Second Best

Chapter 8



Justin was putting the finishing touches on the portrait for Neil when his phone starting ringing. He was tempted to let it go to voicemail and complete what he was doing. Then he thought about the possibility that it might be Brian. With a huge smile on his face he grabbed the receiver and said, "Hey."

"Hello to you too, little brother," Dillon's voice came back at him.

The smile disappeared from Justin's face. He immediately wished he'd let voicemail pick up. "Hi, Dillon," Justin replied trying not to sound too disappointed.

"Is anything wrong?" Dillon asked.

So much for not sounding disappointed. "I'm fine. What do you want?"

"Justin, why do you always sound like it's such a chore to talk to me?"

Justin wanted to tell Dillon that he sounded like that because it was such a chore talking to him, but instead he replied, "Just tell me why you called."

Dillon sighed. He never seemed to say the right thing to his temperamental little brother. "I wondered if you had gotten a flight to New York yet."

"Yes, I have."

"Great, because I was going to make them part of your Christmas present if you hadn't already booked. Now I can get you something else."

"I don't need your money, you know," Justin felt compelled to tell his brother. "I have a decent job and I make a good living."

"Of course you don't need money, but I just thought I'd offer. When do you get in?"

Justin opened his mouth to answer and realized he had never asked Brian about the time of the flight. "What difference does it make? I'll just take a cab from the airport." Nobody ever picked him up anyway.

"What day do you arrive?" Dillon asked, the exasperation evident in his voice.

"Christmas Eve," Justin replied assuming that Brian wouldn't want to stay there any longer than he did.

"Okay, so I guess I'll see you on Christmas Eve."

"Will Chad be there?" Justin asked thinking about Chad and Brian coming face to face.

"He's flying in Christmas Day. Wanted to spend Christmas Eve with his family in Chicago."

"Oh," Justin said somewhat disappointed. He wanted them all there for the grand unveiling of Brian, his new whatever he was.

"I wish you had a boyfriend coming with you for Christmas."

"I do."

"What did you say?" Dillon asked.

"I said, I do have a boy friend coming with me for the holidays." Justin deliberately split the word boyfriend not sure how Brian would feel about the use of that term to describe their relationship.

"That's great, Jus. Who is he? Anybody we know?" Dillon questioned.

"You'll meet him at Christmas," Justin stated. He wanted them to wonder and guess and stew about who he might be bringing home with him. He was sure Dillon would tell his parents and then they all could wonder together.

"Hey, give me some info about him."

"Un unh," Justin replied. "You'll meet him soon enough."


"Yeah, right!" Justin chuckled, happy to have the upper hand for once.

"So, I'll see you at Christmas."

"Yes, you will," Justin said emphatically beginning to relish the idea of arriving at his parents' home with Brian by his side. He ended the call leaning back against the couch with a satisfied smirk.

He was about to finish his work on the portrait when the phone rang again. With a sigh he decided to answer, wondering if his parents had already had the call from Dillon and were now going to pump him for information about his new boyfriend.

"Hello," he said into the phone.

"Hey," a sexy voice replied.

"Brian," Justin said, his smile evident in his voice. "To what do I owe this unexpected call?"

"Unexpected? Aren't I supposed to call my boyfriend?"

Justin gasped slightly and his smile grew to the size of the moon. That was the first time Brian had ever called him that. "Is that what I am your boyfriend?"

"Is that what you'd like to be?"

Justin frowned. He wished Brian would come right out and state what their relationship was, but that didn't seem to be the way Brian did things. He had to wonder if Brian had been as reticent with Dillon. Dillon had called Brian his boyfriend almost from the beginning, but Justin could not remember ever hearing Brian use that word. And yet, Brian had just said it to him. He smiled anew.

"Are you there?" Brian asked.


"You didn't answer my question."

"I would love to be your boyfriend especially when we get to New York," Justin added thinking about introducing Brian as his boyfriend to Dillon and his parents and Chad.

Brian frowned. Was that all he meant to Justin a way to get back at his brother and not have to be the lonely, unattached member of the family? Brian drove that thought out of his head. He had been hard for a half hour debating whether to call Justin and ask if he could come over. Now he didn't know whether to do that or not.

"Want to come over? I've missed you," Justin said with a huskiness to his voice that told Brian he was probably as hard as he was.

"I thought you'd never ask," Brian laughed trying to lighten the mood. Maybe they could settle this later.

"Then get that delicious ass of yours over here."

"You're the one with the delicious ass," Brian chuckled.

"Yours ain't too shabby."

"Thanks, I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Um can I stay the night?"

"I expected you would," Justin smiled. "I want to have you under the lights of the Christmas tree again."

"Who knew I was getting mixed up with someone who has a Christmas tree fetish?"

"I may have some other fetishes I haven't told you about," Justin said with a sly grin.

