Eye of the Beholder

Part 5

Justin awoke to the tantalizing pleasure of Brian's hand caressing his cloth covered cock. Justin moaned and opened his eyes. Every time Brian looked into his eyes he was in awe of their beauty. The blue-violet eyes took his breath away every time.

Justin smiled sleepily. "I could get use to your wake up call."

"Come on Angel, shower time."

Brian let Justin find his own way to the bathroom. As much as he wanted to help Justin he knew he could find his way on his own. That didn't stop Brian from keeping a close eye on him to make sure he reached his destination. He adjusted the spray of the water so it wouldn't burn Justin's fair skin. They shared a kiss under the spray of water. Brian tilted Justin's head back under the water. He washed the teen's long locks with his own shampoo. They passed the soap back and forth soaping each other up, and in the process turning each other on.

Brian made slow soapy circles on Justin's stomach and abdomen. He brushed the tips of his fingers across Justin's pubic hair. Brian backed Justin up against the wall of the shower and sank to his knees between Justin's legs. He took the wet tip of Justin's cock within the warm confines of his mouth. Justin's gasp and moan echoed in the glass enclosure. Brian's tongue thrust and parried with Justin's slit. He could taste the pre cum that made his mouth water for more. He relaxed his throat and took all of Justin into his mouth. Brian varied the pressure he put on Justin's straining shaft. Brian contracted his throat. His mouth flooded with Justin's creamy hot goodness. Brian smirked as he licked the tip clean. He loved instant breakfast. When Justin's legs stopped trembling he reciprocated by giving Brian one hell of a blow job.

Brian handed Justin a towel. He couldn't help but notice Justin's skin was glowing from the shower. Brian wanted to take his squeaky clean little boy back to bed and stay there for the rest of the day. He pushed that thought aside. He knew Justin would be hungry and he wanted to see Liberty Ave.

Justin tugged on a pair of tight jeans that showed off his assets and an equally tight shirt. Brian dressed casually, it didn't matter he looked good in anything he wore.

"Is Logan coming with us?" Brian asked.

"Nope, you're my seeing eye dog today. We'll take him out later. I think he really likes that bed you got for him. You make him to comfortable he'll never want to leave."

Brian parked his Jeep at one end of Liberty Ave. He figured he'd show Justin around, get him acquainted with his surroundings. Brian walked with his arm around Justin's slim waist. He pointed out places of interest that he thought might interest Justin.

"Brian do you think your friends will like me?"

"Why would you care what they think of you? You shouldn't take their opinion to heart."

"I just want them to like me."

"Angel they'll love you. Deb will be mothering you the moment you walk through the door. Well here we are the Liberty diner if the food doesn't kill you the company will."

"Brian wait...uh lets not let on that I'm blind."

"Why? If it's because you think they wont except you you're wrong and if they don't it's their loss."

"Think of it as a practical joke. I fooled you at first didn't I? Even though I never set out to do so. Besides, we don't want to shock your friends to much. The fact alone that Brian Kinney has a boyfriend might send their heads spinning."

"Ok but the act only goes as far as the diner, later you will have to come clean."

"I will, come on it'll be fun, but you have to help me out. I can fake seeing pretty well but some things are unavoidable."

"I got your back."

Brian casually draped his arm over Justin's shoulders as they entered the diner. As soon as they did Justin propped his dark glasses on top of his head. To the casual observer they would appear to be sunglasses.

"Brian you asshole! You're coming to dinner tonight with the family," Debbie screeched. "Where have you been hiding yourself?" Debbie finally noticed Brian wasn't alone. She instantly started gushing over Justin. "Who is this little ray of Sunshine?"

"Deb this is Justin Taylor."

"Hi, Brian's told me all about you."

Deb snorted, "I'm sure he has."

Debbie gave Justin one of her famous bear hugs that could leave a person breathless. She kissed him on the cheek leaving a big red lip print.

