Debbie's Thoughts

I saw it coming, y’know? I knew those two couldn’t stay away from one another.

It was obvious from the first night they looked at each other a couple of years ago.


Then Brian, the asshole had to put his big fucking mask on so the poor kid couldn’t see how he felt and finally went looking for someone who could actually say the words.


Yeah, I know. He picked the wrong one but he’s young and who the fuck hasn’t made that mistake?


And, no shit, that went bust, too but even before it did, you could tell. I sure as Hell could.


They pretended that they didn’t care, like they didn’t give a crap, but a blind fag could have seen it with his eyes closed.


Y’know what I mean, all that snarky bullshit they would keep up with one another.


I know how Brian is, y’see. I’ve known that asshole since he was a snotty teenager and I know how his mind works. I never thought that he’d actually fall in love and I sure as shit never thought that it would be with a little blonde kid like Justin, but what the fuck do I know?


That little kid set his cap for Brian and he fell like a ton of bricks-not that he’d admit it, of course.


I had to practically hold a gun to his head to even get him to admit to himself how he felt about Sunshine.


OK, he knew it. He just wasn’t about to say anything about it and that was the last thing that poor Justin could handle at that point, after the bashing and all.


Poor little kid.


So when they broke up, I was upset. I admit it—I blamed Brian and that might not have been completely fair, but I was fucking upset—having to look at Sunshine’s poor sad face everyday.


I knew that Brian had a lot of shit that he was dealing with, but he thought that Sunshine would keep taking what he was handing out and the kid wasn’t going to. He reached his limit at about the same time that greasy musician showed up.


Oh, I didn’t think that would pan out any more than Brian and Michael would finally end up together, but I wasn’t sure that Justin would understand that the line he was being handed was all bullshit.


It’s not so much that he’s that naïve—Hell, maybe he is, but he wanted to believe it, y’know? I saw through Ethan, though—not at first, but after a while I did. He was just too Goddamned smooth. I had the feeling that the only thing he cares about is his music and Justin was just fitting in around the edges.


I guess Sunshine finally figured that out, too.


I wasn’t completely sure Brian would take him back. Oh, I knew he wanted to. That was easy, but that poor asshole has had his heart broken so many times that it’s all covered up with scars and he’s scared to death of letting anyone get near him to cut him again.


His fucking parents. I will never understand as long as I live how those two shits could have a son like Brian and treat him the way they did. They’re the ones who taught him he was nothing and the poor thing still believes it under those fancy clothes he wears and that fancy car he drives.


So, anyway, when I saw the two of them walk into the diner together, holding hands, Justin with that big smile and Brian with his “yeah, so?” expression on, I threw my arms around the two of them and yelled something like “It’s about fucking time!”

I think that this time it will stick.


They were both so damn sad before and now even Brian smiles when he looks at the kid.


Fucking A.


I was hoping that he’d find someone to put up with his bullshit. I always knew Michael wasn’t the one—they might have lasted a few months, maybe even a year or two, but Brian would start looking for more. I know, that sounds shitty coming from me, but I know that Michael isn’t as smart as Brian. He would have gotten bored after a while and started looking for someone who understood what he was talking about and who had as much drive, as much damn ambition as he does. Sunshine has it, in spades.


They’re a good pair, the two of them. I think I said that a while ago. He’s met his match.


I think Justin knows it, too.

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