Let's Get Political - Again

Let's Get Political - Again

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"Are you ready?"

"No," Brian growled as he finished zipping his suitcase up.

"Brian, we need to get moving." Justin said, stating the obvious

"No shit, twat."

Justin sighed and ignored the temptation to holler at Brian. "Okay, okay, I don't want to fight, but we need to get going." Justin ran into the kitchen and grabbed his 'to do' list off the island.

"Fuck!" Brian shouted as his suitcase all but popped open.

"Do you really need all that shit?" Justin asked as he looked over at his own small suitcase.

"Do you really need that pretty blond head on your shoulders?" Brian asked with a glare.

Justin suppressed a chuckle and held his hands up in mock surrender. Focusing on the list in his hand, the blond began to check things off. "Did you get the reservations at the inn?"


"Hmmm, how about the tuxes, did you pick those up?"

"No, we'll get them on the way out of town."

"Fine," Justin sighed.

Brian gave him a quick glance and realized for the first time just how nervous Justin was. Brian stood up, and moved to stand in front of his partner; wrapping his arms around Justin's waist, Brian pulled him close and looked into the uncertain blue eyes. "Justin, calm down. We've got the reservations, we've got the justice of the peace lined up, the invitations were all sent and people responded, we'll get our clothes, and… fuck, I've even got a jack and extra tire packed in the back of the Corvette just in case." Justin smiled as he recalled Michael having told him about Mysterious Marilyn and their ill fated New York road trip.

"I know, I - I just want everything to be right. After all, you only get married once, right?"

Brian smiled, kissed Justin's forehead and returned to his suitcase. "Justin," Brian paused and looked to his blond, "you know this isn't a marriage, just a civil union, and it's only good in Vermont."

"I know, Brian, but it doesn't matter. Now get your ass in gear!" Justin smiled.

"Yes, sir," Brian chuckled as he continued packing.

They were about to go out the door when Brian went back to his desk.

"Briiiaaan," Justin whined. "What the fuck are you doing? We have to get going."

Brian retrieved the small box from the drawer of his desk and stuffed it into his carry-all. He walked quickly to the door of the loft and locked it behind him. He didn't know how this would turn out and he hoped to hell that he didn't regret everything he had arranged.


The Corvette slid effortlessly along the interstate. Driving at high speed on a smooth, flat road was great. Brian was enjoying himself and his car and his companion. He glanced over at Justin who was looking at the scenery and bopping his head to the song playing on the radio.

"Enjoying yourself, Sunshine?" Brian asked with a smile,

"Yep. I love going anywhere with you. This is going to be so great."

"Will it make up for that other time you went by yourself?"

Justin frowned. He knew that had been the beginning of him leaving Brian for Ethan. He quickly squashed that thought. A wedding, sort of, in Vermont was what he was looking forward to and nothing was going to ruin that for him. He was going to enjoy his time with Brian.

"It's going to be way better than that other time. We're going to be together and have a great time."

"If you say so."

"I do."

"Save that for the ceremony."

Justin chuckled and play punched Brian in the arm. Some day!

"I'm so glad your commercial got used," Justin said suddenly.

"So am I. Even if it wasn't quite in the way we envisaged."

"Senator Baxter was pretty smart to send copies to all the state GLBT associations whose states have amendments about banning gay marriage on their ballots."

Brian nodded. "No grass grows under her. Debbie told me that five state groups have funded it to run on TV in their local markets. Maybe some good will come out of it after all."

"Thanks to you," Justin said.

"Thanks to the Concerned Citizens for the Truth and to Senator Baxter and to William and Henry."

"I guess we all had a hand in it. This election is going to be so close. It might make a difference."

"Let's not think about that for the weekend. This is supposed to be an enjoyable time away."

"Among other things," Justin grinned.

"Among other things," Brian agreed.


"Fuck," Brian groaned as he climbed out of the car rubbing his lower back.

Justin suppressed a chuckle and comment about Brian's age. The Corvette was great for running around town, but it wasn't made for long haul road trips.

Brian saw the expressions running across Justin's face and smirked at the blond, "Don't even go there, Sunshine, or your ass is mine."

Justin hefted both his bag and Brian's over his shoulder and headed towards the front of the inn. "I wouldn't dream of it, besides, you know my ass is yours anytime you want it."

"Smartass," Brian chuckled.

