Second Best

Chapter 2



Justin scrolled through the airlines on Expedia. He had resigned himself to going to Chicago for Thanksgiving so he decided to get his ticket hopefully at a good price. He finally found some flights that suited him. He could arrive on Thursday afternoon and come back early Sunday. He would have liked to return Friday morning but he knew he would never hear the end of it if he did that.

He hit "send" and sealed his fate with the purchase of his tickets. He would be trapped in Chicago with Dillon and his parents for four days. Now all he had to do was figure out how to survive without killing one or all of them when they started in on him.

With a sigh he stared at the computer screen. He wished he had a boyfriend to go to Chicago with him, someone fabulous that Dillon would drool over and his parents would fawn over. But no such luck. He wondered if Dillon had found a new partner. He had never said anything about one, but they had talked so little and their conversations were always somewhat strained. Justin had to admit that when he heard Dillon's voice on the phone his first reaction was to figure how quickly he could get the call over with.

Justin thought about a boyfriend. He had never met anyone that he really considered boyfriend material. They were mostly club boys or occasionally someone he would pick up at a gallery or art show. They were never more than a one time thing. Often he would have sex with them, but not even necessarily know anything about them. The morning after he would discover that either they didn't have the brains to carry on a civil conversation or they didn't have the money to date unless Justin paid for everything. Just once he would like to be taken out in style. Not that Justin needed style exactly. He just wanted someone who could pay their own way and not expect him to pay for them. There had never been even one that he would consider taking home to his parents. He knew they would never approve.

He wondered how Dillon had found Brian Kinney. They had never really explained how they got together. By the time Dillon introduced Brian to Justin and his parents they had been seeing each other for several months and they had just started living together. Just one more thing Dillon was better at than he was.

Justin reached for the phone and hit number one on the speed dial.

"Hello," a voice said.


"Yeah, hey Justin, what's up?"

"Feel like going out tonight?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I thought I might go check out Babylon. It's been months since I've been there," Justin said. He had an itch to do something out of the ordinary. Something his parents would totally not approve of.

"Sure, I'll go with you if you promise not to leave me standing at the bar while you head into the backroom."

"I promise," Justin laughed. "If I feel the need for the backroom, I'll put you in a taxi first."

"Okay then, I'll see you around ten-thirty out front of Babylon."

"It's a date," Justin chuckled as he hung up.

If only he could find someone like Daphne but inside a male body, he'd be all set. He and Daphne had been friends forever and he could always count on her. He decided he better go shower and pick out something striking to wear to the club. One never knew what might pop up as the treat for the evening.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Brian rubbed his eyes and turned off the computer. He glanced at the clock on his desk. It read 8:45. He had worked on the Remsen campaign as long as he could stand for this day.

"Cynthia?" he said into the intercom as he held the button down. "Are you still here?"

"Yes, Boss," she replied.

"Don't you have a life?" he teased secretly pleased that she had chosen to work late with him.

"I do, one just like yours," she bantered back.

He chuckled, "Somehow I seriously doubt that. Come in here, would you?"

Almost immediately she stepped into his office.

"What can I do for you?" she asked laying a sheet of paper in front of him.

"You can go home and tell me to do the same."

"Go home!" she retorted.

"What's this?" he asked glancing at the paper.

"Your flights to Miami for the Thanksgiving weekend."

"Thanks," he replied giving them a cursory glance.

"Um don't you usually spend Thanksgiving with Debbie and Michael?" she asked wondering why he was heading off into homo-land all by himself on such an important holiday.

"Debbie's got Carl and Emmett and Michael and his brood. There's only so much hetero happiness I can stand, to say nothing of the pseudo-hetero happiness that seems to be invading my world these days."

Cynthia wondered what was causing this sudden, or maybe not so sudden, cynicism. She knew that Michael's married domestic bliss had put somewhat of a crimp in their friendship, especially since Michael and Ben had moved to California when Ben got a job at a university out there. Since Dillon had left, Brian had not had a serious relationship. She wondered if he was feeling lonely and left behind.

"What about Lindsay?"

"I'll see her before I go," Brian said. "Now get out of here."

Cynthia understood that she had been dismissed. That was as much as Brian intended to share about his personal life. "Night, Brian. You get out of here too."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied as he cleared off his desk.

He felt restless for some reason. He wanted to do something, something that would make him feel young and alive. Maybe it was crossing paths with Justin Taylor the other day that had brought about an unsettled feeling in his life. He didn't much like to think about Dillon or what might have been. He hadn't met anyone since that he was even remotely interested in and that bothered him. Everyone else in his circle of friends seemed to have moved on, but he seemed incapable of doing that.

