Northern Sunshine

Chapter 6


After they had gotten at least a hundred miles away Brian deemed it safe to stop for a quick lunch. Brian wanted to have a quickie in the john but Justin nixed that idea. Justin did promise though that Brian would be fully compensated when they stopped for the night at the motel.

After they had eaten and climbed back in the Jeep, Molly waited till Brian was in deep discussion with her mother before she nudged Justin.

Molly whispered, "What's with the apricots?"

Justin fidgeted and blushed a little. He inched down in his seat so they were the same height. He leaned in to whisper.

"Brian went on a business trip and left me the Jeep to get to class and work. Derek and a friend of ours went for a ride in the Jeep with me. Derek accidentally spilled hand lotion on the floor mat. We washed the Jeep but it didn't have enough time to air out."

Molly giggled at Justin's situation. "What was Derek doing with hand lotion?"

"Well he does work at the Body Shop, plus he's gay. I have a feeling you'll like Derek. You're too young to remember him." Justin decided that Dee should do her own explaining. He'd let his mother and Molly be as shocked as he first was. Justin giggled with Molly. "I feel kinda bad, but it is kinda fun messen with Brian's head about the apricots."

Brian looked in the rearview mirror at the giggling siblings and couldn't help but smile.


With Brian's somewhat lead foot they made it all the way to Tennessee before he decided they should find a place for dinner and lodging for the night. Brian had to admit that he was tired and hungry. Brian took the next exit and searched for a diner that looked like it would have edible food. Roy's Diner seemed to fit the bill. When Brian got out he took a moment to stretch his long legs. Justin ran his hand down Brian's back.

"You've done a lot of driving; you must be tired. I could have helped out some with the driving."

Brian slung his arm casually around Justin's shoulders. "I know you could have but I like to drive. Besides I'm better at directions and navigation."

Justin had to concede on that point. Sometimes he felt like he couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. Brian remembered they were still in the south and let his arm slip from Justin. The last thing he needed was to stir up shit with the locals. They went in and joined Molly and Jennifer.

Brian murmured in Justin's ear, "Order for me. I gotta piss."

Justin and Molly ordered cheeseburgers with fries proving that they indeed were related. Justin ordered a plain chicken club sandwich on wheat bread for Brian. He knew Brian would snitch some of his fries; he always did. Jennifer got herself a chicken salad sandwich. They had gotten sweet tea all around. Brian slipped into the booth next to Justin. He took one sip of his tea and nearly choked. Justin gasped and patted him on the back. He'd forgotten that Brian probably wasn't used to sweet tea.

"Oh Brian, I'm sorry. I didn't even think. You do pour half a sugar jar into your coffee. A little sweet tea should be nothen."

Brian gave him a withering glare while trying to get his coughing under control. Justin had the waitress bring Brian a regular tea. Their food came shortly after and they all dug in.

Jennifer was curious. "So where exactly will I be living?"

Brian looked up from his sandwich. "With Dee… Derek." Justin had nudged him none too politely under the table. He didn't see what the big deal was. They would soon find out Derek spent most of his time as Dee.

"The accommodations might be a little tight but it's only temporary. Justin's going to let you have his room while he comes to stay with me for a while."

Justin blushed beet red. He was old enough now to have a life of his own. Having his mother know about that life was just a bit embarrassing. Heck, he was still trying to get used to it himself. They'd had tons of sex but only one date so far. He wouldn't trade it for the world though.

"You mentioned a job at a diner?"

Brian snitched a couple of Justin's fries. "Yeah, the Liberty Diner. I hope you don't mind but its right in the middle of the gay community. All the patrons are gay and most of the staff is gay except Deb; she's the head waitress. She gave Justin his job. She's always short staffed; really, you'd be helping her out."

Jennifer smiled slightly. "I guess I can give it a whirl."

"Deb is loud and brassy but I think you'll like her once you get to know her." Brian smirked at Justin. "She loves her Sunshine."

Justin blushed a deep red and covered his face.

"Sunshine?" Jennifer enquired.

"It's a long story," Justin mumbled.


Brian found a motel across the way that wasn't a hole, but wasn't all that great either. It would have to do though. He got two rooms next to each other. The rooms each had a queen bed. Brian wouldn't hear of Jennifer paying for her own room. It was pretty obvious Justin would be sharing a room with Brian. He tried to look innocent and not look like he would be doing what his mother suspected they would be doing.

As soon as they got in the door of the room Brian pulled Justin into his arms and kissed him softly. The kiss became more intense and needy. Brian teased Justin's lips apart, seeking entrance to his sweet depths. Brian pulled back slightly his breath washing over Justin's face as he breathed.

