Northern Sunshine

Chapter 12


Justin went to Dee's apartment to pick up a few more things that he needed. On his way out he stopped into Dee's room to see his cousin.

"Hey Dee," Justin said as he flopped down on her bed.

"Hey Justin, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came by to pick up a few things."

"I guess living at the loft is working out all right for you."

Justin smiled. "Yeah, it's great. Brian's everything I've ever wanted."

Dee arched a brow. "I must say Brian's seemed to turn a new leaf when it comes to you."

"Speaking of dream men, did you ever call that hottie from the car wash? What was his name?"

"Jonathan," Dee said quietly.

"Right, so you never called him back, did you?"

"I'm a big coward," Dee admitted.

Justin sighed. "Oh Dee, he really liked you. I could tell. You don't have to be nervous. Would it help at all if Brian and I went on a double date with you?"

Dee laughed hysterically. "Brian Kinney … on a double date!" She turned around looking down. "Are monkeys flying out of my butt?"

Justin snorted a laugh. "Brian would do it if I asked him. He may not like it but he'd do it." Justin handed Dee her pink cell phone. "Call Jonathan and let me know the details later."

Dee let out a sigh. "Ok, I will. Thank you, Justin." Dee gave Justin a tight hug. "Oh here, I almost forgot." Dee gave Justin a tube of lip gloss.

Justin turned the plain white tube over in his hand. "What's this?"

Dee smiled. "Your special request … Beam flavored lip gloss."

Justin smiled brightly. "Thank you, and I'm sure Brian will thank you too. I'll have to save this for a special occasion." Justin tucked the tube into the pocket of his jeans.


Justin started to walk home from his night class. He stopped short when he saw Brian's Jeep pull up. Justin bounded to the Jeep with a big smile on his face.

Brian pushed the door open for him. "Hey, hot stuff, need a ride?"

"Only if you're goen my way," Justin said with a giggle.

Brian smirked. "Well then, today's your lucky day."

Justin hopped into the Jeep and buckled up. Brian peeled out of the parking lot and accelerated down the street.

"How was class?" Brian asked.

"It was good, a bit tedious and boring, but good. Brian, I have a huge favor to ask you."

"Oh, what is it?"

"Well, Dee met a guy when you were away on business. She's kinda nervous. I said I'd ask if you'd be up for a double date."

"Christ, you don't fool around with the big favors. Fuck! A double date! Fine, but I'm going to take it out in trade."

Justin squirmed in his seat. "I was hopen you'd say that."


Saturday evening Brian, Justin and Dee picked up Jonathan at his apartment. Dee was sitting in the back seat of the Jeep in her prettiest dress as they pulled up to the building. Jonathan was waiting for them on the front steps. He introduced himself to Justin and Brian as he climbed into the back with Dee.

Dee smiled shyly as Jonathan sat down. The young man leaned over and kissed her cheek. Both Brian and Justin could hear Dee's giggle of delight. Brian shook his head and Justin swatted him on the thigh.

"So, where are we headed?" Jonathan asked.

"We're going to the county fair," Brian said in his falsetto voice, earning another swat from Justin.

"There's a carnival at the fairgrounds with rides and games and displays," Justin explained. "I thought it might be kinda fun."

"Yeah, fun," Brian said with a grin that held little humor. "What kind of fun will we have with Heteros and, God forbid, children?" Brian asked with a shudder.

"Maybe we should have brought Gus," Justin suggested.

Brian let out a groan. "I think we have a car full of infantile fun at the moment. Leave my son where the fuck he is."

"Stop being such a Grinch … or I'll have to punish you," Justin whispered.

Brian's eyebrows shot up at the thought of the activities that the threat conjured up. "Promise?" he whispered back.

Justin nodded. "But only if you behave yourself … but not too much," he added as an afterthought earning him a grin from Brian.

Some time later they pulled into the parking lot of the fairgrounds. Everyone climbed out and headed for the entrance gate. Dee hung on Jonathan's arm whispering to him all the way.

"Aren't you going to fawn all over me?" Brian asked sarcastically watching Dee work her magic on her new beau.

"I don't fawn," Justin stated.

Brian snorted in response. "Right!"

"I don't, do I?" Justin asked surprised at Brian's reaction.

"Only in the best ways," Brian said leaning his head towards Justin and touching their foreheads.

"What do you mean?" Justin asked. He wasn't sure he liked Brian's implication.

"See how Dee is stroking Jonathan's ego. You do that sometimes."

"The fuck I do! Give me an example."

"Oh Brian, you're so sweet, you're my hero," Brian said in a high soft voice while he was trying to keep a straight face.

Justin snorted knowing he had said something like that when Brian had helped his mother and Molly to escape from Smithton. "I never said that," Justin denied, "but you are my hero." He slipped his hand into Brian's and squeezed gently as the man paid for their entrance to the grounds.

"What should we do first?" Dee asked.

"Ferris wheel," Justin said decisively.

