Eye of the Beholder

Part 3

Brian didn't make it home till late so there wasn't much he could do till the next day. He jotted down the names of a few models he thought could be potential replacements. Anything he could do to speed up the process so he could get back to his Angel he would gladly do. Brian didn't know how or why he started referring to Justin as his. It was just how he felt.


Before Brian went into work to see just how fucked things really were he stopped off at the diner to get his breakfast, which consisted of coffee. The gang was all there. He slid into a seat next to Mikey.

"Deb I need coffee now."

Deb turned and put a fist on her hip, "and I need you to keep your pants on."

"Is that even possible?" Emmett pondered allowed.

"Where have you been I've been calling the loft for days now," Michael whined.

"I was on vacation which is where I'd still be if someone hadn't supremely fucked up. If I don't straighten out the mess the agency will be sued."

"Brian Kinney on vacation, branching out are we?" Ted asked with mild interest.

"Why yes Theodore those of us who actually have lives go on vacation. You should try it but they would probably reject you where ever the fuck you go. Deb while I'm still young!"

The next thing he felt was Debs dish rag assaulting his head.

"Will this shut you up?" She sat a cup of coffee in front of him.

"That's all I asked for."

He smoothed his hair back in place. Brian took a sip of the coffee and grimaced. He downed it in a couple gulps and threw some bills on the table. He said later and was out the door before anyone else could say anything.


Brian stormed up to the 47th floor of Vanguard. The look in his eyes said 'don't fuck with me'. Cynthia was standing by her desk ready to take brisk orders. She was startled when a bouquet of violets were thrust into her arms.

"Here's the plan, we straighten this mess out as fast and as efficient as humanely possible. I want to be back at that resort in twenty four to forty eight hours, preferably twenty four. Think we can do this?"

Cynthia nodded, "or die trying."

Brian nodded, "that's the spirit. Now let's get to work."

A smile flickered across his face so fast for a moment she doubted she had seen it. It was a rare occasion when Brian gave her flowers. She vowed to get him back on that plane as soon as possible. She had a feeling he left something very important behind.

The work took longer than Brian expected but he still made good time considering all the work that had to be done. He worked right through lunch and dinner, barely stopping to nibble at the take out food Cynthia so thoughtfully ordered. Cynthia worked tirelessly right beside him. She even stayed well past her appointed leaving time for which Brian was grateful. They finished around ten at night both exhausted.

"Do you want me to book you that flight now?"

Brian rubbed at his eyes. "Book a flight but make it for tomorrow that will be soon enough."

As Brian was walking towards the bank of elevators she called after him.

"Go get your man."

He gave her a stern look till it was blocked with the closing elevator doors.


Back at the resort Brian felt better and a little anxious. He didn't know what kind of welcome he would get from Justin. He just hoped for the best. It didn't take long for him to find Justin. He was out by the same pool only this time he was talking to Randy instead of painting. When Randy saw him coming he conveniently found something he needed to do. Brian stood in front of Justin and took his hand.

"I hope that dinner invitation still stands."


Justin threw himself in his arms and held him tight.

"You came back."

Brian pulled up a lounge chair and sat down. He pulled Justin onto his lap.  "Of course I came back. You thought I wouldn't?"

"You said you had business I just figured you wouldn't make the trip back, especially not this soon."

"Well I fixed the problem, every thing's fine now. I told my assistant that if anything else goes wrong it's not my problem. I'm on my vacation and I'm not going to be interrupted again." Brian placed a kiss on Justin's temple.

"I thought maybe you changed your mind about me. That when you really thought about it I wasn't worth the trouble."

Brian held him closer. "Oh you're definitely worth it. I worked non stop just so I could get back here to you. Am I forgiven?"

"Only if you have dinner with me tonight."

"That I can do."

Justin caressed his cheek. "Can I?"

Brian thought he knew what he was asking. "Yes."

Justin lightly ran his hands over Brian's features committing them to memory. Justin knew just by touch Brian was an artist's dream. He trailed a finger down Brian's long nose and outlined his perfect lips.

Justin sighed, "you're very beautiful."

"I know, so are you Angel."

Justin smiled "I like it when you call me Angel."

Brian let Justin get back to work. They made definite plans for dinner that night. Brian spent the day working out and anything else he could think of to get his mind off his aching cock till he could be with Justin again.