"Deb quit molesting my boyfriend."

There were several gasps from one table. The table that his friends currently resided at.

Emmett murmured, "did he say boyfriend?"

"I believe he did." Ted said with equal amazement.

"Brian fucking Kinney has a boyfriend the world must be coming to an end," Debbie boomed.

Brian wiped the lipstick print off Justin's cheek. "Gee Deb could you broadcast that a little louder so maybe Philadelphia could hear you too?"

"Don't be a smart ass." Brian got a dish towel upside the head.

Brian led Justin to the booth where his friends sat. Brian slid in next to Ted. He pulled Justin onto his lap as there wasn't much room left. Neither Brian or Justin minded. Brian smirked at the gang.

"How do you like my souvenir from all my vacation? I just couldn't seem to part with him so I brought him home."

"I knew something was going on," Emmett declared. "You've been acting nicer than usual."

"Yeah I was beginning to miss my daily insults from you," Ted quipped.

"This is Justin Taylor. Justin across from you is Emmett, next to him is Michael, and the poor shlub next to me is Ted."

"Had to get that one in there didn't you," Ted mumbled.

Justin glanced around the table. "It's nice to meet you all. Brian's told me all about you."

"Funny he never mentioned you," Michael said bitterly.

"I want details! So spill it how did you meet?"

Justin smiled and relaxed into Brian's arms. "I worked at the resort Brian was staying at. I was his massage therapist. I think after the first massage he was hooked."

Emmett's hand fluttered to his chest. "That is so romantic!"

"Hey what are you doing wearing Brian's bracelet?" Michael said perturbed.

Justin held up his wrist. "This one's mine. On one of his visits we switched."

"Oh that's so sweet," Emmett sighed.

"Em tone it down a notch or two you're making me nauseous," Brian said.

"What can I get you boys?" Deb had her order pad at the ready and fuzzy pen poised to take their order."

"Coffee," Brian grunted.

"What can I get you Sunshine?"

Justin turned to Brian. "You eat here a lot what do you recommend?"

Brian took into consideration that they were keeping up the charade that Justin could see, so he picked something Justin could eat that wouldn't require a lot of attention.

"He'll have a grill cheese."

"And some orange juice please," Justin added.

"Coming right up."

"So how long have you two been seeing each other?" Emmett asked.

"Four months," Justin stated proudly.

Justin couldn't see it but it didn't go unnoticed by Brian that Michael was glaring daggers at him.

"Brian doesn't do boyfriends," Michael whined to no one in particular.

"Well Mikey what can I say, I tried something new and I liked it. I like Justin, I wouldn't want anyone else for a boyfriend," Brian said pointedly.

Michael sat there gaping at the happy couple looking rather constipated. Deb pored Brian his coffee and sat down Justin's order. Brian nudged the plate more in front of Justin. Justin ate his grill cheese contentedly and sipped his orange juice and no one was the wiser.

"Oh Deb could you bring Mikey a bran muffin he could use the fiber," Brian said casually.

"You will be at tonight's dinner won't you?" Deb demanded.

"Yes we'll both be there and everyone can grill Justin to death with endless questions. Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Afterwards we have to go to Babylon. Justin will love it there. Do you like to dance baby?" Emmett asked."

Justin nodded "I love it; I'm good at it to."

"Justin I don't know if Babylon is such a good idea."

"I'd like to go Brian. I've never been to a dance club before. Babylon sounds like a really great place."

"We'll see."

"Oh Brian don't be a stick in the mud. What do you think is going to happen to him?" Emmett asked.

"It's always crowded and Justin's never been to a place like that before."

"Well it's high time he sees what he's been missing."

"Yeah," Justin giggled. "I want to see it all."

Brian rolled his eyes. "We're leaving now, see you guys tonight."

Justin got off Brian's lap. "It was nice meeting you guys."

"Oh you too baby doll," Emmett smiled.

