Northern Sunshine

Chapter 2


Justin unlocked the door to Dee's apartment and Brian followed him inside. He heard Brian close the door and then he felt himself being swung around into strong arms that held him firmly while warm, soft lips pressed against his own.

"Didn't you get enough last night and this morning?" Justin asked with a giggle as Brian's grip relaxed a little and he was able to breathe once more.

"No." Brian nipped at the hollow of Justin's collarbone and heard a little moan in response. He licked the spot and felt Justin thrust his groin forward. He smiled in the middle of his work and relished the enthusiasm Justin had for sex. It matched his own.

Brian took Justin's hand and pulled him down the hall to Justin's room. He kicked the door shut and began undressing his lover. His lips and his fingers touched everywhere and Justin felt his body start to burn with need. Brian did such things to him that he could hardly comprehend.

About an hour later they finally stumbled out of the bedroom. Brian wanted some coffee and Justin was hungry again.

Justin noticed the blinking light on the message machine and pushed the button. Jennifer Taylor's voice came over the system.

"Justin, it's your mother. Oh honey, um, if you have time, um, oh I don't know. I'm sorry I bothered you. Talk to you … some time."

The message ended there. Justin frowned. "She sounded upset."

"Yeah," Brian said although he didn't know Justin's mother from Adam she did sound rather incoherent. "Maybe you should call her."

Justin looked at his watch. "It's Sunday morning. She'll either be at church or my father will be home. I can't call if he's around."

"Why not?" Brian asked with a frown.

"He hates me, and … he'll make things … bad for my mother."


"He … he can be mean."

"I don't like the sound of that. Maybe you should call right now and make sure your mother is all right," Brian stated.

"You don't know what he's like, Brian. I better wait."

"I guess you know what's best," Brian said slowly.

"I wonder what could be going on. That's the first time that my mother has ever called here. I always call her."

Brian finished loading the coffee machine. "Come back to bed and I'll take your mind off it," he promised.

"I guess we could do that. I'll find out what's wrong tomorrow morning."

"Grab something to eat and let's go," Brian insisted.

Justin giggled. He loved being with Brian. Brian could always cheer him up or fuck all the bad thoughts out of his head. He grabbed a banana and headed for the bedroom. He knew what Brian would say about his food choice, but he didn't have many other options if he wanted to fuck some more before he went in to the diner for the lunch rush. He would have time to eat during his break.


The following morning Justin picked up the phone in the apartment and dialed the familiar number in Georgia. He held his breath as it rang a couple of times.

"Hello," Jennifer's voice answered.

"Mom, are you all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied, but she didn't sound fine.

"Why did you call? I wanted to call you yesterday but I was afraid Dad would be there."

"It's good you didn't call. He was here all day."

"What happened? You've never called me before."

"I … I wanted to talk to you," Jennifer said carefully.

"So talk. What's up?" Justin knew there had to be something more than just a talk that had prompted Jennifer to call.

"It's all right. I don't want to bother you with it."

"It's no bother. Tell me."

Jennifer let out a long sigh. "Your father got really angry at me," she finally admitted.

"Did he hurt you?"

"No, no, it's fine."

"It's not fine if he's hurten you," Justin stated firmly.

"It's over now and I'm fine. I don't want to bother you with my problems. How are you doen?"

Justin knew she was trying to change the subject and he didn't want to push her too hard. "I'm good. I'll be goen to my course tonight. I'm kind of looken forward to it."

"Is this the English course?"

"Yeah, it's quite interesten. We read some interesten novels and write some stuff ourselves. I like it."

"Are you goen to take some art courses?"

"There's a course openimg next week at the gay and lesbian center. I'm thinken of enrollen."

"I always knew you had talent. Please, do enroll, Justin."

"I probably will. Mom, you know if you need anythen you can call me."

"I'm so proud that you're maken your way up there."

"Thanks, I'm kind of proud myself."

"Call me soon."

Justin cut the connection. Something had happened between his mother and father. He was sure of it, but what could he do if his mother wouldn't talk about it. For that matter, what could he do if she did talk about it? It was frustrating to be so far away and cut off from the rest of the family. But he did have Brian and Dee and Emmett. His life was pretty good, all things considered.


