Eye of the Beholder

Part 4

Cynthia noticed the change in Brian when he got back from his vacation. He snapped less at people but still didn't tolerate incompetence in the work place. She knew who was responsible for Brian's good mood. She never said a word as she added the name Justin Taylor to the list of people to put through. The list was short as it was and all the years she worked with him he'd never added to the list till now.


Brian knew sooner or later he would have to put in an appearance with the gang. Mikey had left a couple of whiney messages both at work and at the loft. He agreed to meet them at Woodies for a game of pool. Brian arrived fashionably late. He nodded to the boys and got himself a beer before he went over. They'd just started up a new game. He took a swig of his beer. Just as he was about to take his shot Mikey grabbed his wrist.

"What the fuck Mikey."

"Brian where is your bracelet?"

"It's someplace safe, now if you don't mind I'm trying to shoot here."

Brian shook off Mikey's hand, bent over the table and took his shot sinking several of the colored balls.

"What's with the new bracelet?" Emmett asked.

"Gee I didn't know you guys had such pathetic lives that you have to keep track of my accessories."

"You never take that bracelet off." Michael's voice raised several octaves.

"So I changed bracelets big fucking deal."

"Well I like it, everyone needs change once in a while," Emmett stated.

Brian tuned out his friends trivial conversations and concentrated on the game which no surprise he won. Even when he was falling down drunk he always managed to beat these clowns.


On one Monday morning Cynthia entered Brian's office. He had an early meeting and she needed to get a file. She noticed a silver picture frame on his desk. That was so out of character for Brian. He hated clutter and was a neat freak to extreme measures. She carefully picked it up and gasped. The boy staring back at her was a true beauty. This must be Justin Taylor. She had to hand it to her boss he had good taste. His smile was blinding and his eyes were absolutely breathtaking. She sat the frame back down and tried to get it in the exact position she found it. She respected Brian's private life but curiosity got the better of her when Brian began to be civil toward people. The boy was the key to Brian's happiness.


Brian kept his promise and visited every chance he got. Weekends turned out to be the best time they could get together. When Brian was in Pittsburgh they took turns calling each other every night. They slept better hearing the others voice. Brian learned that not only did Justin paint but he wrote children's stories as well. He wrote gay themed fairy tales for children of same sex parents. The books just started to sell and he was making a profit off his venture. Brian offered free advertising to get the books bigger exposure. Justin accepted only because Brian's son would no doubt like the books.

Brian entertained him with stories of all his friends and the latest happenings on the east coast. Justin felt as if he had known Brian's friends forever. They shared laughs over Emmett's new fashion ensemble or the latest dance move. Brian always had a Ted joke ready to make him laugh. Justin wondered if the real Ted was anything like how Brian made him out to be.

As time went on they grew very close. The traveling back and forth was hard on them both. Every time Brian had to leave it got harder and harder to let him go. Four months had passed. For Justin there was no other. For Brian if anyone cared to notice he was no longer frequenting the backrooms. In the four months Brian saw Justin he never once mentioned to the gang that he had a boyfriend.


Brian awoke in the middle of the night. He stretched out his arms to pull Justin closer but his hand touched cold sheets instead. He jerked awake looking around for his young lover and slowly realized he was back at the loft alone. He sighed and stared up at the ceiling beams. His arms ached to hold his Angel. Brian thought long and hard about what he was going to do and decided it was what he really wanted. His decision one way or the other would change both of their lives.

Brian picked up the cell phone from the night stand and pressed a button automatically dialing Justin.


Brian smiled when he heard Justin's voice on the other end of the line.

"Hi baby, did I wake you up?"

"No, it's not to late here."

"I woke up and you weren't here with me in my arms."

"I miss you too Brian."

"Justin I can't do this any more."


Brian heard the alarm creep into his voice.

"Calm down Justin that's not what I meant. I didn't mean to scare you. I just meant I want you with me all the time. I've been thinking and I know it's selfish to ask but what do you think about coming to Pittsburgh to live with me?"

Brian held his breath as the silence stretched for an unbearable amount of time.


"I'm here, it's just wow. I don't know what to say."