"I've missed you."

"Me too."

Justin rubbed his erection against Brian's leg to prove how much he missed and needed Brian right now. Brian's hand skimmed down Justin's chest. Justin's breath hitched when Brian's hand cupped his erection and began to rub. Justin flung his arms around Brian's neck to keep on his feet.

"I think we should take a shower." Justin's voice was breathy.

Brian leered, "Yeah, I feel dirty."

They eagerly stripped off their clothes leaving a trail to the bathroom. Brian adjusted the shower temperature then pulled Justin in after him. They frolicked, splashed and soaped each other up. Brian lovingly washed Justin's hair. Brian couldn't hide a smile. When Justin was all wet he looked like a little duckling. The only word he could use to describe him was cute.

Brian spun Justin around and littered kisses across Justin's shoulders. He bent him over slightly and spread his full creamy cheeks directly under the pulsating spray of the water. Justin moaned loudly and slapped at the shower tiles at the intensity of it.

Brian murmured next to his ear, "Like that, did you? Feels good, doesn't it."

Justin answered with continuous moans of delight. Brian moved things along before Justin came without him. He ripped open a condom and rolled it down his hard length, then pressed his dick to Justin's slick hole. Brian pushed in slowly, not stopping till he was buried up to his balls. He was grateful for the shower; Justin was being particularly loud. He loved it when Justin went all wanton on him and let himself go with no inhibitions. Brian kept his thrusts slow but forceful. When he pushed in, he pushed hard and deep, making Justin grunt with the force of it every time.

Every time he sunk in, Justin would grip him with his inner muscles just a bit tighter. The urge to cum finally overwhelmed them both. Brian reached around to jerk Justin off while he pistoned his hips faster plowing Justin's tight hole. Justin's breath caught in a moan as he sprayed his cum against the shower tiles. A few strokes after, Brian gripped his waist hard and emptied a powerful load up Justin's ass.

Brian had to keep a tight grip on Justin. With his orgasm went the last of his strength. He could barely keep his feet under him. Brian shut the water off and grabbed up two towels that in his opinion could have been fluffier. He quickly dried them off hastily then pulled back the duvet. Justin crawled in and was asleep in a matter of minutes. Brian crawled in behind him and snuggled up to his blond. Justin let out a contented sleep-filled sigh.


Justin happened to wake up first. He loved the warmth of Brian's arms wrapped around him. He slowly turned over so he could watch Brian sleep, like Brian had done many times to him. His fingers itched for his sketchbook. Brian looked so beautiful and hot; he was pure perfection. He smiled softly as he laid there and watched Brian sleep. He had to pee but he pushed the urge back; he could wait a while. Being in Brian's arms was too nice. Slowly he inched his way down Brian's body. It was his turn to give Brian a nice wake up call. He took the mushroom head between his lips and slurped happily on it. Brian moaned in his sleep and shifted slightly giving Justin better access. Justin licked his treat happily while playing with Brian's balls.

Brian's eyes fluttered open and he glanced down. He moaned and nearly came when he saw his little blond attached to his cock. Justin smiled up at him with his mouth full of hard dick. He had Brian's dick partially in his mouth while he continually rolled his tongue over Brian's leaking slit, causing Brian to fist the sheets. Justin's persistent tongue lashing paid off. His mouth was instantly flooded with hot cum. Brian dragged his boy up and gave him a big kiss, licking away the remnants of cum he'd found. He rolled Justin underneath him intending to get his own instant breakfast. Justin wiggled against him.

"No time for that, besides I gotta pee wicked bad."

Brian reluctantly let him up and Justin dashed to the bathroom to relieve his aching bladder. They took a quick shower. At Brian's suggestion Justin jerked off while Brian watched. It made Justin feel sexy and naughty when Brian watched him like that.

Brian put his hand on the small of Justin's back and ushered him out the door. "Come on; we'll grab a quick breakfast then we need to get back on the road again."

To Brian's amusement and horror, Justin began to sing quietly the song of the same name by Willy Nelson. Brian hated country of any kind but Justin had a way of making it sound sweet.

They all met up at the same diner where they had dinner the night before. Everyone had a big breakfast. All Brian wanted was hot coffee with lots of sugar, though he did accept bites when Justin offered them to him. Molly couldn't help but smile at the deliriously happy couple.

The Jeep was once again back on the road. Brian began to wonder if he'd ever stop smelling apricots.

They made good time heading back towards Pittsburgh. They stopped about a hundred miles from Pittsburgh for a pee break. Brian and Justin headed for the men's while Molly and her mother went to the women's. Once inside Brian looked around and seeing the place was empty pulled Justin into a stall.