While Brian checked in with the inn owners, Justin dropped the luggage in the entry and ran back out to the car to retrieve their tuxes. By the time he returned Brian was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

"All set?" Justin asked as he spotted Brian obviously waiting for him.

"Yeah," Brian replied, turning away and ascending the curved staircase.

"Hey! How about a little help here?"

Brian paused and turned to look at Justin. "I think you can handle a couple of little bags and two tuxes."

"But - But - I…" Justin sputtered.

Brian smiled sweetly and blew Justin a quick kiss before turning away and continuing moving upstairs. Brian walked down the short hall until he came to their room; he opened the door with a thick metal key, pleased that high technology door cards weren't used, they'd ruin the ambiance. Brian moved into their small and well appointed corner suite. It was warm and cozy, and fit the bill as far as he was concerned. He'd thought it seemed suitably romantic, but he'd be damned if he'd confess that… at least out loud.

Brian left the door open, went to the bed, kicked off his shoes and lay on his back. Brian smiled to no one in particular; the stiffness he'd felt after they arrived was all but gone; he just wanted to teach Justin a lesson. Just then he heard Justin huffing and puffing, as he entered the suite, the younger man dramatically tossed the luggage to the floor and hung the tuxes up in the closet before closing the door and joining Brian on the bed.

Brian turned to look at Justin and found a rather pissed blond glaring at him. Brian smiled widely, melting Justin's frosty demeanor as he returned the older man's smile.

Brian leaned over and gave Justin a chaste kiss after which both men lay back, next to each other, silent in their own thoughts.

Justin finally broke the silence, "I'm glad we're both here this time. I'm sorry I was such a brat back then." Justin said referring to having run off to Vermont without Brian and spending the entire time sulking.

"Yeah, well," Brian sighed, "I could have handled that a little bit better too."

Justin nodded in agreement and appreciated Brian's admission.

"So," Brian asked, as he sat up. "What shall we do first?"


They ended up going down to the desk and verifying the arrangements for the ceremony the next day. They were shown the restaurant which would be reset in the morning for the ceremony. They asked for a list of who had checked in. Almost everyone was there, but they all seemed to have gone out for dinner.

There didn't seem to be much else they could do. The manager recommended some restaurants in town but neither Brian nor Justin felt like getting back into the car having sat for so many hours already. They asked about room service and were told the limited menu that they could select from. They each made a choice and retired up to their room.

While they waited for their food, they stepped out onto the little balcony beside their room and breathed in the clear, cold air of Vermont.

"It's beautiful here, even without the snow," Justin said.

"We should come back and snowboard sometime." Justin tried not to laugh. "What?" Brian demanded.

"Aren't you a little old to be learning to snowboard?" he asked.

"I don't think so," Brian replied in a huff. "I'm quite athletic when I want to be."

"Especially in bed."

"Speaking of which," Brian said as he attacked Justin's neck. They were both panting when they heard a knock on the door.

They stepped back inside and retrieved their steak sandwiches from the waiter who brought them to the door. Justin grabbed a couple of beers from the mini bar and they sat down to eat. Brian carefully divested his steak from its bread and began eating. Justin polished his off quickly and really liked the homemade French fries. Brian gave him most of his.

When they finished the sandwiches Justin said he wished they had some dessert. Brian told him he would give him dessert. Justin wanted dessert that came on a plate.

Brian frowned and went to his carry-all. He fished around in it for the box he wanted. Finally he found it and presented it to Justin.

"What the fuck is that?" Justin asked looking at the colorful box.

"It's a gift from my latest client Double Bubble," Brian said with a smirk.

"Shouldn't you be giving that to Debbie or Michael?" Justin asked wondering whatever possessed Brian to think he would want a box of gum.

"Debbie has her box and Michael has ten boxes to give out at the comic store. This one's for you."

"Thanks," Justin said sarcastically pulling out a piece and starting to chew.

"See, it's sweet and not too filling. A perfect dessert."

Justin snorted. "I think I'd like my dessert without a plate now, please."

"Can't wait for the wedding night?"

"You said it wasn't a wedding."

"It isn't."

"Then what the fuck are you waiting for?"

"Nasty little boy," Brian cooed as he started removing Justin's clothing.

"You wish."

"I always get my wish where you're concerned," Brian smirked.

Justin looked thoughtful as he lay back on the bed and let Brian finish undressing him. He blew a couple of bubbles with his gum and noisily popped them.

"That's not a very romantic sound," Brian said as he removed his own clothing.

"And what would you know about romantic?" Justin asked.

