Northern Sunshine

Chapter 11


Brian and Justin were snuggled up on the sofa together. Justin had his head resting against Brian's chest while their legs were tangled together. Brian didn't consider it cuddling but rather a prelude to something better.

"I was thinken…." Justin trailed off when he heard Brian groan. He lightly nudged Brian in the ribs.

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin, liking the way the boy felt in his arms. "You were saying?"

"I was thinken we should have a get-together. You know so my mom and Molly can meet everyone, well under less dire circumstances anyway."

Brian made a non-committal noise. "I'm not one for parties, Sunshine, but I suppose it would be a good idea for your mother and Molly to get to know everyone in our little family."

Justin turned his head so he was looking at Brian. He batted his baby blues. "Um, Brian, would you mind terribly if we had it here?" Justin hurried on. "It's just Dee's place is so small. As it is, we have to get creative with seating if there's more than four people."

Brian grumbled a bit but then said, "I suppose I could let you have the loft for your little shindig."

Justin smiled happily, then gave him a look. He was on to Brian. "You do have to attend, Brian. It won't be that bad. It's just dinner."

"Fine," Brian let out a suffering sigh. "But you owe me a world class blowjob. It'll be payment for my pain and suffering."

Justin giggled and rolled his eyes. He slid off the sofa and settled himself between Brian's long legs. Justin popped the first button on Brian's jeans.

"I think that can be arranged." Justin smiled like the cat about to get the crème.


They figured the best way to get the word out about the dinner party was to tell everyone when they came to the diner. Justin sweet talked Brian into not extending an invitation to Michael. Brian couldn't seem to say no to whatever his little blond boy wanted. Then there was also the fact he heard that Michael was still giving Justin a hard time. He figured if Mikey couldn't act like an adult and behave he could just fucking well stay home. Everyone was excited about the dinner at the loft mainly because it was at the loft, and Brian didn't do such things. Jennifer and Justin divided up the cooking duties. Brian was all in favor of having the whole affair catered. He couldn't say no though when Justin said he was dying to get the chance to cook in his kitchen.

Brian cursed and complained as he helped Justin haul in a shitload of groceries. "I still think catering was the way to go."

"Why cater it when I can do it myself? You'd deny me the pleasure of cooking in your kitchen?"

"No, perish the thought," Brian grunted as he set down the two bags he was carrying.

"Besides I was kinda hopen that once Emmett got a taste of what I'm cooken that he would hire me on a more permanent basis. Business is picken up for him."

"Ahhh, an ulterior motive. I'm so proud." Brian snagged Justin's shirt and pulled him close for a kiss.

Justin pulled away after the kiss. "Quit tryen to distract me and help me put some of this away."

Justin heard Brian grumble something about bossy twinks. Justin quickly familiarized himself with Brian's kitchen then got out all the stuff he would presently need. He planned on making a four cheese lasagna. With at least ten people to feed his mother was making the same at Dee's. With two dishes there should be plenty for everyone. Jennifer was also in charge of the garlic bread and half of the dessert. In addition to the main course Justin would cover the salad and the other half of the dessert which would go together in the end.

Justin got started a bit early so he wouldn't run out of time. He began boiling the noodles and browning the hamburger. While he had his hands full with that he delegated the job of grating cheese to Brian who had been watching him attentively from his seat on the bar stool. Justin had decided that since there were so many people to feed he'd make his lasagna into pre-portioned pieces for convenience. He wrapped each noodle around the hamburger cheese blend. The sauce went on the bottom and throughout the dish so it wouldn't be dry. After he slid the dish into the oven he made a quick call to his mom to see if they were on schedule. The banquet table and chairs had arrived so he helped Brian set them all up.

Brian grunted as he struggled with the long table. "Please say this will not be a regular occurrence."

"It won't be a regular occurrence."

Brian growled, "Why don't I believe you?"

Justin turned to Brian. "We never have to have another one if you really don't want to."

Brian arched his brow with tongue firmly in cheek wondering if Justin really meant it. Justin looped his arm around Brian's neck and pulled him down so he could kiss him.

"Thank you for putten up with all this and letten me use your wonderful kitchen."

Once the table was set up Justin put Brian back to work in the kitchen chopping vegetables for the salad.

"What are you making now?" Brian asked eyeing the ingredients with puzzlement.

"I'm maken ice cream."

Brian arched a brow. "Homemade, I take it."


"It'd be faster if you just bought it," Brian singsonged.

Justin looked up and smiled. "Faster but not better, besides I enjoy making stuff from scratch."

"You're very weird, you know that?"

Justin smiled. "I'm also queer but then I think you know that." He got a spoon from the drawer and dipped it into the soft ice cream. He held it just under Brian's lips. "Have a taste."