"Brian, we don't have time," Justin protested. "If you get us back to Pittsburgh we'll have the whole night in your bed in the loft."

"All right," Brian said thoughtfully. "You'll be spending every night with me for a while. Do you think your ass can take it?"

Justin felt his ass clench just at the thought. "I'm sure it can," he grinned. "I can hardly wait."

Brian kissed Justin once more leaving his boy uncomfortably hard. He stepped out of the stall and went to a urinal to piss. Justin needed to relieve himself so he sat down in the stall.

Brian heard the door to the restroom open, but didn't bother to look around. He continued to pee.

"Hey," a voice said from beside him.

Brian glared at the young man who stood next to him. In another place and time Brian would have had him in a stall in a heartbeat, and would have fucked him senseless.

"Hey," Brian replied.

The man cocked his head towards the stalls. Brian knew it was an open invitation, and a very inviting one. However, he shook his head.

"C'mon, man," the guy said not wanting to give up too easily. "You, me, great sex."

Justin sat in the stall holding his breath. What would Brian do? Justin knew that Brian was used to indiscriminate sex, especially before they had met. It didn't surprise him that Brian was being propositioned. However, Justin had never seen Brian with anyone else since they had got together. He prayed that Brian wouldn't let him down this time either.

Justin heard the urinals flush and then there was silence. He hadn't heard a stall door slam, but he also hadn't heard the door to the outside open either. He waited listening intently. He still heard nothing. Maybe they were kissing and that's why it was so quite. Justin stood up and flushed the toilet. Apprehensively he opened the door and looked out.

Brian was leaning against a sink with a smirk on his face. "Took you long enough," he said.

"Wh…where did he go?" Justin stammered.

"I sent him on his way."

"But, I didn't hear anythen."

"Because nothing happened."

"But why? I bet he was good looken."

"He was, but I have a better deal waiting for me at home."

"You do?"

"You said I could fuck your ass off and I intend to hold you to it."

"Oh, Brian," Justin cried and flung himself into Brian's arms.

"Easy, twat," Brian said gently. "We need to get a move on. Wash your hands."

"Yes, sir," Justin said and went to a sink. "I love you," he said as he looked at Brian in the mirror.

Brian was tempted to say it back to his beautiful blond, but he merely nodded and smirked.

Quickly they went back out to the Jeep. Jennifer and Molly were waiting for them. Jennifer gave them a quizzical look, and Justin felt himself blushing. They all climbed back into the car and Brian set out for Pittsburgh still sniffing apricots as they turned onto the interstate.

A little over an hour later they pulled up in front of Derek's apartment building. It was late afternoon. They all climbed out and Jennifer stood looking at the building while Brian and Justin got their bags from the car.

"I … I don't know if I can do this," Jennifer said after a minute.

"You can do it, Mom. We can do it," Molly said with the confidence of youth.

"Oh, Honey," Jennifer said pulling her daughter into a big hug.

"Come on, Mom. Let's get you settled in," Justin said as he opened the front door of the building.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Dee came rushing over to them. "Thank God, you're back, and everybody's safe." She hugged Justin and then went to hug Jennifer who backed away. "It's me, Aunt Jenn. Derek, only most of the time I'm known as Dee."

"Hey, that's cool," Molly said giving Dee a hug and rescuing her mother who stood dumbfounded just inside the door.

Brian had to smile. He liked Justin's sister. He gave Justin a nudge and they carried the bags into Justin's room. Justin picked up the bag he was taking to Brian's loft and they went back into the living room.

Dee, Molly and Jennifer had moved to the kitchen. Dee was making coffee and had some cookies that Emmett had baked especially for the visitors from the south.

"Mom, do you think you and Molly will be all right?" Justin asked. "Brian and I are goen to the loft."

"The loft?" Jennifer asked.

"That's where Brian lives, and I'm goen to stay with him tonight."

"Oh!" Jennifer replied. She wasn't sure how she felt about her son sleeping with Brian Kinney, and she knew what else they would be doing. She felt the color rise in her cheeks. "We'll be fine," she finally managed to say. "Thank you both for getting us out of Smithton." She gave Justin a hug, and then turning to Brian, did the same with him. Brian looked slightly startled at the gesture, but hugged her back.

"Thank you, Justin," Molly said hugging her brother. "I think Brian's cute," she whispered against his ear.

"I do too," Justin giggled.

"Thanks, Brian," Molly said reaching up for a hug.

