Second Best

Chapter 5



Justin walked along the street. He had ten minutes before he needed to be at work and he wanted a large latte … really bad. He opened the door to Starbucks and saw the line. Why was there always a fucking line in this place? He stood at the end of it and let his thoughts wander as he inched forward towards the counter.

He had been back from Chicago for a little more than a week. He was glad that was over with. His fucking family was so predictable. He had been relegated to the den to sleep on the pull-out couch while the rest of his family got the bedrooms. He shook his head. Sometimes he was a fucking ass. How could he expect his parents to sleep on the pullout? And it was Dillon's fucking apartment. Of course, he would want to sleep in his own bed. Justin shook his head. They just made him feel small and insignificant, like he never quite measured up.

Two more people ahead of him. Justin sighed. He had actually enjoyed some of the weekend. Meeting Chad had been okay, and his sister was great. He could hardly wait until she came to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. And his brother had actually seemed jealous that he and Chad had got along so well. Who woulda thunk it?

"Large latte," Justin said.

"Grande?" the pockle-faced kid asked. Justin hated the pretentious names they gave these drinks.

"Next size up," Justin said refusing to use the correct name.

"Get me one too," Brian Kinney said leaning in and brushing against Justin.

Justin smiled as he felt that little prickle run along his skin. It seemed to happen whenever Brian was near. "Make that two," Justin said to the kid. He opened his wallet to get out his money.

"It's on me," Brian said touching Justin's hand to stop him removing any money. "The least I can do for you saving me fifteen minutes in line," Brian explained as he paid for both drinks.

"What are you doing here?" Justin asked as they moved over to the pick-up line. His heart was pounding. Could Brian have been trying to find him? This was where they met before.

"I have an appointment in five minutes … just down the street."

"Oh," Justin said feeling deflated that Brian wasn't there just to see him.

"This is a nice bonus though … running into you."

"It is?" Justin asked with a smile.

Brian nodded. "How was Chicago?"

"Dillon was fine," Justin replied testily. "I got to meet his new boyfriend."

"Bet he's perfect," Brian said with a smirk.

Justin studied Brian for a minute as he fixed his coffee that had just been handed to him. "He's a doctor."

"Ah, a doctor? Just what the family would want for their number one son."

"Why the fuck did you have to say that?" Justin asked stating out loud all the frustration that he felt where his family was concerned. Even to Brian, Dillon was number one. Justin would always be number two. "I have to go," he added hurrying out the door. He strode along the sidewalk towards Galactic Graphics all the while muttering to himself about being second best.

"Hey! Hey!!!" a voice said at his elbow.

"What?" Justin snapped.

"What did I do?" Brian asked having finally caught up to the blond.

"Don't you have a meeting somewhere?"

"Yes, but I can be a few minutes late."

"Well I can't," Justin snapped.

"Will you fucking stop and tell me what just happened back there?" Brian demanded grabbing Justin's arm.

Justin pulled his arm out of Brian's grasp. "I have to get to work."

"Can we meet for lunch or something?" Brian asked looking into Justin's troubled eyes. He wanted to find out what was going on with the guy. After all the times he had thought about Justin while he was in Miami it had been kind of disconcerting to see him in the flesh … and then somehow he had managed to make him mad.

"Lunch?" Justin asked, a true smile lighting up his face.

"Or dinner … or whatever works for you," Brian added pleased that he seemed to be making progress with Justin.

"Lunch is kind of a spur of the moment thing where I work. Dinner would be great."



"I'll call you," Brian said smiling.

"Don't you need my number?"

"Oh, yeah, sure."

"Here," Justin said handing Brian one of his newly minted business cards. That's my cell number on the bottom."

"Thanks," Brian replied sticking it in his pocket without glancing at it. "I need to get to my meeting."

"I'll talk to you soon then," Justin said.

"Um … yeah … Do you happen to know where Galactic Graphics is around here?" Brian asked looking up and down the street.

"I do, why?"

