Northern Sunshine

Chapter 9


Justin walked over to the fridge and pulled out a water. He turned slightly and held it up.

"You want one?"


Justin took out another and handed it to Brian. Brian let his long fingers graze Justin's as he took the bottle from him. He twisted the cap off, tilted his head back and took a long drink. Justin's mouth parted slightly as he watched Brian drink. Justin hastily took a drink of his own water.

Justin cleared his throat. "Um … I saw one of Deb's casseroles in the fridge. I could heat it up if you like."

"Only if it's not tuna and noodles. I fucking hate that but Deb insists it's my favorite."

Justin chuckled and pulled out the casserole. He checked the label and cooking instructions.

"You're in luck its chicken and noodles."


Brian watched Justin while he took the foil off and slid the dish into the oven to heat. Brian came up behind Justin just as he shut the oven door. He put his hands on Justin's slim waist. Brian pushed forward grinding his dick against the crack of Justin's ass. Justin gasped as his hands scrabbled to clutch the counter.

"Brian," Justin moaned breathily.

Brian leaned in enveloping him. He nipped his ear playfully then murmured into the shell of his ear.

"Are you finally going to tell me why my Jeep smells like fucking apricots?"

Brian heard Justin gasp audibly. He spun Justin around to face him. Brian lifted his chin so he was looking at him. Justin bit his bottom lip as Brian looked at him pointedly.

"It was nothen really," Justin said quietly. He squirmed under Brian intense hazel gaze. "This old lady pulled out in front of us and I had to stop quick. Dee's lotion accidentally spilled on the mats. We took it to the car wash, but it didn't have time to air out before you got back."

Brian didn't say a word, just kept looking at Justin intensely. Justin squirmed under his gaze.

"I'm sorry," Justin squeaked.

Brian smirked to let him know he wasn't mad at him. He leaned in and kissed the tip of Justin's nose. "I'm not mad; you didn't have to keep it from me. I think you enjoyed fucking with my head."

Justin couldn't help but giggle and Brian arched a brow. Brian growled next to his ear. "Bad boys need to be punished."

Justin shivered at Brian's words and grew impossibly hard.

"I'll just turn the heat down on our dinner."

"Good idea."

Justin turned the heat down then Brian was tugging him over to the sofa. Justin let out a squeak when Brian tugged him down hard and he fell across Brian's lap. Brian had his pants ripped open and pushed down in the blink of an eye. Justin's cock was already leaking he was so turned on. His cock was trapped between Brian's silk clad thighs. He wanted to rub himself against Brian so bad. He gasped then whimpered when Brian squeezed his ass, then there was a stinging slap. Justin's breath caught in his throat. His cheeks flushed red, both sets. Brian rained slaps against each creamy cheek that was quickly turning rosy red. Justin pushed his hips against Brian every time he felt a smack. He couldn't believe this was turning him on so much. Now every time he smelled apricots he'd surely get an erection.

"Don't cum," Brian growled.

Justin whimpered and bit down on his lip. He was very close. His body was slick and trembling with need. His balls were full and heavy. His slit was dripping copiously. Suddenly Brian was shoving in two lubed fingers. Unfortunately that's all it took, Justin stiffened and jerked against Brian as he shot his load against Brian's cloth thighs. Brian waited for Justin to finish and catch his breath.

"I'm sorry," Justin cried out. "I couldn't hold it back anymore."

"You'll owe me the dry cleaning bill."

Brian maneuvered Justin so he was lying over the back of the sofa with his legs spread wide apart. His cargo pants were still tangled around his ankles. Brian climbed behind Justin and ripped open his suit pants. Brian shoved them down just enough to free his hard dick. He stroked on a condom, slicked it with lube then pushed into Justin's hole in one long thrust. Justin moaned as he was filled to the hilt. Brian only waited a few seconds for him to adjust before he begun to thrust hard within the soft channel. He rode Justin hard at a thrusting gallop. A scream was ripped from Justin's throat as they both came with a volcanic force that took their breath away. Brian had pounded his prostate and come hard buried deep within his tight hole. Justin fussed when Brian pulled out leaving him suddenly empty. Brian pulled him into his arms and cradled him; he kissed the side of his damp forehead.

"Are you ok?"

"Yep," was all Justin could manage.

Brian huffed a laugh at Justin's dazed expression. "I wasn't too rough, was I?" He hoped Justin would let him know if he ever got too rough.

"It was perfect" Justin let out a happy sigh. "I like your punishments," Justin said softly, his face beat red with embarrassment.