"Say yes and make us both happy. There's another option if you don't want to leave. I'll quit my job and move out there. I'll get another job in advertising."

"Brian no, I can't let you do that. You worked so hard for the position you already have. I won't let you do that. Do you really want me to live with you?"

"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want you here."

"You do realize that you're not just gaining a live in boyfriend but a well mannered lovable dog as well?"

Brian chuckled, "Logan is welcome to come too."

"When can you pick us up?" Justin asked eagerly.

Brian laughed, "Is that a yes then?"

"It's a resounding yes with several exclamations after it."

"How about this weekend? Will that give you enough time to get everything in order?"

"Yeah, I'll put in my notice at the resort tomorrow. The weekend can't come soon enough."

"I know what you mean."

"Brian are you really sure? Living with a blind person isn't always easy."

"I'm sure; I'm not the easiest person to live with either."

"Ok let's do this. Ugh my mother is going to throw a fit."

"I'll talk to her if it'll help."

"When did you get so brave?"

"When I realized things would have to change if I was going to keep you in my life."

"It'll be fine Brian, now go to sleep and I'll see you soon. Figuratively speaking of course," he said with a laugh.

"Night Justin, see you soon."

"Night Brian, sweet wet dreams."


Jennifer tried to talk some sense into her son but he was having none of it. Justin's suitcase was half packed on the bed.

"I think your making a big mistake Justin."

"It's my mistake to make mom." He plopped down on the bed.

"Who will take care of you?"

"I do just fine on my own. When I need help Brian will be there, he always is. He's been more protective than Logan if that's even possible. I love him mom and I know in his own way he loves me too. He's never said it but I can feel it. All the little stuff he does for me show's how much he cares."

"I just don't like the idea of you being alone in a big city."

"I won't be alone. I'll have Brian and he has lots of friends I'm sure at least a few will like me."

"Of course they'll like you."

"Mom please understand. I need to try to make this work. Brian offered to quit his job and move out here to be with me. I think that pretty much says he's committed. I'll make you a deal if it doesn't work out I'll come back here with my tail between my legs and let you say I told you so a thousand times."

"I don't want to be right. It's just you'll be so far away from me."

"I'll call and I'm sure you'd be welcome for a visit every now and then. Brian makes me happy. He's the one. I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"Just hope you don't end up getting hurt."


Brian had Cynthia make all the flight reservations. He was sure it wasn't lost on her that he was leaving alone but he wouldn't be returning alone. She didn't say anything and he was grateful that he didn't have to come up with an explanation. He didn't pack a bag, he only planed to stay as long as it took to grab Justin and head back for home.


When Brian arrived at the Taylor's home Justin threw himself in his arms and held him tight. Brian buried his face in the soft blonde locks inhaling his baby's scent.

"You were pretty sure I was going to catch you huh?"

"Yep, take me away from this place."

"Your mommy giving you a hard time?"

"Very funny, she's just worried. I understand her side of it but she can't baby me my entire life."

"Well I'll talk to her."

"Good luck with that."

"Are you and Logan all packed?"

"Yep all packed. I'm just bringing my clothes my mom will ship the other stuff when I get there. Did you make Logan's arrangements?"

"Yeah we'll be in first class and he'll be boarding with the luggage."

"We're probably insulting him but I want you all to my self."

Justin lifted up on his toes and kissed Brian. What was meant to be a short kiss turned into a long heated passionate kiss.

"God I've missed you," Brian breathed.

"Me too."

Justin's bags were by the door so he didn't waste any time loading up the rental car. When he turned toward the house he saw Jennifer watching him from the kitchen window. He felt he should say something to make the woman feel better. Brian entered the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

"I know there's nothing I can say to make you feel better about all of this. I will take care of him. He'll be fine, he's the bravest person I know."

Jennifer sighed, "he trusts you and I'm trusting in you to look after him."

"I will."

"Mom stop guilt tripping him."

Justin walked over to her. He hugged and kissed her.

"Have a safe flight honey."

"I will, and thanks for understanding."


Brian boarded the plane with Justin. Justin wrapped his hand firmly around Brian's arm. Brian found their seats and they settled in. Brian took Justin's seatbelt and hooked it securely in place.