"That's where my meeting is."

"Follow me," Justin said with a grin.

Brian walked along with Justin down the street to the corner. In the corner building he could see a window labeled Galactic Graphics with what looked like the Milky Way painted around the words. He pulled the door open and turned to Justin. "Thanks, I hope I didn't make you late."

"Not at all," Justin said as he followed Brian inside.

"Morning, Justin," the receptionist said.

"Hi, Carly, this is Brian Kinney. He's here to see Tom."

Brian looked at Justin and at the receptionist. "You work here," Brian said shaking his head as the light dawned. "Why didn't you say something?"

"Must have been too excited about our date," Justin grinned as Brian turned crimson. "Call me later," he added as he disappeared down the hall.

"Mr. Kinney, Mr. Toscano is ready for you. Follow me, please."

Brian glanced around wondering if he would see Justin again before he went into his meeting. The little shit!

Justin sat at his desk. He was supposed to be working on a project but he was having so much trouble concentrating that he had really accomplished very little all day. His mind kept wandering to Brian and their meeting at Starbucks. And their date! He had a date with Brian Kinney. He grinned and hugged his arms around his chest. He actually had goosebumps.

"Taylor, that design has to be done for tomorrow," Tom Toscano said. "Any chance you'll be finished."

"Um … yeah, I'm sure I can finish it before I leave today."

"I'll hold you to that," Tom said as he left the art area.

Justin decided he better concentrate if he wanted to get out of work in time to prepare for his date with Brian. The grin spread across his face again. He just couldn't stop himself. Suddenly his cell phone rang and he grabbed it from his desk.

"Hello," he said hoping it was Brian.

"Hey," Brian replied. "Thought I better call and tell you that I made reservations at Pasquale's for seven. Is that all right?"

Justin beamed. It was actually happening. He was going out with Brian. "Sounds good to me," Justin said trying not to sound like an idiot.

"Do you want me to meet you there or pick you up…?"

"Um …" Justin looked at all the work he had to do before he left. "Could you pick me up? I have to finish something before I leave and I might be running a little late."

"No problem," Brian said writing down the address as Justin told him. "I'll be there about quarter to seven."

"See ya," Justin said happily as he closed his phone.

He grabbed his pencil and started to work in earnest. He now had a great incentive to finish this project.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

By the time 6:30 rolled around, Justin was getting dressed and trying desperately to calm his growing nervousness. He'd finally managed to forget about his date long enough to finish up the project he needed to turn in, but once his mind stopped focusing on work, he started to panic. What was he going to talk about? Would Brian find him boring and simple? Maybe they got along years ago, but that was different. Brian had Dillon to go home to every night; Justin was just a source of entertainment during long, boring family gatherings. As the minutes ticked by, he became more and more anxious until he finally heard the sound of knocking and knew his time was up. It was now or never. He'd just have to wait and see what happened. He walked over to the door and grabbed the knob, taking a deep breath before pulling the door open.

"Hey, you're right on time," Justin said as he stepped back and allowed Brian to enter.

"I'm always punctual...unless I'm trying to make a grand entrance," Brian laughed as he looked around the small but stylish apartment. "Nice place."

"Thanks," Justin replied, thrilled by Brian's compliment. "I guess we'd better go."

Justin followed Brian down to the Corvette, watching his perfect ass every step of the way. The ride to the restaurant was quick and they made small talk during the trip. Inside they were seated rather quickly and Brian ordered a bottle of wine for them to share while they looked over the menu. Once their order was placed, both men jumped into easy conversation, discussing everything from politics to art and everything in between. Justin forgot his earlier nervousness as the evening progressed with the help of Brian's personality and the bottle of wine they were quickly finishing off. The meal was fantastic, although neither man paid much attention to detail as they began a debate over who was the worse president, Bush Senior or Junior. They finally came to a draw and laughed at their antics as Brian ordered a second bottle of wine. Everyone around them stared openly and smiled at the two beautiful men laughing and enjoying each other, oblivious to their surroundings.

