Southern Sunshine

Chapter 8

Dee walked Justin to work the next day. Justin didn't mind; the freezer incident had left him a bit shaken. Today his clothes leaned a little toward boy but not by much. His shirt was a bright yellow with a slight V neck. Dee and Justin walked arm and arm into the diner.

"Sunshine!" Justin found his life slowly being squeezed out of him.

"Deb, let him go. He needs to breathe and I need my coffee. I'm running on fumes here."

"Everyone missed you."

"I was only gone a day."

"How are you feeling? Are you all right?"

Justin smiled as he put on his apron. "I'm all right. My hands are still a bit sore." Justin poured Dee her coffee.

The bell chimed over the door and in walked Brian, Michael and Emmett. Justin's whole face lit up when he saw Brian. Michael had a sour look on his face. Brian was just a little disappointed that Justin was looking more girl-like again. Justin was one beautiful boy and it fucked with his mind a bit when he saw him as a girl. He liked Sunshine no matter what, but damn it he liked cock. They sat at their usual booth and Sunshine sashayed over to the table.

"Mornin'," Justin leaned in and kissed Brian. Brian deepened the kiss when he tasted Sunshine's lip gloss. He pulled Justin onto his knee.

"What flavor are you today?"


"Mmm, fuck the coffee. I'll just have you."

Michael rolled his eyes and gagged while Emmett was grinning from ear to ear.

"Since when did you start liking pussy?" Michael snarked.

Justin glared at the little evil man. He was so angry he couldn't think of a good comeback.

"Don't be a shit, Mikey. I always have and always will like dick. It's just lucky for Sunshine that he was blessed with a big and beautiful cock."

Justin blushed and was all smiles as he snuggled up to Brian.

"Oh do tell," Emmett leaned in.

Brian nuzzled Justin's neck. "I like you better in boy form," he pouted.

Justin cuddled closer to him. "The next time you take me out I'll dress like a boy just for you."

Brian's dick twitched at that suggestion. "How about tonight? I'll take you to Woody's, buy you a beer and we can shoot some pool." Brian cupped Justin's groin under the table. "I'm sure we can find some other fun things to do too."

"Sounds like a plan," Justin nearly gasped.

"Good boy," Brian whispered and nipped the lobe of his ear.

Justin took their orders before he creamed his pants and embarrassed himself. He was strongly thinking about going into the employee bathroom and jerking off but the breakfast crowd started to pick up. With his prominent bulge under his apron he was raking in the tips and more than one customer brushed against him.


After Justin's shift he walked down to Torso where Emmett was more than happy to help him pick out a shirt for his "date." He got a tight fitting baby blue t-shirt that had Boys Boys Boys on the front.

Justin was more than a bit nervous as he got ready for the date, which was silly because he liked being with Brian a lot. It was just a big change from hiding who he was to being thrust right into the center of gay PA. Although if he was honest with himself, he was still hiding. This wasn't who he really was, a boy in girl's clothes.

Justin decided to wear his own jeans. If they were going to play pool his ass would be exposed every time he bent over the table if he wore Dee's. Brian probably wouldn't mind one bit but he didn't want everyone else to see his ass. Dee came in and flopped on his bed watching him get ready.

"I'm nervous; you're goen too, right?"

"You bet I am. Shanda Leer is going to be putting on a performance tonight. I'd never miss an opportunity to mock and laugh."

"That's not very nice."

"She's a bitch to rival all other bitches. You know why she lip synchs? She sounds like a trannie getting dick to pussy surgery."

Justin winced at the thought.

"You should go commando. Brian would love that."


"Don't wear any underwear, honey."

"Oh," Justin blushed.

He found a pair of black jeans in his closet and tugged them on. He took Dee's advice and didn't wear any underwear. Justin turned around when he was finished dressing. "So what do you think?" Justin nervously ran his hands over his shirt then ruffled his long blond hair.

"You look hot and Brian is going to jump you the moment he sees you."

"Ya think?"

Dee just rolled her eyes and thought 'drama queen'.

Justin nearly jumped out of his skin when Brian buzzed the apartment. He walked shakily over to the door and pressed the button. Soon enough Brian was at the door. Justin smiled widely as he opened the door.

