Let's Get Political

Let's Get Political

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After they'd boarded the aircraft and settled into their seats, Justin looked over to Brian and asked, "Why?"

Brian looked at the blond and immediately knew the true answer. The happiness on Justin's face was worth him making the trip, not that he'd ever admit that out loud of course. Instead, he gave Justin one of his patented smirks, "Why not?"

Justin considered his answer for a moment before giving Brian a blinding smile.

The flight passed quickly, and once they arrived at Logan airport, they deplaned and headed to the luggage carousel to collect their baggage. Debbie caught up with them while they awaited the arrival of their baggage. She had known about Brian's plans soon after he'd made them, but abided by the man's decision to surprise Justin.

After they'd collected their baggage, the three found a cab to take them to the hotel where the Pennsylvania delegation was lodging.

"This'll be great, the three of us sharing a room!" Debbie said as she stared out the cab's windows and took in the sights of the town that'd be their home for a week. In an effort to save money, the delegates were being double bunked; Debbie and Justin figured it'd be easiest for them to share a room since they already knew each other.

Brian didn't try to hide the scoff that poured from his lips, "Not even, Deb. Justin and I have our own room. You get a room all by yourself."

"Well shit, I was looking forward to the entertainment," Debbie teased loudly.

The three arrived at the hotel. Debbie saw the special check-in section that had been established for the delegates and headed that way. Brian went to the hotel's main desk to check-in. Justin wandered around the lobby, looking at all the people who were milling around. Many had red white and blue ribbons on, others t-shirts with a variety of political messages. Justin turned to check on Brian; the older man was still at the front desk. When he turned back to see what Debbie was doing, he saw a man approaching him. Justin looked to his left and right, he was the only person in this particular spot, so obviously the man was coming over to him.

"Hi! I'm Alvin," The man said, extending his hand towards Justin.

Justin gave a slight smile and shook the man's hand. "I'm Justin."

There was an uncomfortable silence until Alvin spoke, "Oh, sorry, I'm with the Pennsylvania delegation, here for the big convention," he said, obviously trying to impress Justin.

"Me too."


"Yeah," Justin nodded with a smile.

"Which district?"

"Oh, uh, Pittsburgh." Justin replied, unsure what the man was asking. He was still getting used to the new lingo.

"Way cool, I'm with state Senator Branford's delegation, from Canonsburg," Alvin said.

Justin smiled in acknowledgement. Alvin was obviously gay; he fell under the flamer category, but he seemed friendly enough and harmless.

As Brian finished checking them into their room, he turned and spotted Justin. Heading in Justin's direction, Brian saw another man talking to his blond. The guy was a little older than Justin and just a hair taller, he was kind of stocky, overall not too bad looking, but he looked like a bit of a geek. Brian could tell right away that the man was cruising Justin.

"Hey, Brian!" Justin said. Brian came up next to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. Brian gave Justin a quick kiss on the forehead, marking his territory and hoping that the man standing before them caught the drift.

"Who's your little friend, Sunshine?" Brian asked.

"Oh," Justin looked from Brian to Alvin. "This is Alvin; he's here for the convention too."

"How wonderful," Brian drawled. "Where are the rest of the Chipmunks?"

Justin suppressed a chuckle and elbowed his lover. "Be nice."

Alvin frowned, it wasn't the first time he'd heard such things. "Nice to meet you both." Alvin started to turn away, but paused briefly. He looked at Justin, trying his hardest to ignore the tall brunet who was possessively hugging the blond and asked, "Maybe we can have some dinner or something one night?"

"Sure, that'd be great," Justin said.

Alvin smiled and headed back towards the crowds. Brian looked down at Justin and frowned. "I come all this way and you're going to hook up with some four eyed computer geek?"

Justin laughed, "Don't be jealous; it's not like he was hitting on me or anything. We have a lot in common; we're both students and we're two of the youngest people with the delegation."

"And you didn't notice the looks he was giving you?"

"He wasn't giving me any looks. He might not even be gay!"