Brian threw some money on the table. He slung his arm around Justin and steered him towards the door. Justin slipped his glasses back down before they went out the door.

When they left Michael whined. "Did you see how he was hanging all over Brian?"

Emmett sighed dramatically. "Michael shut up, I think it's cute. You should be happy for Brian."

"Well I think that went well don't you?" Justin asked.

"Yeah I guess."

Justin laughed, "I like Emmett he's fruity."

Brian chuckled, "That he is."

"Michael doesn't like me though."

"Mikey has issues he needs to get over."


Earlier in the day Brian helped Justin unpack his clothes and organize them in the closet so he could find them. Justin had worked out a system; the clothes were arranged in the color spectrum. Even though he couldn't see he imagined the spectrum and could usually pick the color he wanted by how far down he went.

"Brian help me pick out something to wear. I want to wear something that will look good both at Deb's and Babylon."

"Justin are you sure you want to go to Babylon? It's very crowded."

"Yes, I want to go. I want to dance with you. As long as you keep in contact with me I'll be fine. You'll look out for me."

"You really do have a lot of faith in me don't you?"

"Yep. How do I break the news that I'm blind? Should I blurt it out over desert?"

"It doesn't matter how you do it. The game is over you come clean tonight."

"I will."

Brian selected a tight pair of black pants and a baby blue shirt that clung to Justin like a second skin. He chose his own outfit of predator black and a black fitted pair of pants with a black sheer shirt. When he moved it left nothing to the imagination. They made a stunning couple.

"Your outfit's missing something."

"What?" Justin asked.

Brian pulled out a box from the nightstand and removed the necklace he had especially made. He fastened the necklace around Justin's neck. Suspended from a chain was one single cowry shell.

"Now everyone will know you belong to me."

Justin fingered the shell at his throat.

"I wouldn't want to be anyone else's."

Those words warmed Brian's heart more than Justin could know.

"Come on the inquisition awaits."


As usual Brian just walked in without knocking. The whole gang was there except for the munchers.

Debbie put a fist on her hip. "It's about time you two showed up, now maybe we can all eat."

Brian had his arm around Justin. He led him toward the table where two empty seats were reserved just for them.

"You've met just about everyone here except for Ben, Michael's boyfriend and Vic."

Vic came around the table. "It's nice to meet the man who tamed Brian Kinney."

Justin laughed, "I don't know about tamed Mr. Grassi I prefer to think of him as domesticated."

"Call me Vic." Vic held out his hand.

Brian nudged Justin's elbow. Justin grasped Vic's hand with both of his and squeezed lightly. Vic lifted a brow to Brian but said nothing.

"Brian's said nothing but kind things about you."

"That would be a first," Ted called out.

Brian and Justin joined the rest at the table.

"Wasn't there something you wanted to get off your chest Justin," Brian hinted.

"Uh well ok. This morning when you met me ,Brian and I were kind of playing a little joke on all of you."

"I knew it!" Michael shouted. "Brian would never have a boyfriend."

"No, actually we really are. I pretended I could see. I'm blind."

The whole room went silent.

Justin laughed nervously and made a little joke. "It's so quiet in here I think I can here crickets."

"Oh my poor Sunshine!" Debbie crushed him to her chest.

"Air! I need air!" Justin choked out. Debbie released him. "That's the exact reaction I didn't want. I don't want your pity. I don't want you to feel sorry for me." Justin felt a dish towel hit his head. "Hey no fair hitting the blind guy!"

"That Sunshine is for not telling us sooner."

Brian chuckled, "Welcome to the family Angel. You're not truly a member unless you get hit with a dish towel."

"I'm honored," Justin said sarcastically.

Emmett sniffed, "This is so tragically romantic."

"Better than an episode of Queer Passions," Ted murmured.