"Can I have one for my Christmas present?" Brian asked already imagining what he and Justin might do.

"We'll see about that," Justin laughed. "Get over here before I have to start jerking off."

"Don't start without me," and the line went dead.

Justin decided he would add a few little touches to the faces in the portrait. They were just about perfect and he wanted to show his finished piece to Brian. Maybe they could take the portrait to Neil together. Justin smiled. He hoped Neil would be pleased with his work.

As Justin cleaned his brushes glancing at the portrait every now and then to make sure his aesthetic sense continued to approve, a knock sounded at his door. Dropping the cloth he was using to wipe his paint brushes, he ran to the door flinging it open and jumping into Brian's arms. The lip lock was hot and needy as Brian backed him into the apartment and kicked the door closed.

"Shower," Justin gasped as Brian released him.

"Why?" Brian frowned.

"I smell like turpentine."

"I don't care," Brian said shoving Justin down on the couch. He wanted his lover now!

"On the floor by the tree," Justin said as Brian was pulling off all his clothes.

"Later," Brian replied. He yanked on Justin's hair pulling his head back so he could feast on the succulent neck.

"Ooh Brian," Justin gasped bucking against Brian's cock which was hard and ready even though it was still trapped in his jeans.

"I've wanted this so fucking much," Brian gasped back. He freed his dick and slid on a condom and lube. "I've missed you the last few days."

"Why didn't you come over?" Justin asked as he felt Brian penetrate his body. He whispered in Brian's ear, "You're always welcome here."

Brian thrust hard and he was firmly imbedded. "I'm glad we'll be together over Christmas. I'm not sure I'd survive without you."

Justin smiled before Brian captured his lips and began thrusting in earnest. When they were finished they lay half on top of each other on the couch. Brian held the blond against his body knowing this was the happiest he had been in a long time maybe ever.

Justin stretched like a well fed cat. "I really need a shower," he said sniffing his hands.

"I'm finding turpentine very erotic these days." Brian kissed one palm making Justin moan at the intimacy of the gesture.

Trying to regain his equilibrium, Justin said, "You're nuts or maybe the turpentine has already fried your brain."

"I find everything about you very erotic," Brian said staring into the blue eyes.

Justin felt a momentary panic. Was Brian making some kind of declaration? He didn't know what to say or do as he stared back into the hazel eyes. "Brian I I really need a shower," Justin said lamely. He needed to think about this.

"Can I come too?" Brian said with that glint in his eye.

"Um sure," Justin agreed knowing that he might not get any thinking done in the shower, but the sex would be great.

When they emerged some time later both with happy smiles on their faces, Justin turned to Brian. Wrapped in a towel still glistening with water and the glow of wonderful sex, Brian looked unbelievable. Justin felt his breath catch in his throat.

"Can I draw you?" he asked.


"Can I draw you?" Justin repeated saying each word slowly and separately. He picked up a sketch pad and pencil.

"I'm not a model," Brian said with a frown.

"You can be my model anytime."

"What are you going to do with the sketch?"

"Sell it on the porn black market or upload it to the internet and charge people to view it," Justin said with a grin.

"In that case you must want me naked."

"I always want you naked, but naked for the sketch would be great."

Brian shook his head. "Okay, but only once." Justin nodded. "Where do you want me?"

Justin felt his cock jump to attention at those words. He cleared his throat. "Lie down by the tree," he said softly.

"Ah, the Christmas tree fetish," Brian chuckled. He removed his towel and flipped it out on the floor. He sat down on it gradually lounging back into a position of wanton and blatant sexuality.

"That's it. Stay just like that."

"I'll try," Brian said realizing that this wasn't the most comfortable position he could have chosen.

"Perfect," Justin responded as his hand flew over the page in front of him.

Brian stared off into space trying to maintain the position he was in and yet find something to occupy his mind. He watched Justin work, taking in the easy, skillful motions of Justin's hands. He seemed so sure of what he was doing. He should be creating art all the time, not working at Galactic. Justin was already an accomplished artist. All that remained was for the world to recognize that fact.

Justin felt a smile play across his lips. He had wanted to draw Brian ever since they had reconnected but he'd been afraid to ask. Now he was not going to waste the opportunity. He'd only been half kidding when he said he would sell the picture on the internet or to a porn site. Justin knew how men looked at Brian, and most women too. He radiated sexuality and sensuality. Who could resist those lips? Justin added more shading to the lips in his drawing. They were so firm and full, just perfect. Who could resist that neck? It held the perfect head in just the perfect way. Who could resist those eyes? They changed color with Brian's mood and were so mesmerizing to look into. Justin stared for a moment unable to look away. Brian grinned at him and he felt his cock start to rise. What this man could do with that cock was not for anybody else. Justin shaded the cock as it lay flaccid on his page but suddenly had reached erection on the reclining body on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked with a smile. "I told you to stay still."