Brian smirked tongue in cheek.

When Justin was sufficiently recovered he kicked off his tangled cargos. Without much thought he got up to check on their dinner. Brian's hungry eyes tracked him. All Justin was wearing was a little baby blue tee. Brian's dick rose again. He silently got up and tracked his prey. Justin gasped when he turned around, not expecting Brian to be so near. Then he was swept off his feet and tossed none too gently over Brian's shoulder as he quickly strode to the bedroom.

"Brian, what about dinner?"

"Fuck the casserole! I want you."

Round two commenced.


Craig woke with a growl and a string of curses. The sun had shone in his eyes and woke him up. His back and neck were stiff from sleeping in the cramped cab of the pickup truck all night. He was also very hungry but he pushed that aside. He needed to concentrate and be alert; surely there would be movement soon. As if on cue, he saw the fagmobile come up the street and park in front of the building. Craig watched them from his slumped position in his seat. It made Craig's blood boil to see that child molester with his hands all over his son. Craig shook his head no; he no longer had a son. Once he got Molly away from them he would teach them all a lesson, including his bitch of a wife.


Brian got out of the Jeep and walked around to the front to meet up with Justin. Brian put his arm around the blond; he loved to always have him close. Justin was an addiction he couldn't seem to shake. He wanted him so much all the time. Brian leaned down and kissed Justin as they walked to Dee's apartment. Halfway there Justin froze.

"Brian, I feel it. I feel like someone is watchen us."

Brian tightened his grip on Justin and took a quick glance around. He saw a red pickup further up the street. It appeared to be empty but seemed out of place. Brian quickly let them both in. He would have to have a talk with all the Taylor's before he let them out of his sight for the day.

Brian poured himself a cup of coffee while Justin snagged a banana for breakfast.

"So Molly," Brian smiled, "are you ready to start your new school?"

"I'm so excited I just can't stand it," Molly said in a monotone voice.

Brian chuckled as he took another sip of coffee. He cleared his throat and looked around the table slowly.

"Before we leave there's a few things I wanted to address. Ever since we got back Justin's had the feeling of being watched."

Jennifer gasped and began to wring her hands with worry.

"It's probably nothen." Justin tried to waylay his mother's fears.

"Possibly or it could be something. It could very well be Craig."

"No," Jennifer gasped. "How could he find us so fast?"

"Most likely he was tipped off. Whether he's here or not, I want all of you to be careful. Don't go off by yourself, stick together. Molly someone will be there to pick you up after school. Either Justin, your mother or possibly even myself. I don't want to worry anyone but I thought you all should know what we might be up against. Jenn, it's completely up to you but you might want to file a restraining order against Craig for yourself, Molly and Justin."

Jennifer put her head in her hands. "Oh I don't know. A silly little piece of paper isn't going to stop Craig if he's of a mind to come after us."

"Probably not," Brian said honestly. "If you file the papers and he comes after you he'll be in violation, and they'd put him in jail."

"Not for long though," Jenn barely whispered.

Brian patted her on the shoulder. "It's something to think about. We should get going. We wouldn't want Molly to be late for her first day."

Molly just groaned and hoisted her backpack on her shoulder.

First Brian dropped Molly off at school. He got out with her and bent down to kiss her on the cheek. Molly was a blusher just like Justin. Her face was rosy and she smiled up at Brian with a look of awe on her face. She nearly skipped into the building she was so happy. She hoped some of the other girls had seen Brian kiss her; she would be the talk of the school. Brian smirked as he got back into the Jeep. He caught Justin's raised eyebrow in the mirror.

"What? I'm just trying to make the day more bearable for her."

Jenn covered her mouth to stifle a laugh. She liked Brian; he was a true gem.

Brian dropped Justin and Jennifer off at the diner. Before he left for work he took Justin in his arms and gave him a toe curling kiss that took Justin's breath away.

"Be careful."

"Uh huh," Justin said somewhat dazed.

Jennifer was bussing tables again since both Justin and Deb were there to wait on the tables. Later in the shift Justin would switch off with his mother so she could get used to waiting tables.

Justin was on his way to put in an order when someone reached out and grabbed his wrist. He quickly yanked it away.

"Hey, Dixie chick, I've been waiting forever for some service."

"Michael," Justin growled.

Justin smirked when Michael was suddenly descended upon by the mothers in surround sound. Deb slapped him upside the head.

"Quit picking on Sunshine."

Jenn stood in front of Michael with her hand on her hip ready to tear him a new one.

