Let's Get Political

Let's Get Political

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Justin awoke with a start. He looked over to see Brian sleeping peacefully beside him. He remembered coming back to the room from the convention. He had gone to take a piss and when he returned Brian had been sound asleep. He had been amused at first since Brian claimed to need very little sleep. In fact, Brian didn't sleep very much. But then he remembered all that Brian had been through in the last months - losing his job, starting a new business, going into debt and out the other side, cancer, a broken collarbone.

Justin had smiled at his sleeping beauty, given him a kiss on the cheek and crawled onto the bed next to his partner. That had been, what, four hours ago? He rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock again. They couldn't have slept for over four hours, could they? His eyes got the same result. Fuck!

"Brian," Justin said shaking his bedmate, "Brian!"

"Um … what?" Brian asked his eyes opening slowly.

"We've been asleep for hours. Get up or we're going to miss President Clinton's speech."

"And that would be a problem because…?"

"You promised we would be back in time for his speech."

"Let's blow it off. We could order room service and fuck our brains out."

"As sweet and romantic as that invitation is, I want to hear Clinton's speech."

"It'll be on television," Brian suggested.

"Get up … now!" Justin slid off the bed and started to look for clothes to wear.

Brian groaned and went into the bathroom. This convention adventure was growing old. He wanted to fuck Justin, not listen to some fucking politician. When he came out Justin was dressed and standing impatiently by the door.

"Hurry up," he ordered.

"Why don't you go without me?" Brian asked hoping he could just stay there. He was sure he could find something to keep him occupied.

"No fucking way! You came with me … and you promised," he said.

"Okay, okay, I'm getting ready."

By the time they got back to the Fleet Center it was almost time for the former president's speech. Someone else was up on the stage droning on. Brian immediately tuned it out.

They made their way over to the Pennsylvania delegation's area. Justin spotted Debbie and waved. She indicated some seats that she had obviously been saving for them.

"Where the fuck have you two been?" she demanded as they sat down.

"We went back to the hotel for a while," Justin explained.

"A little fuck break?" Debbie asked.

"I wish," Brian mumbled.

"Hi, Justin," a voice said. Brian looked up to see Alvin standing in the aisle smiling over at Justin. Could this day get any better?

"Hi, Alvin," Justin said with a smile.

"Is that seat empty?" Alvin asked looking at a chair a couple of seats past Justin.

"Don't know," Justin said. "You could ask these people."

Alvin grinned and began stepping over Brian and Debbie. The next thing they knew he had convinced the people next to Justin to move down and he now occupied the chair next to his favorite blond. Alvin smiled in perfect contentment his eyes rarely leaving Justin. Brian grasped Justin's hand and held on tight. Justin grinned, liking the jealous, possessive Brian that Alvin seemed to bring out.

Finally President Clinton was introduced by Hilary and the speech began. Brian had to admit that Clinton was a better than mediocre orator. He actually listened to some of what he had to say. When the speech was completed there was a long session of standing and cheering and clapping for the former president. Brian stood but refused to get quite so enthusiastic as Debbie and Justin and, of course, Alvin. He bounced up and down clapping enthusiastically.

"Remind you of anyone?" Brian whispered in Justin's ear as he nodded towards Alvin.

"Emmett," Justin grinned.

Brian nodded and grinned back. "Can we go now?" he asked.

"Um … I don't know. What's next, Deb?"

"There's some interim speakers and then the keynote speaker, Barack Obama."

"What kind of name is that, and who is he or she?" Brian asked.

"He just might be the first African American president of the United States of America," Debbie declared. "That's the buzz anyway."

"How the fuck can they predict that?" Brian asked.

"Why don't you sit down and listen and maybe you'll find out?"

Brian looked at Justin only to notice Alvin staring longingly at his partner.

"Let's stay and hear him, Brian," Justin said.

Brian groaned and sat down. He pulled Justin down beside him. "You so owe me for all this," he whispered in Justin's ear.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise," Justin said batting his baby blues.

