Let's Get Political

Let's Get Political

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Brian was still lying on the bed when Justin came up to the room some time later. Justin looked quizzically at him as he entered the room.

"Are you all right?" he asked. It wasn't like Brian to lie down in the middle of the day. Unless… "You're not sick, are you?"

"No, why?"

"The last time I saw you in bed at noon was when…"

"It's nothing like that," Brian said remembering the radiation treatments.

"That's good," Justin said. "You really surprised me down there," he added.

"I did?"

"I thought for sure you were going to make a fool of Alvin or get all mean and sarcastic to us."

Brian snorted. "I guess I still have a few tricks up my sleeve that you don't know about."

"Did you mean it?" Justin asked. "About the date…"

Brian heard that word again and wanted to tell Justin to forget it. However, he also heard the anticipation in Justin's voice. He knew his partner wanted to do this. And so did he.

"I meant it," he said simply. Justin smiled and Brian knew everything would be all right. "Did you and Alvin have a good time?"

"We did actually," Justin said thoughtfully. He thought he saw Brian grimace just a little bit. "But I'm sure I'll have a much better time with my date tonight." He grinned at Brian.

"You are loving using that word, aren't you?"


"Smart ass."

"Takes one to know one!"

Brian chuckled. Sometimes Justin was so young. "So where do you want to go?" Brian asked.

"I thought the asker arranged the date for the askee," Justin said solemnly.

"Askee? Are you fucking nuts?" Brian asked.

"Fine, we don't have to go at all," Justin said sitting down and folding his arms across his chest. His best pout covered his face.

"You know who you look like?" Brian asked. Justin made a face but didn't respond. "Mikey, you look just like Mikey when you do that."

"Shit! Kill me if I ever do that again," Justin begged.

Brian laughed out loud. "Actually, I have made reservations and our evening is all planned."

"Really?" Justin asked, his face brightening up.


"Thanks," Justin said seriously.

"What for? We haven't gone anywhere yet."

"For taking what I said seriously. For listening to me. And for taking me on the best date of my life."

"Won't this be the only date of your life?" Brian asked.

"For you too!" Justin shot back. "We'll be date virgins together.

"At long last we have something in common," Brian smirked, but not for long as he found a certain blond on top of him kissing all over his face.

They wrestled around a bit until the kisses became deep and started to leave them breathless.

"Let's blow off the convention for the rest of the day," Brian said. "I can think of much better things to do."

"Are you saying I have to put out on the first date?"

"This has nothing to do with the date. That's later. And I do expect you to put out as a matter of fact. I expect you to be extremely grateful for all I'm going to do for you. I want to be properly thanked."

"How be I thank you a little bit now, but save the really good stuff for after the date?"

"That would be acceptable," Brian said. "Have at it, Macduff!" Brian flung his arms out to the side in a symbol of submission.

Justin chuckled. "Let's go do a bit of sightseeing when I get done pleasuring you, my lord." Justin was unbuttoning Brian's shirt and kissing the exposed chest.

"Sure," Brian agreed. He would agree to just about anything when Justin was working his magic. Only he didn't want the boy to know that.


After several rounds of fucking, the two men got cleaned up and dressed and caught a cab to Boston Common. Justin had no idea where or what they'd be doing but Brian had already told him that he'd made dinner reservations and when Justin emerged from the bathroom freshly showered, he'd seen Brian pouring over a slew of brochures and maps; no doubt Brian had something planned.

The two men wandered around the Common for a while, looking at various vendors and historical markers. Justin had begun having second thoughts about skipping out on the convention activities that evening, but Brian had convinced him otherwise. They weren't really needed for anything other than adding to the cheering section, and there were already enough people to fill that role.

The pair walked the busy and security laden streets of Boston, towards the destination that Brian had chosen. Justin was oblivious to where they were headed; just pleased that he was with Brian.

Completing the tour of Faneuil Hall the two made their way to the Quincy Market, which was adjacent to the historic building. After spending an hour wandering the market, which was full of a variety of upscale shops that Brian insisted they check out, both men were famished. Brian hailed a cab to take them the short distance to the waterfront and to the wharf where the restaurant at which they had dinner reservations resided.

Brian gave Justin a chaste kiss to the blond's temple before they exited the cab and headed to the restaurant. "Now," Brian began saying slowly. "The hotel staff said this place might not look like much, but it apparently has the best seafood in town. The waiting list is ridiculously long, especially with all the people in town."

