Northern Sunshine

Chapter 5


The next morning Justin stirred in his bed and let out a small moan. He turned slightly feeling something warm and moist covering his dick. Involuntarily he thrust up into the heat. He opened his eyes and looked down to find Brian's mouth around his cock. Brian smiled up at him his eyes full of lust and his mouth full of dick.

"What are you doen?" Justin gasped as Brian bobbed a few times pulling hard on Justin's dick as he did so.

"Giving you a wake up call," Brian said holding the cock in his hand while he talked. He thumbed Justin's slit and heard the boy whimper and arch up. That was his signal to take it back into his mouth. A few more tugs with his lips and Justin came into his mouth. Brian swallowed and licked his lips. "Yum … a high protein breakfast."

When Justin could breathe again, he looked at Brian. "Thanks for the wake up call, but I expect to be fed a real breakfast."

"When did you get so picky?" Brian laughed pulling Justin up from the bed.

"I've always been picky. Why do you think I chose you?" Justin smirked.

"Because I'm the best."


"I think we need a shower and maybe a little action," Brian said waggling his eyebrows. Justin giggled. Brian felt his dick harden at the sound. He had been so worried about Justin the night before. It was good to see that he had found his sunny personality again. Brian grabbed a condom and they headed for the shower.

After breakfast at the restaurant across the street which thankfully opened at six a.m., they were ready to hit the road once again. They hoped to be in Smithton, Georgia around noon.

As Brian climbed into the Jeep, he sniffed once again. "Why do I keep smelling fucking apricots?" he asked puzzled.

Justin stifled a giggle. "Um … maybe there's an apricot tree around here," he said trying to keep a straight face.

"Did the fucking apricot tree follow us all the way from Pittsburgh?" Brian demanded as he got situated behind the wheel. He sniffed once again and shook his head. Finally he started the engine and they headed out.

Justin giggled and shrugged his shoulders, wondering if he should tell Brian the truth. But it was kind of fun having the little secret that Brian knew nothing about.

Justin watched the scenery go by. He could hardly believe that he was voluntarily going back to Smithton. He never thought he would see the place again. He just prayed that his mother would be all right when he got there, and that his fucking father would not be around.

Brian headed onto I-81S and they drove for a long time. Justin dozed a bit and ate some of his snacks. He could feel his anxiety grow, the closer they got to Georgia. After a long while Brian merged onto I-75 and headed towards Chattanooga.

"Want to stop for something to eat?" Brian asked.

Justin shook his head. "I just want to get there. I'm not sure I could keep anythen down."

"We will do this," Justin. "Try not to worry."

Justin made a weak smile and said nothing. He had never understood how you could stop yourself from worrying. Someone telling you to stop only made it worse in his opinion.

After a couple of hours Brian pulled into a rest stop. "Why are we stopping here?" Justin asked with panic on his face.

"I need to piss," Brian said climbing out of the Jeep. "You coming?"

Justin was about to say no when he realized he could use some exercise. They had been sitting in one position since before seven in the morning, and it was now heading towards noon. "How much longer do you think it will be?" Justin asked.

"A little over an hour," Brian said as they walked to the restrooms. "We'll be off the interstate before long. Do you know the route from there?"

Justin shook his head. "I'll recognize stuff when we get closer, but not yet."

Brian looked at his young lover. Justin was still a baby in so many ways. He had hardly been away from his hometown of Smithton when he was forced to leave and travel to Pittsburgh. It must have taken a lot of courage to set out on his own not knowing what waited for him at the end of his journey. He had been forced to leave everything he knew and loved behind. Justin Taylor was one very brave young man. Brian slung his arm over Justin's shoulder and pulled him closer as they entered the restroom.

A man was just zipping up when they entered still close together. The man looked at them and muttered, "Fags," as he pushed out of the door.

"Welcome to the south," Justin said with a grimace.

"Some welcome," Brian reacted. "Come in here," Brian said pushing open the door to a stall."

"Brian," Justin protested as he was pulled inside.

Brian locked the door. "If we're going to be called fags, we might as well act like fags." His mouth covered Justin's and the kiss got them both hard. Brian broke the kiss and turned Justin around shoving him up against the door and tugging down his jeans.

"Brian," Justin gasped as he heard a condom packet rip open. "What if somebody comes in?"

"We'll let them watch," Brian laughed. He drove his cock into Justin's ass causing the boy to rise up on his toes and moan loudly. He waited till Justin relaxed and then began his in and out rhythm. He knew Justin was getting upset all over again, and he hoped a little mindless sex would make them both calmer. Brian sped up the pace and tugged on Justin's dick.

"Oh fuck, Brian! Um … right there. Oh God!" Justin gasped and filled Brian's hand, clenching his ass around Brian's cock and driving his lover over the edge too.

Brian gave a little bite to Justin's neck before he withdrew as gently as he could. He threw the condom into the toilet. He wiped his hands with toilet paper before buttoning his jeans and flushing the toilet. Justin adjusted his own clothes and looked at Brian.

"You like taken chances, don't you," Justin stated.