"I haven't moved a muscle," Brian smirked.

"Well, one muscle seems to be moving."

"Maybe it needs some of your delicate attention."

"I think it needs a mind frying blowjob," Justin said setting his almost completed sketch aside.

"Know where I can get one of those?"

"Maybe," Justin grinned as he stood and dropped his towel revealing his own wayward cock. He dropped down beside Brian who was still maintaining the pose Justin had requested. He pushed the man onto his back and sucked the cock he had just drawn into his mouth. Brian moaned.

"Do you think you could draw your lips for me? I'd love a portrait of them wrapped around my dick," Brian gasped.

Justin worked his magic on Brian's cock until the man could not form a coherent thought. He came with such force that Justin almost choked as Brian shot again and again down his throat.

"You're amazing," Brian gasped as he flopped back spent on the towel.

"Yes, I am," Justin laughed. "Can you get it up again? I want you to fuck me here by the tree."

Brian's dick obviously had good ears. It began to fill with Justin's words. "Looks like you're in luck, Mr. Taylor," Brian grinned.

"Somehow I knew I would be." Brian rolled over and captured Justin beneath him. He didn't think he would ever get enough of this wonderful man.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After work the next day, Brian picked up Justin and the portrait at Galactic. They had agreed over breakfast to take the portrait to Neil together. Justin had thrown a towel over the painting deciding at the last minute that he didn't want Brian to see it until Neil did. It would be revealed to them both at the same time.

Having stuffed the portrait behind the seat Justin climbed into the Corvette. He was nervous about this whole process. If Neil didn't like the picture then he would have to return the presents for his parents that he had bartered with the jeweler. He didn't know how the fuck he was going to get them something else that they would like in the limited time he had left. If Brian didn't like the portrait, Justin knew he would be devastated. Brian's approval and faith in him had become very important in his life.

The car stopped in front of Neil's shop and Justin pulled out the painting now wrapped loosely in brown paper. He drew a deep breath as they headed for the door of the shop. The painting was good great. He knew it was. But would Neil and Brian see it the same way he did?

Brian pushed the door open and held it for Justin to enter. There was one customer in the store and Neil was talking to the man. Brian and Justin moved over to the side of the shop and Justin leaned the painting against one of the jewelry cases. All they had to do was wait.

Justin watched the male customer pick out a watch for his wife. The whole story of why the man was buying his wife a watch was laid out as Justin listened. Justin tried to calm his worries and appear confident. Brian wandered around the shop looking at rings and bracelets and chains. He still didn't have a present for Justin for Christmas. Maybe something would catch his eye.

Finally the bell above the door of the store told them that the customer had left.

"Justin, Brian, I can hardly wait to see the portrait," Neil said coming out from behind the counter.

"Here it is," Justin said lifting the framed portrait up onto the counter and sliding it out of its wrapping. He turned it around for Neil and Brian to see. Holding his breath he waited for their reaction.

"Holy shit!" Neil reacted. "Is that really me and the kids?"

"You you don't think it looks like you?" Justin asked in dismay. He thought he had captured them perfectly.

"No no! It's wonderful! I can't believe how great we all look. My wife is going to be blown away."

"I told you he was the best," Brian smirked.

Justin looked at Brian and one of his blistering smiles lit up the shop. He was happy that Neil liked the portrait, but he was over the moon that Brian did also.

"You're happy with it?" Justin asked looking from man to man.

"Absolutely!" Neil responded.

"It's not bad, not bad at all," Brian grinned at him.

Justin smiled back and everything seemed right in the world. "So our deal is completed?" Justin asked.

"Yes. Except I don't see your signature at the bottom."

"Oh, let your wife see it, and if she approves, I'll sign it then."

"Deal," Neil said extending his hand to Justin.

"Deal," Justin grinned back. He was so relieved that this was over and everybody was happy. "I guess we should get going," Justin said looking at Brian.

"You know," Neil began, "I think I got the best of this deal. You're going to be a great artist someday, Justin. Hell, you already are."

"That's what I keep telling him," Brian added.

"All these compliments are going to my head," Justin said with a grin of pure happiness. The most important man in his life loved his work. What could be better?

"Let's go," Brian said.

"Merry Christmas, Brian, Justin. And thanks so much." Neil was running his hands lovingly along the frame as they exited the shop.

"Same to you," Justin called.

"You did a great job on the portrait," Brian said as they walked over to the car.

"Thanks. I'm glad you liked it."

"How about I take the successful artist out to dinner? Then we can go back to my place and I'll fuck you through the mattress."

"Ooh," Justin responded watching Brian's reaction to that one syllable. "But I have a better idea."


"We go to dinner and then back to my place."

"Christmas tree fetish again?"

"I have a new one I've been saving just for you," Justin said with a lustful grin.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road."

Christmas this year might actually be enjoyable.

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