Justin smiled and leaned into Brian, "How'd you swing reservations then?"

"Just gotta know when to use the lube, Sunshine." Brian smirked.

Justin stopped and glared at Brian. "Please tell me you didn't fuck anyone to get-"

Brian rolled his eyes and interrupted the blond, "No, you twat, the guy I spoke with at the hotel knows the maitre d' here. I slipped him a hundred, and he dealt with it."

"Oh," Justin said with a tentative smile.

"Now, if you're done with your theatrics, I'm starved," Brian said, walking ahead, leaving Justin behind.

Justin quickly caught up and the two entered the ramshackle looking building, surprised to find the inside not at all representative of the outside. The interior looked like an upscale restaurant with a heavy nautical theme. Justin was amused to find a large nut cracker on each table, obviously for crab. He was about to make a joke at Brian's expense, but knowing the man would be set on the defensive, he decided against it.

They were seated, and their drink order was taken. Each man gave the other a slightly uncomfortable look - Justin and Brian could see the hesitancy and uncertainty in each others eyes, and both laughed at it. They'd been together in one way or another for years, and now suddenly, being on their first date together they weren't sure what to do with themselves.

"Nice view," Justin said looking out the window at the harbor and trying to make conversation.


Silence returned and they waited for their drink orders to come as quickly as possible. Finally the waiter returned and placed their drinks in front of them.

"Would you like to order now or wait a bit?" the waiter asked.

"Um … do you have any specials tonight?" Justin asked not wanting the waiter to leave and plunge them back into total silence.

The waiter rhymed off all the specials. Justin and Brian looked at each other.

"Could you come back in a few minutes for our order?" Brian asked. The waiter nodded and moved on to another table. The silence returned.

Justin felt like he wanted to cry. He had waited all this time for a date with Brian and now he couldn't think of one fucking thing to say.

Brian stared at Justin. This was why he never dated. It was an awkward, potentially unproductive prelude to fucking. He would rather bypass it and get right to the dessert. Why did people put themselves through this shit?

"Having fun yet?" Brian asked sarcastically.

"No," Justin said. He was worried. Didn't they have anything in common? Was there nothing to talk about? Could they only do one thing together - fuck? "We really suck at this date thing," Justin finally said looking totally pathetic.

"See why I never do it," Brian said.

"Did you have a bad experience with a date somewhere along the line?" Justin asked.

"I told you that I never date," Brian said seriously.

"You must have," Justin said, "at least once or twice. I could say the prom was a date with Daphne."

Brian looked thoughtful. "I guess then I had a few way back when … before I learned my lesson."

"So did you have a bad experience?"

"A bad experience? Is there any other kind of experience when it comes to so-called dates?"

"Like what?" Justin asked curious.

"Like you take a guy someplace nice and they don't know which fucking utensil to use or how to hold it properly."

"You mean like Mikey?"

Brian snorted. "A lot like Mikey."

"What else?"

"Or the guy is a total airhead and can't think of one thing to say over dinner."

"You mean like me?" Justin asked looking hurt.

"You are not an airhead. I don't associate with airheads."

Justin smiled at that. "You just date them, huh?"

"Not anymore."

"Why are we having so much trouble talking?" Justin asked deciding to take the bull by the horns.

"Because I'm an uncommunicative bastard?"

"That goes without saying, but you are also interesting and fun," Justin said seriously.

The waiter reappeared and they both ordered, getting two of the specials, but different ones so that they could taste from each other's plate. They did that without exchanging a word to each other.

"So you were saying that I'm interesting and fun," Brian said as the waiter walked away.

"Trust you to remember that."

"I have a very discriminating memory," Brian said with a smirk.

Justin chuckled. "You have a photographic memory."

Brian looked thoughtful. "I guess I do. I never really thought about that, but I have always been able to remember things very easily."

"Until Alzheimer's kicks in," Justin quipped.

"Is that an age crack?"

"I calls 'em like I sees 'em."

Just then the waiter arrived with their salads, mercifully before Brian could get all testy and upset. They dug into their salads.

After a bit Brian said, "Did you call Deb and tell her we wouldn't be at the convention tonight?"

"No, didn't you?"

"Never thought about it till now. I was too busy planning our date."

Justin chuckled again. "She's a big girl. I'm sure she'll figure it out," Justin offered.

