Second Best

Chapter 10



Dillon marched back into the kitchen to get Brian's drink, his eyes blazing in anger. He couldn't believe the nerve of Justin, bringing home Brian like he was just some ordinary guy. As he slammed a glass down on the counter, his mother came up behind him, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Honey, are you all right?"

"Sure Mother, I'm just great," Dillon replied bitterly. "I can't believe that Justin did this. Brian's my ex. Why would he bring him here for Christmas? Is he trying to hurt me?"

"Does it hurt you?" Jennifer asked softly. "Sweetheart, do you still have feelings for Brian? Is that why you're so upset?"

"Of course not. Brian and I are over and have been for a long time. I just don't think it's appropriate for him to be dating my brother. Pittsburgh is a big place. He couldn't find someone else, anyone else to date? He had to go after Brian?" Dillon continued to fume as he poured the scotch, downed it for himself, and then poured another one. "Besides, Chad's going to be here tomorrow. What's he going to say about sharing Christmas with my ex?"

"Son," Craig said, interrupting the conversation. "I doubt if Chad will mind. He loves you and you love him. Brian is a part of your past. Now why don't you go talk to your brother and Brian while I help your mother in the kitchen?"

Dillon did as he was told and grabbed the drink before walking out of the kitchen, leaving Jennifer and Craig alone.

"Poor Dillon, I can't believe Justin was so thoughtless," Jennifer said when Dillon was out of earshot.

"You know, when we had the boys I thought I was going to be able to skip all the usual drama that surrounds families," Craig laughed. "Jen, I'm not saying Justin was right or wrong in this, but if he and Brian are seeing each other. Well, then Brian has as much right to be here as Chad. We want our children here for the holidays and always include those who are important to them. At least Justin is here."

"I guess you're right," Jennifer sighed. "I just hoped that it would be a pleasant Christmas."

"And it will be. Dillon will get over the shock and once Chad shows up tomorrow everything will be fine," Craig assured her. "Now what are you making for dinner? I'm starting to get hungry."

A short time later, everyone sat down at the table to eat. Brian sat alongside Justin, leaving Dillon to sit alone across from them. Something that Justin never witnessed before. He couldn't help the small feeling of satisfaction over that.

"So Brian," Craig began, trying to fill the awkward silence. "You mentioned owning your own agency now?"

"Yes, I opened Kinnetik a couple of years ago. We've been doing really well," Brian replied proudly.

"Kinnetik…I think I've read a few articles about you in Fortune 500. I didn't realize that was your company. Although I always knew you'd be successful. You were always so driven," Craig replied.

"Yeah, he's driven all right," Dillon said accusingly. "You still into the club scene? Going after a different guy every night?"

"Dillon," Jennifer gasped.

Brian just chuckled as he reached a hand under the table and laid it on Justin's thigh in comfort. "Actually Dillon, I haven't been to the clubs in weeks. Come to think of it, I stopped right around the time Justin and I started seeing each other. He must be a good influence on me," Brian answered smugly.

Justin had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at the horrified look on Dillon's face. Instead he just rested his hand on top of Brian's and went about finishing his meal. He figured it was best to stay silent during that particular conversation.

After the little play between Dillon and Brian, the rest of the meal was rather quiet. Jennifer and Craig did their best to keep the conversation going, but it was obvious that Dillon was still stung by Brian's admission. After they were all done, Jennifer went into the kitchen to clean up while the men went into the living room. Brian knew that he'd upset Dillon with his remark and although he knew the man deserved it, he felt bad. It was Christmas after all. He decided to try and make amends.

"So Dillon, I hear Chad's a doctor," Brian offered.

"Yes he is, and he's brilliant," Dillon replied, quickly slipping back into his usual manner. He spent the next twenty minutes telling Brian all about Chad and his career, oblivious to the way Brian kept staring at his brother. "So, you and Justin, huh?"

Brian quickly realized that Dillon was waiting for an answer to a question he never heard and turned his attention back to his ex. "What?"

"I just can't believe you're with my brother now, that's all," Dillon said.

"What's so hard to believe? He's smart, funny, talented and beautiful. Everything I look for in a man," Brian replied honestly. "Maybe you should take the time to get to know him."

Dillon stood there in shock as Brian turned and walked over to where Justin and their father were in deep conversation. He placed his hand on the small of Justin's back and Dillon could feel the intimacy of the action from across the room and he didn't like it one bit.

