Southern Sunshine

Chapter 10

Justin, Dee and Em were having a 'girls' night in. Emmett was in charge of the facials and pedicures. They were lounging around the living room chatting away. Emmett couldn't wait to dish about the diva contest at Babylon.

"You'll never guess who entered the diva contest."

Justin pretended to think. "Umm, Darren, I mean Shanda."

"Oh, you're no fun," Emmett tossed a pillow at him.

"I knew he would."

"So are you going to enter?" Dee asked.

Justin hugged the pillow to his chest. "I don't know. A thousand dollars is awfully tempten."

"I bet you could win," Emmett gushed.

Justin cringed. "But I'd have to get up and sing in front of probably hundreds of people … in drag no less."

Emmett tilted his head to the side. "Uh sweetie, Sunshine, baby, what have you been doing for the last few weeks?"

Justin shrugged slightly. "Well that's different; some of those clothes were unisex. Never once did I totally dress up like a girl and I never sang at the diner. What about you, Dee? Why don't you enter?"

"I could always use the cash but I don't think so. I know you. You'll enter; you just haven't quite come around yet."

Justin folded his arms over his chest and pouted.

Dee put her hand on his arm. "Justin, you need that money. It would go far with your education. I know you can sing. Hell, you're even better than me. You can win this."

Justin looked around the room not daring to look at Emmett or Dee. A little part of him knew that he really did have a good shot at winning. All he had to do was get up and sing in drag with everyone watching. Justin could feel their eyes on him. Finally he looked at Dee and Emmett.

"All right, all right, I'll do it but ya'll gotta help me."

Emmett clapped and Dee broke out into a big smile.

Emmett squealed, "Oh this is going to be so much fun.

Justin was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. "So what should I sing?"

"If you want my advice, stay away from the usual big names Madonna, Cher, or Barbra. Everyone else will be doing them; that's too predictable and boring. Go with something you like. Something fun that has a beat and you can get the crowd's attention with."

Dee got up and went to retrieve her box of CD's. She came back and set it on Justin's lap.

"Those are all my CD's. You can go through them to get an idea."

Justin inspected the cases. "Dee, these are all from 97 or earlier. Don't you have anything from this century?"

Dee stuck out her tongue. "A girl can have many interests; music isn't one of mine."

Justin began sorting the CD's into two piles. The possibly pile and the definitely not pile. He got up and started playing songs at random. "So what am I goen to wear to this shindig?"

"Don't worry about that. Aunty Em and Dee will be your fairy princesses. You'll look beautiful," Emmett gushed.

Justin smiled weakly. "Why do I get the feelen that I should be afraid?"

Dee grabbed Emmett's hand and began tugging him to her room. They ran off giggling, excited to come up with something for their little princess to wear. Justin stayed in the living room listening to music. When Dee and Emmett got together especially to discuss clothes, it was kinda scary. Justin danced around the living room. When he allowed himself to relax and let go he was a natural.

When Emmett and Dee reappeared they had big grins on their faces. Dee was hiding her selection behind her back.

"Now Justin," she started, trying to present her costume choice in a way that Justin wouldn't balk at. "I know how you feel about dresses so taking that into account we came up with a slight compromise."

She held up her choice for Justin to examine. Dee selected a pair of shiny low cut jeans that flared out and a brown halter dress to go over them. The dress was somewhat short but couldn't quite be called a shirt.

"Well?" Dee asked expectantly.

Justin shrugged, "Ok."

"Ok what?"

"Ok, I'll wear it."

Dee turned to Emmett. "Is it just me or was that way too easy?"

"Oh, it's not just you. Uh honey, you do realize we have to make you a bust with that outfit right?"

Justin wrinkled his nose then sighed. "Fine but something small, I'm not gonna walk around in double D's."

Emmett and Dee shared a laugh. Suddenly Justin perked up his ears when the next song came on. He began to smile. It was lively and fun and it pretty much fit how he felt here."

"I think this is the one," Justin said.

The others listened to the song. Justin ended up playing it four more times before deciding.


Brian went over to Dee's looking to get a little Justin fix. "Where's Justin?"

"He's in his room practicing his routine."

Brian arched his brow.

"Don't give him grief; he's pretty nervous about getting up to perform. Any flack from you and he could just say fuck it."

"No he won't. He'll go out on that stage and blow them all away. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him sing."

"Even if he's in drag?"

"As long as he still has a dick. Besides he's fucking beautiful either way."