"She'll kick my ass for keeping you locked in the hotel room and screwing you into the mattress."

Justin giggled. "That is what you'll be doing later, right?" Brian nodded. "Then take your punishment like a man."

Brian chuckled as the waiter came and removed their salad plates.

"I'm going to be sad to leave here and go back to the Pitts," Justin said.

"Why?" Brian asked. "There's no place like home."

Justin could see his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. "I really liked being away for these few days."

"And you have a whole new dating regimen to show for it."

"I do?"

"Me, Alvin, who knows who else you might pick up before we leave?"

"Briiiaaan," Justin whined.

"Just kidding, Sunshine."

"I fucking hope so."

"You are so easy."

"And you're not?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Who's taking who on this date?"

"Why you little…" Justin smirked and Brian burst out laughing. "You better not tell any of them back home about this," Brian threatened. The waiter set down the lobster and crab dishes they had ordered and they started tasting. "And that includes Debbie," he added as an afterthought.

"Okay," Justin agreed. "I'll just let them think you fucked me senseless, like always. It's no big deal."

Something about Justin's tone made Brian look up from his lobster. "Do you want them to know?" he asked.

"Wouldn't want your stellar studly reputation to be sullied with glowing accounts of schmoopy dates." Justin took a bite of his crab refusing to admit that it hurt when Brian wouldn't let him talk about some of the interesting things that happened between them.

"Is this a schmoopy date?"

"I don't know. My frame of reference is very limited."

"Here, have some lobster," Brian said pulling out a hunk from the tail, dipping it in butter and feeding it to Justin.

"Yummy," Justin said. He took a piece of his crab and fed it to Brian.

"Not bad," Brian responded.

"I'd say that feeding each other in a restaurant was pretty high on the schmoop scale," Justin giggled.

"All right," Brian said looking at Justin through narrowed eyes. "You can tell them about our date, but don't even think about mentioning feeding each other."

"If you feed me some more lobster," Justin said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Deal," Brian said getting another piece of his lobster ready and reaching across the table to let Justin suck it into his mouth. He could feel his dick growing hard at the sight.

The waiter appeared soon after and cleared the table. They ordered coffee and Justin ordered a bread pudding covered in Jack Daniels sauce for dessert. It was scrumptious and he even fed some of it to Brian. And Brian let him.

When they walked out of the restaurant after ten o'clock they were both stuffed and extremely content. They decided to walk along the wharf for a bit before catching a cab back to their hotel. It was already dark but there were lights along the water.

"We missed the sunset," Justin said suddenly.

"It must have gone down. It's dark," Brian replied with his usual observation powers coming to the fore.

"I mean, we didn't notice it from the restaurant. The window looked out to the west," Justin said with a frown.

"I guess we were too busy talking," Brian said with a smirk.

"That must be it. Not bad for two people who couldn't think of anything to say."

"Not bad at all," Brian said linking his arm through Justin's. "I could get used to this dating thing." Justin smiled up at him and they both laughed out loud. The perfect end to their first date.


The cab ride back to the hotel took longer than either Brian or Justin expected. The cabbie kept swearing in both English and his native Eastern European tongue. "It's never like this," the man shouted, slapping the cab's steering wheel. "I can't wait for all this political nonsense to be over with!"

Justin and Brian settled further into the back seats, smiling at their animated driver, not offering to tell him they were part of the commotion.

The cab pulled up in front of the hotel, parking behind several of the convention shuttles. Brian paid the man, giving him a generous tip, for which the driver smiled gratefully. Without thinking about it, Brian wrapped one arm around Justin's waist and the two walked towards the hotel's entrance. As they were about to enter the lobby, the two men froze as a shrill voice rose above the commotion of the delegates returning to their hotel from the convention.

"Brian fucking Kinney, you hold it right there!"

Brian stopped mid step, as did Justin. Brian leaned down and whispered to Justin, "I hope you enjoyed our first date, Sunshine, because after Debbie gets done with me, I don't think there'll be another."

Justin smiled up at Brian, knowing the man was teasing. He turned to face the oncoming wrath; there was a moment's hesitation before Brian turned.

"Hi, Deb!" Justin said with a huge smile, hoping to diffuse the woman's wrath.

"Don't you 'hi Deb' me, you little shit!" She all but screeched at Justin. Turning her fury to Brian, she stuck a finger in his face and let loose. "And you, you asshole, how could you be so irresponsible and drag Justin off? You know we came here for a reason! Not to fuck, but for a real reason! And then you two," Debbie paused momentarily to glare at Justin, who shrank back slightly, "you two just don't bother showing up."