Brian followed Justin's directions to the location of his house. Brian pulled around to the side of the house where Justin lived. A little apartment was built off from the main house. Justin wanted to live on his own and learn to do for himself. His mother worried about him and didn't like the idea of him living away from her. So compromises were made and everyone got what they wanted in the end.

Brian knocked on the door. It was opened by a smiling Justin. Even Logan greeted him at the door. Brian gave the dog a pat on the head. He pulled Justin in for a kiss. "I brought some wine."

"Oh thanks you didn't have to bring anything. I'll let you open it."

"I can't believe you can cook."

Justin pretended to be insulted. "Is it because I'm a guy or I'm blind?"

"Both actually."

"Well my mother taught me to cook when I was little. I have everything in the kitchen organized so I can find it. That's the main thing that sucks about being blind. If you loose something you're pretty much never going to find it again.

"Well it definitely smells good."

"Thank you, I hope you like Irish stew."

"Sure, can I help out with anything?"

"I'll dish it up and you can take it to the table."

Brian had to admit Justin was a good cook. They talked while they ate about different things. Justin sipped his wine. "So tell me more about you."

Brian shifted uncomfortably. "What do you want to know?"

"Well I know what you do for a living. What do you do for fun?"

Brian smirked "I fuck, go to clubs, the bar, I work out that's pretty much it."

"What about family?"

Justin couldn't see the pain on his face.

"I come from a fucked up family, of course who doesn't these days. My father was an alcoholic prick who reminded me everyday of my life I wasn't wanted and beat me just to drive that point home. My mother let him and went to church."

"I'm sorry Brian."

"I got my own little made up family. Debbie, my best friend's mom is like a mother to me and her brother is like an uncle. I've known my best friend Michael for fourteen years or so. I suppose Ted and Emmett are my friends too. Emmett is the queenie one and Ted is the boring one."

Justin laughed at that.

"I have a son, his name is Gus."

Justin blinked in surprise.

"Really? How did that come about?"

"I knew this girl from college, Lindsay the artist. She wanted a kid and she wanted it to be me. I never wanted to be a father but I don't regret doing it. He lives with his mommies. I visit when I can."

"How old is he?"

"He's two."

Justin smiled,"I bet he looks just like his daddy, doesn't he?"

Brian smiled a genuine smile. "Yes he does."

Brian helped Justin with the dishes in the kitchen. Brian noticed that Justin also wore a bracelet that he never seemed to take off. It was different from his own. Justin's bracelet was a strip of brown leather that had a snap closure. In the center of the bracelet was a blue stone set in silver. It suited Justin. They went into the living room and sat on the couch. Justin sat side ways so he was facing Brian.

"I like your bracelet, it looks good on you. I wear one too but it's different from yours."

Justin nervously ran his finger over the bracelet, wondering if he should reveal the truth behind it. He didn't want to hide anything from Brian.

"Brian I have to tell you something about that."

Justin could feel Brian's hand slip into his own and he felt the strength and courage to go on.

"I like you a lot Brian so I don't want to keep any secrets from you. When I first went blind I had a real hard time accepting that I couldn't see. I was angry, sad and miserable. When Chris Hobbs got off with a slap on the wrist that didn't help matters much. I was an artist, seeing was everything. I drew all the time and to have that suddenly taken away it was too much. There were days when I wished Chris had just killed me. It was one of those days that I took a razor and slit my wrist."

Justin unsnapped the bracelet to revel the inch long scar. Brian brought the wrist up to his mouth and placed a tender kiss there. Justin felt a shudder go through him at the highly intimate act.

Justin cleared his throat. "My mom found me and rushed me to the hospital. I was forced to see a psychologist for a while. I'm past all that now." Justin snapped his bracelet back in place.

Brian huffed a laugh. "Boy we are a pair aren't we?"

Justin frowned, "what do you mean?"

Brian took Justin's hand and brushed his fingers over the shells that very rarely left his wrist.

"This is the bracelet I wear. I've worn it so long people associate it with who I' am. When I was around your age I tried to kill my self too."

Brian tugged at the ties of the bracelet till they fell away. He took Justin's index finger and traced the white scar that he had on the inside of his wrist. Justin snuggled closer to Brian.