Brian went down the hall to Justin's room. He could hear Justin singing and he wasn't bad. He quietly nudged the door open and saw Justin dancing… gyrating to the music. Brian leaned against the door jam, brow arched and lust in his eyes. When Justin spun around he caught a glimpse of Brian standing in the doorway. His feet tangled up and he fell backwards. Brian wasn't worried about him hurting himself; he landed on the bed.

In full predator mode Brian kicked the door shut with his heel and stalked over to the bed. Justin was lying there blushing; he covered his face embarrassed that Brian had seen him. Brian crawled on top of Justin removed his hands and gave him a deep tender kiss.

"So what did you think?" Justin asked tentatively.

Brian ran his fingers through Justin's long blond locks. "I think you are so fucking talented. You can do absolutely anything that you put your mind to and end up being a big fat fucking success."

Justin smiled up at Brian which made Brian want to kiss him all the more. His hand wandered down to Justin's crotch and popped the button on his jeans. He slipped his hand inside cupping the bulge that he found there. Justin moaned and arched up against Brian's hand.


It was the night of the contest and Justin had butterflies in his stomach. Emmett and Dee were hovering over him. After he changed into his outfit he let them have their fun. Emmett did his nails while Dee worked on his hair and makeup. Emmett pressed on glittery nails of moderate size then adorned one of Justin's wrists with a fake sparkly tennis bracelet. Dee fluffed and sprayed his hair giving it that feathery look. She outlined his eyes and put on some light eye shadow. Then she brushed sparkly body glitter on him and lightly sprayed him with perfume. Justin put on some lip gloss while Dee worked on giving him tits. When Justin finally looked in the mirror the effect was so startling even Justin was surprised. Emmett put his arm around him.

"Honey, you make one gorgeous woman."

"I can't believe that's really me. Uh, is Brian picking us up?"

"No, he said he'd meet us there." Dee patted his shoulder. "Don't worry he'll be there. He said he couldn't wait to see you get up and sing."

Justin didn't know if that information made him feel better or worse.


Emmett and Dee kept little Sunshine between them to protect him from the other contestants. Drag queens tended to be vicious especially when they smelled competition. Justin was also intimidated by the large crowd. For a split second he thought about dropping out. Then the crowd parted and Brian stood before him like some gallant knight come to slay the drag queens. Justin's breath caught as Brian took his hand and raised it to his lips to kiss.

"Sunshine, you look positively radiant tonight."

For a moment Justin thought Brian was making fun of him but when he looked into the man's eyes all he saw was lust.

"Why thank you, Brian."

Their attention was drawn to the stage when the DJ announced the Mistress of ceremonies.

"And now the woman you've all been waiting for, Sheba, Queen of Babylon!"

Sheba pushed her way through a shredded silk curtain. She was dressed like Cyndi Lauper with wild hair and puffy skirts.

"Gentlemen and ladies for an evening, welcome to the second annual Delicious Diva contest. The prize is 1,000 dollars so I know you want to get your asses up here and sing your little diva hearts out. The catch, because you always know there is one, there will be no lip syncing. You must sing. If you lip sync, and believe me mistress Sheba always knows, you will be disqualified."

The contest went pretty much how Emmett predicted. All the drag divas sang from the artists he'd mentioned. There was "Material Girl" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and a vast array of others. There was even one "Candle in the Wind," which Emmett mumbled something about extinguishing.

Shanda Leer was called up next. She made a big production of making her grand entrance on the stage. She struck a pose and began to sing "You Light up my Life" by Debbie Boone. Everyone began wincing. Emmett chuckled but winced right along with everyone else. Brian looked down at his crotch sadly. "Well this is going to put me off my game for a while. Christ, it sounds like someone's fucking torturing an animal."

Emmett smirked, "Or fucking an animal."

Brian smirked as he meowed and hissed at Emmett's catty comment.

Justin was a bundle of nerves as he watched each contestant perform, all the while going over his own routine mentally in his head. Justin's heart leapt up in his throat when he heard his name being called.

"Up next, we have a true southern belle who will just light up the stage. Sunshine! Why don't you warm us up with your number?"

Justin smiled nervously as he took his place on the stage. There were many wolf whistles. He smiled shyly. As the music started, his body moved to the beat. He felt sensual and sexy. He pivoted his hips to the rhythm and gave little teasing thrusts. Justin danced to the music then began to sing.

