Unnamed Thoughts

'Hey, what's that noise? Oh wait, I see someone coming. Shit, I hope they don't see me. Oh, there are two of them.'

'Oh no, they're coming this way. I hope I blend into this wall.'

'Hmph, they just walked right by. They didn't notice me at all. I guess they're too busy fumbling all over each other to notice something as insignificant as ME!'

'Okay, breathe, just remember to breathe. That's good, in and out. Good, I feel much calmer now. I don't know why I always let it get to me. When am I going to learn? I shouldn't let it affect me. One day I'll be noticed and not just as an annoying little pest. Yeah, I'll show them, I'll show them all. They just can't discount me. Oh boy, here I go again…breathe, just breathe.'

'Wow, they're really going at each other. Wait, I can't see…yeah, that's better. Now I can see perfectly and…whoa. Man, that bigger one's trying to devour the smaller one. Maybe that's what they do, eat each other? Who knows, they all seem a little weird to me, but what do I know.'

'Now that's interesting. I didn't know that they shed their skin. They both seemed to peel off the outer one and now they both have similar beige ones on. Okay, I guess they're tired because they're lying down, but I wonder why the darker one is climbing on top of the lighter one? Go figure.'

'Boy, are they loud. The smaller one seems to be yelling out for someone named God a lot. I wonder if they're expecting him to join them?'

'Oh, they moved again.'

'Man, I'm getting tired of all this moving around. But this is good. Right here on this table next to them, I'm sure it's gotta be the best seat in the house. Up close and personal, and…oh man, speaking of personal, what the hell are they up to now?'

'Wow, that's interesting. Look how their parts fit together like that. Oh, I hope that bigger one takes it easy. The way he keeps banging against the smaller one. I wonder what he did to deserve such abuse?'

'Here we go again. More screaming. God, okay, I'm sure the guy's heard you by now. I'm sure everyone's heard you by now. Maybe he's just busy and will join you both later.'

'Wait, what the…look at all of that liquid that just shot out of the smaller one. And the darker one, he's shaking and making low grunting noises. Seriously, these creatures are so weird. Well if I…'

"Hey Bri, what are you doing?" Justin asked as his head shot up, startled from the loud banging noise.

"Nothing, Baby. I just killed a fly that was on the nightstand," Brian said as he wiped away the squashed bug with a Kleenex, tossed it into the garbage and fell back against the pillows. He was exhausted. Ever since they'd gotten back together they just couldn't seem to get enough of each other. He smiled as he closed his eyes, pulled his lover tight against his chest and began to drift off to sleep.

The dead fly already forgotten.

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