Justin sat around for the rest of the evening, listening to all the conversations going around the room, but not really paying too much attention to them. His thoughts were more focused on Brian and how great it was to have him there with him. It was the first time he could remember feeling almost comfortable in his family's presence. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost nine; definitely time for bed. He couldn't wait to get Brian alone and show his appreciation. He leaned over to Brian, putting his lips to his ear and spoke softly so no one could hear him.

"I can't wait to get you alone so that I can fill my mouth with your cock."

Brian heard the whisper and immediately felt a twinge in his pants. It took every ounce of strength to keep his face expressionless and not give in to the urge to fuck Justin senseless right in front of his family. Instead, he turned to Jennifer and plastered on a smile.

"Well Jennifer, it's been nice catching up with you all, but I'm really tired. We had a long trip this morning."

"Oh of course, Brian. You go on up to bed. We can talk more tomorrow," Jennifer replied.

Brian stood up and leaned down, kissing Jennifer on the cheek before turning to say goodnight to Dillon and Craig. He took a step back while Justin said goodnight and then took his hand as they walked up the stairs.

"They seem to be pretty happy," Jennifer commented.

"I'm going to bed, too. Good night," Dillon said as he walked out of the room in a huff, leaving his parents behind to wonder what was bothering him.

As soon as Justin shut the door behind him he felt himself being shoved up against it while Brian's mouth took his in passion and hunger. The kiss lasted for quite a few minutes before Brian pulled back, panting and breathless.

"You ever do that to me again and I'm going to punish you severely."

"Do what? I don't know what you're talking about," Justin teased.

Brian took Justin's hand and placed it on his hard cock. "Feel that? You gave me that with your little whispering downstairs. As much as I love the way you arouse me so easily, I'd prefer you not do it in your parents' presence."

"I'm sorry," Justin replied innocently. "Would you like me to do something about your…uh…predicament?"

"Do you think it's wise to fool around in your parents' house?" Brian questioned with a raised brow.

"Oh come on, haven't you and Dillon ever had sex with my parents around?" Justin asked before thinking about what he was saying. "Never mind. Don't answer that. I don't want to know."

Brian watched the clouds appear over Justin's face before he walked away and realized that he just gave himself an image he didn't want. Walking over to stand behind him, Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and whispered in his ear.

"Dillon who?"

Justin turned in Brian's arms and offered him a smile, thankful for the comforting words. He pushed any thoughts of Dillon out of his head and focused on the beautiful man before him. Dillon was part of the past, and Justin was hoping to be the future.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Justin awoke to familiar tinglings in his body. He shoved his hips up into a warm, wet cavern and let out a long sigh. Moments later he gasped and came into Brian's mouth.

"Shit, Brian," Justin breathed. "Could you at least let me be awake for my next orgasm?"

"Sure, coming right up," Brian grinned as he pulled Justin against his body and kissed him long and hard.

"Merry Christmas," Justin said when Brian's lips let him speak.

"Hm, I thought it was some holiday, but I couldn't remember which one."

"Asshole," Justin said swatting Brian's chest.

"Ready for your Christmas fuck?"

"Of course, but…"

Brian frowned. "But what…?"

"I wish we could go downstairs and fuck by the Christmas tree," Justin said softly.

"That Christmas tree fetish of yours?"


"Then let's go," Brian said throwing back the covers and pulling on Justin's arm.

"Brian, stop," Justin cried resisting being pulled off the bed. "We can't. Everyone will be up soon."

"We could be quick," Brian suggested.

"I don't want to be quick," Justin said shaking his head. "It's all right. Come back to bed."

"Just a minute," Brian said going to the closet.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked as he snuggled back under the covers.

"Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes," Brian repeated, "and don't peek." His head was still in the closet.

Justin sighed and said, "They're closed."

"Good. Keep them that way." Brian carried his treasure from the suitcase in the closet over to the side of the bed. "Are your eyes still closed?"


Justin could hear Brian moving something and shuffling stuff around on the nightstand by the bed.

"Okay, open your eyes," Brian said.

Next to the bed on the nightstand stood a tiny Christmas tree, its lights twinkling and ornaments glittering. Brian stood naked beside it with a silly grin on his face.

"It's beautiful," Justin whispered. "Where did you get it?"

"I … um … I brought it with me."

"From Pittsburgh?" Justin asked staring into Brian's eyes.

"Yeah, I've it for a few years, and I thought you might want to … practice your fetish while you were here. I'm still willing to go downstairs and do it under the big tree…"

"No, I love this little tree. It's exquisite. I've never seen it at your place," Justin observed.

"I … technically never celebrate Christmas unless I go to someone else's house."

