Northern Sunshine

Chapter 13


Brian leaned in and kissed Justin's soft lips till the blond was moaning and curling his toes. While Justin was distracted he decided to turn the tables on the boy. He needed some time or he would blow like a teenager. Brian eased the toy giraffe out of Justin's slack hands. Justin's eyes flew open when he felt the stuffed animal nuzzling along his treasure trail.

"Kinney! What are you doing?"

Brian smirked as he sat astride the boy playing.


Justin sucked in a breath as the furry nose rubbed against his dick. Brian had to smile. He'd never heard Justin make those kinds of noises before. The toy giraffe worked its way along Justin's dick. Justin lay panting and clenching the silk sheets into balls.

"I see Kinney likes you too."

"You are a wicked, wicked man," Justin gasped.

When the giraffe ambled lower to nuzzle Justin's balls the blond bucked his hips. The soft fur felt amazing on his overly sensitive skin. Kinney happened to be a very curious giraffe and decided to explore lower. Justin's breath was coming out in ragged gasps. As soon as he felt the giraffe nuzzling along his crack he nearly howled at the new sensation. Justin made a wild grab for Brian's shoulder.

"Fuck me, Brian! Stick your big cock in me and fuck the shit out of me."

Brian grinned; he loved when his little southern boy let go and talked dirty to him.

"If that's what you want."

Brian tossed his namesake off to the side. He stretched out his hand to retrieve a condom and the lube. Justin's eyes were heavy lidded as Brian applied the lube. Brian's finger was deep within him; his palm was cupping Justin's soft smooth cheeks. Justin began to ride first one finger then two. Brian's dick couldn't take much more waiting. He stroked on a condom over his ridged cock. Brian lifted Justin's legs onto his shoulders. He pressed himself between Justin's creamy thighs and entered him carefully but forcefully. Justin gasped as he felt himself filled with Brian's steel rod. Brian rocked his dick in and out in a nice slow pace then pushed in at least halfway. He waited till Justin could take more then fed him the rest of his aching cock.

Justin smiled a silly smile. "You feel so good, Brian."

"You too; Christ you're always so tight."

Justin tightened his muscles to give Brian's dick a good squeeze. He loved when he could make Brian moan breathlessly. Brian captured Justin's hands and rested them over his head; he laced their fingers together. As he leaned in to kiss Justin his legs slipped from his shoulders and settled comfortably around Brian's waist. Brian thrust and rutted against him as he kissed him deeply. Justin was getting plundered at both ends. Brian's abs were slick with sweat and precum. The friction Justin's dick was getting was nearly too much to bear. When Brian twisted his hips a certain way, Justin moaned loudly and nipped at Brian's shoulder just hard enough to be pleasurable.

"I wanna ride you," Justin said breathlessly.

The idea of Justin riding his dick turned Brian on.

"You wanna ride, little boy?"

"Oh God yes, please, Brian."

"All right, hold on."

Brian hugged Justin's smaller body to his own then rolled till Justin was sitting astride him. Justin wiggled his hips as if to get comfortable. Brian growled at his devious boy. He drew his legs up behind Justin so the blond could support himself and have leverage.

Justin rose slowly up Brian's shaft squeezing the head with his muscles then plunged back down. They both moaned and panted at the sensations Justin created. Brian held Justin high up around his waist. He didn't want Justin to accidentally lose his balance. Brian couldn't take his eyes off Justin's beautiful face; he was absolutely radiant. Justin had a confident smile plastered on his face as he rode Brian's dick. When Justin's hand started to trail down to his own dick, Brian batted it away.

"I want you to cum without touching yourself."

Justin gasped at the thought. He knew Brian had the power to make him cum without touching himself. Justin rotated his hips and bounced a little faster. He used Brian's knees for leverage. If he leaned back he could get Brian deeper within him and drag across his special spot that made his eyes flutter in ecstasy. Justin could feel the electric tingles racing along his spine. His cock was so hard and he was dying to touch it. He mewled and whimpered as he slammed down onto Brian's groin. All the while Brian's hands were guiding him. As Justin began to grind himself on Brian's cock, he began to shoot his load hard. He threw his head back and cried out as his hot cum splashed against Brian's sweat dappled chest. He even managed to hit the underside of Brian's chin with his cum. Justin felt a warmth deep inside him and knew Brian had cum too.

Brian noticed that Justin was starting to sway so he gently guided the boy down to rest on his chest. Brian had no qualms about holding his wet, sticky boy. He nuzzled his face in Justin's long hair breathing in his scent that he couldn't get enough of. The bedroom was filled with their ragged breathing.

"No," Justin groaned as he felt Brian start to slip out of him.

"I know that's you least favorite part," Brian said sympathetically.

Justin automatically curled up against Brian's side snuggling up to him. Brian slung his arm around him hugging the boy close.

"Brian, did you have a good time at the fair?"

"It was all right. I never would have gone unless you were with me." Brian smiled slightly. "You have a way of making things bearable."