"I worked so hard at school so I could go to college to get away from my family and the beatings. I worked to save up money and applied for scholarships. I did get a scholarship but it was a partial one. I always had papers due and yet somehow I got them done while holding a job to pay for rent. I lived in this tiny little rat infested hell hole. I never had enough money; I was always behind on my rent. It was just too much, going to school, working as many hours as I could. I worked myself to exhaustion. I got behind in my rent. I asked a few friends to help me out, which I really hated doing but they gave me what they had. It still wasn't enough. I was facing eviction so I did the only thing I could think of. I sold my body. I made a lot of cash that night but when I got home I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. So I slit my wrist, I couldn't live like that. Lucky for me Mikey, my best friend showed up for a visit and found me, took me to the emergency room."

Justin wrapped his arms around Brian. Brian leaned down and kissed him. He kissed him till the past faded away. Justin pulled back and breathed, "I want you."

Justin linked hands with Brian and made his way to his bedroom. Justin closed the door behind him so Logan wouldn't interrupt. Brian pulled Justin's shirt over his head and kissed him. Justin reached up and slowly unbuttoned Brian shirt exposing an inch of flesh at a time. After every button Justin would place a kiss on the flesh he exposed. Brian found this highly erotic. He reached down and cupped Justin's crotch through the material of his jeans. Justin gave a soft moan and pushed up against Brian's hand.

They ripped off their pants more quickly needing flesh on flesh contact. Brian pulled Justin down on the bed with him. They kissed, toughed and rubbed up against one another. Brian allowed Justin to explore his body more thoroughly. Justin's soft hands roamed over every ridge and plane of his body. He couldn't help the moan that escaped his throat when Justin grasped his cock and began to stroke the already hard shaft. When Brian felt himself get to close to the edge he stilled Justin's hand and took a deep breath.

Brian rolled on top of Justin keeping most of his weight on his arms. He showered Justin's face with kisses. He drew the lobe of Justin's ear into his mouth. He licked and nibbled on it causing Justin to sigh. Brian placed open mouth kisses along his neck and licked along the rigid collar bone. He splayed his hands and ran them along Justin's chest. His movements were slow and sensual. He wanted Justin to know exactly where he was so there would be no surprises. He didn't want to frighten the boy with something unexpected. All he wanted to do was give immense pleasure.

Brian noticed Justin had a pierced nipple. He bent his head toward it. Justin could feel Brian's warm breath against his nipple which caused the nub to harden and his cock to leak.

"A nipple ring, naughty little Angel."

Brian took the rosy nipple in his warm mouth. The tip of his tongue slipped through the ring. He sucked and tugged on it making Justin writhe under him. Justin's forehead beaded with sweat making his bangs stringy. Brian knew he couldn't take much more so he moved on. He caressed and licked his stomach. Brian placed little kisses along Justin's happy trail.

He lapped at Justin's cock that was leaking profusely. His broad tongue licked around the head. Justin moaned and his hips came up off the mattress. Brian held his hips steady. He licked all around Justin's cock, his tongue wound around the shaft. He laved underneath. Justin's moaning was picking up in intensity. Brian took the tip of Justin's cock in his mouth. He released his hold on his hips letting the boy rock in and out of his mouth. Justin's thrusts were shallow. He didn't want to accidentally choke Brian. His fingers curled into the tangled sheets. Brian caressed his balls. Justin could feel the tingling in his spine and he knew he was going to cum soon.


Brian could feel the swell of Justin's cock within his mouth. His throat contracted in anticipation of the sweet nectar that would soon flood his mouth and throat. Justin cried out and began to cum. Brian moaned as the first spurt hit the back of his throat. Brian sucked and swallowed all the boy had to offer. He let Justin's cock slip from his mouth when he could no longer draw out more of his creamy goodness. Brian flopped down next to Justin and took him in his arms. He kissed him deeply letting him taste himself.

"Now that we got you off we can play longer. We're just getting started."

Brian began to roll Justin over onto his stomach.

"Wait!" Justin panted.

Brian thought he detected a note of fear in his voice. He caressed Justin's back gently.

"Brian I… I've never done this before."

Brian arched a brow.

"I've fooled around with guys before but it was nothing serious. Then when I got bashed I haven't let anyone get close to me."

Brian rested his cheek against Justin's baby soft hair. Justin rested so his back was against Brian's chest.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to. I won't push you."