Brian hugged her back with an over the shoulder shrug to Dee who was enjoying all this lovey-dovey stuff. Then Brian and Justin were gone.

"Coffee's ready," Dee said as she poured them each a cup and got a glass of milk for Molly.

"These are delicious," Jennifer said biting into one of Emmett's cookies.

"My friend, Emmett, made them. He's a great cook. He has a catering and party planning business."


"He's another southern boy, from Mississippi."

"Is he gay?" Molly asked.

"Molly!" Jennifer scolded. "You don't ask questions like that."

"Well, I wanted to know."

"That's okay, Molly. As soon as you meet Emmett you'll know he's gay. And proud of it!"

"Proud?" Jennifer asked.

"Some of us are," Dee said slowly. "Once I got away from the south I could be free, be who I want to be."

"And this is who you want to be?"

"Yes, I'm much better as Dee than I ever was as Derek."

"This is so hard to get used to," Jennifer said feeling tears well up. "I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it."

"Yes, you will, and don't forget that Justin's gay too."

"I know that only too well."

"He's making a good life for himself here in Pittsburgh," Dee said trying to be positive and alleviate some of Jennifer's fears. "Just like you and Molly will."

"You think so? This is all so new and different for me."

"We'll get used to it, Mom," Molly told her.

"I have to get a job, and we have to find a school for Molly."

"Everyone will help you," Dee assured Jennifer. "Justin has worked for Emmett a couple of times. He helps him cook when Emmett has a big party to cater," Dee explained trying to take Jennifer's mind off her fears.

"Justin?" Jennifer asked in surprise.

"Yes, Justin," Dee laughed. "He used some of your recipes, I think."

"My recipes? For a big fancy dinner?"

"And everybody loved them."

"See, Mom, I always told you you were a great cook," Molly stated.

"But your father never thought so."

"He just took you for granted … and other stuff."

"Yeah, other stuff," Jennifer agreed starting for the first time to believe that maybe she had made the right decision in escaping Smithton and her abusive husband.

"Let's go get you guys unpacked. You'll have to share a bed for a while unless one of you wants to sleep on the couch," Dee said.

"I'm sure we'll be fine in the bedroom," Jennifer said. Molly gave her a hug trying to make her believe that everything would really be all right.

Meanwhile back at the loft, Brian barely let them get through the door before he was all over his little blond. Brian ripped at Justin's clothes, and took him the first time up against the support beam just inside the door.

They had then moved to the shower where another round occurred, and had just finished their third bout in the bed. Brian leaned across Justin and started stroking his cock while he kissed his somewhat dazed boy.

"Mmm," Justin moaned. "Can you give me a minute?"

"No, you said I could have your ass all night long, and that's exactly what I intend to do."

"But it isn't even dark yet, and we haven't eaten. I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry," Brian groused, but it didn't stop him from kissing Justin and seeing the boy get all excited once again.

"Can we order something, and then you can fuck me while we wait for it to arrive?"

"I guess … if you have to eat," Brian said flopping over on his back. "Go order something."

Justin got up rather gingerly, his ass still not recovered from the last round. He half hobbled across the bedroom and stepped carefully down the stairs. Brian chuckled as he watched.

"I knew your ass couldn't take it."

"Let me order the food and I'll prove you wrong," Justin bragged.

Brian waited while he heard Justin order some Chinese. He had to admit that he could eat something when it arrived. Fucking took a lot of energy, especially if you did it right. He grinned, thinking of all the things he was going to do with Justin now that he had carte blanche from the boy.

When Justin returned, he slid onto the bed carefully and laid his head on Brian's chest. He liked this part, this closeness, almost as much as the sex with Brian. "Brian, can I ask you something?"

"If you must."

"I must."

"Then ask."

"You know that guy in the restroom at the last stop we made?"

"The one who wanted me bad," Brian smirked.

"That's the one," Justin said making a face. "Why didn't you fuck him?"

"Why?" Brian asked puzzled.

"I thought you were going to. I could hear you from inside the stall."

"I thought about it. He was very fuckable."

Justin sat up enough to look into Brian's eyes. "So why didn't you?"

"I had a better offer."


"Why would I fuck him when I have this ass to plow," Brian asked squeezing Justin's bubble butt.

"Oh," Justin said trying to keep the sadness out of his voice. He had hoped for a better reason than that.

"And I knew it would hurt you … if I fucked him."

"Is that why?"

"I guess so."

Justin's smile lit up the dim loft. "You so love me! I knew you did!"

"And we still have time for another round before the food arrives," Brian said before capturing Justin's lips in another incendiary kiss. He wanted the boy to forget about what he had just admitted, even if it was true.

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