"Thanks, I think."

Brian reluctantly got up and went to the bathroom to get a warm cloth. He crawled back in bed and cleaned up Justin then himself. The rag got tossed over the side of the bed.

"So," Brian said casually. "Are you up for another round?"

"Uh huh. Oh, I almost forgot."

Justin scrambled to the edge of the bed and bent over to retrieve his jeans. Brian got a beautiful view of Justin's well fucked perky bottom. Justin pulled out the tube of lip gloss and spread a layer of Beam flavored lip gloss across his lips. When Justin pressed his lips together he couldn't believe how accurate it was. Brian was going to love it. Justin turned around smiling.

"Kiss me," he commanded.

Not having to be told twice Brian pulled Justin to him and kissed the boy deeply. When he pulled back Justin nearly laughed at the amazed look on his face.

"No fucking way!"

Justin giggled and nodded happily. "Yep, Beam flavored lip gloss. Dee has a friend who whipped it up special."

Brian hungrily kissed Justin again, mashing their lips together. They fell back on the bed and made out like a couple of horny teenagers. It made Brian even more horny than he'd already been. Brian snatched up a condom and pressed it in the palm of Justin's hand. Justin ripped it open and started to put it on Brian but Brian stopped him. Justin cocked his head in puzzlement. Brian looked deep into the pools of liquid sapphire as he pushed Justin's hands over his own cock. Justin's mouth fell open as he realized what Brian wanted him to do. Brian wanted him to top.

Justin looked at Brian shyly. "Can I have a taste first?"

In answer Brian tossed him a pillow and raised his hips. Justin settled himself down between Brian's long legs. He wanted to savor the moment so he sucked on Brian's balls, first one then the other. Justin nipped at Brian's sinewy thighs then licked away the sting. He was inching his way ever closer to Brian's clenching hole. For several moments he just let his warm breath wash over Brian's tight bud. He dipped his head down and took a tentative lick around the perineum. Justin heard Brian moan ever so softly. He liked the taste of Brian; it was a special treat.

Justin lapped along Brian's rosebud pucker. He gently sucked the delicate folds. He wanted to give Brian as much pleasure as Brian always gave him. When he felt Brian start to loosen he began to press his tongue into Brian's hole. He gripped Brian's thighs as he buried his face in his lover. He felt Brian push back on his tongue. Justin got off on Brian fucking his face.

With trembling hands he began to roll the condom along his hard shaft. Brian placed his hands on top of Justin's to help roll the condom in place. He wrapped his long legs around Justin's slender waist. He knew Justin preferred face to face; so did he, when it came to Justin. Justin made sure he used a liberal amount of lube. Brian winced as the head of Justin's cock breached his opening. He bore down and panted through the initial pain. Justin rocked in and out slowly letting Brian get used to his size. He wasn't as big as Brian but then again Brian didn't bottom often so anything would feel huge. Justin rotated his hips hitting Brian's prostate, causing Brian to moan deep in his chest. Brian squeezed his dick almost painfully. Justin loved being inside Brian. He had never felt closer to anyone than he did right now.

Justin knew he couldn't last much longer so he picked up the pace. He thrust and rolled his hips which seemed to drive Brian wild. Brian made a grab for his dick and began to jerk off. If Justin's cheeks weren't already flushed they would be now. There was just something about watching Brian touch himself that turned him on immensely. He prayed he would last till Brian came. As luck would have it they came together. Brian exploded all over his chest while Justin came deep within him. Justin collapsed against Brian's hot sticky chest.

"Wow," Justin panted.

"That was ahhhmazing," Brian agreed.

Justin went to pull out but Brian stopped him.


Justin smiled knowingly.

Brian hugged Justin tight and buried his face in the damp blond strands of hair. He thought now was as good a time as any to ask Justin what he'd been meaning to ask him.


"Yeah?" Justin was a bit wary of the serious expression on Brian's face.

"I … uh … wanted to ask you… Um … well, I like having you around all the time. I'd kind of miss you if you weren't here."

"What are you trying to say, Brian?"

"Would you like to move in with me?"

A smile lit up Justin's face reminding Brian why the boy was called Sunshine.

Justin giggled, "Mm, well, I think I better confer with Kinney first."

Justin snatched up the toy and held it to his ear pretending to listen to what the stuffed giraffe had to say on the matter. Brian rolled his eyes.

"We'd be delighted."

Justin slipped out of Brian then stripped off the condom and tossed it in the trash. Brian slid open an empty drawer and tossed Kinney into it.

Justin giggled, "He looks comfy."

Suddenly Justin's stomach rumbled.

Brian looked at him incredulously. "How can you be hungry?"

Justin smiled innocently. "I worked up an appetite. I don't suppose you have any food?"

"There should be some leftover Chinese in the fridge."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

Justin jumped up and went down to the kitchen. Brian watched Justin's ass gently sway as he went in search of food. He arched his brow at Kinney who was watching from the opened drawer. Brian got up and went to join his partner.

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