Southern Sunshine

Chapter 3

So far Justin's stay in the Pitts wasn't so bad. Dee synchronized her work schedule with Justin's. She would drop Justin off at the diner then head to the Body Shop where she was surrounded in perfumes, lotions and all things girly. Most of the time, Justin would try to meet up with Dee and Emmett on his longer breaks. The three southern boys formed a tight bond. It was when day turned to night that Justin had a problem. He still had nightmares every night. Though he now had his own room, he would creep into Dee's room after he had a nightmare. Only then could he manage to get a few hours of sleep. He was thankful Dee never minded.

One night when Justin woke up gasping, drenched in sweat from the nightmare he curbed his impulse to go to Dee's room. He knew Dee worried about him. It made him feel like a little kid to need his cousin to chase his bad dreams away. Justin flipped on the light and grabbed up his sketchbook; sketching always helped relax him. He had been trying to capture the gorgeous man he'd seen, the man that put butterflies in his stomach and a tingling in his groin. Justin wasn't happy so far with any of his sketches of the man. He'd only got a brief glimpse of him and then he was too stunned to memorize any of the details. On his pad he sketched intense looking eyes and lips that were curved into a smirk. Justin was just finishing up shading in the lips when he heard a soft knock at his door.

"Come in."

"Hey Justin, what are you doen up? Did you have another nightmare?"

Head bent over his sketch book he nodded quietly. Dee went over and sat on his bed. She took a peek at what he was doodling.

"You're really good. I wish I could draw."

"Thanks, I saw this guy the other day; I would love to sketch him. It's so frustraten, I only got a quick look and well I was a bit distracted."

Dee gasped, "You have been holden out on me, baby cousin? Tell me everything."

"What's to tell? Anyway he's probably straight."

"Not likely, we were in the gay ghetto. Straight men dare not venture there. Where was he when you saw him?"

"Goen into Torso."

"Well there ya go; he's definitely gay. What'd he look like?"

Justin's eyes sparkled and he got this little smile on his face. "Well, he's real tall and thin. He was wearen this real fancy suit. He smelled so good, I got hard," Justin admitted with a blush creeping up into his cheeks.

"My, my, he must be somethen. Oh dear." Something occurred to Dee.

"What is it?" Justin asked.

"He wouldn't be a tall skinny brunet with auburn highlights, hazel eyes and a killer smirk, would he?"

Justin broke out into a big smile. "Yes! I mean I think so. Do you know him?"

"Oh honey, everybody knows him. You would have to fall for Brian Kinney."

"You don't like him?"

Dee sighed, "Well he's all right. Brian's a good friend to have; don't get me wrong. It's just he goes through men like Kleenex; he has an endless string of tricks. I don't want to see you get hurt. Besides he hates the whole drag thing; thinks we're silly fags. He likes his men … well manly."

"I don't think you're silly, Dee. I know a man like Brian wouldn't be interested in me but I can look, can't I?"

"Don't you sell yourself short. You could have anyone you wanted if you went after them."

Justin shook his head. "I'm not ready; I've never, um, well ya know…"

Dee arched a brow. "Never, you're a virgin?"

Justin blushed but nodded.

Dee hugged Justin. "What a relief! With all your nightmares I thought maybe you had been…"

"No, I wasn't."

Dee pulled Justin up. "Come on. I was goen to get some ice cream. I got the nibbles."

They went into the kitchen and shared a pint of mint chocolate chip while they chatted about the upcoming trip to Babylon. Justin was a bit nervous; he'd never been to a dance club before. He tried to tell himself it would be ok, he'd be with Dee and Emmett. They put their dishes in the sink then headed back to bed. Dee grabbed Justin's hand when he tried to go back to his room.

"You need to get some sleep, baby; I honestly don't mind sharen a bed with you, even if you do hog the covers."

Justin giggled then nodded and followed Dee to bed.


Justin sat on Dee's bed slowly working himself into a tizzy about going to Babylon. Dee took charge of picking out their outfits.

"Dee, I don't think I'm goen to fit in at Babylon."

"Of course you will, sweetie. You're hot and you're gay. Emmett and I will watch out for you and we won't leave your side. You'll be fine. Now put this on. I need to get ready myself."

Justin glanced at Dee's selection; it wasn't too bad. On the bed lay a pair of low cut steel gray leather pants and a purple shirt. The shirt was made of gauze with a modest neckline. There was a chain of forget-me-nots embroidered around the collar. Justin put on the shirt then had to wiggle into the leather pants which molded to him like a second skin. Tugging at the waist was fruitless; he just prayed he wouldn't sneeze or he might expose himself. As it was, his pubes were barely covered. Justin crossed his arms over his exposed tummy.

"Dee, I'm not sure I can wear this."

Dee glanced over her shoulder. "Why not? You look hot." She pushed Justin's arms aside to stop him from covering himself.

"I feel exposed."

"That's the point. That's mild compared to some of the stuff that's worn there." Dee tickled Justin's tummy making him laugh and jump away.

"I don't know how to dance."

Dee rolled her eyes. "Mercy, would you quit tryen to make up excuses. Emmett and I will teach you. Besides," Dee tossed over her shoulder, "Brian can't dance either. He just does this sexy sway."