Brian felt his cock jump and wished they were leaving right now. After a few more forgettable speeches Barack Obama finally took the stage. He was young, fortyish, but seeming younger, and not bad looking. He had a commanding presence on the stage as they quickly found out. He gave an impassioned and rip-roaring speech about his family history and the American dream and his hopes for the kind of America that they all wanted.

When he was finished Brian actually stood and applauded along with everybody else. He wondered why this guy wasn't running for president instead of Kerry. He had the whole package.

"He was fabulous!" Justin gushed.

"Fan-fucking-tastic!" Debbie responded.

"He is an amazing orator and a commanding presence," Alvin observed.

"I'm glad we stayed, Brian," Justin said.

"Me too," Brian had to admit.

By the time they made it back to the hotel it was well after midnight. They said good night to Debbie and made their way up to their room.

"That was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride tonight," Justin observed in the elevator.

"Yeah, it's amazing how much that crowd energy gets you revved up and then leaves you exhausted afterwards."

"I'm ready to crash," Justin said.

"Don't you owe me something?" Brian asked.

"Can we do it tomorrow?"

"Promise?" Brian asked too tired to care.

"Promise," Justin said as they opened the door to their room.


Justin opened his eyes and immediately saw Brian's hazel ones staring at him. The blond blinked several times and yawned before speaking. "Morning."

"Morning," Brian said in an uncharacteristically sweet manner.

Justin flipped from his side to his back and stretched; his back arching off the bed, the sheet slipping further down his stomach. Brian's eyes followed the contours of the man's body from his neck down across his flat chest and stomach and still further down towards the sheet covered bulge of the man's crotch.

"So what are the plans for today?" Brian asked, his eyes still on Justin's cloth covered crotch.

"Uhm..." He glanced at the clock. "Nothing until after one or so, most of the events go on this afternoon and evening."

"So, we're free until then?"

"Yeah," Justin said with a smile. Stretching once again, but this time it was for Brian's benefit. Justin knew where the other man's attentions lay. "I seem to remember something about a promise I made last night?"

"Really?" Brian leered.

"Uh huh, maybe I should fulfill that promise?"

"Well Sunshine, that is the best idea you've had so far this trip." Brian said with a smirk. He leaned forward and began nibbling Justin's ear lobe before moving his attention to the man's muscled neck, gently nipping at the skin covered tendons. Justin couldn't suppress a squirm and giggle; Brian's ministrations were very playful this morning.

"Don't squirm too much… yet. We're just getting started," Brian whispered as he began taking long licks of Justin's chest.

Justin felt Brian's hand slip under the covers and gently caress his morning hard-on through his briefs. Justin's hand's flew to Brian's and pulled them away. "Don't, I'm already too close," Justin confessed. He'd not had sex nor jerked off since they'd arrived, like Brian. But Justin figured that being younger he needed it more. He smiled to himself, but wasn't about to make an age joke now.

Brian saw the mischievous smile and thought better of inquiring about it, "I don't want to know, do I?"

Justin shook his head, "No, you don't." Justin pushed Brian onto his back and straddled the older man. "But, you have been," Justin paused long enough to lean forward and kiss Brian's lips. "Such," another kiss, "a," kiss, "good," kiss, "boy."

Brian smirked, he had been good, and he knew it. "And what do good boys get?"

"Treats," Justin giggled. He pushed himself down Brian's chest and further down the man's stomach. He grasped the sheet that was covering Brian's lower half and pulled and tugged until it was no longer sandwiched between their bodies. Brian still had his underwear on and Justin decided to take advantage of that.

Lining his head up with Brian's gray cotton clad cock, Justin began to suck at the man's cock through his underwear. Brian lifted his head up, looking down to see what was going on; he saw Justin's lips puckered around his cock, still inside his briefs. Justin was smiling, his bright blue eyes playfully looking up at Brian.

Brian groaned loudly and tossed his head back. Justin continued sucking, nudging and breathing his warm breath onto Brian's cock. The older man was no longer trying to contain his squirming. Justin pushed himself up and sat on his knees between Brian's legs, admiring the effect he was having on the man.