"Hey, Brian."

"Justin," he looked the blond up and down. "Now that's more like it."

"Thanks," Justin blushed.

"You're not wearing any lip gloss," Brian observed.

"Nope, why? Do you want me to?"

"Well I've rather enjoyed finding out what the flavor of the day is."

Dee tossed Justin a tube of lip gloss. He didn't bother looking at the label before putting some on. As soon as he capped it Brian was kissing him.

"Mmm butterscotch, interesting. Now if they would only make Beam flavor, I'd never let you leave the house."

Justin grabbed his jean jacket and was ready to go. Brian escorted the two beautiful blonds to his Jeep.

Brian had his arm slung over Justin's shoulders as he entered Woody's. He wanted all the fags to know that the new delectable blond was his. Justin looked around Woody's curiously. He'd never been in a gay bar before. Apparently a bar was still pretty much a bar no matter who the patrons were. A pool table magically opened up for Brian and his guests; he wasn't king of Liberty for nothing. He ordered a round of beers and who should deliver them but Cody.

"I didn't know you worked here now," Justin said by way of conversation.

"Well, if it isn't Meg Ryan. I didn't know you were capable of dressing like a guy," Cody sneered.

Justin fumed and called after Cody, "Make sure you don't drop any."

Justin took a sip of his beer while Brian looked on amused. Emmett joined them then and they divided up. Justin was with Brian and Emmett was with Dee. Brian racked up the balls then let Dee break. Justin stood next to Brian casually sipping his beer. Brian's eyes were glued to Justin's ass when he bent over the pool table. The other patrons had a long gander as well. Even though Justin had only played pool a few times he was a natural at it. Emmett as usual sucked while Dee made it just interesting enough for Brian and Justin. It was no contest though.

Off in a dim corner Justin was being watched by a shadowy figure. He wanted the beautiful blond and he would figure out a way to have him. First he needed to get him alone so he could work his magic on him. Brian didn't deserve the beautiful creature he was with. He sneered and gripped his beer hard every time Brian would smile or touch the blond.

When Shanda's show started everyone found seats. Brian tugged Justin onto his lap to everyone else's amusement. Shanda made her grand entrance as usual. She wore a sparkly gown and was perfectly quaffed though most thought she looked like a badly painted Barbie doll.

"I wonder what tired old worn out standard she's going to 'sing' tonight," Dee murmured.

Brian was nibbling softly on Justin's neck and not really paying attention to his surroundings.

Shanda struck several poses while sending death glares at one of the guys who were late in cueing up the music. Shanda began her over the top act, lip synching and prancing around the stage. Dee rolled her eyes. Justin was distracted with Brian's nibbling and soft caresses, though he could say with some certainty that what he saw and heard just wasn't his cup of tea. He figured Dee could do much better. Suddenly there was a snag in the CD; it skipped and then spun quietly. Shanda's mouth was still hanging open.

Emmett grinned, "Well now, I think that's the first time I've ever seen Shanda speechless."

Justin giggled; it was kinda funny. The crowd began to murmur. They were getting restless with the lull in the show and started yelling nasty things. Shanda turned red in the face and flounced over to the sound system to fix the damn problem herself. The gods were feeling particularly spiteful just then. When Shanda took her next step the heel broke on her pump. She stumbled and fell back on her rump. To add insult to injury her gown flew up over her head. Everyone burst into fits of laughter. A few of the drag queens who never liked her invading their territory yelled, "Good lord, put it away!"

Justin was laughing so hard he couldn't catch his breath. Brian just smirked, highly amused with his surroundings. Shanda crawled off stage and went to sulk in her tiny dressing room.

"Well," Emmett stood up. "I guess I could be persuaded to do one number. Dee honey, wanna be my back up girl?"

"Why not."

Arm in arm they got up on the stage. After a brief deliberation they made their choice. The music cued and they began to sing, really sing, no lip synching for them. Emmett did his wild praise Jesus dance while Dee did a sexy shimmy.

"It's raining men, halleluiah, it's raining men. Amen!

I'm gonna go out and get myself absolutely soaken wet.