"Sissy ride," Brian scoffed.

"If they had a roller coaster I'd take you on that," Justin said, "but they don't. This will be … romantic."

"I like that," Dee smiled.

"Of course you do," Brian responded.

They got tickets and stood in line. Before long Dee and Jonathan were seated and then Brian and Justin in the next car. The Ferris wheel started its slow rotation. Justin held onto Brian's hand as their car reached the top.

"Look at the view," Justin whispered leaning against Brian's shoulder.

"Not bad," Brian replied surveying the landscape for as far as he could see. Lights were starting to come on in the evening twilight.

"I told you you'd like it."

"I didn't say I did," Brian snarked. He was enjoying himself, especially having Justin lean against him and the feel of the boy's warm breath against his throat.

As the car descended down the back of its arc, they could see Jonathan and Dee leaning close together.

"Looks like someone is having a good time," Brian observed directing Justin's gaze toward the amorous couple.

"Just like you," Justin smiled.

"Just like me," Brian admitted as he captured Justin's lips in a hot kiss while their car made its way over the top. He broke the kiss before they came back into public view closer to the bottom. He didn't want anyone saying anything that would ruin Justin's day.

Justin had them try a couple of other stupid rides. Brian found that there was almost never enough room for his long legs, but he went on them to please Justin.

When they had finished their rides, Dee suggested that they should get some cotton candy. Justin was all for that and dragged Brian over to the booth. They got two cones of the sticky candy so they could share with their partners. Justin pulled a large hunk off his cone and stuffed it in his mouth. He let out a little mewl of satisfaction. It went straight to Brian's dick, even more so when he watched Justin's pink tongue come out to lick his lips.

"Want some?" Justin asked.

"I want you," Brian whispered in Justin's hair.

Justin giggled as he pulled off a small piece of cotton candy and stuck it into Brian's mouth letting Brian suck on his finger before he withdrew it.

"You're making me hard," Brian whispered as they followed Dee and Jonathan along the row of game booths.

"You're always hard," Justin giggled.

"And you have a problem with that?"


"Ooh," Dee cooed. "Win me a stuffed animal," she begged Jonathan.

"Sure, let's see if I can," the young man declared. He paid for some balls and started hurling them at the stack of miniature milk cans. The third ball connected perfectly and the cans went down with a loud clatter. Dee jumped for joy and hugged Jonathan, her arms tightly around his neck. He replied with a kiss.

"What will you have, little lady?" the man in the booth asked.

"Oh, I want that big fluffy penguin," Dee stated pointing at the animal she wanted.

Justin watched as Dee claimed her treasure and gave Jonathan another kiss. Dressed as a girl she was able to show all the affection she wanted to Jonathan. No one knew that Dee was really male. Justin felt sad that he could not make such public displays with Brian. Maybe he should have assumed his Sunshine persona before they had come there.

"You pining for a penguin?" Brian asked as he watched the shadows flow across Justin's face. Justin shook his head. "I'll get you one," Brian said confidently hoping to cheer Justin up.

"You don't need to," Justin said.

"I want to," Brian declared as he laid down some money and received three balls. He pitched them in quick succession at the stack of milk cans. The most he managed to knock over were two. "Fuck!" he said as he laid down some more money.

"Um, Justin," Dee said. "Jonathan and I are going back to the rides. Can we meet you guys later?"

"Sure," Justin said watching Brian lay down some more money for another set of balls. He wasn't having much luck winning the penguin. "Meet us at the gate where we came in … say, ten o'clock? I think Brian will have had more than enough of the fair by then.

Dee nodded and she and Jonathan walked away arm in arm. Brian was paying some more money for another set of balls.

"Brian, I really don't want a stuffed animal."

"Well, you're getting one," Brian said as he continued to pitch the balls at the cans.

Justin let out a sigh as he stood by while Brian used up all the cash he had in his wallet. He still couldn't knock down all the cans and get the toy he wanted for Justin.

A couple of hours, a trip to an ATM and a very sore arm later, Justin selected a stuffed giraffe as his prize.

"Thank you," he said softly.

Brian snorted. "You're fucking welcome."

"I love him, Brian. I'm going to call him Kinney."

"See what I mean about fawning," Brian laughed, as he put his arm around Justin's waist. Too hell with what the Heteros thought.

"I think we should get you a drink and then we'll have to meet Dee."

"Where the hell did she go?" Brian asked as they headed for the tent where you could get a beer.

"She wanted to be alone with Jonathan."

"I didn't even see them leave."

"You were too obsessed with winning Kinney."

"Yeah," Brian chuckled.

They had their beer before heading back to the gate. Jonathan and Dee were waiting there.

"You got an animal too," Dee gushed as she hugged her cousin.

"Yeah, Brian won it for me," Justin said proudly.

"We have the best boyfriends," Dee smiled.

"Looks like you two have made progress," Brian noted with a snort.

"Thank you for coming on this date with us, Brian," Dee said sincerely.