"Please, his flame outshines Emmett's."

"You think everyone is gay." Justin giggled.

"We'll see," Brian grunted as he maneuvered them towards the elevators. "In the meantime let's put some of those condoms we brought to use."

Justin wasn't about to object. He didn't think the day could get any better. Just before the elevator doors shut, he made eye contact with Debbie, who was still in the delegate's line waiting to check in; she gave him a wink and a knowing smile.

The elevator seemed to take forever as people entered and exited as they made their way slowly up to the fourteenth floor. They quickly unlocked the door of their room and Brian shoved Justin inside. They grappled for supremacy as the kisses were long and deep. They began pulling at each other's clothes as a knock sounded at the door.

"Fuck!" Brian reacted. "That has to be Debbie,"

"Keep quite and maybe she'll go away." Justin's lips captured Brian's in another deep kiss.

Someone knocked again and called out.

"Fuck!" Brian said. "I think that's the bellboy with our bags." He released Justin and covered his crotch with one hand while he went to open the door.

Sure enough it was the bellboy. He carried in Brian's garment bag as Justin quickly sat on the side of the bed grabbing a pillow to hold in his lap and cover his raging hard-on. Brian fished in his pocket and found a five which he handed to the man as he went out.

"Now where the fuck were we before we were so rudely interrupted?"

"Taking off our clothes," Justin volunteered.

"Let's get back to work," Brian said unbuttoning his shirt. He had just got that off when the phone rang. "Shit!" Brian reacted.

Justin leaned across the bed and picked up the receiver. "Yes," he said. "Oh, hi Deb. Yeah, half an hour? Okay." He set the receiver back in the cradle.

"What the fuck did she want?" Brian asked unbuttoning his pants.

"She said we had half an hour to fuck and then we have to meet her in the lobby."

"Since when did she get elected God?" Brian griped stepping out of his pants. His erect cock bounced in front of him.

"We have to go to the reception with the rest of the delegation."

"Fuck! I knew I never should have gotten involved in this fucking crap!"

"We have half an hour. Let's make the most of it."

"Okay, convention boy, get undressed."

Justin grinned and quickly got rid of his clothes. Brian pounced on him as soon as he was naked.

Kisses and wandering hands and soft lips soon had them both fully aroused. They wrestled around as each tried to dominate.

"I want to fuck you," Justin whispered between kisses.

"I don't think so. My ass is still tender from last night. I'm going to fuck you," Brian stated and deftly flipped Justin onto his back.

"Um … Brian," Justin said tapping Brian on the arm. "My ass hurts too."

"Fuck," Brian said looking up from where his lips were sucking on Justin's neck.

"What are we going to do?"

"Sixty-nine?" Brian said.

Justin slid around and hungrily took Brian's full cock into his mouth. He covered it in saliva and then ran the tip of his tongue around the head of the cock. He could feel Brian working on his dick and gasped as Brian sucked hard.

Just then the phone rang again. The look on Brian's face was positively frightening. "Don't fucking answer it!" he ordered.

It continued to ring as he tried to concentrate on Justin's cock.

"It might be Debbie with a change of plans or some other information that we need," Justin said looking at the phone.

"Shit! Answer the fucking thing."

Justin reached for the phone. "Yes. Oh, hi Alvin. Tonight? No I don't think I can. Yeah, we're going to the reception in a little while. See you there."

"Was that one of the chipmunks?" Brian asked with a frown.


"And what did he fucking want?"

"To take me to dinner," Justin grinned knowing that would annoy the hell out of Brian.

"Can't he get a clue? Didn't I make it perfectly obvious that you were with me?"

"Yes, Brian, you did."

"Then what the fuck is he calling here for?"

"I don't know, Brian."

"What are you, a Stepford wife?"

"Yes, Brian, if you want me to be," Justin grinned.

"I'm going to spank you so hard," Brian threatened.

Justin giggled. "Too late," he said. "Debbie will be knocking on the door in five minutes. We better get dressed."

