Eye of the Beholder

Part 10

Brian looked over where Logan had Ethan cornered.

"Logan. Heel!"

Brian grabbed the greasy little urchin that dared to hurt his boy. Brian punched him hard knocking him out. He went to the toy chest and fished out a pair of handcuffs. He dragged Ethan over to one of the beams and cuffed him with his hands behind his back, around the beam.

Brian rushed back to Justin. He grabbed a hand towel and pressed it to his head trying to stop the bleeding. Logan was nuzzling one of Justin's limp hands.

"I'm going to take care of him, Logan; I swear."

Brain felt for Justin's pulse and found it to be weak. He scooped Justin up in his arms.

"Logan I want you to stand guard. If that little fucker gives you trouble bite his balls."

Brian cradled Justin in his arms and hurried to the Jeep. He made sure Justin was securely fastened in. Then hopped in and rushed to the hospital. He kept one hand on Justin's chest to make sure he wasn't jostled around and to keep him calm for his own sake.

"Don't leave me, Angel, I need you. God, I don't know what I'd do without you."

Brain carried him through the emergency room where they quickly took Justin off his hands. He was asked rapid fire questions.

"He's nineteen, he was attacked. He hit his head; I don't know how long he's been unconscious. He's had a previous head injury and he's blind." Brian fished out a sheet of paper from his wallet. "Here's a list of everything he's allergic to."

Brian found a secluded waiting room to wait in. He took a couple of deep breaths then fished out his cell phone and called Detective Horvath.

"It's Brian; Justin was attacked at the loft. It was the fiddler. He's still at the loft; I chained him to a beam. Get him out of my house. I'm at the hospital, Justin was hurt pretty bad."

"How is he?"

"I don't know. He was unconscious the whole time."

"After I finish up at the loft I'll meet you at the hospital."

"I'll be here."

After Brian hung up the phone he gave into temptation and let the tears fall down his face quietly sobbing. A strangled moan was ripped from his throat. The waiting was unbearable. Hours passed. When he could snag a nurse all they could tell him was they were running a lot of tests on Justin. Horvath came with Debbie in tow. Debbie hugged Brian in a motherly crushing hug.

"How's Sunshine?"

Brian shrugged helplessly. "I don't know. They won't tell me much; just that they are doing a lot of tests on him."

"We picked up Ethan Gold he's been arrested for assault with intent to harm. That's some dog Justin has. That dog really wanted to take a chunk out of him."

"Logan's a good dog," Brian said absently. "He must have been behind all the attacks. Why did he do it?"

"Well the kid isn't talking much. From what we can gather he hurt Justin to get back at you. Do you know him?"


"Did he hit on you and felt slighted?"

Brian snorted, "Do you know how many men hit on me in one day? I certainly don't remember him, probably because he was of little importance."


It was early evening when finally a Doctor approached them. She was young but professional looking.

"I'm Dr. Thornburg; are you with Justin Taylor?"

"Yes, is he ok?" Brian was fighting to keep calm.

She touched Brian's hand soothingly. "He's more than ok; he's doing great and he can't wait to see you, Brian. He's been asking for you for a while now. He's a very lucky boy. His health and youth were on his side. It could have been so much worse. Justin sustained a concussion. He needs to be monitored over the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Normally I'd keep him overnight but he insists he wants to go home. So if you agree to watch him we'll release him into your care."

"I'll take him home."

Dr. Thornburg smiled. "I thought you might. There's some more good news. He can see."

Brian ran his hands through his hair causing it to spike up. "No, that's not possible. You must be mistaken; he's been blind for over two years."

"There is no mistake. He is slowly getting his vision back. It may never be 20/ 20 but he can see. His vision is still a little blurry but I believe in a few days, maybe a week he'll be able to see clearly. He should still continue to wear his dark glasses in bright light for at least a month. Also I would keep the lights dim in the house for a while just till his eyes get use to seeing again. When he hit his head it triggered something in the brain. Kind of like a switch being turned on. This doesn't happen every day. Justin is a walking medical miracle. Now I bet Justin is very antsy to see you. You can go right in."

"Thank you."

He gave the woman a quick hug startling her but she no less enjoyed the attention. As she walked off down the hall there was a blush in her cheeks and a bounce to her step.

Brian turned toward Detective Horvath. "Um, don't you need to question him?"

"It can wait; he wants to see you."

"Do me a favor, question him now."

The Detective shrugged and went into Justin's room.

"Brian, why the hell don't you want to see Sunshine?"

"I just need a minute, Deb. It's all going so fast. Everything is different now. What if he doesn't like what he sees? I need him, Deb."

"Brian, what the hell has gotten into you? You're gorgeous and Justin wants to see you. That kid loves you and if you can't see that then you're the one who is blind. He's not going to go anywhere."

