Southern Sunshine

Chapter 7

In the morning Justin awoke pleasantly trapped under Brian's warm body. He watched Brian sleep and gave a happy sigh. He was falling in love with this handsome man. Justin would have been content to lie there all morning and watch Brian sleep but the constant pressure in his bladder told him he needed to get up. Justin tried to wiggle out from under Brian but that proved a bit more difficult than he thought. Brian's arms tightened around him.

"Brian, can you let me up, please?"

"It's too early to be up," Brian mumbled.

"I know but I really have to pee."

Brian loosened his grip and untangled their legs. Justin slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve his full bladder. When Justin came back Brian was lounging in bed. Justin got into bed and cuddled up to Brian.

"You feeling all right this morning?"

"You kept me nice and warm all night."

"It was the least I could do," Brian said with a smirk that made Justin giggle.

Brian leaned down and kissed Justin softly. Justin blushed when he realized Brian's morning hard on was poking him.

"So you wanna fool around?" Brian purred sexily.

Justin felt himself blushing even more. He most definitely wanted to fool around but every time he had tried it before he had gotten into trouble of some kind. Brian watched the mixed emotions flit across Justin's face. He wondered what was going on in the pretty blond head.

"We don't have to do anything if you're not ready," Brian said looking into the troubled blue eyes.

Justin nodded and felt tears start to well up at the tender gesture Brian was making. "Can … can I tell you something?" Justin asked. Brian nodded. "But it has to stay just between you and me." Brian nodded again. "I … I haven't done anything much in the way of … you know … sex."

"Ah, a virgin." Brian couldn't help but smirk. He had thought as much.

"So, I'm kind of scared. I had a bad experience."

"Did someone force himself on you?" Brian asked with a frown.

"No, no, nothing like that. There was this boy back home, Chris Hobbs…"

"And you fell in love?"

"No, no. But I did like him in a … funny way. I used to get hard when I saw him," Justin admitted.

"Ah, young love."

"That wasn't love. At least I don't think it was. I just wanted to … be with him. I wanted to see what it was like."

"Of course you did. So did he get you off?"

Justin ignored the question. "He's a jock, captain of the football team. I didn't think he would even look at me."

"Sometimes they're the biggest closet cases."

Justin stared at Brian. Was that why Chris had done what he did? They had shared that kiss and Chris had let him stroke his penis. "One day," Justin began, drawing in a deep breath, "I was watching practice and sketching the football players. When they were done and everyone had gone to the dressing room, Chris came over to me and started asking about the sketches. He looked through my book and complimented me. I … I really liked his attention."

"Of course you did."

"Then he asked me to follow him."

"And you did."

"We went under the stands and he kissed me. I've never felt anything like that before."

"How about this?" Brian asked as he leaned down and kissed Justin's soft, pliable lips.

Justin felt a sigh of pleasure escape his lips and then Brian pressed harder and his tongue probed for entrance. Justin opened his mouth and felt Brian's tongue sweep across his teeth and tongue. He was instantly hard as he felt Brian's tongue explore and caress all over his mouth. He reached up and pressed the back of Brian's head wanting the kiss to go on and on and the tongue to go deeper. Brian's hand swept down Justin's back and kneaded the globes of his ass.

With a gulp Justin broke the kiss and leaned back to look into Brian's eyes. "Wow!" was all he could get out.

"I take it that my kiss might have been a little more than what you got from Chris Hobbs," Brian smirked.

"I almost came in my pants." Justin could feel that his cheeks were scarlet.

"We could take them off so that you wouldn't mess them."

Justin shook his head. "I want to tell you what happened with Chris."

"There's more?"

Justin nodded. "We started jerkin' each other off while we were kissen. I was almost ready to come when someone caught us. It was one of the guys from the team looken for Chris. He yelled for some of the team to come see. Chris was livid and he blamed me for what we were doen. He pushed me up against a post and grabbed me by the throat. And then he kneed me in the balls. I thought I was goen to die, it hurt so bad. I fell down in a heap. Chris told them all to leave me there and they walked away. A couple of them spit on me before they left, Chris included."

"Fucking assholes!" Brian reacted pulling Justin a little closer.

"I thought that was the end of it. I managed to get home and I didn't seem to be too … damaged down there."

"Want me to check it for you?" Brian offered.