Brian parted his lips for Justin and the spoon slid right in.

"Mmm, that is good."

Justin couldn't hide a little self satisfied smirk. He got a package of cookie dough from the fridge and began breaking it up into little chunks to put into the ice cream. Justin caught Brian's 'what the fuck' expression.

"You've never heard of cookie dough ice cream?"

"Apparently not."

"It's to die for."

"I'll take your word for it."


Justin had just turned down the heat in the oven when his mother pressed the door buzzer. Justin raced over to the door.

"Hi, Mom, I'll let you in. We're on the top floor; I'll leave the door open for you."

"Ok honey, we'll be right up."

Brian finished setting the table as Justin let his mother, sister and cousin in. Justin took the heated cases from her and set them in the kitchen with the rest of the food.

Jennifer looked around the loft, mouth somewhat agape. "Oh my…."

"Wow!" Molly exclaimed spinning around slowly trying to take it all in.

Jennifer cleared her throat. "This place is… glamorous. I can see why Justin likes to spend so much time here."

Brian had to restrain himself from saying it was his fuck pad. Instead he said, "Justin just likes me for my kitchen."

Justin smiled and playfully slapped Brian in the stomach.

Jennifer smiled at the couple. "It is a wonderful kitchen."

Brian nodded slightly uncomfortable, one of the many reasons he never had dinner parties. "Well, make yourself at home; everyone else should be drifting in any minute now."

"Justin, honey, I know you were going to take care of the salad. I made extra dressing in case you forgot."

Justin put his head in his hands. "You're right. I forgot. Thanks, Mom."

Debbie came with Vic trailing after her. Of course Deb was bearing food even though she was instructed just to bring herself.

"Deb, you really didn't need to bring food. I had it all covered."

"I know you do, Sunshine."

Vic patted Justin's shoulder. "Don't mind, sis. If she doesn't have food with her she feels naked."

Justin shuddered at that vivid image. Brian stifled a laugh as he opened a bottle of wine.

"Oh Mom, I'd like you to meet Vic Grassi, Deb's brother. Vic, this is my mother Jennifer and over there is my sister, Molly."

Vic held out his hand. "Pleasure to meet you; you've got quite a son there." Vic lowered his voice, "He's good for Brian."

Justin blushed as he went to answer the door yet again. Lindsay and Melanie arrived with baby Gus. Brian sauntered over and plucked Gus from Lindsay's arms.

"Hey, Sonny Boy, come see your dada."

Justin moved to Brian's side so he could see the baby. He loved little Gus. How could he not; the baby looked so much like Brian.

Justin smiled his sunshine smile. "Lindsay, Melanie, thank you for coming. Lindsay, I don't believe you've met my mother and sister yet.

Jennifer stepped forward. "Hello, Lindsay, nice to see you again, Melanie."

Molly piped up, "Wow Brian, you have a kid? I didn't think gay men could have babies."

"Molly!" Jennifer cried in horror.

Brian snorted a laugh. "Of course we can. We can do anything the straights can do and usually do it better too." Brian passed Gus off to Justin who was eager to hold him.

Jennifer murmured, "I didn't know Brian had a son."

Justin shrugged. "Well, he does and he's a great father, despite what some may think."

Emmett and Ted were the last to arrive.

Emmett leaned in and kissed Justin's cheek. "Hey, baby, we haven't missed anything good yet, have we?"

"No, Mom and I were just getting ready to serve the food."

Justin gave Gus back to Brian so he could help his mother in the kitchen. Everyone began taking their seats around the long table. Justin set out the salad and dressing while Jennifer cut large chunks of garlic bread to set on the table. Brian tugged Justin into his seat. He knew the boy was hungry. He really didn't need to be running around trying to serve this motley crew. Justin smiled at Brian who was feeding Gus his bottle.

"We're in for another culinary delight, aren't we, baby?"

"Well of course, Emmett."

"So Jennifer," Lindsay said, "how do you like Pittsburgh so far?"

"It's a big change but I must say it's definitely a change for the better."

"Has that no good husband of yours tried anything?" Mel asked.

"No, it's been unusually quiet. I don't know whether to be relieved or worried."

"Well, I say, good riddance to bad rubbish," Deb proclaimed.

Talk of Craig produced images of the man swaying in a sling for Brian. He nearly choked on his wine as he imagined Craig trussed up like a turkey. Justin patted and rubbed his back.

"I hope you're plannen on eaten somethen and not just drinken your dinner."

Brian tried to look duly chastised. "Yes, dear."

Molly giggled while Justin rolled his eyes at his lover.

