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It makes me sick.

The two of them together; that pervert and my... and Justin.

I mean, it doesn't take a genius to imagine what they look like together and what kind of disgusting things they do.

It's bad enough that I've seen them kiss.

Of course I suspected that Justin was... different. Not that it was really obvious or anything, I mean, I could take him to the country club and not be embarrassed. Still, there was always something not quite right there.

I just didn't want to deal with it.

I had expectations for the boy, of course. What father doesn't?

I remember how he looked, just seconds old and all pink and perfect. I got to hold him that first night.  It was like he was one of those cherubs straight out of a painting.

I was busy working my way up in the business then, working like a dog to give him and Jen and Molly the life they deserved. I can't help but wonder if that was the start of it - that he didn't have me around to teach him the right things, so he learned all the wrong ones.

Oh, he's polite, of course, and intelligent and even handsome. He can handle conversation with a CEO as easily as talking to his friends.

I always envied that.

But he's stubborn too, and gullible.

Like anyone would really believe that a 30-year-old exec wants a teenager hanging around for anything other than... that.

At least when that musician was around, I could believe that Justin was finally growing up, that he would get past this foolishness and get himself to a real college where he'd meet a nice girl and prepare himself for the real world.

Like being an artist is going to put food on his table. Especially the way Justin eats.

But no, that pervert gets Justin under his influence again and it's worse than before.

Maybe he gets off on having Justin be his little doll - dressing him up and playing with him. The whole thing makes me ill.

I almost wish that more... damage was done when I hit him. Or that the baseball bat...

But it didn't happen, so I'm left making the hard decisions again. I always have to be the strong one. Be the man.

For my family... Jen, Molly. Doesn't matter that we're not together any more. They're still mine.

He almost took that from me.

So now I have to take something from him. For his own good.

The person who used to be my son.


It's what I have to do.

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