"Technically?" Justin asked as Brian slipped back under the covers that Justin lifted to welcome him in.

Brian sighed as Justin snuggled against him warming him up. "A few years ago I was feeling sorry for myself and I saw this tree in a jewelry shop. It cost a small fortune, but I wanted it. Sometimes I …"

"Sometimes, what?"

"Sometimes I set it out and have a Christmas drink next to it."

"You're a closet romantic, aren't you?" Justin asked. Brian snorted in disdain. "I've got your number, Mr. Kinney. You're really just a big old softie."

"There's nothing soft about me," Brian grinned as he pressed his hardening cock against Justin's thigh.

"So I see. Let's get started before everybody wakes up."

"They can always take notes," Brian chuckled.

"You are such a bad influence."

"I try my best," Brian said as he pressed Justin onto his back and noted the Christmas lights twinkling beside the bed. Justin was an interesting and talented man and he looked beautiful next to the twinkling lights. Brian readied his cock and pressed in, hearing the little hitch in Justin's breathing that told him to wait a few seconds until his lover was ready.

Justin felt Brian enter him and pulled Brian down on top of him. He wanted every part of his body touching every part of Brian's. After a few seconds Brian drew back needing to be completely inside. Justin smiled as he felt Brian embed himself totally. The long, slow ride towards ecstasy began, and Justin's last coherent thought was that this might be the best Christmas … ever.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

When Brian and Justin appeared for brunch it was evident to everyone in the room that they had just had sex, probably several times. Eyes followed them as they moved across the room and retrieved glasses of juice from the sideboard.

"Merry Christmas, honey," Jennifer said giving her son a kiss on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, Brian," she added as somewhat of an afterthought.

Dillon and Craig voiced the same wishes and Justin and Brian replied in kind. It did little to ease the tension in the room. Dillon was still not happy with his brother and his brother's present companion.

"I thought we'd have juice and bagels until Chad arrives, and then we can open our presents," Jennifer said cheerfully.

"Sure," Justin said grabbing half a bagel and slathering it with cream cheese and jam.

"What would you like, Brian?"


Jennifer poured him a mug and he added sugar before sitting down at the table with everyone else. Brian sipped his coffee, Justin munched on his bagel and everyone else stared off into space as the uncomfortable silence continued.

"Did you sleep well, Brian?" Jennifer asked trying to get a conversation started.


"I bet," Dillon reacted.

"Excuse me?" Brian asked.

"You two made enough noise last night … and this morning. Couldn't you tone it down or abstain for a day or two?"

Brian let his eyes sweep Dillon's face and then he said simply, "No."

Craig choked on his coffee and Jennifer cleared her throat in embarrassment. Justin beamed at Brian and then the doorbell rang.

"That must be Chad," Dillon said with a smile of relief as he got up to answer the door.

"Maybe this will improve your brother's fucking pissy attitude," Brian whispered in Justin's ear as they waited for Dillon to return with his beau. Justin grinned. He couldn't remember ever having this much fun at a family gathering.

"Merry Christmas, everybody," Chad said as he entered the room bearing two shopping bags full of brightly wrapped packages.

"Merry Christmas," everyone replied.

Brian studied Dillon's new beau. He wasn't impressed. Chad was nice enough to look at, but nothing spectacular. Brian knew spectacular and it was seated right beside him in the form of Justin.

"Chad, you remember Justin, and this is his … friend, Brian Kinney," Dillon said.

Brian rose to shake Chad's hand. Chad glanced at Dillon and then said, "Nice to meet you, Brian."

"You too," Brian said with his most charming voice. He had noted the glance at Dillon and wondered if perchance he had at some point been the topic of conversation between Dillon and his current paramour.

"Chad, why don't you grab a coffee? I just made a fresh pot," Jennifer said. "Then we can all take our drinks into the living room and open gifts."

The next hour was spent oohing and aahing over each present as it was opened. Justin's gifts to his parents were received with appropriate appreciation. They really were stunning.

"How the fuck did you afford something like that?" Dillon asked obviously not too pleased that Justin's presents seemed to have shown up his own.

"I love your present too, honey," Jennifer said quickly to Dillon all the while admiring the stunning bracelet that hung on her slender wrist.

"They must have cost a mint," Chad said admiring them. "Did you get them here in New York?"

"Nope, Pittsburgh," Justin replied smugly. It was nice to have his family admire something from Pittsburgh and not call it some uncouth backwater like they usually did.

"Did you rob a fucking jewelry store?" Dillon persisted.