Justin blushed again and shook his head. "The next day when I went to school someone had painted 'fag' on my locker. Everyone started callen me names and making fun of me. They would spit at me whenever I walked by. They stole my books and my homework. It was slow torture. It was horrible."

"So you ran away?" Brian asked.

"I wanted to, but I stuck it out for a couple of weeks."

"Did they do something more?"

Justin nodded. "One night after I'd been at the library, they caught me as I was walken home. I tried to run, but there were too many of them. They pulled off my clothes and tied me to a tree." Justin felt the first tear slide down his cheek. He couldn't stop it and he didn't want to. He felt safe in Brian's arms and he wanted to get it all out. "They broke off some branches and whipped me with them. It hurt so much, but not as much as the humiliation of watchen Chris Hobbs beating the shit out of me. I guess he had to prove himself to the others."

"They always do," Brian whispered as he kissed the top of Justin's fair head. His heart ached for what the boy had suffered.

Justin wiped at his tears and continued. "Finally they were done and they decided to run off and leave me there. I was only partly aware at that point, but a few minutes later Chris came back and he jerked off all over me. I fucken hate that son of a bitch."

"That makes two of us, Sunshine," Brian whispered hugging Justin tighter. "How did you get home?"

"The police somehow found me. I don't know if somebody tipped them off, but they came and untied me. They wanted to take me to the hospital, but I wanted to go home. The police told my father what they had found and he kicked me out. He told me he wasn't haven everyone make fun of his family. He can't stand haven a faggot for a son, especially when the whole town knows. That's why I'm here."

"You have the same kind of loving family that I have," Brian noted sarcastically.

"My mother tried to help me. She gave me money and sent me here. It's my father that's the asshole."

"One out of two ain't bad."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not important. You're here now and you're safe. Except for that fucking freezer. You should sue them for having an escape handle that doesn't work."

"I can't afford a lawyer and I don't want to sue anybody. I just want to work and be left alone."

The pain in Justin's voice made Brian lean down and proceed to kiss all the trauma away. After a few minutes of groping and kissing, they were both hard. Justin felt his cock throb and he could feel Brian's stiff rod sticking into his groin. Brian's hand inserted itself between them and Justin felt Brian grasp his meat. The next thing he knew he was coming so hard there were little stars behind his closed eyelids.

When Justin opened his eyes Brian was still hovering above him. Amused hazel eyes looked into his.

"I couldn't help it," Justin gasped feeling slightly ashamed.

"What couldn't you help? Getting off is always good, however it happens."

Justin smiled up at Brian. "That felt amazen. You are a stupendous kisser."

"Stupendous? Interesting choice of words."

"I … I meant it only in the best sense," Justin quickly added thinking Brian felt he had been insulted.

"I know what stupendous means," Brian smirked. "I've been called amazing, fabulous, unbelievable, but never stupendous … until now. I like it."

"You do?"

Brian nodded. "You want to do something more?" he asked with a lustful look in his eye.

Justin hesitated. The world hadn't spun off its axis when he came, although it had been pretty close to that. No one had barged in and beat the shit out of them for being in bed together. Justin nodded his head.

"Hm, let's see. How about the fine art of the blowjob?"

Justin grinned in anticipation and nodded his head. With his patented smirk Brian began kissing his way down Justin's body. When he reached the soggy sweatpants that Justin was still wearing he stripped them off in one practised motion. He heard Justin gasp as he did so, and he smiled up at the boy. When he looked back to the treasure he was after, the kid was already starting to get hard and he hadn't even touched him yet.

Brian licked around Justin's navel dipping his tongue inside and rimming the tiny opening. Justin gasped and grabbed Brian's hair. Brian wondered if he would be bald by the time he finally took Justin's cock into his mouth. He had a feeling even that would be worth it. Brian sniffed down Justin's trail of blond hair blowing every now and then. He could feel Justin react with each breath of air. The kid was so ripe for the plucking.

"Want me to keep going?" Brian asked looking up at Justin.

"Oh God, yes!"

Brian chuckled. His tongue licked along the inside of Justin's thighs and his nose nudged Justin's balls. He felt the kid gasp and rise up slightly off the bed. Brian's hands grasped Justin's hips and held him steady as his tongue coated Justin's sac with spit. Brian sucked one ball into his mouth and rolled it around. Justin was panting. Brian did the same to the other ball.