"I probably could have managed it," Justin said smiling.

Brian murmured in his ear. "I know but it gives me an excuse to touch you, and do this."

Brian let his hand fall to Justin's lap. He ran his hand seductively over Justin's groin causing the blonde to squirm in his seat. He pulled his hand away to hook his own seatbelt.

Justin whispered in his ear. "I like it when you touch me."

Through out the flight Brian held Justin's hand. He laced their fingers together noticing how perfect they fit together. Brian put his fears to rest. He thought maybe Justin would at some point have second thoughts about coming home with him. It was actually the exact posit. He couldn't wait to get to the loft and meet all his friends. The family would be in for a surprise when he brought Justin to meet them. In the four months that he saw Justin he hadn't told anyone about the beautiful blonde that was now firmly in his life.

"Brian," Justin said quietly.


"How about you initiate me into the mile high club?"

Brian's dick twitched at just the thought.

"Mmm, that's my dirty little Angel."

Ever since Brian had caressed him through his pants he had been rock hard. At first he tried to ignore it but it was like a slow burn that wouldn't be ignored. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum and he was going to make sure his needs got met.

Justin murmured close to his ear. "We don't even have to be sneaky about it. You would appear as just a guy helping a poor blind boy to the restroom."

"I like the way you think Angel. Ok let's do it."

Brian unbuckled their seatbelts. He flipped down Justin's dark sunglasses for added effect. Justin only needed to wear them outside especially when it was bright out. Brian led Justin by the hand towards the restroom. He opened the door and nudged Justin in. He casually glanced around and then entered himself.

"We need to make this quick," Brian murmured against his ear.

Justin pressed himself up against Brian and ground his hips against Brian's as he captured his lips for a deep kiss. When they parted both had twin raging hard ons. Brian lowered the toilet seat and opened his pants. He sat down and put on a condom. Justin quickly pulled his pants down. Brian turned Justin around facing away from him. He placed a hand on the small of his back, bending him over slightly so he could prepare him. Brian didn't take the time to heat up the lube like he usually did, Justin flinched at the cold.

"Don't worry it'll heat up."

Brian got even harder as he watched his fingers disappear in and out of the teen's sweet tight ass. Brian held his erection in line with Justin's hole. He held Justin by the hip and guided him down onto his turgid member. Brian bit his lip as Justin took his cock inch by inch. Justin rested for a moment on Brian's lap adjusting to the fullness he felt. He slowly began to rise up clenching his muscles. Justin began to ride Brian's cock. Brian held him by his slim waist while he bounced on his nine inch cock. Brian stifled his moans by pressing his mouth up against the back of Justin's neck.

Brian reached around and began to jack Justin off. His hand glided along the slick shaft by the pre cum that was leaking profusely form Justin's slit. Justin alternated by raising his hips and grinding against Brian's lap in a circular motion. Brian's pubes chafed against his sensitive skin. They were both close to the edge. Brian took his four finger and brushed it along Justin's weeping slit causing the boy to buck faster. He pressed his finger to the slit watching the pre cum gather on his finger. He brought his finger up to his mouth and sucked his finger clean. Justin couldn't see what Brian was doing but he could hear perfectly and was turned on by the action. Justin slammed down on Brian's lap once, twice and then he was cuming into Brian's hand. They came at the same time stifling their cries as best as they could.

Justin slumped against Brian's chest panting. Brian held him till they caught their breath. He helped Justin off of his lap. He cleaned them both up as quick as he could.

Justin touched Brian's arm. "Brian before we leave I do have to use the bathroom."

"Oh ok."

Brian lifted the lid of the toilet and maneuvered himself behind Justin. It was a tight fit in the cramped cubicle. He positioned Justin in front of the toilet. Brian reached around Justin and held his cock.

"Bri what are you doing?"

"It's faster this way."

Even though they had been lovers for months Justin was embarrassed to have Brian help him with such and intimate matter. He knew it was silly but he couldn't help the blush that crept into his cheeks. Brian aimed his cock for him. He pressed his thumb against the head of Justin's cock and he began to pee. Brian watched over his shoulder as Justin urinated into the bowl. Brian felt Justin's member pulse in his hand.