You can do what you want just seize the day.

What you're doing tomorrow's gonna come your way.

Don't you even consider giving up, you will find oooh

It's a beautiful life oooh

It's a beautiful life oooh

It's a beautiful life oooh

I just want to be here beside you.

Justin had the voice of an angel; everyone was mesmerized with his charms. The stage lights were so bright he couldn't really see everyone so he just pretended he was alone in his room and just let loose. Though he knew Brian was watching him, so he performed just for him.

Take a walk in the park when you feel down.

There's so many things there that's gonna lift you up.

See the nature in bloom, a laughing child.

Such a dream oooh

The crowd was clapping and cheering Justin on.

It's a beautiful life oooh

It's a beautiful life oooh

It's a beautiful life oooh

I just wanna be here beside you.

Justin hooked the back of his leg around the stripper pole. He leaned forward with his arms out and spun around having confidence he wouldn't fall.

You're looking for somewhere to belong.

You're standing all alone for someone

To guide you on your way now and forever.

Brian stood in the crowd completely awed by Justin, his Sunshine. He was so talented and so fucking beautiful. He couldn't wait to get Justin back to the loft so he could make love to him.

I just wanna be anybody

We're living in different ways

It's a beautiful life

I'm gonna take you to a place I've never been before, oh yeah.

It's a beautiful life

I'm gonna take you in my arms and fly away with you tonight.

Justin swung around on the pole much to the crowd's delight. He pivoted away from the pole and danced up a storm, it was a performance worthy of a night at Babylon. Before the song came to a close, he just ran and dropping to his knees slid across the stage. He opened and closed his legs teasingly. The crowd yelled and cheered for lady Sunshine. Justin's smile was so big and beautiful everyone was dazzled. Panting, Justin got up and took a bow. Justin wasn't too surprised when big strong arms were lifting him off the stage. He wrapped his arms around Brian and held him tight as Brian spun him around. They touched foreheads.

"You were breathtakingly amazing." Brian rubbed himself against Justin. "You get a standing ovation from me." He captured Justin's lips in a heated kiss that seemed to last forever. When he had to break away for air, he panted, "Fuck, green apples."

That just so happened to be the lip gloss Justin was wearing and it was having quite an effect on Brian. Brian picked him up and was bodily carrying him to an exit.

Justin patted his shoulders. "Wait, wait, they have to announce who won," he laughed.

Brian set Justin down and they walked back towards the stage. Brian was so damn hard but he knew the contest was important to Justin. Every so often Brian would rub his steel shaft against Justin's thigh, causing the little blond to shiver.

Sheba took to the stage again. "Ladies, gentlemen, divas, we have a winner! She really does have a beautiful life. Sunshine is this year's Delicious Diva."

Dee and Emmett grabbed Justin squeezing him tight while they jumped up and down screaming. Justin was beaming as he climbed the stage to receive his prize. Sheba placed a small tiara on top of his head as the glitter rained down on them. Justin hugged Sheba and thanked her.

"Thank you so much. Y'all don't know how much this means to me."

Justin blew a kiss to the crowd then was swept off the stage. Justin laughed giddily as Brian all but carried him out of the door. On the way to the Jeep they were fondling, groping and making out. Justin never felt so free; it was exhilarating.

They didn't pay too much attention to the big black Navigator that gunned its engine in the distance. They were too caught up in each other. They were nearly to the Jeep when the Navigator roared straight at them. Brian looked up in startled surprise. He grabbed Justin and swung him behind him to safety. The Navigator passed by them with a few inches to spare. The wind from the vehicle nearly blew them over.

Brian screamed, "Fucking asshole!" He held Justin in his arms. The little blond was trembling and looked a little pale. "Hey, are you all right?"

"Uh yeah, you don't think that was the person that's been tryen to hurt me, do you?"

Brian brushed it off. "Nah, it's just some crazy fucked up asshole."

Justin couldn't help but think of Chris Hobbs whose whereabouts were unknown. Brian got Justin safely into the Jeep then sped off in the direction of the loft. His dick was damn near bursting out of his jeans.


As they ran into Brian's building they passed one of Brian's neighbors. Mr. Steadman did a double take as he watched Brian run past with a pretty blond woman. He shook his head in confusion. Usually Brian was running by with men and never the same one twice. He'd never seen Brian with a woman before. Young folk today just didn't know what the hell they wanted.