It's raining men, halleluiah, it's raining men, every specimen.

Tall, blond, dark and lean, rough and tough, strong and mean."

Dee purred sexily into the mike. "Go out and get yourself wet. I know you want to."

Justin jumped off Brian's lap and stood with everyone else clapping. When Emmett and Dee came down, Justin gave each of them a big hug.

"You guys were so great!"

"Why thank you, honey," Emmett smiled.

Brian ordered a round of beers for their table.

A hand latched onto Cody's wrist and dug into his flesh.

"Ow! What the fuck? Are you trying to get me fired? I almost dropped all these bottles."

"Shut the fuck up, you whiney little fag. I have a job for you to do. I want you to put this in little Sunshine's drink." A little white pill was produced.

"Are you fucking nuts? I could lose my job, not to mention Kinney would rip my balls off."

"I'll rip your balls off if you don't."

Cody took the threat seriously.

"Oh, and make sure you rip the label a little on the one with the surprise inside; wouldn't want you to mix up the bottles."

Cody reluctantly palmed the pill. "This won't kill him, will it? I mean I can't stand him either but I don't exactly want him dead."

"He'll only wish he were dead."

Cody got the round of beers and casually dropped the pill inside one. He gave the label a quick rip so he wouldn't lose track of the bottle. The pill quickly dissolved in the liquid. It released a color indicating that the drink was drugged but the dark glass hid the fact. Cody quickly delivered the beer then beat a hasty retreat. Justin thought nothing of it and took a long drink.

The group decided to play one more round of pool before possibly heading to Babylon, although Brian was anxious to get Justin home so he could fuck him into the wee hours of the morning. He couldn't seem to get enough of the blond. Justin only drank half his beer when he started to feel a bit tipsy. He wasn't a drinker by any stretch but he thought he shouldn't be feeling the effects so soon. Justin giggled as he ran his hand up and down his pool cue in a suggestive manner. Brian couldn't help but smirk.

"Geeze, you're a light weight; drunk already?"

Justin threw his head back and laughed. He ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm feeling very, very good."

When Brian lined up his next shot Justin was rubbing his crotch against the pocket. He smiled suggestively at Brian.

"Would you mind moving your dick out of the way?"

Justin giggled, "Sure, where would you like me to put it?"

Dee pulled him aside. Justin slung his arm over his cousin.

"We look alike but you're a girl, um, except you're not."

Dee laughed, "You are so drunk."

"I only had one and a half." Then Justin broke out into a fit of giggles.

Brian tugged Justin into his arms; the blond went willingly. Justin snuggled up to Brian placing little kisses along his Adam's apple. He fondled Brian openly and rubbed himself against Brian's leg.

"Friendly little thing, isn't he?" Brian laughed.

Dee smirked, "I've never seen him drunk before."

Brian tilted Justin's head back and got a good look at the teen's eyes and frowned. If he didn't know any better he'd say Justin was more than just drunk. He looked high, but that was impossible. Justin knew better than to take party favors from anyone. He never left his side and he hadn't left his drink unattended. He pushed away the nagging feeling that something was wrong; he'd keep an eye on the little blond.

"I'll be right back, gotta pee," Justin announced.

"Do you want someone to go with you?" Brian asked.

Justin laughed. "I think I can manage by myself, unless you want to hold it for me. Mmm, that could be hot."

Brian smiled and shook his head. "Just go and try to stay out of trouble."

Justin stumbled a little bit as he made his way to the bathroom. More than one pair of eyes was watching him. Some watched with lust, others envy and jealousy. One person watched him with pure hatred.

When Justin got to the bathroom he began to feel sick. He felt hot and sweaty yet cold all at once. He went over to a urinal and pulled out his dick. The room began to spin a bit so he closed his eyes. A sigh escaped his lips as his urine splashed into the urinal. He was in mid stream when he heard someone enter the bathroom. His eyes snapped open. He whimpered a little when he saw a big burly bear come in and stand next to him.

"Please don't hurt me; I'm not feelen so well," Justin murmured. He was close to sobbing.

The tough looking bear snorted. "I know you're Kinney's boy, not that I wouldn't mind a piece of blond boy ass, but I like them willing."