"Brian," Justin begged. His voice was barely above a whisper.

Brian looked at Justin's pulsing cock, piss slit gaping and precum dripping from it. He decided he better take pity on the boy. He leaned in and sucked all of Justin's dick into his mouth. He held it tight inside for a moment and then allowed his lips to slide up and down a few times. Justin thrust up into his mouth.

"Easy," Brian said releasing Justin's meat.

"Oh shit, Brian! I don't know how much more I can stand. I want to cum so bad."

"Then do it," Brian said as he captured Justin's dick and swallowed around it.

Justin let out the next thing to a scream and shot his load down Brian's throat. Brian swallowed and licked his lips. Justin's eyes were closed and he was gasping for air. Brian slid up and kissed the open mouth. He deposited a little treasure inside.

"You okay?" Brian asked.

Justin's eyes fluttered open. "I think I died."

"They don't call it 'the little death' for nothing."

"I … I didn't know it could be like that."

"Well, it can, and there's a lot more that we haven't done."

"It's a good job you told Debbie I wouldn't be in today. I don't think I can walk," Justin giggled still on his orgasmic high.

"Wait till you take my dick up your ass, and then you really won't be able to walk, at least not normally."

"You want to do that?" Justin asked in a worried voice.

"I certainly fucking do."

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"A little. That's part of it."

Justin's eyes had got very big. "I … I don't know."

"We don't have to do it right now," Brian said gently. "Let's take a shower and have some breakfast."

"That sounds good," Justin said relieved that he didn't have to make a decision about Brian's dick being up his ass. He glanced at Brian's cock which was still hard. It looked huge. How could he ever take that thing up inside him? "You're still hard," Justin said as they headed for the bathroom.

"How very observant of you," Brian smirked as he slung his arm over Justin's shoulder. "Maybe you should have your first lesson in cocksucking while we're in the shower."

"I could do that," Justin replied trying to sound confident.

When they sat down for breakfast a while later Justin had a big grin on his face. He had gone down on Brian in the shower, kneeling in front of the man and trying to mimic everything Brian had done to him earlier. He had been pretty successful since Brian had shot into his mouth and Justin hadn't choked either on Brian's dick or Brian's cum. Brian had said it was a worthy first try, had called him a natural. Justin knew he could do better and he was really ready to practise some more.

Justin munched on his cereal while Brian sipped his coffee. Brian studied the young lad sitting across the table from him. He knew Justin was doing the same with him.

"Brian, why are you here?" Justin said after a bit of time had elapsed.

"It's Saturday. I have nothing else to do," Brian smirked.

"No, really, why did you rescue me and stay with me?"

"There's something not so bad about you."

"Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence."

Brian shrugged. He really did like the kid but he could hardly tell him that. "I thought maybe you could use an expert since it was your first time."

"What was your first time like?"

"First time at what?"

"First blowjob?" Justin asked thinking back to his own experience a few minutes ago.

"I was fourteen. I had this track coach at high school. I forgot something in the change room and went back to get it. He was showering and I walked right into the shower with my clothes on and sucked him off."



"What about the first time you ever … um … took it up the ass?"

"What makes you think I've ever done that?"

"Haven't you?"


"Tell me."

Just then Dee came into the kitchen. She looked half awake. "Any more of that coffee left?" she asked.

Brian poured her a cup and handed it to her. She took a drink and sighed in satisfaction.

"How are you, Justin?"

"I'm fine. Someone kept me warm all night." Justin winked at Brian.

"Someone is being very nice," Dee observed. She had never seen or heard of this side of Brian Kinney.

"I can be nice when I want to," Brian said with his tongue in cheek.

"So I see."

"Are you worken today?" Justin asked.

Dee nodded. "You want the place to yourself, you got it. I'll be leaving as soon as I get dressed."

"Want some cereal?" Justin asked as he finished off the contents of his bowl.

"No thanks, I have to watch my girlish figure."

Brian snorted. "You girls!"

"Look who's talken. You never eat," Dee retorted.

"I don't think you qualify as an expert on my eating habits," Brian replied starting to get annoyed.

"Ladies," Justin giggled, "don't fight. Go get ready for work, Dee."

Dee turned and swished her way back into her bedroom.

