Eye of the Beholder

Part 1

Brian had been working day and night for the past several weeks on a new account. If successful, it had the potential to bring in millions and he would get a hefty bonus. So he worked like a man possessed. The only peace of mind he got was knowing the campaign would be done soon. His friends saw very little of him in that time. He didn’t have time to visit Babylon or Woodies. He was too tired to even be sexually frustrated. Brian worked fourteen hours a day and then took what was left of the work home to continue working into the night. When he fell into bed it was only for a few hours and then his day would start again. He promised himself if his work schedule didn’t kill him he would take a much-deserved vacation when all the papers were signed sealed and delivered.

Brian knew he had his work cut out for him with the huge account he was already working on, but he made time for the other account that came his way. The people at 2 (x) ist personally requested him for a new layout and slogan. He loved the brand and found it an absolute joy to work up a campaign for them, of course the gift basket he received didn’t hurt either. Brian kept the slogan simple and to the point. The product already spoke for it’s self. 2 (x) ist is 2 live graced the glossy pages along with a hot male model. It was hot, it was elegant, and the company was very satisfied. Gardner grumbled a bit about the account, referring to it as the gay account. He soon shut his mouth when he saw the figures it would be bringing in.

Back in his office Brian slumped in his expensive leather chair. He got the accounts done and everything was finished. He didn’t think he could move if he wanted to. When Cynthia came to check on him that is exactly how she found him, staring off into space with a glazed expression.

“Boss you ok?”

“Yeah.” He glanced at her. “Do me a favor book me a vacation, anywhere I don’t care. You know what I like. I trust you won’t disappoint.”

“I’m all over it boss. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

”No, well, hold all my calls. I’m not here.”

“Will do.”

She quietly shut the door and got to work finding the perfect place for her dear friend and boss to relax. She really didn’t know how he pulled the hours he did and still functioned. It didn’t take long to find the absolute perfect place. She was almost humming a jaunty tune while she printed out the information for Brian and made his plane reservations. She might just get that raise she’d been hoping for if the place was anything like the online brochure claimed.

She gathered up the information and entered Brian’s office after a brief knock. She was beaming when she took a seat in front of his desk.

“I found the perfect place for you. Also I couldn’t resist the name of the place.”

Brian arched a brow. Cynthia took that as a sign to continue.

“The place is called Inn Exile a perfect place to send you.” She smirked back at him. “It’s a gay male resort in Palm Springs California, so don’t forget your sun tan lotion. The place looks really beautiful and I’m sure there will be plenty of hot guys to pick from. Here’s all the information and you can pick up your ticket at the counter. You will be leaving at 7 pm. That will just give you enough time to go home, pack and make your flight.”

Brian smiled a genuine smile at Cynthia. “Thank you, this looks great. If anyone should call looking for me, I’m on vacation and can’t be reached, you don’t know where I am.”

“I’ll handle everything, you go have fun and live it up you earned it.”

She left Brian looking over the pages she printed out for him. Brian had to admit Cynthia knew his tastes. The place looked great. The name of the place was even done in blue neon. That was enough to sell him on it.


When Brian got to the loft he changed into casual attire and began to pack. He packed some casual clothes and some club clothes. He packed one suit just in case, he wanted to be prepared if something came up. Brian didn’t forget to pack sun tan lotion and several boxes of condoms along with lots of lube. He planed on having a very good trip. Just as he was locking up the loft the phone rang with Mikey whining into the machine. Brian shook his head; he needed to get out of here.


Brian got to the airport on time and picked up his ticket that was waiting for him. At times like these he loved having an assistant. He boarded the plane and was seated in first class with a glass of beam in his hand. Life was good for a while anyway. Up to this point he had ignored his seatmate. The guy was a total breeder. He thought the guy was doing work on his laptop till he glanced at the screen and almost gagged. The guy was watching straight porn on a 17-inch laptop no less. He was in pure hell and ordered another drink.

The guy elbowed him. “Hey check this out.”

He shifted the screen so Brian could get a better look. His stomach turned. This was all he needed a thoughtful breeder who liked to share his porn. If there was a fork nearby he would gladly poke out his eyes.

Brian growled “If you don’t want me to start vomiting non-stop I suggest you keep it to your self. I don’t want to see it or hear it.”

For the rest of the very long flight Brian listened to music that didn’t soothe him. He kept his eyes closed for fear of seeing any more than he already had. He tried to concentrate on more pleasant things to get his mind off of what he had already seen. He thought about big cocks, eating ass and thrusting into a nice tight hole. Somehow he got through the flight without killing his seatmate, barely.

Brian arrived at Inn Exile and relaxed a bit but was still tense from his flight from hell. He wasn’t quite sure that he wouldn’t rip someone’s head off before the day was through. The big boulders at the entrance were artfully arranged. Brian looked at the blue neon sign and instantly felt at home. He walked into the lobby and took stock of all the guys he would eventually get around to fucking. Right at the moment all he wanted to do was check in and sleep, when he was refreshed, he’d fuck like the energizer bunny on speed.