Justin nodded mutely and finished up. He quickly washed his hands then with shaky hands wet a paper towel and held it to his sweaty brow. He fought back the urge to gag. Justin left the bathroom and found the back exit. He desperately needed some fresh air. His stomach kept doing flips and he feared he would be sick. Justin knew he shouldn't be in the alley alone but he felt so sick and he was having trouble thinking clearly. He was concentrating on taking deep breaths trying not to be sick. He didn't notice that someone joined him in the alley.

"Hey there, Sunshine," the voice cooed.

Justin grimaced. "What do you want?"

"I want you, Angel."

"Well you can't have me. Just leave me alone, Ethan."

"Baby, don't be like that." Ethan backed Justin up against the brick wall.

"Don't, I don't feel so well. Just back off."

"I could make you feel better."

Ethan moved in and clumsily began to grope Justin.

"Stop it," Justin groaned as he tried to push Ethan off of him.

The bear went to find Brian. He'd seen the small blond go out the back door with a greasy rat hot on his tale. He smelled trouble and it would be a shame if anything happened to that pretty little morsel.



"You better go after your twink. Last I saw he was out back. The greasy fiddler followed him. Your boy didn't look too good either."

"Fucking hell!" Brian shouted. He jumped up and raced for the back exit; Dee rushed after him. Bruce decided to follow just in case he was needed, though he was sure Kinney could take care of the rat bastard. He would go for the entertainment value and have first scoop on the gossip.

Out in the alley Ethan mashed his lips against Justin's and kissed him sloppily. Justin retched, he tried to move his face to the side so he could breathe and scream.

"Get off me!" Justin growled.

A door crashed open and Brian raced out. He heard Justin yell and saw him struggling with the fiddle fuck.

Justin pushed with all his might. Ethan stumbled back a step, then Justin bent over and threw up all over Ethan's shoes. Ethan grimaced then he was roughly grabbed from behind.

"You fucking asshole!" Brian screamed and punched him in the face. With one quick move he crushed several bones in the fiddlers' hand. Ethan shrieked and nearly passed out. Dee skirted the violence to get to Justin's side. He was still bent over throwing up. She held him and rubbed his back. When Ethan ceased to be a threat Brian was at Justin's side. Justin looked up with watery eyes. He looked so much younger than he was. All Brian wanted to do was protect him. He pulled him gently into his arms.

"Brian, I wanna go home, I … I feel so sick."

"Yeah and I'm sure your going to feel a lot worse. That fucker must have drugged your drink somehow."

Justin whimpered and clung to Brian.

"Dee, can you catch a ride with Emmett? I'm going to take Sunshine here back to my loft."

"Ok, you take care of my baby cousin."

"I'll watch over him."

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and led him out to where the Jeep was parked.

"What am I going to do with you, Sunshine? I think you need to be put on a very short tether. Trouble just keeps finding you."

"I'm sorry," Justin mumbled.

"It's not your fault." Brian stopped next to his Jeep. "Now repeat after me, no puking in the Jeep."

Justin smiled weakly. "I'll try."

Brian helped him get in and buckled his seatbelt for him. He drove to the loft as quickly as he could. He wanted to make Justin as comfortable as possible; it was going to be a long night.

Brian got Justin to the loft thankfully with his Jeep still clean. He ushered Justin into the building. They took the stairs because Justin didn't think his stomach could handle the elevator at the moment. He hurried Justin through the loft and up to the bathroom; the boy was looking a bit on the green side. Justin fell to his knees and vomited in the toilet. Brian knelt behind him and kept his hair out of his face and rubbed his back trying to soothe him. He never thought in a million years he'd be doing this for another person. It pained him to see Justin so ill. He left briefly to get Justin some water; he didn't want him to get dehydrated. He uncapped the bottle and held it out.

"Here, try to drink a little."

"I feel so bad."

"I know."