"That is my son you just insulted. You'd do best to show him a little respect. We're all worken very hard here. Someone will take your order; in the meantime I suggest you fuck off."

Deb cackled, "Way to go, Jenn, you're getting it."

"Thanks, Mom," Justin said sweetly. "Oh by the way, that was Deb's son."

"Oh dear," Jenn said worriedly.

"Don't worry about it; he's a prick. A little tiny flaccid prick." Justin turned to Michael. "Now was that nice insulting me in front of my mother?"

"What the fuck is your mother doing here?"

Justin hit him in the head with his order pad. "That's my mother you're talken about. Now I believe I said if you referred to me with a fem name, I would have my own pet name for you. Now let me see," Justin tapped his chin in thought. Justin smiled as a name came to him. "I know; I'll call you Ken."

Michael looked up at him stupidly.

"Ya know, Barbie and Ken. Ken is a pussy who likes to hide behind Barbie's skirts. No matter how he changes his look he'll always look stupid and be a pussy, reminds me of you." Justin leaned in. "Oh yeah, and all he has is a lump of plastic in his pants." Justin grabbed his cock through his apron. "That's another thing you have in common with Ken, no dick. I'll bring you the pink plate special."

"But that's not what I wanted," Michael whined.

"Tough, you'll eat it and fucken like it."

Justin sauntered off to the kitchen to put in the orders. Suddenly he felt liberated.


The school bell rang and the kids began to pour out of the building. Craig got out of the truck and got closer. He scanned the crowds looking for his daughter. When the horde thinned a bit he spotted her. Molly happened to look up at the last second. She gasped and stopped in her tracks.

"Molly, it's me."

"What are you doen here, Dad?"

"I've come to get you. Your mother," he spit out, "was wrong to take off with you like that."

"I wanted to leave."

"Molly, I'm sorry but I can't allow you to live with fags and child molesters. It's not right." He lunged forward and grabbed her wrist trying to pull her into the truck.

"No! Let go!"

Molly swung her bag around and hit him in the side. He was so surprised she fought back that her wrist slipped from his grasp. People were starting to notice. He knew he couldn't make a scene.

"Molly, get in the truck!"

"No, you stay away from me, Mom and Justin."

She whirled around and ran back to the building where it would be safe.

Craig got back in his truck and hit the steering wheel with his fist. "Fuck!"

Molly ran down the hallway at breakneck speeds. She found a payphone and fumbled some change into the slot. First she dialed information to get the diner's number then she called the diner.

"I need to speak to Jennifer Taylor or Justin, please."

A few seconds later Jennifer came on the line.

"Molly honey, I'm sorry we're running a bit late. Justin and I were just on our way there to pick you up."

"Mom, he's here. He tried to take me. I ran back into the school. I want you to get me but I'm scared. What if he's still out there?"

Jennifer went white and had to sit down on a stool behind the counter. Justin noticed and was at his mother's side.

"What's wrong?"

"He's here. He tried to take her," Jennifer trembled.

"Oh God," Justin breathed. "I'm callen Brian."

Jennifer tried to compose herself. "Molly, I want you to stay in the school. We'll come get you, baby."

"All right, please hurry," Molly whimpered.


Cynthia poked her head into Brian's office. "Justin's on line two. It sounded urgent."

Brian felt his stomach lurch then drop. "Justin, what's wrong?"

"Craig's definitely here. He tried to take Molly. She got back into the school and called us."

"Fuck," Brian growled.

"We're on our way to pick her up now."

"Wait, take Deb's car. I don't want you walking; it's not safe." Brian grabbed up his coat preparing to leave. "I'll meet you there. Sunshine, please be careful."

Justin smiled softly. "I will. I love you."

When Brian heard the click he murmured, "Me too."

He raced out of the office barely explaining to Cynthia that he needed to leave.


Justin and Brian got to the school at the same time. Brian leapt out of the Jeep and crushed Justin into a tight hug. Once he reassured himself that Justin was fine he quickly got them all into the school.

When Molly saw them, she threw herself at Brian and Justin hugging them both tightly. "I was so scared he'd take me away."

"We're here now," Brian reassured her.

"I hit him with my bag."

"Good girl," Brian praised.

"He's driving Uncle Dwight's pickup."

Brian took charge. "Come on; we need to get out of here and figure what our next move should be."

"What are we gonna do?" Jennifer asked no one in particular.

Brian put his hand on her back. "We'll figure out something. Come on; let's go."

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