Brian murmured into Justin's ear. "This is kind of kinky."

He knew that Justin was embarrassed but he couldn't think of a way to lighten the situation. When Justin was done he let him zip up while he washed his hands. Justin managed to find the handle and flush.

Brian pulled Justin into his arms. "You're even cuter when you blush."


Justin's cheeks turned even redder and he buried his face in Brian shoulder. Brian tilted Justin's face up and placed a sweet kiss on Justin's lips. They got back to their seats and for the rest of the flight Justin rested his head on Brian's shoulder.


At the airport Brian got Justin's luggage. Then they went to free Logan from the kennel cage. Justin had Logan by the harness and Brian by the arm. He let his two boys lead him to his new exciting life in a new city.

Brian led them to where he had reserved parking for the Jeep. He loaded the luggage in the back. Logan happily jumped in the back seat ready to ride. He opened Justin's door for him.

"In case your wondering what I drive, it's a black Jeep."

"Cool, I've always liked Jeeps."

Brian stood by and made sure Justin didn't hit his head getting in. He reached in and hooked his seatbelt, kissing him as he did so. The drive to the loft was filled with Justin's chatter. It was clear the boy was excited to be here and more importantly be with Brian.

Brian parked the Jeep in his spot. He went around to the other side of the Jeep ready to take Justin's hand and show him his new home. Logan was already by his side.

"I live on the top floor. There's two ways to get there, the stairs and an old elevator that has a gate that comes down. I'm going to take you up the stairs. When you're on your own you can use which ever is easiest for you."

"Once I know my way around it doesn't really matter. I'm good at finding my way."

Brian unlocked the door and let them in.

"The door is heavy and it slides back. I've made you a key so if I'm not with you, you can let yourself in. There is a security code that you have to punch in though."

"Oh that's no problem. Are the numbers set up like a phone pad?"

Brian checked, "yeah."

"Just run my hand over the panel so I know where it is and what buttons to push."

Brian took his hand and ran his fingers over the buttons, going over the security code and what to push. Brian stepped into the loft. He walked several feet when he noticed Justin was still by the door.

"Are you coming in and staying?"

Justin laughed, "I'm going to give you a crash course in leading the blind 101. You need to walk me down the center of the room and point out where things are located. If you want to move something you think might be in my way do it now but don't move it again. That goes for anything. If you move something let me know or I'm libel to crash into it.

"Christ I'm not even home a minute and I'm already fucking up."

"It's ok Brian, you didn't know. We'll learn together. Brian took a look at his loft from a new perspective. The loft was big and spacious. He prided himself in being a neat freak so Justin didn't have to worry about tripping over clutter. The minimalist look would also be a plus. There wouldn't be much furniture to navigate around. The only potential hazard he saw was the beams that were spaced down the center length wise. If Justin accidentally ran into one of those he could be hurt.

Brian took Justin's hand. "Ok here we go. The loft is big but I had it designed in the minimalist look, so there isn't too much furniture, just the basics. To the right there is a set of shelves and my desk. It's where I work. To the left is the kitchen. There's a counter with a sink and next to that is the fridge. Up from that is an island where the stove is and there's counter space. There are three bar stools on the other side of the island. Off to the left is the couch. There are tow chairs across from the couch. There's a glass coffee table in front of the couch you could hurt yourself on."

"Ok I'll be careful if I know where something is I can avoid the danger most of the time."

"Off to the far right is the dining room. I have a small table there. Usually I eat out or I eat at the island in the kitchen. Oh sometimes I bring out the tread mill and work out at home instead of going to the gym. It's usually mid way into the room. I'll just be careful when I drag it out."

"Mmm is that how you keep your sexy figure?"

"Well I prefer to get most of my cardiovascular work out in the bedroom. Straight ahead are door panels that can swing open. In front of the panels is a low shelf. The panels close off the bedroom. The bedroom is like on a platform itself. There are two entrances to the bedroom. The left side and the right side. There are two steps leading up to the bedroom so be careful."

Brian led Justin up to the bedroom.

"The bed is king size it's low to the ground on a platform. There is a ledge that runs all the way around the bed. There is a night stand that is on both sides of the bed. On the wall above the bed are six tubular lights lined up horizontally in neon blue."