Justin managed a few sips. They spent several hours in the bathroom. By the time the vomiting seemed to have stopped, Justin was close to passing out from the drugs and sheer exhaustion. Brian picked him up off the floor and carried him to bed. He let Justin have his side of the bed since it was the closest to the bathroom. Brian gently undressed him and tucked the duvet around him. He rolled Justin on his side and made sure he was breathing easy. He set the bottle of water on the night stand. Brian stripped and slipped out of his clothes letting them fall in a pile. He crawled into bed and wrapped his arms around Justin. He laid there and watched Justin sleep till the early morning hours. Eventually his eyes closed, and he managed to get a few hours of sleep before he had to get up.


Justin groaned and snuggled up to Brian's warmth in his sleep. His eyes slowly fluttered open and were met with intense hazel eyes.

"You're alive. How do you feel?"

"Positively wretched. What happened?"

"What do you remember about last night?"

Justin rubbed his face with his hands. "Um, we went to Woody's, played pool and um, then it gets a bit fuzzy."

"Someone drugged you."

Justin's eyes widened. "What? Who? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you were a bit loopy and it was more than just the beer."

Justin groaned and covered his face. "I didn't do anything embarrassen, did I?"

Brian hid his smile. "Well you table danced with Dee, mated with the pool table and propositioned me in the middle of Woody's."

Justin looked absolutely horrified.

"I'm kidding, well just a little. You were very sweet and affectionate. You were less inhibited."

"You're a shit, you know that?"

Brian smirked, "I've been called worse."

"So what happened? Who did this? I didn't take anything from anyone."

Brian sighed. He didn't want to upset Justin but he needed to know what went on.

"Well, you went out the back; I imagine you were starting to feel sick. Ethan followed you. He had you up against a wall…. But we stopped him. You threw up on him and I punched him and broke the fucker's hand. He shouldn't bother you again."

"He didn't um…"

"No, but I'm sure he would have tried."

A thought popped into Justin head. "What about Cody?"

"What about him?" Brian asked.

"He could have done it, he served me my drinks."

"I suppose it's possible. What does he have against you?"

"He never liked me right from the start and Deb did give me his job."

"Hmm, well I guess I'm just going to have to keep a closer eye on you."

Justin peeked under the sheets and saw he was naked. "We didn't, um…"

"Fuck no, you were too busy puking your guts out."

"Brian, I'm sorry I've been so much trouble."

"You're not any trouble; it's the other fucking savages in this burg. I'll get you some ginger ale. That should settle your stomach. Do you have a headache?"

"Yeah, it feels like my head is going to explode."

"Then I'll get you some aspirin too."

"Not Tylenol, I'm allergic."

"Good to know."

Justin watched Brian get up and walk into the kitchen; he enjoyed the view. While Brian was in the kitchen he scurried into the bathroom to relieve his full bladder. He wasn't comfortable going around naked as Brian was. He dove back under the sheets when Brian came back. He swallowed the aspirin with bottled water then sipped his ginger ale.

"Thank you, Brian, you've taken such good care of me."

"Well, just don't tell anyone. They wouldn't believe it anyway."

"This is your place, right? Why did you bring me back here?"

"I knew I could take better care of you here."

"You have a nice place from what little I've seen of it."

"Thanks, do you have to work today? I can call Deb."

"No, thank God, it's my day off. I don't think I could handle being around all that food just now."

"So I guess you don't want breakfast."

Justin looked ill at the mere mention of it.

"I have to go into the office. I have a big meeting later today but I could go in later."

"You don't have to do that. I'll be fine."

Brian kissed Justin forehead. "Ok, if you're sure."

"Come on; we can have a shower together."

Justin's cheeks reddened at the idea. Brian pulled him up out of bed and into the bathroom. He started the shower and led Justin under the warm spray. He grabbed up his expensive soap and ran the bar over Justin's chest. They passed the soap back and forth soaping each other up, hands glided over slick wet flesh. Brian washed Justin's long silky hair with his best shampoo. He had to hide a smile. Justin looked like a little wet duckling. He leaned in and pressed several kisses to Justin's face. When they got out Brian wrapped Justin up in a big warm fluffy towel and proceeded to fluff him dry. Brian got out a toothbrush for Justin from his vast supply. Brian shaved while Justin brushed. They were getting very comfortable with each other.

