's throat in long hard spurts.

After Brian had milked every drop Justin had to offer he leaned forward kissing the teen and pushed a little of his cum back into him.

Brian moaned in his ear. "You put the cream in ice cream."

Justin sighed, "I do what I can."


Brian didn't want to leave Justin but he had to go to work. It was his first day back since Justin's arrival. He accepted his first cup of coffee from Justin who had it waiting for him as he dressed.

"So what are your plans for today?"

"I thought I'd go for a walk with Logan, see what we see. Then I'm going to start writing a new book."

"Be careful when you go out."

"I will. Logan hasn't steered me wrong yet and I have a great sense of direction."

Brian finished his coffee, picked up his briefcase and kissed Justin.

"Have a good day," Justin called.

"Yes dear," Brian called back in a falsetto voice.


To Cynthia's surprise Brian tossed a small velvet box onto her desk.

"Give me ten minutes then I want a run down of today's schedule."

"Sure Brian."

As soon as she heard his office door close she snatched up the box. On a bed of velvet lay the most beautiful delicate diamond necklace. She gasped softly at the beauty of it. She took it out of the box and put it on. When she entered Brian's office he gave no notice that she wore his gift. She ran down the list of meetings he had that day and what there was to do. There was also what they referred to as the fuck up of the day that would cause Brian grief until it was fixed.

"Brian I love the necklace."

"Good, I brought him home with me." He smiled slightly.

"That's great when can I meet him?"

"I don't know. You know I like to keep my personal life out of the office."

"Well I'm happy for you. He makes you happy and when you're happy it makes my job a whole hell of a lot easier."

"Yeah, yeah, don't you have copies to run off or calls to make?"


Justin was out walking the streets of Liberty with Logan. It was a nice warm day. He could feel the sun beating warmly on his face. He came to a street corner and heard the last few strains of a violin.

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