"Are you going to keep dressing like a girl?" Brian asked when Dee disappeared from view.

"Does it bother you?" Brian shrugged. "I don't really dress like a girl, you know. I'm androgynous." Justin giggled.

"Not from what I saw this morning."

Justin blushed. "Did you like what you saw?" Justin dared to ask.

"I'm still here, aren't I?"

"See ya," Dee called as she breezed by and left the apartment.

"So, we're all alone," Brian noted.

"Yes, we are," Justin said looking at the floor. He wondered if Brian still wanted to fuck him. He kind of thought he was ready.

"What shall we do?" Brian whispered looking around the small living area.

"We could go back to bed," Justin suggested boldly.

"Are you cold?"

"No, I'm very hot."

"Are you? You realize what is likely to happen if we lie down together?"

"You'll fuck me," Justin whispered looking up at Brian through his long lashes.

"Only if you want me to."

"I want."

Brian held out his hand and Justin placed his in it. It was the first time in a long time that he had trusted someone like this. Brian pulled Justin from his chair and led him down the hall to the bedroom.

"You're sure?" Brian asked looking into Justin's eyes.

Justin nodded. "Just take it easy, okay?"

Brian pulled Justin toward him and ran his palms up and down Justin's arms. He could feel the goosebumps that indicated anticipation but also fear. He knew he would not hurt Justin. The fair haired boy had made a big impact on his little used heart, and he wanted to make this new experience the best thing that had ever happened to Justin.

Justin shivered under Brian's touch. He wondered if the man knew how scared he was. He knew instinctively that Brian would never hurt him, but he still remembered staring at Brian's big dick. He hoped he was up to what was to come. He didn't want to be a little baby any longer. He was ready to be a man.

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and pulled him into a long, lingering, sensuous kiss that had them both hard. He backed Justin towards the bed. His hands slid inside the elastic waist of Justin's sweats and pushed them down. He felt them slide to the floor and Justin stepped out of them. The kiss continued as Justin's fingers worked at the button and zipper of Brian's trousers. They too ended up on the floor.

The next thing Justin knew he was on his back on the bed with a naked Brian on top of him. The kiss continued as Brian's hands wandered all over Justin's body touching and kneading and caressing. Justin thought his brain and his heart were going to explode. His senses screamed for more and his breathing was barely working.

"Brian," Justin managed to gasp as Brian released his mouth for a fraction of a second. "I'm goen to cum if you don't stop."

Brian's answer was to keep kissing and caressing. With a mighty groan Justin shot his load between them. He couldn't prevent it any longer.

Brian leaned on his elbows and waited for Justin's breathing to normalize. "Now we can get to the real prize," Brian smirked as Justin opened his eyes.

"What … what do you mean?"

"You would have never lasted through what I'm going to do to you, so it's better that we got that out of the way."

"How … how many times have I cum this morning?" Justin asked with kind of a dazed look on his face.

"I wasn't counting, but at least four so far."

Justin let out a long breath. "I didn't know I could do that."

Brian chuckled. "When I was your age, I just had to rub up against something and out it came. I think I was the horniest thing on the face of the earth."

"I think you still are," Justin managed to say with a little laugh.

Brian arched a brow. "Roll over."

"Why? I want to look at you."

"Roll over," Brian repeated a little more forcefully.

Justin decided he better do what Brian told him. This was all new to him. He knew he was going to get his ass fucked and he guessed it had to be done from behind. He felt Brian shift to between his legs and he braced himself for what was to come.

Brian bit lightly at each of Justin's butt cheeks. The sensation was strange but not unpleasant. Brian licked and then kissed the spots. It felt hot and cool and wonderful. Justin felt his dick harden again and he let out a groan.

Brian grinned. The kid was going to cum again before he ever got his dick inside; he just knew it. With a touch of evil pleasure Brian spread Justin's cheeks and blew on his pucker. Justin rose up and looked back at Brian over his shoulder.

"What are you doen?" Justin gasped.

"Getting you ready."

"I'm ready."

Brian shook his head. "Stay still and enjoy." Justin frowned but lay back down and waited. He felt Brian's tongue lick along his crack. He blushed. Was this what men did together? Then Brian's tongue was probing at his hole and his hand was playing with his balls. It was all too much, overwhelming, and so fucking good.