Justin dropped his towel and crawled back in bed; he was still rather tired. Brian laid out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt for Justin. Justin watched Brian get ready for work. The man was absolutely stunning. Brian straightened his tie then held out his arms.


"You look hot, amazing, stupendous and at least worth several million bucks."

"Stop, you'll make me blush." He bent down and kissed Justin lightly on the lips. "Are you sure you'll be ok?"

"I'm sure; I'm just goen to go back to sleep."

"Ok, well here are some clothes. I have some of Deb's soup you can heat up later. I'll call you later just to see how you're doing."

After Brian left, Justin curled up and fell back to sleep.

When Justin woke up he felt a lot better. He got off the bed and put on the clothes that Brian had left for him. He had to tie the draw strings extra tight because the pants kept falling down his thighs. Justin gave the pant legs a couple of rolls and he was all set. He left the bedroom and began to explore the loft. The place was so Brian, clean, sleek and very expensive. Justin fell in love with the kitchen. It had everything one could possibly ever need and yet he knew Brian rarely if ever cooked. He ran his hand across the counters lovingly.

Justin found the soup in the fridge and heated it up. He even found a few crackers to go along with it. Justin hopped up on one of the stools and ate his soup, his bare feet swinging slightly under the counter. After he was finished he tidied up the kitchen. He wandered into the living room and picked up a framed picture; it was of Brian holding baby Gus. He smiled and set it back down where he found it.

Justin curled up on the sofa and turned on the TV. He flicked through the channels trying to find something good on but nothing really caught his interest. He idly wondered if Brian had any good movies. Justin noticed that Brian had a lot of old movies and seemed to have a thing for James Dean. There was one movie in a slim black case that caught his eye. It looked interesting and mysterious so he popped it in the DVD player and settled himself back on the sofa.

A man shrouded in mist was walking through the city streets. Justin's curiosity was definitely piqued. The man walked down a lonely alley then turned a corner into a sectioned off area. It almost looked like a dead end. The hot guy walked up to the crumbling wall and unzipped his pants and fed his cock through a hole. Justin cocked his head to the side and for a moment wondered if the guy was taking a leak. The guy threw his head back and moaned in pleasure. The other side of the wall was revealed. Justin saw another man on his knees servicing the guy. Justin's mouth dropped open in shock. He was watching porn!

Justin watched the guy getting serviced with rapt attention, now this was interesting. His sweats were tenting. He dropped his hand between his legs and gave his dick a comforting squeeze. Then on screen a cop came walking down the alley. Justin's eyes were glued to the screen and he began to pant a little. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Instead of the cop arresting them he joined in. The cop began fucking the guy with his night stick.

Justin couldn't take any more. He yanked at the draw string and shoved his pants down till his cock sprung out hard and leaking. He wrapped his hand around his dick and began to jerk himself off. This was hands down the hottest movie he'd ever seen. The moans on screen were mixing with his own. Justin was seconds away from cumming when the damn phone rang. He silently cursed it and thought about not answering it. It was Brian's phone after all, but then he vaguely remembered Brian said he would call. He fumbled with the remote and hit mute and paused the action on the screen.

"Hello," Justin answered breathlessly.

"Hey Sunshine, did I wake you?" Brian thought Justin sounded a little funny.

"Um no, I was just watchen TV."

"Oh, anything good?"

Justin blushed, embarrassed that he would get caught.

"This one movie caught my attention." Justin looked down at his straining purple dick.

"Admit it; you're watching porn," Brian joked.

Justin let out a little gasp. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what it was. It wasn't marked."

Brian laughed. "I was joking; relax. So you really are watching porn?" Brian purred throatily.

"Yes, and I was just about to cum when ya called."

"Ohh sorry, I'll have to make it up to you." Brian got up and locked the door of his office. He went over to his corner sofa and sat down. He unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and started stroking slowly. "So what were you watching and feel free to go into detail."

Justin looked at the phone and almost shook his head. "Um, aren't you at work?"

"Yeah so, you should see some of the stuff that cums across my desk."

"Well," Justin began shyly; he couldn't believe he was doing this. "There was this hot guy walken down a dark alley with lots of mist. He comes to this crumbling wall and takes out his cock, then someone starts blowen him."