"No, I did not! Brian took me to a great jeweler who makes one of a kind items. I thought these were perfect for Mom and Dad."

"I love the watch, Justin. Thanks," Craig said. "But should you have been so extravagant?"

"Brian taught me to barter," Justin smiled. "Neil, the jeweler wanted a portrait of his family so we traded."

"Do you suppose you could teach me some of these techniques of bartering?" Chad asked with a grin.

"Anytime," Brian responded but wondered who might want to barter for an operation.

Chad seemed to be enjoying Brian and Justin way too much. Dillon frowned and grabbed another present to be opened. Justin had had the limelight long enough. Dillon and Chad exchanged bracelets. Obviously they had helped each other pick them out. Craig and Jennifer had bought each of their sons a vacation to be shared with someone special. Justin was happy that he finally had that someone special to share his with. No more poor Justin! Not this year.

When everything had been opened Dillon looked at Brian and Justin. They had not exchanged gifts. Brian had got the obligatory tie from Craig and Jennifer but that was his only gift.

"Did you two already open your gifts?" Dillon asked. "Or are you not giving each other anything?"

"Um …" Justin began. "My gift for Brian is up in our room. I thought we'd open it later."

"So's mine," Brian said.

"You got me something?" Justin asked with a big smile.

"Of course I did, twat," Brian teased.

"Go get them and show us," Dillon ordered.

"I'd rather do it privately," Justin said.

"I don't mind," Brian replied confused by Justin's reluctance.

"Go get them," Dillon repeated.

Justin shrugged. He and Brian stood up and headed to their room to retrieve their gifts for each other.

"Why don't you want them to see your present?" Brian asked as they went upstairs.

"You'll know when you see it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Wait and see," Justin said mysteriously. He drew a beautifully wrapped present from his suitcase and held it against his body. From his suitcase Brian pulled a long narrow box also beautifully wrapped. It looked like a box that might hold jewelry. Justin wondered what it might be. Somewhat reluctantly they made their way downstairs.

"So let's see," Dillon said as Brian handed his gift to Justin and received his in return.

"Who is going first?" Jennifer asked.

"Let's do it together," Brian said.

Justin nodded and they began removing the wrapping paper. Brian frowned as he saw what was in the flat rectangular box about a foot by ten inches in size. Justin watched his reaction and then saw the smile spread across the man's face. Brian got it. Justin breathed a sigh of relief. He opened the jewelry box that had Neil's logo on the front. His grin grew huge as he saw what lay within.

"I love it!" Justin said holding up a silver chain with an exquisite medallion carved out to show an artist's palette and brush lying across it.

"Neil thought you would like it," Brian said. "He designed it especially for you."

"Help me put it on," Justin said.

Brian set down his gift and undid the chain placing it around Justin's neck. While Brian was busy with that, Dillon picked up the contents of Brian's box. He studied it and showed it to Chad who frowned.

"What is it?" Dillon finally asked holding it up so everyone could see.

"Is it an abstract?" Chad asked. "I didn't think you were into abstraction."

"I'm not usually," Justin replied with a grin.

"I love the colors," Jennifer said. "The red inside the fleshy color is quite striking."

"It's not really red," Craig said standing and taking a better look at Justin's painting. "It's almost a purple."

"Is it supposed to represent something?" Chad asked. "I'm usually good at guessing what the artist meant, but I don't get this one."

"Well, I do," Brian replied. "It's perfect."

Everybody looked at Brian waiting for him to explain. When he didn't say anything more they all looked at each other. Apparently they weren't going to get an explanation.

"Let's clean up this mess," Jennifer said. "Then I'll get dinner started. I thought we'd eat early."

Everyone gathered up paper and ribbon and empty boxes stuffing them into garbage bags. Brian and Justin volunteered to carry the bags out to the trash at the back. As they walked out Brian elbowed his lover almost knocking him over.

"I'm really surprised at you, Mr. Taylor."

"Oh, why?" Justin asked trying to keep a straight face.

"Showing off my dick to your family."

"They didn't know what they were looking at."

"But I did."

"I never took you for the prudish type," Justin shot back.

"Why did you do it?"

"It was meant for your eyes only. You said you wanted a picture of my mouth around your dick."

"I better be careful what I wish for," Brian laughed.

"Wish for anything and I'll try to give it to you."

"And the same for me," Brian said looking into Justin's eyes. They shared a heated kiss before they opened the door to go back inside. "Back to the trenches."

"Not this year. It's back to Disneyland. I'm having a shitload of fun, and it's all thanks to you."

"Anytime, Sunshine, anytime."

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