He went up to the desk. “Brian Kinney, I believe I have a reservation here.”

The desk manager brought up the information on his computer.

“Yes here you are, Brian Kinney. You’ve been booked in the studio suite. It has a lovely view of the east pool.”


“Let me give you a quick run down on what we have to offer. We have five pools, Jacuzzis, a gym and a steam room. We also have an excellent massage therapist. Everyone just loves him to pieces.”

“I could use a massage. Put me down for one a day, not early, noon would be good.”

“Excellent and here at Inn Exile clothing is optional.”

Brian arched a brow. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Enjoy your stay here. Tomorrow at noon you’ll be meeting Justin your massage therapist.”

Brian was shown to his room. He looked around the spacious room, noted the king size bed and deemed it suitable. He tipped the bellboy. Brian shucked off his clothes crawled into bed and welcomed the oblivion.


The next day Brian barely got up before noon. He had just enough time to dress and make it to his massage appointment with Justin. He threw on his tight worn jeans and a t-shirt that hugged his chest in all the right places. Brian didn’t bother with shoes. Since it was clothing optional he thought he’d make himself comfortable by going bare foot like he usually did in the loft.

Brian got there in time to pass the guy that was ahead of him. The guy smiled at him.

“You’re in for a real treat man.”


The voice he heard call his name sounded young as he stepped into the room. Brian couldn’t see what he looked like because he was behind a screen.

“Take off your clothes and lie on the table, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Brian stripped off his clothes and stretched out on the table on his stomach. Only a white towel covered him. Justin moved over to the table and flicked open a bottle of oil. He warmed the liquid in his hands and began to work out the kinks in Brian’s neck.

“You’re very tense; I’m guessing you’re a business man?”

“Yes, I work in advertising.”

“I thought so, business men are the most tense.”

Lying on his stomach he couldn’t really see Justin.

“How old are you? You sound young.”

Justin laughed lightly. “I’m nineteen, but I look even younger. Now be quiet and enjoy your massage.”

“Yes sir,” Brian said with a smirk.

His eyes fluttered shut and concentrated on Justin’s touch. He had soft yet strong hands. For one so young he knew exactly what he was doing. Justin’s fingers kneaded along Brian’s spine. Brian was enjoying himself so much he began to feel his erection pressing into the table. He tried to keep from moaning out his pleasure. He had to bit his lip while Justin caressed his thighs and began working his way down. Brian tried to keep his hips still as Justin kneaded his long legs. When Brian rolled over and gazed up at Justin he couldn’t help the little gasp that escaped his lips. He was looking into the face of an angel.

“What? Did I hurt you?”

“No, no it feels great. You have beautiful eyes.”

Justin’s lashes lowered over his stunning orbs and he blushed. “Thanks, I think I get them from my great grandmother.”

Brian cursed himself for sounding like a lovesick lesbian. He felt slightly awkward; here he was looking at this beautiful boy with a raging hard on. The kid must have seen it all working in a place like this. He conducted himself with real professionalism for he didn’t seem to notice.

Justin was right he looked much younger than nineteen. His blonde hair fell in long tendrils around his face. His eyes were breathtaking. He’d never seen a color quite like it. They were a beautiful shade of blue with a hint of violet around the edges. Justin’s skin was pale and flawless as porcelain. Brian vowed before his vacation was over he would have him in his bed or any way he could.

The timer dinged signaling his time with Justin had come to an end. He sat up and rearranged his towel to a more manageable position. He grabbed his pants and dug out his wallet. The kid deserved a very big tip. He was worth every penny. Brian slipped the hundred-dollar bill into his hand.

Justin’s smile was brilliant. “Thanks.”

Brian noticed that he didn’t even look at the bill before he pocketed it. He also noticed that Justin never looked at him directly. He shrugged it off thinking maybe he was just shy or something. Brian gathered up his clothes and headed back to his room, he needed a cold shower.


When Justin was on break he went over to his usual table that he shared with his best friend Randy.

“Hey Jus, get hit on today?”

Justin smiled “Oh you know the usual. Did you happen to see one of the new guests? Uh I think his name is Brian.”

“Real subtle Taylor. I saw him when he came in last night. I even got to carry his bag in. He’s very hot and a great tipper.”

“Really? He tipped me.” Justin pulled out the bill and Randy almost choked on his water.

“He gave you a hundred dollars!”

“What?” Justin looked shocked.

“Guess we know who he likes more.”

“No, there has to be a mistake.”

“I don’t think so. Did he flirt with you?”

“No, well he said I have beautiful eyes.”

“Which you do, anything else?”

“Not really, he asked my age and I told him.”

“Well you can’t blame him you do look like jail bait.”