Debbie dished up a plate of ziti for Justin. Brian was left to fend for himself. Once Justin found his fork he began to eat with gusto which pleased Debbie. Under the table Brian rested his hand on Justin's thigh. Justin knew Brian's friends must have questions but no one was saying anything for fear of offending him. He decided to put them at ease.

"I know you're all dying to ask me questions, go ahead."

Emmett commented, "ya know I have to say you really can't tell."

"I'm a really good faker when I want to be."

"Do you have one of those cute little canes?" Emmett asked.

Justin laughed "Yeah I do." Justin reached into his coat pocket that was hanging on the back of his chair. He held the collapsed stick up. "I have a dog too."

"Since when do you let a twink and a dog live with you at the loft?" Michael whined.

"Since they come as a set," Brian said offhandedly. "Logan's been no trouble. He's a great dog." Justin smiled at the comment.

"Logan as in the X Men?" Michael asked, always having comics on the brain.

"No, not that Logan. I named him after Logan Cale. The hot cyber journalist from Dark Angel, but that's a comic too right?"

"Yeah," Michael agreed.

"Brian told me you liked comics."

"Yeah thanks to Brian I have my own comic book store now."

"Have you always been blind?" Ted asked.

"No, only the last two years. I was bashed in the head with a baseball bat."

Brian slipped an arm around him offering silent comfort.

"Oh Sunshine that is horrible. It's permanent then?"

"Well when it happened the doctors seemed hopeful that I would regain my sight back. It was pretty much a fifty/fifty chance. As time went on it grew less likely that I would see. Now that it's been two years I think it's pretty much permanent."

"Did they get the bastard that did it?" Vic asked.

"Yes, but he got off with only five hundred hours community service."

There were grumbles of disapproval. Debbie was in full PFlag mother mode, wanting to hunt down and castrate the guy. Justin smiled slightly he liked this group of people very much. Well maybe not Michael.

Ben shifted the topic away from unpleasant things. "So Justin what do you do?"

"I'm an artist, I paint. The only thing I can paint now are abstracts, I've sold a few. I worked at a resort ,that's where I met Brian. I was his massage therapist. Right now I'm living off the royalties of the first set of books I wrote. I write gay themed fairy tale books for children of same sex parents."

"How do you write when you're blind?" Michael asked out of spite.

Justin was getting fed up with Michael's attitude. "There's a little invention called the tape recorder. I tell the story by tape. Then I send the tape to a friend of mine. She transcribes the tape. She's a writer herself so she also goes over my work and fixes things here and there. Then she sends it to my editor and publisher.

"That's really great Justin, could I borrow a few books? I teach a gay studies class at the college. I could use them in a lecture."

"Sure Ben, I always have some spares lying around."

"Would you be willing to speak to the class sometime about your books and yourself? I think they would benefit greatly from hearing your story."

"Um I'll have to think about it. Public speaking was never my favorite."

"That's fine, no pressure."

"Well boys Babylon awaits," Emmett called.

Debbie screeched, "Brian you're not thinking of taking Justin there are you?"

"We've talked about it and he wants to go so I'm going to take him. I'll be with him the whole time."

"I'll be fine Deb really."

"We'll all watch out for him," Emmett said.

Brian and Justin left Deb's for Babylon. They were glad the dinner was over and equally glad they survive.


Brian kept a possessively tight hold on Justin. He sent out the vibe that Justin was his and any advances from others would be unwelcomed. Justin was excited to be in the dance club. He felt the techno beat of the music wash over him. He was eager to get out on the dance floor with Brian. As they made their way through the crowd he could tell how crowded the place was by the people brushing by him. Brian's grip on him was tight. He didn't know wither Brian thought he would loose him in the crowd or that someone else would try to hit on him or both. Either way he thought the man's concern was sweet.

"Brian dance with me?"

Brian led him out on the dance floor. While they danced Brian made sure to keep in constant contact with Justin. Justin let the music flow through his body. His eyes dropped closed and he began to move sensually to the music. His moves were enticing. They had started with a gap between them but as the music flowed from one song to another they got closer till they grinded up against each other. Justin felt something light hit against his face and hair.