"We don't have to let her in," Brian said looking at his still partially erect cock. This turn of events was quickly taking care of his need to fuck.

"Behave. We have to go meet Senator Baxter so get dressed."

"Remind me to kill you later," Brian griped.

"Yes, Brian," Justin said sweetly as he gathered up his clothes.


Brian and Justin dressed and scrambled down to the lobby. As they came off the elevator they immediately saw Debbie and headed for her.

"About fucking time, you two!" Debbie all but screeched.

"Fucking is the only thing we didn't have time for if you must know," Brian smirked.

"I'm sure you'll have time later, but for now behave yourselves. Senator Baxter will be down in a minute; the reception is in the hotel's ballroom."

"Lead the way," Justin piped in before Brian could make any additional remarks.

The trio wound their way through the crowded lobby and into the hotel's ballroom. The large room was segmented into three marked areas: Pennsylvania, Washington and Idaho. The delegations from these three states were all staying in this particular hotel for the duration of the convention. Debbie, Justin and Brian wove through the sea of people towards the large banner that read 'Pennsylvania'. Brian noticed the bar near the far wall and knew he'd need to take a swing by there soon.

Applause slowly began to erupt from the entrance they'd just come through. Turning around they saw Senator Baxter and her entourage come in. She was dressed down, obviously trying to appear as a 'woman of the people'. She was shaking hands and waving to people as she made her way deeper into the room.

She quickly noticed Debbie and moved towards the woman. After exchanging pleasantries she turned to face Justin. "How are you doing?"

"Fine ma'am."

She gave him a look that said she didn't totally believe him. She glanced at Debbie and then turned back to Justin and gave him a smile and nod. "That's great, Justin. I'm glad you've recovered and are getting on with your life."

Justin glanced at Debbie who had a guilty look on her face. He was certain that he had been a frequent topic of conversation between Debbie and the Senator. Justin gave his surrogate mother a smile to let her know he was okay with it

Senator Baxter shook Brian's hand and gave him a perfect political smile before excusing herself and heading off to visit with more people.

"That was exciting," Brian muttered sarcastically.

"I'm going to circulate for a while, I'll catch up with you boys later, or in the morning if I miss you." Debbie said as she started to walk away. She paused and looked directly at Brian. "Make sure your asses are down here at 8AM sharp. The shuttle buses will take us to the Fleet Center! So don't stay up all night fucking him!"

Brian rolled his eyes. Justin shushed her and blushed, embarrassed that several people standing nearby had looked in their direction. Debbie huffed before turning away and blending into the crowd.

"I need a drink. Want one?" Brian asked.


"I'll be back. Don't get lost."

Justin watched Brian's retreating back until the man was no longer visible. Unsure what to do, he slowly turned in spot, taking in all the people in the room. He was slightly overwhelmed by so many people around him, but he knew this was nothing compared to how many people would be at the convention center. Debbie had warned him that there would be bigger crowds than he'd ever seen before.

Justin caught sight of Alvin and the man seemed to notice him at the same time. Justin waved and Alvin headed towards him.

"Hey, Justin. How are you doing? This is pretty intense, huh?"

"Yeah, but I'm enjoying. I feel like part of the process I guess. Kind of silly, huh?"

"No," Alvin said shaking his head. "I know exactly what you mean. I've never felt like this stuff mattered, but actually being here makes it more real. Where's your friend?"

"Oh, Brian went to get us some drinks."

"Oh, here he comes now. He's kind of cute," Alvin said, motioning past Justin.

"Yeah, I think so," Justin said with a conspiratorial smile.

"Well, well, if it isn't the head chipmunk!" Brian drawled as he approached, passing Justin his drink.

Justin rolled his eyes and gave an apologetic smile to Alvin. Alvin gave the brunet a blank stare and decided to ignore the man's biting remark. "So, uh…" Alvin tried to think of something smart to say to impress Justin. Unable to think of anything he noticed the button that was on Brian's lapel. "I uh… like your button," Alvin said.