He got up from his desk and turned out the light. He sloughed on his coat deciding to grab something to eat on the way home and then maybe he would head to Babylon. He could use a good fuck or a decent blowjob. He hadn't been there in weeks. Maybe there would be some fresh meat to choose from. He locked the door to Kinnetik behind him.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Justin ran along the street having got off the bus at the corner. It was very cold for the middle of November and he could see his breath puffing out as he ran.

"Daphne," he called as he saw her standing in line at Babylon.

"About fucking time," she retorted. "Did you have to pick the coldest night of the year to do this?"

"Sorry about that, but who knew?"

"We're almost at the front of the line. The place must be packed."

"Yeah, I'm glad you got here in time to get us so close to the front."

"You owe me big time," she told him.

"You two," said the bouncer pointing at Justin and Daphne. Justin gave the guy his best smile and they went into the club.

"Poor schmucks stuck out there," Daphne said checking her coat. "It's nice to be in here with the beautiful people." She did her best movie star pose.

"Yeah, there's so many beautiful ones in fucking downtown Pittsburgh," Justin snarked.

"Cut it out, Taylor, tonight might be the night you meet Mr. Right."

"More likely Mr. Wrong, but I'll settle for a decent fuck."

"Come on, dance with me. That will warm us both up."

They hit the dance floor and had a good time with each other stopping for a drink every now and then. As it got close to midnight, Daphne yawned.

"You want to go?" Justin asked her.

"I've got an early shift at the hospital," she said. "I better. Are you going to come with me?"

"See that guy over there?" Justin asked nodding towards a dark haired man in his early twenties. "He's been cruising me all night."

"Go get him then! I'll catch a cab."

"Want me to come out with you?"

"No, go get your man. The bouncer can help me if there isn't a cab nearby."

"Thanks for coming with me tonight, Daph. I really needed to get out."

"Anytime, Taylor. Have fun for the rest of your evening, and play safe."

"Always." Justin leaned in and kissed her cheek. She smiled and walked away turning once to wave to Justin. When she disappeared from view Justin made his way back out to the dance floor and started gyrating not far from the one he had chosen and who had chosen him.

Brian Kinney parked his Corvette and made his way towards Babylon. It was almost midnight and it was fucking cold. As he went up the steps a nice looking young woman with mocha colored skin came out. She smiled at him as they passed each other. Not many women were at Babylon, especially alone. He wondered what she was doing there, but he didn't wonder for long.

Brian knew the bouncer who ushered him right in past the line of hopefuls. He headed directly for the bar and with a nod of his head a vodka appeared in his hand. He downed it before indicating another. With that firmly in his hand Brian turned to survey the pickings for the evening.

*   *   *

Justin pulled his chosen trick by the belt dragging the smiling young man towards the backroom. He was thinking about getting his dick sucked but this guy looked like he might have a nice tight ass that would provide some major entertainment for the next while.

Brian glanced to the left and noticed a Hispanic guy cruising him big time. At 37 Brian knew he shouldn't be out picking up guys in clubs but it was still nice to know that he could. This guy wasn't half bad. He'd do, especially if he knew how to give a decent blowjob. Brian cocked his head towards the backroom, the guy smiled and they both headed in that direction.

*   *   *

Justin shoved his fuckee against the brick wall of the backroom. His mouth ravaged the man's while one hand fondled his balls and the other pinched a hard nipple. The man groaned and Justin could feel their hard cocks pressed between them. He turned the man around and yanked his jeans down.

"Spread 'em," he ordered as the guy kicked his jeans aside and leaned forward against the wall spreading his ass for Justin. Justin suited up and lubed the waiting hole and himself. He drove in causing each of them to gasp. The guy really was tight.

"Ready for a long, hard ride?" Justin whispered against the man's neck.

A breathless "yeah" told him to keep going. Justin began his slow in and out motion intending to have this guy begging for it before they both got off.

*   *   *

Brian followed the trick into the backroom. They walked through the moaning, groaning masses looking for a place to fuck. Finally they found an empty spot of wall and Brian pulled his trick into a kiss that would arouse anybody. When he was done he pushed his trick to his knees and leaned against the wall. He felt the man unzip him and take out his cock. There was a little whimper of pleasure before the man took him in his mouth.

With his eyes closed Brian leaned back trying to enjoy what the guy was doing with his dick. Unfortunately his technique left a lot to be desired. Brian grabbed the back of the trick's head trying to get him into a rhythm that would get them both what they wanted. He looked around trying to find some inspiration to make him come, since this guy's mouth was accomplishing very little in that regard.