"What's that?"

"It's glitter, they drop it from the ceiling most nights.

"It must look amazing, what color is it?"


Justin leaned his head back, a beautiful smile gracing his face. Brian held him by the waist. Justin felt the glitter all around him. He tried to picture what it must look like.

"It's amazingly beautiful," Brian said.

He didn't mean their surroundings though. He meant the boy that was in his arms. Justin looked so beautiful with his head thrown back with sparkling silver caught in his hair. He had this look of absolute joy on his face. Brian was glad that he had brought him here. The sight was well worth it.

Brian ground his hips against the bulge in Justin's jeans. His hand wandered down to squeeze Justin's plump ass and pull him that much closer. Justin's arms were locked around Brian's neck. Brian snaked his hand between them and fondled Justin's hard cock. Justin's head dipped back and a moan escaped his lips.

"Bri can we get out of here?"

"Anything you want Angel."

Brian's hand locked around Justin's wrist. They hurried towards the exit. Brian passed the guys with a 'later boys.'

Ted shook his head. "Somethings never change."


On the way to the loft Justin was getting impatient. He reached over and began to caress Brian's hard cock. He could feel his hole twitching in anticipation. He wanted to be filled with Brian's cock. Brian gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"Aaahhhhh! Jussss stop or I'm going to cum in my pants."

"Then hurry."

Brian could see out of the corner of his eye Justin shifting in his seat trying to relieve the pressure in his groin. Somehow they made it to the loft without getting a ticket or in an accident. Brian tugged Justin into the elevator and pressed him up against the back wall. They began to tug at each others clothes. Brian got Justin's jeans open and was fondling his leaking member when the elevator stopped at his floor. Justin pressed up against Brian as he fumbled to open the loft door.

Brian grabbed Justin by the shirt front and pulled him in and shut the door. He pressed Justin up against the door and covered his face with hungry kisses. Justin's shirt was tugged roughly over his head and his pants were pushed down and off till he stood before Brian naked. Brian pressed his long fingers into Justin's mouth. The teen greedly sucked on them as if it were a miniature cock.

Brian murmured against his face. "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you into the door."

Justin moaned around his fingers. Brian's clothes joined Justin's on the floor. Brian removed his fingers and pressed them to Justin's pink hole. Justin gasped as the fingers invaded him. A drop of pre cum formed at the tip of his cock. Brian licked his lips. He pulled his fingers out and in one stroke the condom was on.

"Put your arms around my neck. I'm going to lift you and you can wrap your legs around my waist."

Justin slid up the cold metal door. As he was raised his legs instantly went around Brian's slim waist. His hole felt open and exposed. He could feel the tip of Brian's cock brushing against his hole. He relaxed and sunk down a bit. The head of Brian's cock was now firmly in his ass. Brian thrust upwards and was buried to the hilt. Justin slid up the door. His sweat slickened back eased the way. The cold metal door felt good against his hot skin.

"You feel so good, so tight," Brian moaned.

Brian began to pound his meat into Justin's ass. Every thrust made him skid up the door. The door rattled against their combined weight. With their cries and grunts they were putting on a show for the neighbors. The delicious friction between their sweaty stomachs was sweet torture on Justin's cock. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer. Justin clutched Brian's shoulders. His ass clenched and he came against Brian's chest and neck screaming his release. When Brian felt Justin tighten around his cock he thrust deeply inside him and shouted as he filled the condom with his hot load.

Brian still held Justin aloft as they tried to catch their breath. Brian eased his cock out of Justin. Justin slowly slid down the door till his feet toughed the floor. He held on to Brian till his legs stopped trembling. Brian disposed of the condom in the kitchen trash. He kicked their clothes out of the way and led Justin to the bedroom where they fucked at a more leisurely pace.

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