When Brian realized that Justin had stopped his ministrations, he looked up to see Justin staring at him, from between his legs. He looked down to his gray briefs that were now dark with moisture, from Justin's mouth and from his own leaking erection.

Justin stifled a chuckle when he saw Brian practically pout. "Why'd you stop?"

"You don't want to come yet, do you?" Justin grinned.

Brian pretended to think about it for an instant. Without any warning he launched himself at the blond, knocking the younger man onto his back and straddling his chest. "Not yet, but soon, very soon."

Justin giggled and smiled; he tried to lean up to kiss Brian but the man was having none of that. Brian used his own hands to pin Justin's arms down. "Oh, no, little boys that tease don't get kisses."

Justin laughed louder and threw his head back, he tried to struggle free from Brian's grip but wasn't able to. "Then fuck me, if you're man enough," Justin said with a grin.

Brian smirked before jumping off the bed and heading towards his bag; he retrieved a condom and packet of lube and headed back towards the bed. Before climbing back on, he slid out of his wet and sticky briefs, kicking them off to the side of the room. Justin hadn't moved, but he had tilted his head back so he could watch Brian retrieve the supplies; he took the opportunity to divest himself of his own underwear.

Brian climbed on the bed, again straddling the blond. "So," he began to ask as he tore open the condom and began to roll it down his thick cock. "What punishment is appropriate for a little cock teaser like yourself?"

Justin mustered as innocent look as he could and batted his eyelashes up at Brian, and seductively and slowly spoke, "A rough fuck?"

Brian grinned at his partner, leaned forward and gave the man a quick kiss before speaking. "That's why I keep you around." Justin gasped, pulled his knees up and arched his back when he felt Brian's lube coated finger thrust into him. Satisfied that Justin was sufficiently lubed, Brian positioned his cock at the man's entrance, positioned his hands on Justin's folded legs, pushing them against the man's torso and pushed in. Justin gasped at the intrusion and his hands clamped down on Brian's skin, silently telling the man to give him a moment to adjust, Brian complied. Feeling Justin's grip slowly loosen, Brian began small gentle strokes back and forth; once he saw Justin smile and the man's blue eyes glaze over he knew he could get to work.

Brian pulled back and slammed into Justin over and over, both men grunting in unison. Neither was going to last very long. Within a few more minutes of steady rhythm, Brian could feel his orgasm approaching. Justin was pulling on his own cock; his eyes closed tightly, head thrown back, moans of pleasure and words of nonsense escaping his delectable lips.

Brian pulled back as far as he could and gave one final hard thrust. He felt Justin's dick erupt all over them as the blond shouted a string of profanities. Justin's ass tightened and began to convulse around Brian's cock, and he too lost himself in his release.


The sucking and fucking had been going on for several hours when the phone rang. Brian decided to ignore it as he was in imminent proximity of his next orgasm. With a final thrust he came into Justin's ass for the third, fourth, fifth time. He couldn't be sure, but they had certainly made up for the missed opportunities of the last few days. The phone continued to ring.

Finally Justin reached over and answered it. "Yeah," he said breathlessly.

"Decided to stop fucking long enough to answer?" Debbie asked sarcastically.

"Um … what is it, Deb?"

"If you two can drag your fucking asses out of that bed, I have a treat for all of us."

"A treat?"

"I was scheduled to go with Senator Baxter to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus this afternoon. Each delegation can send four representatives."


"So, she can't go and I have her two passes. You two can come with me."

Justin quickly explained to Brian what Debbie had said. Brian made a face and asked loudly enough to make sure Debbie would hear, "Why the fuck would we want to do that?"

"Because Theresa Heinz Kerry will be speaking, that's why!" Debbie stated.

Brian shook his head. "Who wants to listen to that crazy bitch?"

"Watch your mouth, asshole," Debbie retorted. "She may be the first lady and she's a broad who speaks her mind. I fucking love her!"