"Brian I want you inside me, just go slow ok? I want this more than anything but I'm scared too. I know you won't hurt me."

Brian ran his fingers through Justin's long blonde locks. "I'll go easy on you. I'm going to make this the best fuck of your life. No matter who you're with you'll always remember this one. I want you to tell me if I do something you don't like and if you want me to stop I will. I want to make this really good for you."

Justin turned slightly and kissed the corner of Brian's mouth. "I'm so falling for you. Your exactly who I want to be my first."

Brian had to tear himself away from Justin's beautiful eyes or be lost forever. He rolled Justin onto his stomach and stuffed a pillow beneath his hips to raise him up a little. Brian started at the center of his back and licked him in one continuous lick. Justin gasped when he got to the top of his crack. He whimpered, mewled and panted as Brian's tongue explored his perfect rosy hole. He ground his hips into the pillow as Brian circled his hole. Justin pushed back as he felt Brian's tongue start to enter him. Brian bathed Justin's hole till it was shiny and wet.

Brian flipped Justin back around so he was on his back. Justin could hear the crinkle of the condom wrapper. Brian wanted to involve Justin as much as possible. He put the condom in the boy's hand.

"Put it on me."

Brian helped guide his hand to his shaft and they both stroked the sheath on. He raised Justin's legs over his shoulders exposing his vulnerable hole. Brian grabbed the lube and began warming some with his fingers. Normally he wouldn't bother but he really wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for Justin.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked worriedly.

"I'm warming up the lube for you, just relax and breathe."

Justin gasped as he felt the first finger slide in and out of his hole. He began to rock his hips against the finger, it felt good to him. Brian inserted another finger. Justin fought the intrusion a little but soon both fingers were slipping in and out of his hole. When Brian felt his hole was prepared enough he removed his fingers, Justin groaned in protest.

"I won't lie Angel it will hurt but you have to believe it will get better just breathe and try to relax."

"I trust you," Justin whispered.

Justin felt the blunt tip of Brian's cock press against his hole. As it began to invade him he couldn't help but cry out. He gripped the sheets and fought to relax but nothing could prepare him for such pain. Brian stopped when the head of his cock was in. Justin's muscles clamped down on him tightly fighting to accept or expel him.

"Brian it hurts."

"I know Angel try to relax."

Brian rubbed Justin's stomach and stroked his cock, anything to get his mind off the pain. When Justin was ready Brian pushed half way in and allowed him to adjust to his size. Brian brushed a stray tear off Justin's cheek. With the last thrust he entered him fully; buried in his boy he held him and kissed him. He stayed still till Justin gave the signal that he was ready. When Justin began to wiggle underneath him Brian began a slow withdrawal. Brian moved within him slowly and sensually. Justin's eyes fluttered shut.

"Open your eyes Angel. I want to see those beautiful eyes of yours."

A smile played on Justin's lips as he gazed in the direction of Brian's voice. Brian angled his hips and found Justin's prostate. Justin moaned with pleasure. Brian sped up rocking in and out of him. As his hips moved faster his thrusts got shorter. Brian could feel Justin's anus tightening against his swollen cock head and knew they both were close. He could feel the building pressure in his balls and he craved the release he knew was coming. He felt his cock swell and his piss hole open. Brian threw his head back and yelled as the cum erupted from him to fill the condom in great long spurts. Nearly at the same time Justin felt his own orgasm approach. The friction between both their sweaty stomachs was too much. He cried out and shot his creamy load against both their chests.

Brian's arms were quickly giving out and he didn't want to crush Justin. He rolled and took Justin with him so they were both on their sides. They laid in each others arms trying to catch their breath. He withdrew from Justin and disposed of the condom. Brian got up from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"Don't worry Angel I'm just going to get a cloth to clean you up."

Brian went into the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth he ran it under warm water and was back in bed next to Justin. He cleaned Justin up and tossed the rag to the side. Justin snuggled close to him. His head lay on is chest and an arm snaked around his waist. Brian didn't know why but he never wanted to let this boy go.

"It was perfect." Justin mumbled before he fell asleep.


The young lovers woke to the smell of coffee brewing. Brian's eyes popped open and saw that Justin was still beside him. The boy showed signs of rousing as he stretched his body beneath the covers.