Justin's eyebrows furrowed in confusion until he noticed the button on Brian's jacket. It simply said 'Bush' with a thick read slash through it. Justin scoffed and took a sip of his drink.

"I'm making a political statement," Brian said smartly.

"Brian, that button is referring to the President, not to…" Justin trailed off.

"Really?" Brian asked in mock shock.

Justin chuckled and took another gulp from his glass.

"Clever," Alvin said.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" Brian asked the other man.

"Uh… no it isn't that late… besides I don't have a bedtime," Alvin grumbled.

"Brian, behave," Justin warned.

"Whatever," Brian said, downing the contents of his glass. "I need another."

"Well, I should probably go check in with the rest of the folks from my district. It was nice seeing you again, Justin; maybe we can grab some lunch or something tomorrow."

"Maybe," Justin said with a non-committal tone. He liked the man and wouldn't mind getting to know him, but he didn't want to alienate Brian.

"Brian, it was good to see you again," Alvin said, reaching out to shake Brian's hand.

Brian hesitated but for Justin's sake he'd be polite. Just as he reached out to take the man's hand, someone bumped into Alvin. The arm holding the man's drink flew towards Brian and the red liquid within shot all over Brian's jacket and dress shirt. Brian was too stunned to speak; he stood there looking down at the mess. If it had been physically possible, steam would have been coming out of his ears.

"Ooops, sorry about that," Alvin offered with a smile. Without further word the man gave Justin a smile and walked away.

"That little shit did it on purpose!" Brian nearly shouted once he'd regained his ability to speak.

"He did not," Justin said, suppressing a grin.

"He planned it! He wants me out of the way so he can get you."


"I should have seen this coming. He wants you and he'll do anything!"

Justin rolled his eyes and took Brian's drink from him. "Jesus Christ, Brian. How much have you had to drink? You're sounding a little paranoid." Justin set their glasses on a nearby table and took Brian by the arm. "Now, if your little drama queen moment is over, let's head up to the room."

Brian was still staring at his clothes in horror. He lifted his jacket up to his nose and sniffed. "Cranberry juice, no one actually drinks this shit straight."

"Let's get you up to the room and out of those clothes," Justin said as he pulled Brian out of the ballroom and back towards the bank of elevators. "We'll get you up to the room, out of those clothes and tucked into bed."

Seeming to forget about his ruined clothing for a moment, Brian leered, "You'll be joining me, right?"

Justin giggled, "Of course, unless you'd rather hang out with Alvin."

"Don't make my dick soft, Sunshine."

Justin leaned into Brian and gave him a tight squeeze around the waist. The elevator doors opened and deposited them on their floor. Once in the room, Brian stripped off his clothing and headed towards the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a quick shower."

"Fine, I'll be waiting," Justin said seductively, stifling a yawn.

Brian showered in record time. Going back into the other room he immediately heard the familiar snore of Justin in a deep sleep.

"Oh fuck. Can this night get any worse?" Brian growled, looking down at his stiff cock. "Fuck it." Brian set the alarm and crawled into bed, he shut off the bedside light, kissed Justin's forehead and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


Morning came much too early for both men. Justin climbed over Brian and slapped the machine until it stopped squawking.

Brian groaned. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of youthful blue ones staring back at him. "Morning!" Justin said in a much too chipper voice.

Brian groaned and tried to roll over onto his side - he wanted to go back to sleep. "Go away!" He groaned.

"Rise and shine, we have to get up."

"Fuck," Brian said as he pushed Justin off him. He had to piss. Justin giggled as he was pushed backwards. He took in the view of Brian's ass swaying gently as the man hurried to the bathroom.

"Better?" Justin asked a few minutes later as Brian reemerged.

Brian gave the blond a predatory look. He climbed onto the bed and crawled on all fours towards Justin accentuating each word as he spoke. "I'm… going… to… fuck… you… until… you… can't… walk… straight."