Eventually their waiter returned to the table to inform them that the restaurant was getting ready to close. Brian was shocked as he looked around the room and saw that he and Justin were the only two people left in the place.

"I guess we overstayed our welcome," Brian teased as he pulled out his wallet and produced a credit card to pay for their meal.

"I can't believe how late it is. It feels like we just got here," Justin replied. "I've had fun tonight, Brian. Thanks for inviting me."

"I had fun too."

The waiter came back with Brian's card and he signed quickly before leading Justin out to the car. They continued their conversation on the ride back to Justin's apartment and when Brian pulled up out front, he knew he wasn't quite ready to end the evening.

"It still seems pretty early. You wanna go somewhere else and grab a drink or two?"

"I'm a little tired from work," Justin replied. He looked over and saw disappointment in Brian's eyes, giving him a secret thrill. He was glad he wasn't the only one who didn't want to see their night end. "Why don't we go up to my apartment and have a drink there instead? This way we can relax a little, too."

"That sounds like a better plan," Brian said with a smile. "Lead the way."

Once they were upstairs, Justin went into the bedroom to change out of his dress clothes and put on a pair of jeans, leaving Brian alone to walk through the living room, having more time to really look around. He saw a beautiful painting on the wall above the fireplace and was surprised to see that it was signed JT. He always knew that Justin wanted to be an artist, but other than a few quick sketches that Justin had done during boring dinners, Brian had never seen his work. The man was beyond talented. He heard Justin come back into the room and turned around to face him.

"This is incredible."

"Thanks. I did that one years ago. I'd like to think that I've gotten better over time," Justin laughed, blushing slightly.

"If you've gotten better then I think your talent is being sorely wasted at Galactic Graphics," Brian replied honestly.

Justin could feel himself blushing even more and decided to turn the topic away from his art. "So, how about that drink?"

Brian noticed how embarrassed Justin seemed by the praise and wondered when the last time he received a compliment was. Knowing the Taylors the way he did, he was pretty sure it had been awhile. Well, he'd just have to make sure to compliment Justin as often as possible. Justin was absolutely adorable when he was turning pink with embarrassment. "Whatcha got?"

"Well, I'm all out of wine but I do have some Johnny Walker," Justin said as he made his way to his liquor cart. "I also have beer."

"I'll have a little Johnny Walker, I guess."

"Good choice," Justin smiled as he poured two classes of the amber liquid, trying not to think about the excitement that was running through him at having Brian Kinney alone in his apartment. He capped the bottle and took the glasses over to where Brian was standing, handing one of them over before taking a sip of his own. "Have a seat."

Justin went over and turned on the stereo before joining Brian on the couch, trying hard to think of something to say. The wine had gone to his head and he didn't want to say something stupid, like how much he wanted to rip off Brian's clothes at that moment.

"So, how long have you been at Galactic?" Brian asked as he slowly sipped from his glass.

Justin started telling Brian the story about how he got his new job and what he did there and before they knew it, the evening had flown by and it was almost two in the morning.

"I guess I should be going," Brian said as he stood up, feeling the effects of his drinking.

"Yeah...I guess it's kind of late," Justin agreed reluctantly. "Are you okay to drive?"

"I'm fine," Brian assured him. He grabbed his coat off a nearby chair and put it on as he walked towards the door. "Maybe we can do this again sometime?"

"I'd like that," Justin said softly.

Brian reached the door and turned around, looking down into Justin's deep blue eyes. He yearned to kiss Justin with everything in him and decided that a small kiss goodnight was in order. He leaned down slowly, placing his lips on Justin's with every intention of making it brief, but the second their mouths met, all good intentions went out the window as their passion for one another ignited. Brian opened his mouth slightly and ran his tongue along Justin's lips, seeking entry. The minute their tongues met, all rational thought left as Brian reached out and took Justin in his arms, deepening the kiss. He heard a small moan escape Justin, encouraging him further and before he knew what was happening, his coat was being removed and they were making their way across the room and towards the bedroom.