Brian raced up the stairs pulling Justin behind him. When he got to the landing it took him three tries to get the door open. They raced inside and Brian locked up. Justin tossed his tiara on the counter. Soon he was in Brian's arms. Brian kissed him deeply and thoroughly. He couldn't get enough of Justin and apples. Justin felt himself being led to the bedroom. Brian stilled him when he stood on the first step. Locking eyes with Justin he sunk to his knees. Justin was now the perfect height that he could give him a little oral pleasure. He smiled down at Brian and cupped his face as Brian's nimble fingers went up his dress to undo his jeans. Brian tugged the jeans down over Justin's plump ass. He helped Justin step out of them then tossed them aside. When Justin went to take off the dress Brian stopped him.

"No, leave it on."

Brian smiled wickedly before disappearing under the dress. Justin gasped as he felt Brian's mouth on him, sucking and teasing. His head fell back and he moaned loudly. He racked his fingers across the dress trying to grab at Brian's hair as the man's head bobbed under his dress. When he felt a slick finger probing his hole he lost it. His hand shot out to brace himself against the bedroom panel as he exploded in Brian's mouth. Brian reappeared looking like the cat that got the cream.

They eagerly tumbled into the bedroom. Brian snagged the hem of Justin's dress and lifted it up over his head, tossing it aside. Justin lay back on the bed and watched Brian undress, becoming more aroused by the minute. Brian knelt at the foot of the bed then crawled his way to Justin. He parted Justin's thighs spreading them wide and settled himself there. The longer he looked at Justin the deeper Justin blushed. Brian grabbed up a condom and a packet of lube.

"I can't wait to be inside you."

"Yes," Justin panted.

Brian rolled the condom down his painfully hard erection then began to prepare Justin. When Justin began to buck on his fingers he knew he was ready. He raised Justin's legs and positioned his cock. He pushed in ever so slowly making them both moan. Brian pivoted his hips and thrust within Justin's tight sheath. He wanted to build up the intensity. Justin's cock was leaking a pool of precum on his stomach. His toes curled every time Brian hit a sweet spot. He would gasp and that little sound would make Brian harder. Brian picked up the pace; he swiveled his hips and drove his dick deeper. Justin raked his nails across Brian's back forgetting that he still wore the fake ones.

"Fuck!" Brian shouted.

"What? Oh God, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

"No, fuck! Do it again."

Justin complied and Brian thrust harder and deeper within him. The nails digging into his back turned him on. Brian could tell Justin was close. His eyes grew dark like sapphires.

"Touch yourself, Justin, jerk yourself off. Do it."

Justin did as he was told. Though the nails were not overly long it still made it awkward. The image for Brian was surreal. The artist's hand with long glittery nails wrapped around a hot hard cock turned him on. He thrust against Justin's prostate causing Justin to shoot all over his chest, neck and chin. Brian groaned deep in his chest as he pumped the condom full of his hot cum. They collapsed into a sweaty, sticky heap. Brian pulled out and disposed of the condom. Justin loved the slight burn in his ass. He curled up next to Brian, laying his head on his chest. Brian buried his nose in the blond's hair. It wasn't long before they both were asleep.


Cody didn't know how he ever got himself involved in these kinds of things. He was able to get past the front door and found the right apartment number. He left the box propped up against the door then beat a hasty retreat before someone saw him. When Dee went out to fetch the mail she brought the box inside and sat it on the kitchen table. She noticed that it was for Sunshine. She couldn't believe that Brian would send Justin flowers; then again the man wasn't quite the same when Justin was around.

When Justin stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast he spied the box.

"What's that?"

"It's for you, sweetie. I'm betting from someone tall, dark and handsome."

Justin blushed; Brian had sent him flowers. These were his first flowers from a guy. He pulled off the big red bow and lifted off the lid. His smile turned into confusion then a look of horror and disgust crossed his face. Inside the box were a bunch of dead and rotting roses. They were black and withered.

Dee saw the look on Justin's face. "What's the matter, sweetie?"

"These aren't from Brian."

Justin tentatively picked up the note that lay inside. It was a small poem.

Roses are red, violets are blue

You'll be lucky if they can identify you when I'm through.

Justin shivered; it was signed with another smiley, happy face sticker. Dee gasped as she read the note over Justin's shoulder. Justin tossed the note back in the box with the rotting flowers.

"Who would send you something like that?"

"I wish I knew," Justin whispered.

Song lyrics: It's a Beautiful Life by Ace of Base

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