Brian heard the buzzer meaning that Cynthia was wanting to speak to him. He was in the middle of trying to fix another Bob and Brad disaster. He pushed the button on the intercom and barked, "What?"

"Michael is on line one," she said hastily not wishing to incur any more of Brian's wrath than was absolutely necessary.

Brian rubbed his face and sighed. "Put him on," Brian said.


"Yes, Mikey, what do you want?"

"You rushed out of the diner so fast yesterday I hardly got to speak to you," Michael whined.

"Maybe that was because you were too busy picking on Justin," Brian stated. His patience was at a low ebb and he would have liked to have shaken some sense into his best friend.

"You mean that Sunshine person? I can't believe that you are hanging around with her."

"Justin is not a 'her'. Justin is a man in all the ways that matter. I … like Justin," Brian said deliberately, hoping that constant repetition might get through to Michael's tiny brain.

"How can you like 'him' when he's some kind of damn cross-dresser?" Michael continued.

"I'm not going to debate this with you, Michael. I like Justin. I like having Justin around. And if you don't like it, that's tough. It has nothing to do with you. In fact, maybe you should find someone else to hang around with and leave Justin and me alone."

"Brian?" Michael gasped. "How can you say that to me? I'm your best friend. We've always hung around together."

"Times change."


"Michael, I don't know how I can make this any clearer. I like Justin … a lot. I'm going to be seeing a lot of him, and if you can't accept that and be pleasant to him, then just stay away."

Before Michael could protest, Brian hung up the phone.


Justin came out of the high school following his class. It was nice to be able to walk out freely without having to worry about someone following him or attacking him. He was talking to Sally, one of his classmates when he heard his name being called. He looked up and saw Brian standing beside his Jeep. He waved and quickly said goodbye to Sally.

She watched him run over to the handsome man who engulfed her friend in a warm embrace. She shook her head wondering why all the good ones were gay.

"What are you doen here?" Justin asked.

"Came to see you," Brian smirked.

"I'm honored."

Brian pulled Justin close and kissed his lips. "I needed to see you. Something came up at work today and I … wanted to tell you about it. Can you stay at the loft tonight?"

"Sure," Justin replied. "Can we stop by the apartment so I can get a few things?"

Brian nodded and they climbed into the Jeep. All the way to Dee's, Brian refused to tell Justin what was going on. They quickly ran up to the apartment and Justin grabbed some clothes and his sketchbook. Finally they were at the loft and Justin was beginning to wonder what Brian had to tell him that he was being so careful about.

"Come on, Brian," Justin said as soon as the loft door slid closed. "What's goen on?"

"I have to go to Chicago for the rest of the week."

"Oh!" Justin replied. That wasn't at all what he had been expecting. "I see."

"I really have to go. It's business, but I'm worried about leaving you alone."

"I'll be fine. Since Darren's gone, I don't have to be looken over my shoulder all the time. I'm not a baby."

"Even my baby?" Brian said with a smirk.

"Definitely your baby," Justin grinned.

"Then you think it will be all right if I leave you for a few days?"

"I'll be worken at the diner and goen to school. What's goen to happen to me there?"

"Probably nothing," Brian admitted. "I just want you safe."

Justin smiled. "You always make me feel safe."

"That's good."

"So you can go on your trip and I'll be waiten for you when you get back."

Brian pulled Justin against him and started divesting the willing boy of his clothes. Soon they were naked and locked together in the throes of passion. Justin wasn't sure how he would survive the week without doing this with Brian every day. Brian felt much the same. Being separated would be hard on each of them.

"I'm goen to miss you so much," Justin cooed once the room stopped spinning and he could see again. He lay with his head on Brian's chest.

"Just be careful while I'm gone," Brian warned him. "In fact I want you to take the Jeep and use it for school so you don't have to be walking alone late at night."

Justin was surprised. He knew how much Brian's Jeep meant to him. He was surprised that Brian would entrust it to anyone. "How do you even know if I have my license?" Justin teased.

Brian pushed Justin away so that he could look into his eyes. "You do, don't you?"

Justin was tempted to tell him no, but he'd take the Jeep anyway, but he decided that Brian was being so sweet that he really couldn't tease him anymore. "I have my license, and I was first in my driver's ed. class."