Brian waited until the tirade was over before speaking. "If you're finished?"

Debbie nodded.

"Well," Brian said calmly, "I wanted to take my partner out on a date."

Debbie looked slightly stunned for a moment before opening her mouth to try to speak, "You…" she glanced at Justin, who was smiling and back to Brian. "You two went on a date?"

"We had a fabulous afternoon and a great dinner," Justin chimed in.

Debbie's face erupted in a giant smile and she squealed before pulling her two surrogate sons into a big bear hug. "Oh, well why didn't you two just let me know? Okay, enough of this shit, you two get back to whatever you were doing." Debbie shooed them off with her hands. As they were walking away, both laughing at the woman's antics they heard her voice one final time, "Don't be too good! You can sleep in if you need to!"

Stepping onto the elevator, Brian pulled Justin back against his stomach, wrapped his arms around the smaller man and whispered quietly in his ear, "Debbie let us off so easily, we might just have to make date night a regular thing."

Justin looked up at Brian and smiled before lowering his head and pushing himself further back into the man.

As soon as they were in their room and the door was closed, Justin launched himself at Brian, knocking the man to the carpeted floor. Justin greedily pulled at Brian's clothing, until the man was totally naked. Justin assaulted Brian's lips with his own, grinding his fully clothed body into Brian.

Justin rolled Brian over, and nipped at the man's right ear, before letting loose a groan and speaking softly and slowly, "I want to fuck you."

Brian hid his smile in the carpet; he wouldn't confess this out loud, but he loved when Justin got aggressive and took control, but he also liked teasing the man. "I don't think so. Doesn't the person who got a free dinner usually put out for the one that paid?" Brian asked, rolling both their bodies, until Justin was under him, pinned to the floor.

"It's a good thing we don't have a conventional relationship then, isn't it?" Justin said in the same tone as Brian had used.

Brian grinned and stared down at Justin's flushed face. "You're an amazing person, Justin Taylor." Brian whispered giving the man a quick kiss and getting up off the floor. He headed towards the bed.

Justin was slightly confused by Brian's words, but he accepted them, liking the feelings that they evoked. He stood up and looked at Brian. "Where are you going?"

Brian turned to look at the blond, "You didn't think I was going to let you fuck me on the floor, did you?" Brian asked with a grin, holding up a condom.

Justin's face lit up and he quickly stripped off his clothing. It was going to be a long night.


Brian awoke to the sun peeking through a crack in the drapes and falling right across his face. He groaned and turned slightly to survey the ravenous little sexpot that lay next to him in the bed. The blond hair was tousled and sticking out and the blue eyes were sheathed beneath the heavy lids and pale, luxurious lashes. The raspberry lips were slightly parted and he could hear the air being softly drawn in and then expelled. He looked at the glorious creation that was Justin Taylor.

At moments like these he wanted time to stand still. What they had seemed perfect at this second in time. When they were forced to leave the bed or talk to each other or interact with other people something was lost. The world should consist of just the two of them, alone but together, two who could be one. Brian shook himself. He couldn't believe he was entertaining such sacrilegious thoughts. He could never admit to anyone, Justin most of all, the effect that he had on him.

He reached out and gently touched Justin's cheek. He felt the man shiver slightly and move closer. He could always count on Justin moving towards him, except for that time with … Ethan. It was his turn to shiver.

Brian leaned over his lover and let his tongue lick around Justin's open lips. He felt the lips reach towards his even in sleep. He took the plump lower lip between his own and sucked gently. Justin's mouth opened for him, as it always did. He probed with his tongue tasting and swirling and becoming more demanding. He felt Justin gasp for air and then he saw blue eyes open and stare at him.

He wanted to tell Justin what he did to him, how he brought forth feelings he never even knew existed, how he destroyed all of his bullshit ideas about love. He wanted to tell Justin everything and never let him go. He wanted to capture this perfect moment in time.

Instead, he gave Justin a quick kiss and said, "Time to get up, Sunshine." The use of "Sunshine" was his only concession to the feelings he had just driven back where they belonged.

He gingerly got out of bed, gently rubbing his tender ass, still feeling where Justin had been not so long before. He walked into the bathroom without saying anything more. Justin stared after him, wondering.

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