"What put you in such a snit?"

"I wanted dessert not bubble gum," Justin said with a pout.

"If you're a very bad boy, we can order some later."

"Okay," Justin said perking right up.

"The way to a man's heart…" Brian chimed off. He stopped abruptly as Justin's mouth engulfed his dick. "Umm."

Justin worked the cock with his mouth feeling it harden between his lips. The bubble gum produced lots of saliva and he soon had Brian's dick fully coated. It slid easily in and out of his mouth. Brian still stood by the end of the bed and Justin felt him sway as his orgasm built. Suddenly he stopped and with one hand removed Brian's cock from his mouth staring at it as he did so. Brian opened his eyes and looked down. Clearly on the tip of his cock sat Justin's wad of gum. Justin was admiring its position and began playing with it, spreading it carefully over the head.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Brian demanded.


"You have more important things to do first."


Brian gestured palm up towards his straining cock. Justin sighed and began to work on it with his mouth tucking his gum in his cheek. As Brian headed towards orgasm he felt Justin draw away once again.

"What now?"

"I want to try something."


"Wait and you'll see."

Brian watched Justin blow a huge bubble. He then carefully pressed it against the tip of Brian's cock and opened his mouth to envelope Brian's dick with the bubble. It worked for a minute and then there was a loud pop. Gum was plastered on Justin's face and all over Brian's dick. Justin began to laugh as he picked the gum off his face.

"Get that crap off my dick!" Brian ordered.

"It might not come off. It's really sticky," Justin giggled hysterically. The look on Brian's face and the sticky mess of his cock were a study in contrasts.

"Stop laughing and get it off."

"You gave it to me," Justin griped as he started picking it off.

"Every last bit of it."

"Okay, okay."

"You could have caused serious damage."

"Humph," Justin said as he finished his work. "There, ya big baby."

"The only thing going on my dick from now on is a condom. Understand."

"You're no fun at all," Justin said.

Suddenly Brian was on top of him and the condom was on and he was being ridden for all he was worth. Every time he reached for his dick Brian batted his hand away. Brian pounded into him until Justin whimpered and begged for release.

"Am I fun yet?" Brian demanded thrusting in a steady rhythm. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Oh God, Brian," Justin cried.

"I'll take that as a yes." He grabbed Justin's cock and tugged until they both exploded.

They lay spent on the bed waiting for the world to come back into focus.

"Can I have another piece of gum," Justin asked before Brian attacked him again.


Justin's sleepy eyes slowly fluttered open; opening fully they came to stare into Brian's hazel orbs. The older man was intently studying his lover's features. Justin gave a small smile when he saw the raw emotion being directed at him; whether Brian intended to let his feelings show or not, Justin was glad to see them.

"Hey there, sleepyhead."

"Hey yourself," Justin moaned huskily as he stretched and arched his back.

Justin's movements didn't go unnoticed by Brian… or by Brian's hard dick. "Wanna fool around?" Brian asked as he leaned into Justin and slowly began tonguing the blond's neck.

Justin couldn't suppress the giggle that escaped, "No, Brian, we need to get ready for the ceremony."

"We could skip it," Brian suggested as he ground his dick into Justin's thigh.

Justin tensed slightly and pushed Brian back so that he could see the man's face. "Are you having second thoughts?"


Justin's eyes narrowed. "You sure?"

"I'm positive. I can't wait, to be honest."

Justin chuckled, "Uh huh, I really believe that. You couldn't even deal with Lindsay and Melanie's commitment ceremony and now you're ready for an honest to goodness wedding? Or… well… at least as honest as two fags can do it."


"I see you're a man of many words this morning."

"Uh huh," Brian said, sticking his tongue out playfully.

Justin's eyes focused in on Brian's tongue as he thought where he'd like it to explore. Justin turned to look at the bedside clock. They really needed to get ready. "Brian, we don't have time."

"How about a quickie? It'd calm us before the ceremony." Brian suggested as his hand snaked beneath the covers and wrapped around Justin's cock. "I don't think he," Brian motioned his head towards Justin's mid section, "would mind."

Justin groaned and thrust his hips forward, "Fuck," he moaned.

"No, Sunshine, we don't have time for that." Brian smiled smartly.

"Just shut up, Kinney, and get to work." Justin grinned.

Brian winked once before pulling the covers down to expose Justin's dick. Within minutes, Brian had sucked the man to release and Justin quickly returned the favor.