"Brian was happy to do it," Justin jumped in. He was afraid how Brian might respond to Dee's statement given the chance.

"Yeah, happy," Brian said as he led them back to the Jeep.

Justin elbowed Brian in the ribs before they got into the Jeep. "I am goen to have to punish you."

"Hmm, let's go home," Brian said feeling his cock twitch at the thought.

They drove to Jonathan's first to let him off. He and Dee climbed out of the Jeep and walked to the front door of Jonathan's apartment building. A long and sensuous kiss was initiated by Dee. Brian and Justin couldn't help but watch.

"They seem to have really hit it off," Justin said.

"I wish they'd hurry the fuck up. You have some important punishment to mete out at home."

"Oh yeah," Justin chuckled. "I could entertain you while we wait."

"And how would you do that?"

Justin leaned down across the stick shift and buried his face in Brian's crotch. Brian let out an involuntary groan as he felt Justin's tongue and hot breath against his stiffening cock trapped in his jeans. Justin's soft lips sucked on the fabric of the jeans making it damp. Brian shifted as the material pinched his hard cock. Justin continued to suck and pull with his lips until Brian thought he would explode.

"Um, Justin," Dee said from the door of the Jeep.

Justin looked up sheepishly from where he was face deep in Brian's crotch. "Yeah?"

"I'm going to stay the night with Jonathan, so you guys can go. And thanks again," Dee said with a blush. "It looks like the sooner you get back to the loft the better."

"Yeah," Justin giggled as he sat up. "Good night, Jonathan," he called as Dee ran back up the steps and into her new boyfriend's arms.

"They couldn't have figured that out before now?" Brian griped as he squiggled around in the seat trying to relieve the feel of his pinched cock and damp jeans.

"I guess they didn't want to do anything too hasty," Justin laughed.

"It's their first fucking date! Why couldn't they have just fucked like normal homos?"

"They're going to," Justin giggled. "Besides, if we hadn't gone with them, I wouldn't have Kinney, would I?" Justin asked as he pulled the giraffe from the back seat and gave it a big hug.

Brian started the Jeep and gunned it back into the street. "Fucking giraffe! Cost me two hundred dollars."

"But it was worth it, wasn't it?" Justin asked batting his baby blues.

"Worth every penny when I take it out on your ass."

"Ah, but I get to punish you first," Justin said against Brian's ear as he leaned into the man. The hot breath made Brian even harder. He let out another groan. "I think you need a good spanken for being such a bad, bad boy," Justin whispered in that southern drawl that drove Brian crazy.

Brian tried to keep the Jeep on the road. "You like me when I'm bad," Brian managed to say huskily.

"I sure do."

"Mmmm," Brian moaned as Justin let his hand fall into Brian's lap and brush against the damp area on his jeans. "You're going to kill us both."

Justin stared straight ahead and smiled. His fingers pressed a little tighter against Brian's dick. He felt the Jeep speed up.

Within the shortest time possible Brian screeched to a halt in front of the loft. He jumped out of the Jeep and grabbed Justin's hand.

"Wait," Justin said pulling back on Brian. "I have to get Kinney."

"Leave him in the fucking car."

"He's a very valuable giraffe. Someone might steal him."

"Fuck!" Brian grunted but he let go of Justin's hand. Justin quickly retrieved his prize and they ran up the stairs to the loft.

Somehow Justin got naked without releasing his giraffe. When Brian was also on the bed naked Justin decided to use his new toy to punish Brian. He slid Kinney's nose along the length of Brian's cock.

"Kinney likes you," Justin whispered. "He likes your cock … a lot."

"What about you?"

"I love your cock. I love all the things it can do to me, and I'm going to let it do every one of them, but first Kinney wants to play."

"Justin!" Brian said ominously.

"Be nice."

"I thought you wanted me to be bad."

"You can be bad later. Right now, give Kinney a kiss." Justin held the giraffe's head against Brian's lips. Reluctantly Brian gave the giraffe a kiss.

"There! Now, can we get on with this?"

"Kinney says thank you for going on the double date, and thank you for winning him at the games booth."

"Kinney's very welcome," Brian said testily.

"Kinney wants you to hold out your right arm."

"What the fuck for?"

"Just do it."

Brian held out his arm and felt the soft fur of the giraffe slide over it. That was replaced with Justin's gentle fingers that started to knead the muscles in his upper arm. Brian groaned in satisfaction.

"Does that feel good?"

"Uh huh," Brian said closing his eyes and letting Justin have his way.

Justin massaged the tight muscles for several minutes. "Feel better?"


"Kinney knew you overdid it trying to win him. You didn't have to, you know."

"I thought you deserved at least as much as Dee had," Brian admitted.

"But I have you," Justin said with a radiant smile.

"Yes, you do," Brian said as he rolled over trapping Justin beneath him. "Can my dick have its way with you now?"

"Yes, please. Kinney would like that and so would I."

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