Brian's tongue pressed against Justin's pucker. He felt the boy rise up again and gently pushed him down. He placed an arm around Justin and lifted his butt shoving a pillow under him. As Justin settled down on his new bed Brian's tongue began opening Justin's hole. He jabbed lightly at first but soon could get the tip and part of the tongue inside. Justin was panting and grabbing frantically at the sheets.

"I'm goen to cum again," Justin groaned.

"Go ahead."

"But I wanted you inside me."

"We'll get there." Brian stiffened his tongue and pushed into the tight muscle again and again. He heard Justin gasp and moan and then he felt the shudders that wracked Justin's body as he came. His hole tightened around Brian's tongue which he quickly pulled out.

Justin gasped and slumped onto the pillow. He felt Brian get up and wondered if he had disappointed Brian by cumming too soon. "Sorry," Justin said looking over his shoulder. "Can't you get your dick inside? I knew it was too big."

"That was my tongue," Brian laughed.

"Your tongue?" Justin's big blue eyes stared back at him.

"It's called rimming. Did you like it?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Then I'd say you're ready."

"I am?" Justin asked as Brian rolled him onto his back.

Brian held a condom in one hand and a tube of lube in the other. He had retrieved them from his pants on the floor. He climbed onto the bed and knelt between Justin's legs. He leaned down and gave the boy a soft kiss.

"Now, we are going to do this right. Lesson 1, always play safe. Roll this on my dick." Brian ripped open the condom packet with his teeth and handed the contents to Justin. Justin rolled the condom along Brian's length. He still wondered how it was going to fit inside him. "Lesson 2, if you want to look at me then place your legs on my shoulders.

Justin did as instructed all the while looking into Brian's beautiful eyes. He smiled at the man which earned him another kiss. He felt himself grow hard again.

Brian chuckled as he felt Justin's dick stiffen beneath him. "Ah, youth. Always hard and horny." Justin blushed once again. "Lesson 3, this is going to feel cold but it'll heat up." Brian squirted lube up Justin's ass and heard the boy gasp.

"Couldn't you warm it up?"

"I'm going to," Brian smirked.

Justin squirmed at the sensation of the lube inside him. "You're going to go slow, right?"

Brian nodded. "Lesson 4, pain and pleasure. It's going to hurt like a motherfucker, but it will get better. I promise."

Justin stared into Brian's eyes as he felt the tip of Brian's dick pressing against his hole. "Ow," he winced as the mushroom head breached the opening. "That fucking hurts," Justin gasped.

"I know. Try to relax."

Justin took a few deep breaths as Brian stayed still inside him. Brian felt the tension release a bit and he thrust forward a bit edging in another inch. Justin's face screwed up in pain but he didn't cry out. Brian waited till he felt the muscles release again. He thrust forward gaining some more ground. Justin tensed up and squeezed his eyes shut. Brian waited. After a minute Justin opened his eyes and Brian pushed all the way in. He stopped and caressed Justin's stomach. When the boy opened his eyes, Brian leaned in and kissed him.

"That was the pain. Now comes the pleasure," Brian whispered.

He began to thrust gently at first until he saw the look of pain on Justin's face turn to one of pure pleasure. The next thing he knew Justin was meeting his forward motion rising up to meet each stroke. He smiled down at the boy running his hand along Justin's sweaty cheek.

"You were made for sex," Brian said as he drove in and leaned down for another kiss.

Justin smiled that sunshine smile and Brian began to thrust in earnest. He felt his balls rise up and his strokes became faster. He reached for Justin's dick and gave it a tug. That was all it took for the boy to cum. His anal muscles clamped down on Brian's dick and Brian came harder than he had in a long time. Brian jabbed a few more times and then slumped down on top of Justin. They were still for a long time.

"I'm crushing you," Brian said starting to roll away.

Justin's arm came around his back. "Stay," Justin whispered, "just a little longer."

Brian stayed still until he felt his soft dick slip out. He rolled away and stripped off the very full condom. He tossed it towards the wastebasket in the corner.

"You okay?" Brian asked.

Justin nodded. "You were right about the pleasure and pain thing."

"Was the pleasure worth the pain?"


Brian chuckled. "I'm glad."

"It was stupendous! You were stupendous!"

Brian laughed out loud. "That could easily become my new favorite word," he said as he threw some covers over them and they drifted off to sleep spooned together.

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