Justin's grin spread wide as Brian crawled on top of him. Brian's erection was stabbing Justin's thigh. "Well," Justin began to say seductively, "You'll just have to wait until tonight. We don't have time. We need to be downstairs in fifteen minutes, and you're not even that good."

Brian's face scrunched up in a scowl. "No morning fuck?" he asked, sounding like a little kid.

Justin laughed, leaned forward, kissed Brian's lips and tugged twice on the man's erection. "Not this morning, but I promise you; tonight I'll give you the fuck of your dreams."

Brian pushed up off the bed, intent on getting cleaned up and dressed. "I'd think again, Sunshine. One of us is going to get fucked, but it won't be me."

Justin giggled, "Whatever! Tonight though. Let's get ready."


A short time later, the two men stood outside the hotel, with the rest of the delegates. The convention had arranged for shuttles to ferry convention goers back and forth between the Fleet Center and their respective hotels.

"Buses?" Brian groaned. "I thought they were kidding."

"Stop it," Justin said, poking the man in the side. "They're nice buses; it's not like public transportation or anything."

Brian just rolled his eyes. The week wasn't going quite as he expected so far, and they'd been in Boston for less than a day. "Where the fuck is Debbie?"

"I dunno. She may have gone over earlier."

Brian just shrugged and took in the view that the downtown hotel offered.

Slowly but steadily, shuttles showed up, loaded people and headed off towards the convention center. Eventually it was Brian and Justin's turn. They boarded the shuttle, Brian immediately noticed the uniformed cop sitting directly behind the driver. His mind raced back a few years to the cop he'd had outside of the comic convention. Justin saw Brian's smirk and saw what the man was looking at. Justin tugged on Brian's shirt.

Brian refocused his attention to his blond, "Huh?"

"Do I even want to know what you were thinking?"

Brian looked at the cop once more and then back to Justin. With a smile he said, "Probably not, but when we get back to the Pitts, remind me to pick up a billy-club to add to the toy chest."

Justin chuckled and shook his head. Brian leaned into the blond and gave him a smile. "I'll tell you all about it when you're older."

Justin shook his head and leaned back into Brian.

The trip to the Fleet Center passed quickly. Before either man knew it they were pulling into an underground parking structure and being herded up a long ramp. As they approached the end of the ascending ramp, and a pair of double doors, they could hear the sound of thousands of people gathered in one spot. When the doors opened and they entered the floor of the arena, they became just two of thousands of the faithful that had turned up that week.


The Fleet Center was huge and they stood inside the doors staring around at all the red, white and blue, and the thousands of people. There was an air of expectancy, like they all knew something big was going to happen, and they were part of it. Even Brian could feel it.

"This is exciting," Justin said hanging on to Brian's arm.

"Yeah," Brian had to agree.

"Hey, Justin," Alvin waved. "We have to line up to register and get our badges and ID."

"Hi Alvin," Justin replied as he started to pull Brian towards Alvin.

"Let's line up together," Alvin suggested.

Justin nodded and Brian glared. So began four hours of line-ups for everything from official badges, to a smart card to get in and out of the Fleet Center, to sign-ups for workshops, to the concession stand that sold hats and T-shirts and badges, to a delicious and highly nutritious McCrap lunch. Justin dragged Brian from one to the other trying to remain cheerful as Brian's last few nerves frazzled away to nothing.

It also meant four hours of Alvin which just about drove Brian to insanity. Brian hugged Justin and kissed him at every opportunity. Alvin seemed oblivious to Brian's presence and chatted animatedly with Justin refusing to be deterred by Brian's caustic remarks or hostile glares. Alvin seemed intent on making Justin like him, and he didn't seem to care that Brian was there.

By one-thirty Brian had had enough. He dragged Justin out to a shuttle bus and said they were going back to the hotel to fuck or he was going to throw them both off the roof of the Fleet Center. Justin finally agreed as long as they returned in time for President Clinton's speech that night.

Finally the shuttle they needed arrived. Brian slumped into his seat wondering how doing nothing could make you so fucking tired.

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