Justin fumbled with the buttons on Brian's shirt as he walked backwards towards his bedroom, his mouth still locked with Brian's. He knew that if he pulled back, if he gave himself even one minute to think about what was happening, he'd come to his senses. It was their first date, and although he'd slept with other men on the first date, this was different. Brian was different and Justin didn't want to do anything to screw up what they seemed to have building. Yet his mind wasn't cooperating with his dick, which had been semi-erect all through the night and was now painfully hard pressed in between their bodies. He finally got Brian's shirt unbuttoned and pulled it off, tossing it over his shoulder as his hands traveled down the strong, muscular back. He had dreamed about this moment for so long and his senses were on overload as his dreams were becoming a reality. He felt Brian reaching for the button of his jeans and reached a shaking hand down to help him. He needed this...more than he ever needed anything before and he refused to let right from wrong take this moment away from him. Time seemed to stand still while he waited for Brian to finish removing his pants. Once they were discarded, Justin stepped back and quickly tore off his shirt before looking up into Brian's face unashamed.

"You're fucking beautiful," Brian growled passionately as he reached down to remove his own pants.

"Here, let me do that," Justin purred as he knelt down in front of the older man and began undoing his pants. As he slid the fabric down Brian's muscular legs, he began placing soft kisses on the exposed flesh, Brian's moans of frustration and lust encouraging him along. He helped Brian step out of the offending garment then ran his hands up the back of his legs while running his tongue up the front. Eventually finding his target, Justin kissed Brian's aching cock, lapping at the pre-cum that was waiting for him before engulfing the engorged member in his mouth. He felt Brian's body begin to shake from his ministrations and smiled inwardly as he began sucking on the rigid shaft in earnest. Brian's cock was everything he expected it to be and more and he took great pleasure in eliciting the sounds that were filling his bedroom.

Brian was lost in a sea of emotions as Justin eagerly sucked his cock. He'd been fantasizing about this moment for weeks now, but nothing his mind could conjure up came close to what he was feeling. As he ran his fingers through Justin's soft blond locks, he knew that he wouldn't last very long. Justin had him on the brink ever since his warm mouth first touched him and he wanted to be buried inside the younger man when his orgasm hit.

"Justin, you need to stop," Brian gasped as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of Justin's throat.

"Stop?" Justin asked in confusion as he pulled away. "Am I doing something wrong? I've never had any complaints before."

"Something wrong? You've got to be kidding me. That talented tongue of yours is perfect," Brian assured him, enjoying the smile that his words created. "I need to be inside of you."

Justin's smile brightened even more at Brian's demand and he licked Brian's slit one final time before standing up and crawling wantonly on his bed, watching Brian's eyes darken with lust. Once he was sprawled on the bed, he opened his arms in silent invitation and smiled as Brian climbed over him.

"Just take it easy. It's been awhile since I've let anyone inside me," Justin said, his voice sounding foreign to his own ears.

Justin's confession seemed to warm Brian's heart as he positioned himself on top of the warm body, bringing their mouths together once again. Brian ravished Justin's mouth with his tongue before pulling back and looking into two huge pools of blue. "Condom?"

"Top drawer of the nightstand," Justin managed to reply, his body shivering at the thought of what they were about to do.

Brian reached over and opened the drawer, searching for and finding the needed supplies. He took out a condom and placed it on the bed within reach before pulling out the tube of lube. He coated his fingers generously, rubbing them together for warmth before slowly inserting one finger inside Justin's tight ass.

"Oh God," Justin moaned at the intrusion.

"You all right?"

"Never better," Justin chuckled as he forced his body to relax and take Brian in.

Brian waited for a moment before moving his hand, causing Justin to begin pushing himself down on Brian's finger. After a few moments Brian added a second finger, this time a little more forcefully, and began thrusting them inside Justin as the man bucked under the pressure. He continued his thrusts, fighting his urgent need to move things along faster and was rewarded when Justin reached up and pulled him down for a passionate kiss.