Justin couldn't hide his smile. "Do ya think Brian will be there?"

"More than likely."

Dee turned around and came up next to Justin. She playfully bumped her hip against his. "We're twins!" Dee had on a black leather mini skirt with a purple camisole top. Justin sat down on the bench so Dee could do his makeup or the little he would allow. He had tried one day to put on his own eye liner with disastrous results. He'd nearly blinded himself with the kohl. Dee put on the kohl then picked up a makeup brush. She lightly dusted Justin with a shimmery powder. Dee playfully whisked the brush across his nose making Justin smile.

"You're going to have fun tonight."

"I think the jury's still out on that one but I'll try."

Justin put on the same strawberries and crème lip gloss and strawberry perfume. He had actually liked it." He got up so Dee could take his place to put on her makeup. Justin watched her in curious fascination. She placed little sticky gems at the corners of her eyes.

"What are those?" Justin asked with curiosity.

"Oh, just a fun little decoration. Would you like me to put some on you?"


Dee picked out two baby blue gems and used the tip of her finger to press them in place. Dee got up and slipped her feet into leather high heeled boots; they were her 'fuck me' boots. The heels made her a few inches taller than Justin. Dee slipped her arm through Justin's and they headed off to meet Emmett at Babylon.

By the time they made it to Babylon Justin was a nervous wreck. Seeing the tall building with the long line of men didn't help either.

"Look, there's Emmett," Dee pointed out.

"Dee, you look amazing as ever. Honey, what's your secret?"

Dee laughed, "I'll never tell."

"Sunshine, you look dazzling."

Justin blushed at the compliment. He could feel the thump of the music from where he was standing. As a precaution and to keep him safe, Dee and Emm warned him not to take drugs from someone he didn't trust or accept a drink from someone he didn't know. If a guy came on too strong he was supposed to confidently tell him to 'fuck off.' Dee and Emmett looped their arms around Justin's and had to practically carry him over the threshold into the popular gay playground. Justin's jaw dropped when he got a look at the inside of the place.

Emmett laughed, "Honey, if you don't close your mouth someone's going to take that as an invitation."

Justin's eyes widened and he snapped his mouth shut. He couldn't believe all the hot, sweaty, scantily clad men dancing before his eyes. Emmett and Dee ushered him over to the bar for drinks.

"What's your drink of choice, Sunshine?" Emmett asked.

"Oh uhh, what do you usually have?"

"Get him a cosmo," Dee said.

They had a round of cosmo's then they pulled Justin out onto the dance floor. They kept Justin safe between them. Emmett taught him some of his favorite dance moves. Brian Kinney was observing the little, merry trio from the catwalk. He wondered who the new little blond was; obviously he was a friend of Dee's. Christ, twinks in drag made his dick soft. He went down to the bar and ordered a double Beam. He leaned back against the bar, his eyes never straying for long from a certain blond.

They were laughing when they returned to the bar. Emm ordered a cosmo for himself and Dee while Justin had a water. Brian came up behind them and draped his arms casually over both blond's shoulders.

"So Man..Dee, who's your friend?"

Dee looked at Brian pointedly. "My cousin from out of town."

Emmett knocked Brian's arm off Justin's shoulders. "Brian, you leave little Sunshine alone."

Justin's eye's had gone as wide as saucers when the guy from Torso, "Brian", slung his arm around him and leaned down to talk over the music. Brian was so close he could smell his cologne. All too soon he was being tugged away by Emmett.

"Sunshine huh, oh let me guess your parents were flower children." Brian looked Sunshine up and down arching a brow, tongue in cheek. "Must run in the family."

Self-consciously Justin wrapped his arms around himself.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Sunshine. Mmm, I do believe I see my next trick."

They all watched as Brian said something to a bronzed brunet then pulled him by the belt towards the back room.

"Where's he goen?"

"The backroom, sweetie."

"What's that?" Justin asked curiously.

"It's where everyone goes to fuck," Dee explained.

Justin's eyes widened and his mouth parted. "No way, are you serious?"

"Yeah, so was it Brian you saw?"

Justin nodded. He was too busy picturing Brian fucking the guy he'd chosen up against a wall. Justin gulped down more water rapidly.

"Sunshine has a bit of a crush on Brian," Dee explained.

"Oh honey, I know he's hot but you can do better."

He knew he should heed their advice and just forget about Brian. Hell, it seemed as though Brian was making fun of him and the way he was dressed.

As Brian plowed his trick's hole his mind wandered to "Sunshine". Christ, what a name! He wondered what the boy's real name was. Brian reminded himself that cute little blond twinks dressed like girls were definitely not on the menu. He liked fucking men, emphasis on men. Yet his fingers itched to run his hand through that long blond hair. His dick had gotten hard when he leaned in and smelled strawberries. The kid had a decent sized cock too. Brian came just thinking about the leather clad bulge he'd seen. He pulled out, tossed the condom aside, then tucked his dick back in his pants and headed back to the bar for a beer.