"If you never take a chance, what's the point in living?"

Justin shook his head. Brian really was from a whole different world than the one he was used to.

"Ready?" Brian asked as he unlocked the door. They stepped out and washed their hands before leaving the restroom. "We'll be there soon, Sunshine. Then everything will be all right."

"From your lips to God's ears," Justin whispered as they made their way back to the Jeep.

"God has nothing to do with it," Brian replied.

"That's not what I was brought up believen," Justin said.

"Did God help you when those bullies were attacking you?" Brian said harshly.

"No, no, He didn't, but I still think He's out there."

"I don't agree, but you're free to believe whatever you like."

Justin looked at Brian as they got into the Jeep. "You don't believe in God?"

Brian sighed. "Religion has no place in my life. My fucking mother threatens me with it whenever I see her. It doesn't make me any more likely to embrace it. It's all bullshit!"

Justin sat back not responding. He had been raised as a good little Baptist boy, and it was hard to know how to react to Brian's declarations. He needed to think about this.

Brian gunned the Jeep out of the parking lot. He suddenly wanted this fucking trip to be over. They drove for a long time in silence.

All of a sudden, Justin spoke. "That sign we just passed said Smyrna is the next exit. That's not too far from Smithton."

"We should be there in about a half hour," Brian said. He watched Justin tense up, every muscle in the boy's body seeming to go rigid. Brian reached over and squeezed Justin's thigh. "Remember, we don't have to do anything that you don't want to do."

Justin nodded and put his hand over top of Brian's. He needed the contact. What lay ahead for them, he had no idea.

Once Justin saw familiar landmarks he helped Brian navigate his way back to his childhood home.

Justin pointed. "It's just up there, the white tri-level." He lifted up in his seat to see if he could tell if his father's pickup was there or not. "I don't see my dad's truck."

"What does he drive?"

"A blue Ford pickup."

"All right we have a few hours at best. You need to convince your mother quickly, I'd like to be long gone before your father comes home."

"Me too," Justin shivered.

He was anxious to get this over with. Brian whipped the Jeep into the driveway and parked behind a big shrub for cover. Across the way old Mrs. Fent was watching everything that transpired. She was the biggest town gossip.

Justin groaned, "Don't look now but we're being watched. Old Mrs. Fent is the town gossip. She'll tell my father we were here."

"Let's just get inside."

Justin opened the door and walked in with Brian right behind him. Molly was in the living room watching TV. When she saw Justin her mouth dropped open. When the shock wore off, she jumped up and threw herself into Justin's arms.

"Justin! Oh, you're here; I've missed you so much."

"Me too, Molly."

Justin noticed that Brian had caught Molly's attention. "Molly, this is Brian. He's, uh, my boyfriend."

Molly grinned widely. "He's a keeper, Justin."

Brian coughed, slightly embarrassed. "Why thank you, Miss Molly."

Justin turned serious. "Molly, we don't have a lot of time. We want to be long gone before Dad comes back. You have to help me convince mom to leave with us. We want you to come back to Pittsburgh with us."

Molly pleaded with her eyes. "I want to come with you; I don't wanna stay here anymore."

Justin knelt down and spoke softly, "Did Dad hurt you?"

"No, he's threatened to hit me but he never does. I hide out in my room a lot with the door jammed shut. He yells all the time and I'm tired of it. I want to go away and get away from it all. I've missed you so much, Justin."

Brian tried to keep his temper under control. He wanted to hit something. What kind of man beats his wife, throws out his only son with the clothes on his back and threatens to hit his only daughter? Unfortunately he knew all too well what kind of man Craig Taylor was. Craig and Jack would get along splendidly.

"How's mom?"

"She's limpen around, I know she's in pain but she won't say a word about it. Her wrist is bruised and I know she has a huge bruise on her side."

Just then Jennifer came in from the back porch. She called out to Molly, "Is there someone here? Molly, I thought I heard someone drive up."

"Come and see who it is, mom." Molly smiled at Justin.

Jenn sighed. "Oh honestly, Molly." When Jennifer caught site of Justin she had to lean against the door jam. She was shocked to say the least to see him.

"Mom," Justin said softly and went to her. Careful of her injuries he hugged her and laid his head on her shoulder. She hugged him back tightly not wanting to let him go. She ran her fingers through his long hair.

"Your hair has gotten so long."

Justin laughed. "Yeah, Derek convinced me to grow it out more, and Brian likes it long." Justin helped his mother over to the recliner. "Mom, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Brian Kinney."

Jennifer was at a loss for words. He was a handsome man but the age difference made her a little uncomfortable. She thought Justin had found someone his own age.

"Mom, Brian makes me happy and he's been so wonderful to me."

Jennifer shifted to take the pressure off her hip.

"I'm happy for you both then, but why on earth did you come back? Justin, you can't stay; your father will be back. If he sees you, oh God knows what he'll do."

Justin sat down with Brian on the threadbare couch and squeezed his hand for support. Molly perched on the arm of the couch next to Justin.