"Wow that must look so hot. You got your own little palace here."

"I like it. Far side of the room is the closet off from the bedroom is the bathroom. Sink and toilet on one side on the other is the shower, it's a glass enclosure. Oh off from the dining room I made up a little bed for Logan to sleep in."

"I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

"Off from the bedroom towards the left there are more chairs and a TV, and that pretty much concludes the tour. There is more shelving off from the kitchen and near there is a chase lounge. Justin there is one thing I'm concerned about. There are beams spaced through out the loft you could hurt your self."

"Show me where each one is. How many are there?"

"Four, ok the first one is right next to my desk, that one shouldn't be a problem. The next one is next to the island that one should be ok to. The next one is on the other side of the island but further away from it. This one could be a hazard. The last one is near the chase lounge, it's close to the wall but still I'd be careful for this one to."

"Ok I think I got the general idea of the layout."

"Will you be ok while I run down and get your suitcases out of the Jeep?"

"Yeah go ahead. I'm going to take Logan's harness off and let him check out his new bed. He's had a hard day, he's not use to traveling."

Brian kissed Justin's cheek. "Ok, I'll make it quick."

When Brian came back he saw that Justin was sitting on one of the bar stools waiting for him. He looked at home sitting there. Brian couldn't help but smile.

"I'm going to put the suitcases next to the closet. I'll help you unpack tomorrow."


Brian sat down next to Justin on one of the stools. "I'm glad you're here."

"So am I."

"Now that you're here for good I hope, we can switch bracelets back. I hope you don't mind but I added a little something to your bracelet."

Justin had already taken off Brian's bracelet and laid it on the counter. Brian took Justin's wrist and snapped his bracelet in place. Justin ran his fingers around the band searching for what was different. He felt the stitching all the way around the band except for the stone in the middle. He let his fingers study the pattern. He smiled when he realized what the pattern was. Little cowry shells had been added to the band.

"I love it, it's perfect."

Brian tied his own bracelet back on. "Are you hungry? We could order take out."


"What are you in the mood for?"

"Surprise me."

Brian placed an order at his favorite Thai food restraint. When the food came they ate at the island out of the little cartons with forks. All the cartons were lined up along the counter. Justin chose to be surprised rather than ask what each one contained. That was one of the things he liked about Justin. He liked surprises. He'd rather find out for himself what things were rather than be told. When they were finished Brian put what was left in the fridge.

"Brian I'm kind of tired do you mind if I lay down for a while?"

"No I don't mind. You live here now; you can do what you like. I'll come lay down with you. It has been kind of a long day."

Justin refused Brian's help to the bedroom. Brian stood back and was proud of his boy when he confidently walked to the bedroom and up the stairs with out any hesitation. He followed him into the bedroom. Justin stripped down to his briefs and crawled under the covers. Brian stripped down to nothing and lay down beside him. Justin automatically curled up to his side, resting his head on his shoulder and draping an arm over his waist.



"When can I meet your friends?"

"Oh God why would you want to meet that insane lot?"

Justin giggled, "Don't you want to show me off?"

"You can meet then tomorrow morning. We'll go to the diner for breakfast. We'd have to anyway if we want to eat. All I have in the fridge is water, peanut butter and poppers."

Justin laughed, "You'd have to admit that would make an interesting breakfast."

"Angel there's something I need to tell you."


"They don't know about you, I never told them."

Justin tried to pull away from him but he held on tight.

"Why? Are you ashamed of me?"

"No, how could you even think that."

"Then explain it to me."

"I never told them cuz it's none of their fucking business what I do. They see me as Liberty Avenues king stud, slut of the back room. In their eyes I'll never change."

"They don't sound like friends to me."

"Ah they're all right, they're all I have."

Brian heard Justin's even breathing and knew he was asleep. He lightly ran his fingers through Justin's long blonde locks that he was so fond of. He laid there marveling at the fact that this boy was in love with him. Justin's breathing lulled him to sleep after a while.

Sometime in the night they both awoke. Brian made sweet passionate love to Justin. It left them both trembling and clinging to one another.

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