"How reassuring," Brian said skeptically. He tended to forget just how young Justin was.

"I'll take very good care of your baby."

"You're my…" Brian had been about to say baby but thought better of it.


"You're my only designated driver of the Jeep," Brian said knowing how pathetic that sounded.

"If you say so," Justin chuckled.

"Treat the Jeep with kid gloves."

"I would if I had any," Justin laughed.

Brian tweaked a nipple that he had been playing with. Justin yelped and Brian decided to lick it better. They were off on round two.


Justin was currently having a very nice dream about Brian. In his dream Brian caressed his body all over, especially between his legs. Justin moaned in his sleep. His hips rocked unconsciously grinding his erection against the soft warm mattress. Brian was on top of him blanketing him with his warmth, surrounding him with his love. He felt the slow burn of entrance, being full to the hilt. Justin gasped and came in his pajama bottoms soaking them and the sheets. He moaned then slowly his eyes fluttered open, a sleepy smile on his face. He'd never had a dream quite so vivid. He could swear he actually felt Brian inside him. Justin ran his hand through his sleep tussled locks. He snaked his hand down under the blankets and felt between his legs. He had yet another wet dream starring Brian Kinney, the sexiest man he knew. Justin wished he could control his body a bit more; sometimes it was down right embarrassing.

After his shower Justin went to the kitchen and found Dee making breakfast. She set a plate of golden brown pancakes in front of him.

"Morning, baby, did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I had pleasant dreams." The heat was rising in his cheeks fairly fast.

Dee smirked knowingly. "What was Kinney doing this time?"

Justin mumbled, "Nothen much, the usual."

Dee asked, "Do you have class tonight?"

"I sure do."

"I'm so glad you decided to go back to school; it's the best thing for you."

"Well I wasn't goen to let those assholes win." Justin smiled brightly. "Oh Dee, would you happen to need a ride to work?" Justin held up Brian's keys and jingled them playfully.

Dee's mouth dropped open in shock. "Are those the keys to the Jeep?"

Justin pretended to examine them. "They appear to be," Justin laughed. "Brian said I could use his Jeep while he's away on business. He didn't want me to have to walk alone at night."

"That's so sweet and so unlike him; he doesn't let anyone drive his baby. For your sake I hope you're careful with it."

"Of course I will be; now let's get goen. Debbie will flip her wig if I'm late." The two cousins giggled out the door and to the Jeep.


Justin was just tying on his apron when he was so rudely summoned to table eight.

"Princess Sunshine, hurry up and take my order. I'm hungry."

He made a disgruntled noise low in his throat, tied his apron and grabbed his order pad. He'd like to wipe that smug look off Michael's face.

"Why do you feel the need to constantly insult me? I never did anythen to you."

"It's your name, isn't it?"

"Not my given one and I don't appreciate you referen to me as princess. It's insulten. I hope you don't treat Dee like this; it's rude."

"First you're a girl then you're a guy. It must be a blond thing; you can't make up your mind."

"I never said I was a girl. I just let people think what they want. You have no idea what my situation was. Now what would you like? May I suggest somethen high in fiber? I think your diet is sadly lacken it."

Michael glowered at Justin. "I'll have the meatloaf with fries."

Justin smiled sweetly. "Comen right up, oh and Michael, a friendly word of advice. It's not wise to fuck with the person who handles your food. Ya never know; I could spit in it."


"Christ, what is it?"

"She threatened to spit in my food; must be that time of the month."

Justin smirked when Debbie smacked Michael upside the head none to lightly. He took his time putting in Michael's order. He also took his time delivering it and no one blamed him. Everyone liked Sunshine. Justin dropped the food in front of Michael with a loud clatter.

"Next time you call me princess or anythen of a feminine persuasion, I'll come up with an equally insulten nickname for you."

Justin hadn't expected Michael to leave him a tip. He laughed out loud when he saw that he was left with a penny.

"I'll just put this in my college trust fund."