"I'm so happy for you," Brian said into the receiver that Justin was holding halfway between them. "But no thanks."

"And the second speaker is Ben fucking Affleck!" Debbie gloated.

"Now you're talking," Justin said.

"Get some clothes and get downstairs right now. We have to get over to the Sheraton Hotel."

"I'll be right there," Justin said.

"And bring the asshole with you."

Justin chuckled as he hung up.

"Let's go," He said to Brian.

"No fucking way! I'm not leaving here."

"Even to see Ben Affleck?"

"He's not gay, you know?"

"He isn't?"

"That's what he says every chance he gets."

"Then why is he speaking to The GLBT Caucus?" Justin asked.

"Good question, Sunshine."

"Let's go see if we can find out the answer," Justin said trying to pull Brian off the bed.

"My dick was just getting revved up."

"You're dick is always revved up. Besides, my ass needs a rest."

"Come on."

Brian scowled but got up. He would enjoy telling the story of the day they met Ben Affleck. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

An hour later they were in the audience listening to Theresa Heinz Kerry speak. To their everlasting astonishment the third person of their little group was none other than the inimitable Alvin.

"Told you he was gay," Brian whispered to Justin. Alvin was positively drooling all over Justin.

"Did she just say to call her Mama T?" Brian asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," Justin said. "What does it mean?"

"That she will be the mother of all…"

"Transvestites?" Brian offered interrupting Debbie. Justin giggled. "Well, that is what she looks like," Brian smirked.

"Stop it, asshole," Debbie warned. "She's offering to be the mother of all the disenfranchised people here, just like another great mother named Theresa."

"Oh, pullease," Brian said shaking his head.

"To quote the lady speaking to us," Debbie said, "shove it up your fucking ass!"

"I only want to shove it up his ass," Brian said giving Justin a noisy smooch. Alvin grimaced and looked away. Brian repeated it to make sure Alvin was getting the message.

"Behave or I'll have security throw you out," Debbie threatened.

"I'm quaking in my boots," Brian said but shut up for a while after that. After a bit he said, "Is she through yet? Where's Ben Affleck?"

Debbie shushed him, but very soon Ben was introduced. There were lots of whistles and cheers from both men and women. Ben made a joke about him and his partner, Matt Damon, and offered to take off his shirt and dance. Justin and Debbie were impressed with how he handled himself. Brian tried to appear nonchalant, but Justin could tell he was sizing the man up.

"So what do you think?" Justin asked when Ben left the stage.

"I'd fuck him," Brian said. "Definitely gay."

"Justin," Alvin asked smiling at the blond. "Would you like to have dinner with me?"

"He's busy," Brian said abruptly. He was getting sick of the four-eyed pest.

"I … I am busy?" Justin said.

"Yes, busy." Brian said with finality.

Justin grew angry at Brian's ability to assume that he could manage his schedule, his life. Had the shoe been on the other foot, Brian would have told Justin to fuck off right then and there and done as he damn well pleased. Giving the brunet a quick glare, he turned to Alvin and smiled, "I'd love to have lunch with you, Alvin." Giving Brian a defiant glance he finalized his lunch date and watched as a happy Alvin turned and nearly all but skipped away.

"Let's go," Brian said taking Justin by one arm and Debbie by the other. He began ushering them out to the front entrance. He hoped they could escape little Alvin once and for all but it looked as though Justin had other plans.


"Are you going to sulk all night?"

"Fuck you," Brian spat. "I'm not sulking."

"Uh huh," Justin mumbled, turning his attention back to his book.

Brian frowned and continued to stare at the blond. Justin knew he was being watched but wasn't about to give in. "I just -" Brian started, but stopped himself.

Justin calmly lowered his book and stared at his lover. "You just what?"

"I mean, I came here with you and now you decide to go on a date with some four-eyed little geek."

Justin chuckled softly, "I happen to think that he's really cute. Glasses can make a man look sexy."