"Uh Justin please tell me Logan is a very talented dog that can make coffee."

Justin chuckled, "Logan can do a lot of things sadly making coffee isn't one of them. Your worst fears are confirmed my mother is out there."

Justin began to pull on sweats and a t-shirt that were near the bed.

Justin smiled, "you could always make a run for it but she already knows you're here. She had to have seen the car."

Brian groaned, "Justin she's going to castrate me. She's gonna know I took her baby boy's virginity and I am a dead man."

"Get dressed and stop being a drama queen."

By the time Justin was finished in the bathroom Brian was dressed and ready to meet his fate. Brian followed Justin out into the kitchen. He saw the women who no doubt was Justin's mom sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee.

Justin walked right over to her. "Morning mom."

"Good morning sweetheart."

"Mom this is Brian Kinney. We met at the resort."

"Hello Mrs. Taylor."

Jennifer gave him a cool look. "Hello Brian."

Brian noticed two cups of coffee were already ready and waiting for them. He hoped his didn't contain arsenic. He sat down next to Justin. Brian took Justin's mug and placed it in his hands. He didn't want Justin to burn himself. When Justin was settled Brian sipped at his own coffee, trying to calm his own nerves. It was too early in the morning to be dealing with shit like this.

"So Brian how long are you here for?"

"A week more or less. I was already called away but I'm here now for the rest of the week."

"What do you do?"

"I'm in advertising."

Brian felt Justin squeeze his knee reassuringly.

"Brian works for a big firm in Pittsburgh. He just made partner."

"It is. Mrs. Taylor I'm just going to lay this out on the table. I have no intention of hurting Justin. I like him a lot."

Logan added his input by putting his head on Brian's thigh. He stroked his head and scratched his furry ears. Logan enjoyed it and it calmed Brian somewhat. Jennifer gave a slight smile. She noticed her son looked so happy.

"Well I see if you can get Logan in your corner you can't be all that bad."

"Mom! I have to get ready for work."

Justin finished his coffee. Brian rinsed the cups out in the sink while Justin got ready for work.

"It was nice to meet you Brian."

"You too Mrs. Taylor."

"Oh call me Jennifer, especially if I'm going to be seeing you often."

"Ok Jennifer."


They both decided it would look bad if Brian took Justin to work so they parted ways and made plans to meet up later when Justin had some free time. Brian spent every possible minute that he could with Justin. They ate lunch by the pool and took Logan for walks. They swam in the secluded pool a few times. Brian always made sure to keep Justin within sight and within reach when they were swimming. He grew very protective of the boy very fast. Every night he made the trip to Justin's apartment where they had mind blowing sex. All too soon the time came that they both dreaded. Brian had to leave and return to Pittsburgh. Brian took Justin in his arms and held him tight.

"I meant what I said I'll visit you as much as I can."

"I know I'm going to miss you so much."

Brian thumbed a few tears from Justin's cheek.

"Do you have a cell phone?" Brian asked quietly.


"Get it."

Brian waited while Justin went to get it. Justin handed it over to him. Brian studied the phone for a minute acquainting himself with the setup. He programmed the lofts number and his work phone into it then gave it back to Justin.

"There, now you can call me anytime you want. I stored the number to the loft and my work phone. When I get back to the office I'll let Cynthia know to put you through if you call."

Justin clutched the phone as if it were a life line.

Brian took Justin's wrist. "Just to make sure you believe me when I say I'll come back I'm going to leave something very important with you."

Brian removed his shell bracelet. He unsnapped Justin's bracelet and replaced it with his own. Since Justin had a smaller wrist he had too adjust it a little and tie it tighter. Justin's fingers wandered over the shells on his wrist.

"I will come back Justin."

Justin brushed the falling tears from his eyes. He took his bracelet and snapped it in place on Brian's wrist. Now they had a part of each other. Justin's bracelet fit snug on his wrist but it felt good. It felt like his lover's hand encircling his wrist. The leather was still warm from Justin's body heat.

"I have to go now Angel or I'll never leave."

He hugged Justin and gave him one last lingering kiss. Before Brian headed out the door he squatted down and ruffled Logan's fur affectionately.

"I want you to take care of Justin while I'm gone."

The dog gave a woof and Brian took that as a yes.

"Later Angel."

"Later Brian," Justin whispered.

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