"I'm ready," Justin whispered as he pulled away. "Fuck me."

Brian didn't need any further encouragement as he quickly withdrew his fingers and tore open the condom package, sheathing his aching cock before positioning himself at Justin's entrance. "Take a deep breath and relax."

Justin did as he was instructed and relaxed his body right before he felt the head of Brian's cock push inside of him. The burn he felt caused him to gasp loudly, which in turn caused Brian to stop moving.

"You all right?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute," Justin panted.

That was easier said than done, but Brian heeded Justin's wishes, wanting to give him time to adjust. Once he saw Justin physically relax, he began pushing in again, this time without stopping until he was buried all the way inside. He gave Justin a few more moments before he started moving in a delicious rhythm, wanting their joining to last, yet unable to do anything to slow down this moment in time.

Justin felt Brian begin picking up the pace and began meeting him thrust for thrust, wanting to prolong the inevitable, but powerless to do so. Not only was Brian a skilled lover, but knowing it was his dream man plowing into him caused his body to respond like it never had before. He felt his orgasm begin building in intensity and reached down between their bodies to touch his neglected cock.

"That's it, Jus...touch yourself for me," Brian moaned and pulled back slightly to watch Justin fondle his leaking cock. The sight was almost more than he could take and Brian felt his balls tighten, signaling the beginning of the end. He began thrusting deeper, harder, wanting to finally find the release he'd been longing for, yet wanting to bring Justin right along with him. Just as he was about to let go, he felt Justin's body stiffen and heard his name cried out in the almost silent room. He felt Justin's warm fluid shoot between them as he plunged head first into the most intense orgasm of his life.

Justin saw stars behind his eyelids as he let himself be pushed over the edge and heard Brian call out his name right before losing all coherent thought. Time seemed to stand still as both men lay in a tangle of arms and legs, trying to regain their senses as well as their breathing. Finally Brian found the strength he needed and pushed up off the languid body beneath him. He swooped down and placed a soft kiss on Justin's lips before carefully pulling out and rolling off the bed to dispose of the condom.

Justin sighed at the loss as he watched Brian make his way to the bathroom. He heard the water running and then saw Brian come back to his side with a damp towel in his hand. Justin reached out for it, but Brian pulled back, stopping him.

"Here, let me do it," Brian said softly. He reached out and gently wiped Justin's stomach and chest before kissing him again. He stood and returned the towel to the bathroom and then re-entered the room quietly. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Justin sweetly. "I hate to do this, but I've got to go. I have to be up early tomorrow."

Justin watched the other man get dressed, immediately feeling a chill run through his body at the thought of Brian regretting what they just did. "I understand," he finally replied.

"No, I don't think you do. I'd like nothing more than to crawl in beside you again, but I really do have to go. I programmed my numbers into your cell while you were in the bathroom at Pasquale's. Call me."

Justin's face broke out into a huge grin. "I'll walk you out."

"No, stay where you are. I want to remember you lying here on the drive home. I'll lock the door behind me," Brian replied. He leaned down and gave Justin one last kiss before he walked towards the door. "Sweet dreams."

"You too," Justin called out as he listened to the sound of Brian crossing the room and walking out the door.

He felt like a child on Christmas morning when he thought about what had just happened. Brian was everything he thought he would be and more. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his cell phone, looking at the bright screen in the semi-darkened room, and he smiled when he saw that Brian's name was added to his address book. He closed his phone again and returned it to the table and curled up in the blankets that now held the faint scent of Brian. It was a smell he wanted to go to sleep with for the rest of his life, but as soon as that thought crossed his mind, reality set in. He had just slept with Brian Kinney. Dillon's Brian. What the fuck was he thinking? He could just imagine Brian spending his drive home comparing the brothers in bed. Now he had just one more area where his skills were bound to be lacking compared to Dillon. He groaned as he pulled the covers up over his head. When would he ever learn?

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