Brian rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"Look, Brian," Justin said as he tossed the book onto the bed and sat upright. "You're the one always telling me that we have an open door. Eventually I'm going to want to settle down." Justin paused for a moment before continuing. "Besides, you were the one that offered to pack the condoms and lube for me to bring. You all but told me I should be here fucking guys."

"Not Alvin!"

"Why?" Justin asked calmly.

"Just… because… well… I don't know, that's why."

"Real mature, Brian." Justin said, rolling his eyes and crawling off the bed. "I need a drink, do you want something?"

"No," Brian said as he watched Justin fish through the small mini-bar, retrieving several bottles and some ice which he quickly dumped into a glass.

Justin went back to the bed with his drink, took a few sips and picked his novel back up. As far as he was concerned the conversation was over, but Brian wasn't quite ready to give up. The older man decided to try another tactic.

"Dating," Brian spat out the word, "isn't for fags."

Justin lowered his book and didn't even try to hide the eye roll this time. "It's not a date, Brian. It's lunch. We're going to meet downstairs for lunch! It's not a date. Jesus, Brian, when did you turn into such a fucking drama queen?"

Brian ignored the man's last comment and pondered Justin's response. "I suppose you're right. I mean, we eat out all the time."

Justin grunted in agreement, "True, but then again it's never just you and me."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well, Alvin wanted to have lunch with me. Not me and a group of people, just me."

"What the fuck do you mean?" Brian asked with a scowl.

Justin sighed and took another drink from his glass. He swirled the liquor around with his tongue before swallowing. "You know exactly what I mean. Yes, we eat out all the time, but that isn't the point. When we do it's always with Michael and Ben or at Mel and Lindsay's, or at Debbie's. It's never just you and me."

Brian thought for a moment; he knew he couldn't argue that; it was true. "So, what does it matter, eating is just that, eating. It's not for socializing."

Justin lolled his head back against the headboard. "You, of all people, an ad man, should know that that is a load of shit! Eating out is one of the most common social interactions. You don't feel the need to do it with me, at least not alone, just the two of us. Alvin wants to. I want to. I don't see what the big deal is or why you're getting all bent out of shape. It's just lunch."

Brian sat silently for several more minutes. "I don't do dates."

Justin looked up and chuckled at his lover; he looked too much like Gus at that moment. "I know you don't Brian, but that doesn't mean I don't or that I don't want to."

Brian stared at Justin for several more seconds before jumping out of his chair and leaving the hotel room without further word.

Justin shrugged off the man's actions. He'd seen weirder and stranger from Brian since they'd known each other. Taking another sip of his alcohol he refocused on his book.

By the time Brian returned to the hotel room, Justin was fast asleep. Brian stripped out of his clothing and climbed into bed.

Both men took the opportunity that the day's schedule afforded them and slept in. Justin awoke first around 11, and decided to start getting ready for his noontime lunch with Alvin. When Justin came out of the bathroom naked, drying his hair, Brian was awake, lying in bed, head propped up on a pillow, his eyes following the younger man's movement, taking in the lithe form that he'd found desirable from the first instant they'd met.

He wouldn't admit to being jealous. He didn't do jealous. Though truth be told he was glad that lately Justin hadn't been with anyone, to his knowledge at least, other than himself. They weren't exclusive or anything, but Justin hadn't seemed to have the need to find anyone else to play with.

Brian couldn't say the same. He'd definitely cut down on tricking, by choice, and he'd convinced himself it was due to the time demands of starting and running his own business. He wouldn't entertain any other reasoning.

Brian continued to watch as Justin slid into a pair of briefs and took several minutes to consider what he'd wear; the blond finally chose a pair of jeans and a dark blue button up shirt, rolling the sleeves up and leaving it untucked.

Justin turned towards the bed, slightly startled to find Brian staring at him. Justin offered the older man a faint smile, but Brian didn't return it. He continued staring at the blond. Justin's smile faded as he realized that Brian must still be pissed over last night. He found his shoes and sat on the room's sofa while he dressed his feet.