Justin and Jennifer got up to serve the main course. Justin put a portion on Brian's plate then stared the man down. Brian sighed and put Gus down in his carrier in a prime position to watch the goings on. Brian picked up his fork and took a bite.


"Deliriously," Justin said with a big smile.

Brian silently moaned with pleasure. This was the best lasagna he'd ever had, way better than Deb's. He didn't want to admit that out loud though or she might cut off his balls. He was quite fond of them right where they were. If he gained weight, he was holding Sunshine personally responsible.

"This is so scrumptious, Sunshine," Emmett said excitedly.

"Thank you, Emmett." Justin blushed at the compliment.

"I was going to wait, but oh what the hell! Business is picking up so if you're willing, I can give you a more permanent position and also increase your pay."

"I would fucking hope so. You're getting the best." Brian smirked and pulled Justin in for a kiss.

"Thank you, Emm, that's really good news. I accept your offer."

"Jenn honey, are you on board too? I could really use the Taylor duo."

"Yes, of course Emmett, thank you so much. With the added income I can start looking for a place for Molly and I and let Dee have her apartment back."

Dee waved her off. "Oh please, I've loved having all you Taylor's around; you're family."

Justin glanced at Deb. "I hope you don't mind if I cut my hours back at the diner."

"Don't worry about it, sweetie. You do what you need to do. Jason, the new bus boy, needs the extra hours anyway."

"You know, Jen, I could put you in touch with a good realtor."

"That would be wonderful, thank you, Lindsay."

Justin cleared away the dinner dishes. Jennifer started slicing the brownies while he got out the ice cream he'd made earlier from the freezer. Justin scooped his homemade concoction onto the thick brownie slabs. They passed the dessert around. Justin set one in front of Brian then looked at him.

"We're sharing," Justin said in a firm tone. Justin held the fork up to Brian's lips showing he was serious.

Not wanting to argue Brian parted his lips and received his treat. Justin could do Vic proud; his dessert was phenomenal. A small smile curled Justin's lips as if to say 'see it really is delicious.' Everyone couldn't stop raving at how wonderful the meal had been.

Mel spoke up, "I have some good news myself. The preliminary paperwork for Jennifer's divorce is going smoothly."

Jennifer sighed in relief. "Oh, that's wonderful news. I didn't want it to come to this but I have to do what's best for my children."

Everyone stayed late chatting till Brian started pushing them out the door one by one. He'd more than had his fill of family time. Both Brian and Justin kissed Gus goodbye. Deb and Jennifer wanted to stay to help clean up but Justin insisted he could handle it. Like Brian he was more than ready for some alone time.

Brian slumped against the steel door. "God, I thought they'd never leave." Brian helped Justin load the dishwasher then tugged him over to the sofa. "Leave the rest for now; come rest with me."

Justin flopped down on the sofa next to Brian and curled up against him. Brian began running his fingers through Justin's long hair.

"Mmm, this is nice just the two of us," Justin sighed.

"I've got no complaints."

Brian could tell Sunshine had something on his mind. "Start talking, twink."


"I know there's something bothering you."

Justin laced his fingers with Brian's longer ones and laid against his strong chest.

"Well, it's just everything is goen great. I guess I'm just waiten for the other shoe to drop. It's been pretty quiet lately which begs the question, what the fuck could my father be up to … to fuck it all up."

Brian figured now was as good a time as any to let Justin know just what he'd been up to. "I don't think you have to worry about your father anymore."

"You can't be serious, Brian. He loves to get his own way and make life hell for everyone….. What did you do?" Justin turned to face Brian a suspicious look on his face.

"Oh nothing much," Brian grinned. "I made a phone call."

"And?" Justin waited expectantly.

Brian sighed, "Remember that phone call I got when we were otherwise busy?"

Justin blushed at the memory. "Yeah."

"Well, I called in a favor to some big bad bears. Suffice it to say, they ran Craig out of town. I don't think you'll have to worry about him anymore."

"They didn't… kill him, did they?"

"No, of course not, just scared the piss out of him," Brian chuckled.

Justin crinkled his nose. "Do I want to know?"

"Probably not."

Justin grabbed Brian's nipple through his shirt and gave it a good twist.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"For not tellen me sooner. I've been worried sick that he was lurken in the bushes somewhere."

"You're right. I should have told you."

Justin pulled Brian into a smoldering toe curling kiss.

"Mmm," Brian purred. "Can I ask what that was for?"

Justin wanted to tell Brian how much he loved him but he didn't know if Brian was ready to hear something like that. "Brian, you are a wonderful man and I'm so glad to have you in my life. You mean so much to me."

Brian's heart swelled in his chest and he had to blink a few times to clear his vision. "Same here, Sunshine." Brian placed a kiss on the top of Justin's head and held him close.

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