After showering together, to save time of course, the two had wasted more time than they should have and as such all but ran around the suite to quickly get ready for the mid morning ceremony. Justin took his overnight bag and clothing into the bathroom to get ready, while Brian dressed in the main suite.

"Ready?" Justin asked as he finally emerged from the bathroom.

Brian was bent over, slipping on his shoes. He stood and turned to the questioning voice. Momentarily stunned, he finally found his voice. "Justin… Jesus… you look amazing."

"Yeah, you too, Brian." Justin said, blushing at Brian's unreserved comments.


"Well?" Justin shot back playfully, albeit a little nervously.

"Ready?" Brian asked as he took a step closer to his lover and put his hands onto the blond's shoulders in a show of support.

"Uh huh, ready."

"Okay, let's do it." Brian said as he led them out of the suite and down to the ceremony that awaited them.


They stopped outside the door to the restaurant and straightened each other's bowties. They were very striking in their tuxedos, and each wanted the other to look his best. They stepped through the door looking around at the faces of the guests who were already seated. The ceremony was scheduled to begin in about ten minutes.

They walked up to the front and shook hands with the justice of the peace who would perform the simple service. He seemed like a kindly man, indicating that everything was under control. Only a few minutes remained until the deed would be done.

Brian and Justin stood nervously one on each side of the justice of the peace. The man smiled at them in a fatherly manner. The two men looked out over the assembled group. The only people there that they knew were Michael and Ben who had arrived that morning.

Michael grinned up at Brian and gave him a thumbs up. Brian made an appropriate face supposedly of disgust. Ben grinned at him knowing that he didn't really mean it.

A few more people entered the room and quickly found seats. All seemed to be in readiness.

Suddenly the traditional wedding march began to play from some hidden sound system. Everyone turned to face the happy couple as they began their walk down the aisle arm in arm. William and Henry wore matching tuxes and looked as spry as a couple of young bucks. The glow from the smiles on their faces lit up the room.

When they reached the front they stopped and smiled at Justin and Brian. Henry leaned towards Brian.

"Thank you for doing all this for us," Henry said. "This is the best day of my life."

"Mine too," William beamed from his side.

William and Henry quickly said their "I do's" under the patient guidance of the justice of the peace. The ceremony was simple, traditional and elegant. Brian would have had it no other way. Rings were exchanged and promises made.

Justin kept glancing at Brian. He wanted to see his reaction to the ceremony. Justin had not been in Toronto when Ben and Michael got married and Brian stood up for them. He had found it hard to conceive of Brian doing that, especially when he thought back to Brian's attitude at Mel and Lindsay's wedding. But Brian had changed a lot since then, and a lot of other things had changed too. Maybe a commitment ceremony for them wasn't so farfetched anymore. Brian smiled as the ceremony ended and the justice introduced the new couple by their hyphenated names.

They all signed the documents that made the union legal and then William and Henry walked down the aisle to be bombarded with confetti and the well wishes of all their friends.

The whole assembled group moved to the other section of the restaurant where tables had been arranged and a champagne brunch was laid out. Everyone congratulated the happy couple who beamed with pride. Brian and Justin hung back until everyone else had spoken to the pair.

"You two look very happy," Brian said as he moved over to shake their hands.

"It's about time he made an honest man of me," William said with a twinkle in his eye. "It's only taken fifty-one years."

"And how long will it take you, Brian?" Henry asked winking at Justin.

Justin was sure he could see Brian blushing in response. The color in Brian's cheeks gave him hope that their might be a ceremony in their future.

"I don't know if I'm ready to settle down yet," Brian said his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. "I'm way too young."

Justin snorted.

"Only in comparison to us," William said with a big grin.

Justin giggled. He couldn't have called Brian any better on his age shit that he was always dredging up to suit his own purposes.

"Have you been into the champagne already?" Brian asked hearing Justin's giggle.

"No, but I'd like to," Justin stated. "Come on, big guy, I'm starving, and I'm sure William and Henry would like to get something to eat too."

"We'll need sustenance for our wedding night," Henry declared.

"Definitely," William agreed. "And thanks again, Brian, for providing all this."

"It was my pleasure, gentlemen, since you so graciously helped with our commercial. It's been picked up in three more states."

Justin pulled Brian over to the food table where they saw Michael and Ben.

"So when are you two going to do the deed?" Michael asked with a mischievous grin.

Brian's groan was deafening, but he knew that someday it would happen nonetheless.

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