"I hope you're right."

Brian walked off down the hall. He paced the halls in silent turmoil. He stopped at a shop and bought a single red rose. Brian walked slowly back to Justin's room. Debbie smiled as he approached.

"You better get in there. He's threatening to come looking for you."

Brian walked into Justin's dimly lit room. He saw Justin sitting on the edge of his bed already dressed. He looked like a little boy with his feet swinging over the edge. Justin smiled when he saw him come in.

"I sure hope you're Brian."

"Sorry I kept you waiting, Angel, it's been a hell of a day."

Justin reached out to him. "Come here, I want to see you."

Brian walked over to stand in front of him. He presented Justin with the rose. Justin took it and smelled its wonderful fragrance.

Justin looked up at Brian smiling. "So this is what beautiful looks like. I'd almost forgotten."

Brian looked at the floor blushing. Justin cupped his cheek raising his head. "Brian, why do you look so sad? I'm fine, ok I have a splitting headache but other than that I'm ok."

"This changes everything."

Justin knew this man well and searched his hazel eyes for what was bothering him. He'd been on to him from nearly the start. "You think things will be different now that I can see. That maybe I won't want you, that you won't measure up to my expectations. Brian, that is bullshit. I love you, I want only you. The only thing that has changed is now I can see your beautiful face." Justin pulled him into a sweet kiss. "Brian, take me home. I want to go home with you."

"Anything you want, Angel."

As they walked out of the room Justin slipped his hand into Brian's. The other clutched his rose proudly. Brian never let go of his hand as he filled out all the forms for Justin's release. Brian joked with one of the nurses. "Does he come with how to care for instructions?"

"He has to stay awake for the next twenty-four hours. If he does sleep wake him up every hour; it's just a precaution. If he feels dizzy or nauseous you better bring him back here."

Brian squeezed Justin's hand lightly. "He'll be ok."

Brian walked Justin out to the Jeep and opened the door for him. Brian smiled and leaned in to kiss him while fastening his seatbelt. Justin smiled lovingly at him, some things never change.

"How could you ever doubt that I would want you?"


As soon as Brian opened the loft door Logan barreled into Justin.

"Easy Logan, our boy just got out of the hospital."

Justin crouched down and ruffled Logan's fur. "Logan, I always knew you were a handsome dog."

Brian kept the lights off; he only turned on one small lamp. Justin looked around the loft seeing for the first time where he had been living for over two months. He put his rose in some water in a small vase. Brian and Justin noticed the blood on the floor at the same time. Brian moved to clean it up not wanting to upset Justin. Justin stopped him.

"It's ok come here, just be with me."

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin. He ran his fingers through the long blond hair he loved so much. He leaned in and kissed Justin tenderly. "I'm supposed to keep you awake. Gee, how will we ever pass the time?" Brian rubbed his growing erection against Justin's groin.

"Mmm I'm sure you'll think of something."

Brian caressed Justin's cheek. "Are you sure you're up for it?"

Justin smiled and moved Brian's hand to cup his bulging hard on. "Oh I think I can manage. Just fine."

Brian set about unplugging the phone and shutting off their cell phones.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm making sure we have no interruptions. Next to Emmett Debbie has the biggest mouth. Everyone will know what happened and want to see you. They can just wait a few days. I want you all to myself."

Brian led Justin over to the full length mirror. He wrapped his arms around Justin and they just stood there a moment looking at their reflections. Brian lifted Justin's shirt off. Justin turned and took Brian's shirt off. They removed every bit of clothing and as they did cast glances at their reflections.

Brian held up a condom. "It's your choice whether or not I use this. I was tested and I'm negative. I want us to be for always but it's a big step. I'll respect your decision if you're not ready."

Justin looked into Brian's eyes. He took the condom from Brian's hand. Brian's face fell a little. Justin smiled and threw the condom over his shoulder.

"You're the only one I've been with and it's going to stay that way. I want to feel you inside me."

Brian turned Justin towards the mirror and pressed slightly on his back bending him over slightly. Justin braced his hands on either side of the mirror. He couldn't take his eyes off their reflections and he knew that's what Brian wanted. He wanted him to see everything. As Brian stuck a lubed finger in his hole he watched as his blue- violet eyes widened and his pouty lips fell open in a moan. It was very erotic. The tip of Justin's cock grazed the cool surface of the mirror. He jumped a little at the sensation. His cock left a wet streak on the mirror. Justin braced himself as Brian entered him. When the head of his cock was in Brian lifted one of Justin's legs up and out so he could penetrate him deeper. He cradled Justin in his arms to steady him and thrust all the way in.