He watched the little blond dance with Dee and Emmett. The glitter rained down on him making him look almost magical. Brian grudgingly admitted the boy was cute. Scratch that; he was a very beautiful boy. He hated to admit he was curious about him. Since he'd already fucked it was time for some fun. Brian pushed off from the bar and headed straight for the little dancing blond. The crowd of men parted for him. He circled around and came up behind Justin, then began to dance with him. Justin felt someone close behind him. Dee didn't chase him off so it could only be one person. Long arms wrapped around him and they swayed in unison. He couldn't believe he was in Brian's arms. It felt safe and warm and comfortable, a new feeling for him.

Brian caressed the soft skin of Sunshine's tummy. Three of his fingers dipped beneath the low waist band to brush against his soft downy pubes. Justin gasped and slapped at Brian's hand till he retracted it. Justin turned around in Brian's arms and stared up at the man.

"I thought you didn't like me."

"I don't know you."

Brian felt his dick twitch when Justin spoke. That accent would be the death of him. Usually something as trivial as an accent wouldn't affect him like this.

"So what brings you to glorious Pittsburgh?"

"I'm stayen with Dee."

Brian really looked at the boy. There was something in his eyes, sadness and pain he could relate to. "Let me guess; a cute little thing like you from… Georgia wasn't welcome around there anymore."

Brian caught the quick flash of pain that crossed Sunshine's face; he'd hit the nail on the head and felt a bit sorry for the boy. He'd heard plenty of Emmett's horror stories from the south. Brian wrapped his arms around him a little tighter.

"Well, you're here now and I say fuck em, they're not worth it."

Justin smiled shyly up at Brian as they danced even closer. Justin rested his hands lightly around Brian's shoulders. Their groins rubbed together creating a wonderful friction. Justin thought if he got any harder he'd pop right out of his pants. Suddenly Dee was there tugging on his arm.

"I hate to spoil your fun but we really should be headen home. You've got the early shift at the diner."

"Oh ok, yeah you're right. It was nice meeten ya, Brian."

"The pleasure was definitely all mine, Sunshine."

Justin felt like he was walking on air when he left the hot, sweaty club. When they got home Justin slept in his own bed and had nothing but good dreams. So good in fact he woke up the next morning to find his sheets a bit on the damp side. Justin blushed at the memory of his fading dream. Justin got up and changed his sheets; he would do the laundry later.

He had got in the habit of raiding Dee's closet. Justin selected a pair of faded low rise jeans with a white tank top and a matching white crocheted sweater that slipped off one creamy shoulder. In the mood for a change he put on a bit of mango lip gloss.

Dee dropped him off at the diner door then headed off to work herself.

"Hey Sunshine," Debbie called. "You look pretty today."

Justin blushed and laughed a little. "Thanks, it's just something of Dee's."

Justin went behind the counter and retrieved his apron. His name tag even proclaimed him Sunshine. While he scrubbed down the counter the bell over the door chimed. He just happened to look up and saw Brian and Emmett come in with two other guys. Justin felt the heat rise in his cheeks when his eyes locked with Brian's.

"Hey baby," Emmett called.

Justin wandered over to their booth.

"Sunshine, I'd like you to meet Ted and that's Michael and I believe you've already met the devil."

Brian stuck his tongue out at Emmett.

"Hi, it's nice to meet y'all."

"This is Dee's cousin, Sunshine."

"Christ, why does ma always have to hire the drag queens." Justin took a step back at Michael's hostility. "What's your real name, kid?"

Emmett came to Justin's defense. "It's not polite to ask a lady questions she doesn't want to answer."

Brian arched a brow at Emmett wondering if he did happen to know more about Sunshine. "Yeah Mikey, quit being an ass. If I remember correctly your father is a drag queen, so shut the fuck up." Brian squeezed Sunshine's ass making him jump a little. "Sunshine, be a peach and get me some coffee. I'm in a hurry."

"Uh sure, no problem."

Brian watched Justin's ass as it swayed across the diner. He got up and seated himself at the counter. Justin poured Brian his coffee. Deb came up next to him and took a swipe at Brian's head.

"Is this asshole bothering you?"

"No the other one," Justin nodded in Michael's direction. Deb snorted a laugh.

Brian chuckled, "That's Deb's son."

Justin got all flustered. "Oh my God, I'm sorry; I didn't know."

"That's ok sweetie, he is a little asshole and rude as hell."

Justin scurried off to bus tables before he could say anything else stupid. Out of the corner of his eye Brian watched Sunshine as he bent over to clean tables. His jeans barely covered his ass. Brian shifted on the stool. He licked his lips and told himself repeatedly he wasn't interested. His reputation as king stud would be ruined if he started going after fem boys. There was just something about Sunshine though. Brian waited for Sunshine to make his way around to him. When he did, Brian snagged him by the pocket and tugged him a bit closer. He stuffed his tip into the boy's pocket. His hand brushed against the blond's dick. Also palmed in Brian's hand was his business card which made its way into the boy's pocket.

"You give excellent service, Sunshine." Not giving a flying fuck who was watching he leaned down and kissed Sunshine on the lips. When he pulled away he tasted mangoes and rolled his lips into his mouth savoring Sunshine's sweet taste.

"Later, Sunshine."

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