"I know; we have to make this quick. We only have a few hours. Mom, I want you and Molly to come with us back to Pittsburgh. It's not safe for you here anymore."

Jennifer sighed a deep weary sigh. "I would love nothing more than to leave but I can't."

Molly piped in, "Mom, I want to go with Justin. I'm sick of all the yellen. I want to leave."

Jennifer shook her head sadly. "I can't leave."

Brian spoke up. "Why? What's keeping you here?"

"I couldn't support Molly on my own."

"Sure you could, Mrs. Taylor. Your first responsibility is to your kids. I want to thank you for sending Justin my way. Justin has been worried sick about you. He's concerned for your safety and frankly so am I. He was convinced you were dead until I made him call you again."

"Oh honey," Jennifer broke down and sobbed.

Brian waited a moment. "We can make this work. You'll have a place to live and you have a job waiting for you. You just need to be brave like your son and take the first step."

Jenn sniffed, "Who would hire me? I haven't worked since before Justin was born."

"The same woman who gave Justin his job at the diner. She'll teach you; you'll learn." Brian smiled, "If the shifts fall right, you and Justin might be working together."

Jennifer looked up at Brian hopefully. "Do you really think I can make it on my own?"

Brian nodded. "Yeah I do. You'll have a bunch of people waiting to help you out in Pittsburgh. It's scary making your own way in the world. You just have to be brave enough to take that first step. Justin did fine and so will you." Brian glanced at Justin. "Go help your sister pack, only what you need. The Jeep doesn't have a lot of room."

Jennifer smiled. "I can see why Justin likes you so much."

Brian smirked, "Yeah, I'm irresistible."

"You're right; I can't stay here. I need to do it for my children. I've missed Justin so much."

"He's missed you too; he talks about you every now and then. Come on; I'll help you pack. Sorry you can't take much. The Jeep doesn't have a whole loft of space."

"That's all right; I don't need much."

Brian helped her get down a suitcase from the top shelf of the closet.

Jennifer shook her head. "What you must think of our family…"

"This is nothing compared to my parents. My old man use to get drunk all the time and beat the shit out of me. My mother stood by and let him do it. I more than understand. At least you care enough about your kids to get away. It's not going to get better. It's only going to get worse if you stay. What if he had put you in the hospital? No one would be here to protect Molly."

Jennifer paled at that notion. "He'll come after me," she all but whispered.

"Yeah, he probably will but I have friends in high places. Let him try. One of the mothers of my son is a tough as nails lawyer."

Jennifer looked at him in shock. "You have a son?"

Brian smiled proudly. "Yeah Gus, he's a few months old. Cliff notes version, my best friend Lindsay wanted me to father a child so she and her partner could raise him."

"How did you meet Justin?"

"The first time I saw him we crossed paths at a clothing store. I officially met him at a dance club." Brian decided to omit the part where Justin dressed like a girl and went by Sunshine. He didn't want to shock the woman too much.

Jennifer got the bank books out of the safe that was in the bedroom closet. She gathered up some other important documents.

"Do you have a joint account with your husband?"


"We'll stop by the bank on our way out of town. You can close out Molly's account and take whatever's in the joint account. Leave fifty dollars and take the rest."

She looked at him astonished. "I couldn't."

"Why not? It's your money too and you'll need it. You have a daughter to raise. It happens all the time; first one to the bank gets the stash."

"You are a bold one, Mr. Kinney."

"Why thank you," he said with a sweet smile. They shared a laugh.

Justin poked his head around the corner. "How's it comen in here? We should be goen."

Jennifer zipped her suitcase shut. "I just need my recipe book from the kitchen then we can leave."

Justin nodded and went to retrieve the book. Brian carried the suitcase for Jennifer.

"Justin said the neighbors are watching this place since we came. They are going to see us all leave and I'm sure they'll inform Craig."

"Mrs. Fent always was an old busybody."

Brian carried the suitcases out to the Jeep. Justin got in back with Molly. He knew his mother would be more comfortable in front. After Brian secured the suitcases, he helped Jennifer into the Jeep.

"You'll have to give me directions to your bank."

Molly piped up. "How come it smells like apricots in here?"

"You smell it too? God, I thought I was going nuts. Justin swears he doesn't smell anything."

"It's definitely apricots," Jennifer confirmed.

Brian looked at Justin in the rearview mirror. Justin shrugged his shoulders innocently.

"Must be my allergies." He pretended to sniff. "Can't smell anythen."

"Uh huh." Brian was starting to get suspicious but said nothing. Molly knew something was up. She'd get her brother to talk. It was going to be a long trip after all.

Brian drove directly to the bank. Jennifer handed Justin his bank book. He was of an age now that he could draw out his own money. Justin was glad he was now able to collect his savings. He'd been rushed the first time and hadn't even thought of it. Both Justin and Jennifer went into the bank. Justin cleared out his savings account which had two thousand dollars in it. Jennifer closed out Molly's account which had a tidy sum of four hundred dollars. She did as Brian suggested and emptied out the joint savings account leaving only fifty dollars. As she left the bank, Jennifer felt a sense of freedom and satisfaction.

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