They both gasped and moaned at the new sensations. Justin fought to keep his eyes open. He wanted to see everything and yet his eyes wanted to flutter shut in ecstasy. Brian began to move within him. It was like sweet heaven. He could feel every ridge and vein of Brian's cock. As Brian thrust into him he tightened his muscles to milk his cock of its seed.

Justin was so hard he wanted so badly to touch himself, to fist his cock until he erupted but it would be too much. His senses were already heightened. Justin couldn't take his eyes off Brian. The man was so beautiful especially now with a light sheen of sweat covering his body. His hazel eyes were glazed with lust and love.

"Bri, harder Ahhhhh! Yessss! More, so good Mmmm."

Brian pumped his hips faster barely pulling out. He jabbed Justin's swollen prostate over and over sending shockwaves through the trembling teen.

"Aahhhh ohhhhhh Bri I… I"

Justin's head rolled back against Brian's shoulder. He arched his back and came, shooting his load against the mirror in front of him. The cum ran in rivulets down the front of the mirror. Brian thrust hard a few more times. He buried his cock as far as he could then shot his load up inside Justin who was still trembling from the after effects of his intense orgasm. Brian held Justin against him till they caught their breath. As Brian pulled out Justin could feel some of the hot sticky cum trickle out and run down his thighs. Justin pulled Brian into a deep kiss.

"That was amazing."

"Yeah it was but there's always room for improvement." Brian grinned. "We'll have to work on it."

Brian got a towel and cleaned them up a bit. He scooped Justin up and carried him up to the bedroom and sat him down in the middle of the big bed. Justin looked around the bedroom. He looked at the bar lights over the bed that were off at the moment.

"Can you turn them on? I want to see them."

"Are you sure it won't be too bright for you?"

"I'll let you know if it's too bright."

Brian turned on the neon blue lights. Brian watched as Justin smiled looking happy and content. Brian couldn't help smiling himself. He crawled on the bed next to Justin. He was breathtaking under the glow of the blue lights.

Justin laid back and pulled Brian with him. He rolled on top of Brian kissing and nuzzling his neck. Justin found one of Brian's sweet spots and sucked on Brian's neck till he was moaning. Justin alternated between kisses and licks as he worked down Brian's chest. He nipped at Brian's navel then began to rim it. He bypassed Brian's hard leaking cock to lavish attention on his thighs. He spread his legs further so he could attack that area. Brian groaned in frustration. He weaved his fingers through the soft blond hair. He drew in his breath as Justin sucked on his balls, first one then the other till they were shiny with spit. Justin captured Brian's lips in a hungry kiss.

"Brian, I want to make love to you, can I?" Justin was kneeling eagerly between Brian's legs.

"You don't have to ask. I want you, Justin."

Justin dove down between Brian's long legs and attacked his hole with wild abandon. Brian growled as he was rimmed within an inch of his life. Justin had a very talented tongue. Brian's hips rose and fell like he was fucking the air.

"Justin enough! Or I'm going to cum."

Justin raised up with a little guilty smile on his lips. He lifted Brian's legs onto his shoulders and placed the head of his cock against his pink hole.


Brian nodded. Justin entered him in one long thrust. They stilled their movements till they adjusted to the sensations and the urge to cum was lessened.

"Mmm I love how tight you are."

Justin ground his pelvis against Brian's ass sending pleasant waves of pleasure through him. Their fingers twined above Brian's head as Justin leaned in for a kiss. His boy was full of surprises; he kept him off guard by changing the angle of his thrusts and the intensity. He nudged Brian's prostate, then it would become a thrust.

Brian thought he was staring up into the face of an Angel. Justin's soft blond hair swayed around his face. Tears welled in Brian's eyes. He could have lost Justin today. Brian tried to blink away the tears but they began to flow down his cheeks. Justin saw the openness and pure love Brian felt for him. He clutched his hands tighter and leaned forward. He placed kisses all over Brian's face, kissing away his tears. They would have their faerie tale ending. Brian came, releasing a huge load staring into beautiful blue-violet eyes. Justin thrust into Brian's hole till he released his own hot seed.

Brian let his legs drop to Justin's sides. Justin slumped over onto his chest trying to catch his breath. Brian caressed Justin's back in soothing circles. He pulled a light sheet up to cover them.

"I can't wait to see your son and all your friends. I want to see the glitter fall at Babylon."

Brian chuckled at Justin's youthful excitement. "You will, we have all the time in the world. When you can see clearer I'll show you everything."

Justin snuggled into Brian's side. "I can't wait. Brian, I'm a little tired. Can I sleep for just a little while?"

"Sure baby, I probably wore you out. I'll wake you up in an hour or two."

"Ok," Justin said around a yawn.

"See you soon," Brian whispered.

Justin smiled as he drifted off to sleep. Brian softly caressed Justin's back. Brian watched over him as he slept under the soft glow of the blue lights. It was a guilty pleasure of his.

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