Justin took a swipe at his friend. “Hey! How old do you think he is?”

“I don’t know it’s hard to tell thirty’s maybe.”

“He did say he was a businessman. Do you really think he’s interested in me?”

“You’ve got a hundred bucks saying hell yes!”

“Would you go out with him?”

Randy smiled “again hell yes. The man exudes sex, walks like a panther. He’s built like one to, long and sleek.”

Justin grinned “Yeah, I got to massage every inch of him. Ok not every inch. He must be well over six foot.”

“Yeah he’s tall. He’s got the perfectly styled auburn locks and those hazel eyes of his, he’s perfection. You should defiantly go for him.”

“Yeah but he’s here on vacation, then he’ll leave.”

Randy smiled knowingly “Then you’ll have to give him a reason to come back. Business men do travel a lot.”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

“Does he know about you?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well I think I’d clue him in. It’s not exactly something you can hide.”

“I’m not hiding anything. How do you work something like that into a conversation anyway?”


On his way home from work Justin kept up a running commentary with his dog Logan, a yellow lab. He and Logan were best pals, he felt safe when he was with him. Logan was very loyal and very protective of him.

“Logan you won’t believe it. I met a guy today. Yeah I know, I know I work with guys all day but something tells me this one is special. I know your just dying for the details so I won’t keep you in suspense. He’s really tall and skinny. I could feel his bones when I was working him over.” Justin gasped in pretend shock. “Logan get your mind out of the gutter I was giving him a massage. Really is that all you ever think about? Anyway where was I? Ok his skin was soft and smooth and he smelled of cinnamon and masculinity. His voice was nice. He’s a great tipper he gave me a hundred bucks. I think Randy’s jealous he only got twenty. What’s that Logan? How big was it? I wouldn’t know. Really Logan you have a filthy mind. I know you’re just trying to look out for me. What’s that you say? You want to meet him? Well we’ll see. Alright, alright quit nagging you’ll get to meet him.”


Brian woke at noon again. He was loving his vacation and catching up on all the sleep he had missed. He padded over to the bank of windows and pulled back the curtains. He stood there nude enjoying the warm rays that caressed his body. He gazed out over the pool area and smiled at what a lovely view he had. The pool area was deserted all except for a certain blonde angel who was sitting in the shade painting. Brian smiled and dug through the clothes he brought. Brian pulled on a pair of tight fitting cut off shorts that showed off his long lean legs. He pulled on a white wife beater. He slipped on some designer sunglasses and gave himself a once over in the mirror. He smiled to himself this would definitely do the trick.

Brian slid the patio door open and stepped out onto the warm cement. Justin’s back was facing him. He made some noise as he approached so as not to startle him. He looked like he was caught up in his painting. Brian sat down next to the teen.

“Mind if I interrupt?”

“No, not at all.” Justin glanced over at Brian. “Brian, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Brian huffed a laugh. “That’s really good the colors are amazing.”

“Thanks, its one thing to have an image in your head it’s another to put it on canvas. I do what I can.”

“Can I ask why you’re not using a brush?”

“Oh it’s just easier to paint with my fingers besides I like the feel of the paint. I know it’s messy but effective.”

Brian watched Justin paint using his long artistic fingers. Unlike a child’s finger painting this was a work of art. It was an abstract painting of what he couldn’t tell yet, but he loved the bright swirling colors. If joy could be a color it would be these colors.

“Do you paint often?”

“When I have free time I come out here to paint. This pool hardly ever gets used so I come here a lot.”

Brian nodded, “good to know. My room overlooks this pool,” Brian hinted.

“Oh that’s nice.”

Brian grew frustrated Justin had barely looked at him the whole time. The entire conversation Justin talked while he painted. The kid was proving to be a challenge, or possibly the unthinkable, he wasn’t interested. He was Brian Kinney for fuck’s sake. If he could just get a little eye contact going he would be well on the way of being buried in this sweet little blonde he suddenly had a craving for. He hadn’t bothered to sample anyone else. He wanted Justin.

“Well I’ll leave you to your painting. I think I’ll go work out.”

“Ok have fun.”

Brian stalked off thinking of new ways to lure the blonde into his bed. As Brian walked through the lobby he decided he needed a little bit of insight. He snagged one of the workers.

“Could you spare a moment?” Brian looked at the nametag. “Randy.”

Randy smiled “sure.”

“Do you know Justin?”

“Sure Justin Taylor, we're best friends.”

“Does he by any chance have a boyfriend?”

“Just Logan.” He noticed Brian’s disappointed look. “Logan’s his dog.”


Randy clarified, “His seeing eye dog.”

Brian’s face was a blank mask. “What?”

“I told Justin he should tell you but I guess he was procrastinating again. I think he just didn’t know how to bring it up, probably figured you’d find out soon enough.”

“He’s blind?”


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