"Ah yes Man Hole 2, it's a classic. Are you touching yourself, Justin?" Brian asked throatily.

Justin shivered, "Maybe."

"Don't be coy with me, little boy."

"Ok, yes! I'm so hard and wet, I couldn't help myself."

"That's more like it," Brian grinned.

Justin could hear Brian's breathing pick up on the other end and knew he was masturbating too.

"Then what happened?" Brian asked.

"A cop came but instead of arresten them he started fucken the guy with his night stick."

Justin began to fist his cock again.

"Well, I can assure you the rest is riveting as well."

"I'll take your word for it," Justin gasped.

"Justin, suck on your finger and slip it into your hole. Pretend I'm there."

Justin did what he was told. Brian could hear the wet sucking sound on his end of the line. He fisted his cock faster when he heard Justin's quick intake of breath.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yessss, oh God Bri, Mmmm."

"Work your hole, baby."

Justin's finger teased his hole. He accidentally brushed against his prostate which sent him over the edge; he saw fireworks. His hot cum shot out of him fast and furious. When Brian heard Justin's orgasm over the line he fisted his cock till he got off as well. Brian shot his load into a wad of tissues hastily grabbed at the last second.

"Fuck that was hot," Brian murmured.

"I've never done anythen like that before. I didn't know it could be so… wow"

Brian chuckled, "I should go. I need to get back to work."

"What time will you be home? I could get us something to eat."

"I can probably be out of here at six. There is a drawer in the kitchen full of take out menus, surprise me. Later, Justin."


When Brian came home he found Justin on the sofa sketching on a pad of paper that he found.

"Honey, I'm home. Darn, I thought I might catch you jerking off again."

Justin blushed and covered his face. He set his drawing aside and rushed over to give Brian a big hug and kiss.

"I just ordered the food. It should be here in twenty minutes."

"Hmm, twenty whole minutes. How ever will we pass the time" Brian said wickedly.

Justin got up and scurried toward the bedroom with a big grin on his face.


The next morning Brian woke with Justin curled up on his chest. He was content to just lay there with him but he knew his alarm would be going off soon. Justin woke up when he stretched to reach for the clock. Justin smiled sleepily at him.

"Morning, how did you sleep?"

"Mm, like a log."

Brian laughed, "You sure felt like one."

Justin tickled his ribs then bounded off the bed and into the bathroom. Brian followed a bit slower thinking, 'Fuck, that kid has a lot of energy.' Brian joined Justin at the toilet; they pissed side by side. Justin glanced at Brian and blushed. His eyes twinkled with passion and lust.

Brian started the shower and pulled Justin in with him. Justin was starting to like his communal showers with Brian. Brian sunk to his knees and took Justin deep into his throat. Justin's back hit the cold slate tile. His hands scrabbled to find something to hang onto while Brian gobbled and slurped. His hands finally found Brian's hair and held on for dear life. When Brian's probing finger began to fuck him Justin went wild. He moaned and bucked, then exploded in a torrent down Brian's throat. Brian nearly choked on all the cum. He pulled Justin up against him kissing him hard, sharing his cum with him. Justin smiled slyly and sunk to his knees to reciprocate.

By the time they got out of the shower they were running a bit late. Brian shrugged it off. At least he would arrive to work in a good mood, for which his employees would be very grateful. He drove Justin to Dee's for some fresh clothes then it was off to the diner for coffee and gossip.

"Sunshine, you're late."

"I know. Sorry, it won't happen again."

"I'm sure it will if Brian Kinney is involved."

Brian smirked and Justin turned red. He ran to tie on his apron and start refilling cups of coffee.

Kiki handed Justin an envelope. "Here honey, someone left you this."

"Oh thanks."

Justin opened it curious as to who would leave him a note; it might be important. When Justin read it he visibly paled.

"Sunshine?" Brian had been watching him. Now he was concerned with Justin's pallor.

"Brian, I think you oughta take a look at this."

The message was short. Someone wanted Justin out of town. The note was only signed with a happy, smiley face sticker which made it all the more sinister.

Song lyrics It's Raining Men By The Weather Girls

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