Justin sat back into the couch's cushions after his shoes and socks were on. He could feel Brian's gaze on him and he was starting to grow slightly self conscious. He looked over at the bed and the hazel eyes that were studying him and spoke. "Did you want to come to lunch?"

Brian shook his head back and forth, indicating he didn't.

Justin nodded.

Brian crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom. He did his morning business, shaved and brushed his teeth and stood under the hot pulsing water. Finally feeling refreshed and totally awake, he left the shower stall, wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom. Justin was gone.

Brian dressed quickly. He wasn't going to stay in the room like some scorned lover awaiting Justin's return. He'd make use of the free time before tonight's convention events.

Brian exited the elevator and walked across the lobby, glancing quickly to the hotel's main restaurant. He saw Justin and Alvin at a table; Justin's head was thrown back in a laugh and Alvin was leaning forward talking. They both looked like they were having a good time. They looked so natural together. Brian suppressed a feeling that erupted in his stomach and continued walking; only a few feet and thick glass partitioning the restaurant and lobby separated him from Justin. Emerging from the hotel, Brian looked up at the bright blue sky, took one final look back at the lobby and began walking down the streets of Boston.

As he walked, Brian continued to run Justin's words from the previous night through his head. The man was right, they never ate out alone. Oh, they ate together in the loft all the time, there was no denying that, but that always led to them rutting around in bed, or on the couch or in the shower like animals. As he continued walking he realized that he was missing out on a side of Justin that others got to see. That the blond, through no fault of his own, didn't share with him.

Brian stopped and looked around to see where he was. He hadn't paid any attention, he'd just been walking. Surprisingly he was facing the hotel. He'd gone full circle.

Was that significant? He hadn't intended to do that. He had just been thinking, but in the process he had returned to the hotel, to Justin. He had come to Boston because Justin had asked him. He wanted to please Justin, he wanted to spend time with him, and they had been having fun … most of the time.

Why had he been such an ass? All he had to do was say that he wanted to have lunch with Justin and he could have, but that would have been too much like asking for a date and he didn't date. He just took things for granted. If he wanted to eat, then Justin would come with him. Justin was always ready to eat. But it never occurred to him that something as simple as eating out together, alone, would make the boy happy. He was such a fucking idiot sometimes. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door of the hotel.

Brian strode across the lobby towards the restaurant. He looked for the table where he had seen Justin and Alvin. They were still there smiling and talking. Brian halted looking at them through the glass. He debated whether he should go in or not. Finally he took another deep breath and walked into the restaurant. He waved the hostess away and indicated where he was going.

There were four chairs at the table where Justin and Alvin sat. Brian had made note of that fact.

"Hey, Sunshine," Brian said with a smile, "enjoying your lunch?"

"We were," Alvin said with a scowl.

Brian ignored him. "I came to ask you something," Brian said staring into Justin's eyes.

"You did?" Justin asked frowning. Brian sounded serious. "Did you get some lunch? You could join us."

Brian caught the glare on Alvin's face out of the corner of his eye. He was tempted to sit down and interrupt their cozy little tête-à-tête. That had been his intention when he walked in. Suddenly though, he changed his mind.

"I don't want to butt in," Brian said with a straight face. "I just wanted to know if you were free for dinner." Brian stared into Justin's eyes. He saw a little smile begin to curl the corners of Justin's mouth.

"I might be," Justin said staring into the hazel eyes.

"I'd love to take you somewhere nice, just the two of us," Brian said softly.

Justin's smile was one of his more radiant ones. "It's a date," he said happily.

"Good," Brian said trying not to wince at Justin's choice of words. "Enjoy the rest of your lunch," he said, turned and walked out of the restaurant.

He didn't self combust, he didn't have a heart attack, a thunderbolt didn't come out of the ceiling of the hotel and strike him dead. He had asked for his first date and he was going to live to tell about it. Now if he could only survive going on the date, everything would be just great. He made his way across the lobby and up to his room. He needed to lie down for a minute, just a minute.

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