"Dillon," Brian whispered spying a blond head not far away. He looked again and realized that it couldn't be Dillon. It was his brother that he had seen at Starbucks the other day. Brian watched in fascination as Justin's substantial dick appeared and disappeared in and out of his trick's ass. Several other people were watching too as the trick begged and called out for Justin to finish him off.

*   *   *

Justin was sweating and grunting showing the signs of exertion from extending his orgasm for as long as possible. Brian could imagine his own dick going in and out of that hole and he matched Justin's rhythm, fucking the face of his trick. He saw Justin reach around and tug on his trick's cock. The man gave a huge gasp and came all over the wall. Justin wasn't far behind. Brian watched the look of ecstasy come across the blond's face and then saw him slump against the trick with the force of his orgasm.

Brian drove harder into the mouth of his own trick almost choking the man. He closed his eyes and imagined Justin's mouth on his dick. He came with a mighty "Ahhh" and slumped back against the wall.

"That was great, man," his trick said. "Care to return the favor."

"No thanks," Brian said as he zipped up. He looked over to where Justin had been to find that he and his trick had both disappeared.

*   *   *

Justin ran down the block seeing a bus at the corner. He was just able to get on before it pulled away. He sat down in the first seat he saw and shook his head.

"Brian fucking Kinney!" he whispered to himself.

He had known people were watching him fuck that guy. It had been hot. And then he had glanced to his left just before he came and had realized that Brian Kinney was one of those watching. The guy was getting his dick sucked but he had been watching intently. It had given Justin pleasure to know that Dillon's ex had found his fuck so interesting. He smiled to himself in the near empty bus. That had been even hotter than his fucking trick.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Brian walked through the door of the loft a short time later, still trying to get rid of the image of Justin in the back room. To say that seeing Justin in action was hot was an understatement. He thought back to the first night he had met the younger blond. Dillon had taken him to the country club where they had plans to meet up with the family. Justin was running late and showed up just as they were about to order. His face was flushed and he was out of breath and just about the most beautiful man Brian had ever seen. Although Dillon and Justin were almost identical in looks despite the three year age difference, Dillon was cocky, arrogant, and self assured; all the qualities Brian usually sought after in a man. Justin, on the other hand, was shy and a little insecure, giving his features an almost angelic look to them. He quickly chastised himself for thinking about his boyfriend's brother like that and tried to refocus his attention on Dillon and the conversation going around the table, but each time he heard the comment "why can't you be more like your brother" directed towards Justin, he felt his heart go out to the man. Anyone who was paying attention could see the way those words affected the blond and Brian tried unsuccessfully to steer the conversation on to other topics more than once. It didn't work.

From then on, Brian looked forward to family gatherings so that he would be able to get to spend some time with Justin. There was never anything between them other than friendship, but that friendship began to mean a lot to Brian during those years. Things between him and Dillon were falling into a comfortable rut and Brian began to see that although they had a lot in common and admired each other immensely, it wasn't enough to build a lasting relationship on. There were a few occasions where Brian was ready to end things between them, but something always came up that caused him to table his thoughts for another time.

When the opportunity in Chicago came through, Brian was slightly relieved. It was the perfect reason to put an end to a relationship what was already doomed. Brian showed his support up until the end, then said goodbye to his boyfriend with no regrets. Their time together was nice but it was sorely lacking in something that Brian was beginning to think he would never find. The only thing that he missed in the years since being with Dillon was Justin. He missed the conversations they had and the laughs they used to share, usually at Dillon's expense. Now, after two years, Brian had the chance to see Justin again and he had blown it twice. He promised himself that if he were to run into the blond again he'd make sure to say hello.

*   *   *

Justin tossed and turned most of the night, trying to forget about seeing Brian and his trick in the back room. He refused to think about how he wished he was the one sucking Brian's cock, telling himself that it was just the surprise of seeing Brian in that position that made him feel as if he was missing out. He continued to wonder why Brian had been watching him so intently. Was he just watching two men going at it to increase his own pleasure, or did he know who it was and he was watching out of curiosity or maybe even something more?

Sighing in exasperation, Justin threw back the covers and jumped out of bed, pissed off at the thoughts that were plaguing him. He needed to stop thinking about his brother's ex-boyfriend before he drove himself crazy. The back room had been dark and Justin was sure that Brian wasn't watching him, just some random tricks that were in his line of vision. There couldn't have been anything more to it than that. If Brian had any interest in a Taylor, he'd have been in Chicago living with Dillon and not standing around watching Justin get his rocks off. After all, Dillon was the smart, good looking, and talented one. Justin was just a younger, cheaper imitation.

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