Justin was in the living room getting ready to do his homework. His art assignment was to pick a corner of a room and draw every thing in it. He figured out of all the rooms in the small apartment the living room was the most interesting. Now he just had to figure out which angle would be the best. He turned around slowly in a circle. Finally he decided on the corner with the graduated glass globe floor lamp. He would get a corner of the sofa, the beaded curtain and a section of the bookcase. Justin grabbed a pillow to sit on and plopped down on the floor. He got comfortable and began to draw a rough sketch of everything first, then he would fill in all the details. At first it didn't register that a phone was ringing, but as the noise persisted he came out of his sketching zone. Justin let out a little gasp when he realized that his cell phone was ringing and it could only be one person. Brian! Justin scrambled up nearly falling over and grabbed the phone off the desk.

"Hi, Brian, how's your trip?"

"Hey, Sunshine. It's going ok. I have to finesse the clients a bit more. They're being rather difficult but I'll get the account."

Justin smiled. "Of course you will. You can charm the pants off anyone."

"What are you doing now?"

"I'm just doen my homework."

Brian deepened his voice. "How about you take a study break?"

Justin bit his bottom lip but Brian could still hear a moan come through loud and clear.

"Yeah, I think I could use a break," Justin said in a breathy whisper. Justin walked quickly to his bedroom, shut the door then laid down on the bed.

Brian purred into the phone, "Are you hard?"

"Painfully so."

"Mmm, I'll bet. Take your hand and rub yourself through your pants. Pretend I'm there."

Justin cupped his crotch and rubbed his palm slowly over his cloth covered erection. He couldn't hold back a deep moan. Brian was doing the same thing. Justin's moan made his dick throb.

"Are you leaking?"

Justin's breath hitched. "Yes."

"How much?"

"A lot, I'm damp and there's a small wet patch on my jeans." Justin blushed at that admission. "Brian!"

"Take your hand away and take a few deep breaths."

Brian was leaking quite freely himself. Justin brought out the teenager in him. He listened to Justin's breathing. When it was more normal he issued his next command. "Take out your dick and play with your balls." Brian popped the buttons on his jeans and took out his big hard cock. He wished Justin was there to suck him off. "I want you to jerk yourself off nice and slow."

Justin grabbed his dick and eagerly complied. He pictured that it was Brian with his big strong warm hands on him. Brian had a way of making him feel so good. Justin couldn't help it; he had to speed up.

"Brian, oooh, ahhh, I need to cum."

"I know, baby. Just hold on a bit longer, ok? I want you to put the phone down, get two fingers wet and ride them while you jerk yourself off."

That image alone had Brian fisting his dick. Justin scrambled to comply. He quickly shoved his jeans down the rest of the way and off. Kneeling on the bed he sucked on two fingers while jerking off. He could only imagine how he must look, all slutty and wanton. Justin pushed two slick fingers inside himself and worked his hole. He curled the tip of his finger like Brian had taught him to do. When Justin touched his prostate it was all over. He sprayed his cum all over the bedspread. He cried out as his orgasm washed over him. Upon hearing Justin, Brian's own cum splashed his chest. When Justin got his breath back he grabbed up the phone.

"God, Brian, that was so hot."

Brian smirked. "It wasn't bad for phone sex."

"Ugh, I'm goen to have to do laundry cuz of you."

"You enjoyed every minute of it."

Justin smiled shyly. "Yeah, I did."

"Night, Sunshine, I'll be back in a few days."

"All right, I miss you."

"Take care of my Jeep."

Justin laughed, "I will."


Justin padded to Dee's room and lightly knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure, baby, what's up?"

Justin sat on the bed and pulled his legs in. Dee could tell something was bothering his baby cousin.

"I'm worried about mom."

"Why? What's the matter?"

"The last couple of times she called, she sounded weird. I just know somethen is up. She insists everythen is fine but I can hear it in her voice."

Dee pulled Justin into her arms and hugged him.

"You think Uncle Craig's getting rough with her?"

Justin sniffed. "I don't want it to be true. But I got this bad feelen, Dee. Oh God, and what about Molly?"

Dee rocked Justin in her arms. "I'm sure Molly's fine. Jennifer would protect her just like she did you. You can't help her if she doesn't want to be helped."

"I just wish I knew what was goen on. Dee, could I sleep here with you tonight? I don't want to be alone."

"Of course you can, baby."

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