Northern Sunshine

Chapter 1


"So a date, huh?" Brian asked.

"Yep," Justin smiled sweetly.

Brian looked at Justin expectantly. "Well any ideas? I've never exactly done the dating thing."

"I ain't done this before either. This is your town so I think you should pick what we do."

"You do, huh?" Brian couldn't resist running his fingers through Justin's hair; it was so soft and silky. He didn't realize he was grinning like a fool.

"What?" Justin laughed.

Brian shook his head annoyed with himself. "You make me happy."

Justin giggled truly amused. "You say that like it's a bad thing." Justin tried to look serious. "I'll try to be less cute and adorable."

Brian swatted Justin on the ass. "At least give me a hint where we should go."

Justin thought for a moment. "Well, what do you do besides go to clubs?"

"I fuck and work. Work and fuck." Brian smirked. "And I've fucked at work."

"It's a good thing I came along and saved you from your boring rut. Come on, Brian, there must be somethen."

Brian ran his fingers through his hair causing it to spike up. "Well, there is one thing but I think it'd be very lame datewise."

"Let me be the judge of that."

"Um, we could always go bowling," Brian mumbled still thinking it was a lame stupid idea.

"Brian! That's perfect I haven't been bowling since I was a kid."

Brian smirked. "Then it wasn't that long ago."

"Come on; let's get a move on." Justin was like a little ball of energy once he got going.

Brian couldn't resist causing a little mischief. "Justin, are you going to put out on the first date?"

"Already tryen to get in my pants. Kinney?"

"You bet, Sunshine."


Brian and Justin were in for a bit of a surprise when they got to the bowling alley.

Brian stopped short. "What the fuck?"

"Oh my word! I've always wanted to try glow in the dark bowlen. Have you ever?"

"Can't say that I have."

"Then we'll be evenly matched," Justin beamed.

Brian picked up a glowing green ball. "Why do I feel like I need a hit of E?"

Justin picked a glowing purple ball. They got a lane, each pin was glowing a different color. Of course that really wasn't surprising; it was the Liberty Lanes after all. Justin insisted that Brian go first. Brian took careful aim and released the ball. He was more than a little pissed when it rolled in the gutter.

"What the fuck?"

"Guess it's harder than it looks."

On Brian's next try he managed to knock down three. It really was harder than it looked; having the lights so low and the glow did throw off one's perception. When Justin took his turn he didn't have any better luck.

"This calls for beer. Maybe if we're drunk we'll hit something."

Justin laughed at Brian's line of thinking. "It couldn't hurt."

They each had a beer and continued to bowl or tried to. Brian found that if he closed his eyes he could usually get a strike. As Brian was getting ready to take his next shot Justin was feeling devilish. He snuck up behind Brian and grabbed his ass. Brian smiled and wrapped his arms around Justin. He kissed the blond in the dim glow of the alley. They finished off their game such as it was then headed out.

They walked down the street close together. When their hands brushed together Brian twined his fingers with Justin's. Justin looked down at their interlaced fingers. Never in a million years did he think he'd feel comfortable walking down the street holding hands with a guy, at least without getting the shit beat out of him. He liked holding Brian's hand; it felt nice.

"Where are we going?" Justin asked curiously.

"We're wandering wherever this way takes us."

"No destination in mind?"

"Possibly, but then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

Justin smiled up at Brian; he was just happy that he got to spend time with Brian. They walked a little further then Brian was pulling him into a shop. To Justin's utter surprise he realized they were in an ice cream shop.

"What's your pleasure?"

"Um," Justin looked at all the brightly colored tubs of ice cream. "Ohh, blue moon."

Brian placed the order and got French vanilla for himself. When they got their ice cream they staked out a bench outside since it was a nice night.

Brian smirked. "Your ice cream matches your eyes."

"Well not quite. I should have known you'd go for plain old boring vanilla."

"French vanilla," Brian corrected.

"That makes all the difference. Here, live a little." He held up his ice cream close to Brian's lips.

Brian hesitated then took a tentative lick. Justin felt his dick start to stiffen as Brian drew his tongue across the sweet treat.

Brian made a face. "Too sweet."

Justin snorted a laugh, "This from the man that pours half a sugar jar into his coffee?"

"You know it tastes exactly like Superman ice cream. Mikey loves that shit."

"Yeah it does, but I like this better."

Brian smirked. "Because it matches your eyes."

Justin laughed, "Yes, I'm accessorizen."

They were both sporting hard ons watching each other lick and lap up the cold treat. Brian leaned in and kissed Justin's cold lips, tasting the sweetness there.

"Fuck, you always taste so good."

Justin whimpered as Brian deepened the kiss. When they had to break away Brian murmured, "Wanna go back to the loft?"

"Yeah," Justin whispered breathily with a slight hitch to his voice.

They hurried back to the Jeep. Brian wasted no time getting to the loft; he barely paused at stop signs. Justin giggled at Brian's attempts to get them to the loft faster. When they got to the loft they took the elevator. As soon as the gate was down Brian backed Justin into a corner. Brian kissed him deeply while his hands roamed. Justin gasped sharply when he felt Brian open his jeans.

"Brian," Justin moaned.

Brian shoved his hand down Justin's jeans, cupping his balls within his cotton briefs.

"Brian stop, someone could see."

Brian licked Justin's kiss-swollen lip with the tip of his tongue. "You're so modest; we really have to work on that."

Once the elevator stopped at the top floor Brian yanked up the gate. Justin quickly tugged his shirt down to cover himself. He didn't think he could do up his jeans properly; he was so hard. The next thing Justin knew he was being tugged into the loft by his shirt. Like school boys they ran up to the bedroom. Justin already had a rosy flush to his cheeks. Their clothes went flying in every direction. Justin shivered under Brian's hungry stare. He was hard to the point of aching and his hole was twitching with need. He couldn't believe he felt so strongly for Brian. Brian covered Justin's body with his own. He lined up their dicks and rocked so they would rub together. Justin mewled and fisted the sheets. He would surely spill his seed if Brian kept that up.


He tried to call out a warning but it was too late. His piss slit gaped and sprayed his chest with ribbons of pearly cum. Brian lapped at the puddle of cum on Justin's chest. That action alone caused Justin to begin to harden once again.

"You always do that," Justin moaned.

"Do what?"

"Make me cum so gosh darn fast."

Brian huffed a laugh. "Well, you are young. I think it's sweet," he smirked. "You'll learn to control it with time."

Brian reached over and grabbed a condom and lube. He handed the condom to Justin. "Here, put it on me."

With shaking fingers Justin rolled the thin latex down Brian's thick shaft. Then Brian's long beautiful fingers were filling him, stretching him open. Justin loved it when Brian was gentle with him. He wrapped his legs around Brian's slim waist and was soon filled to the hilt. Brian cupped his face so gently and kissed him. Justin felt like he could gaze into Brian's soul. To his surprise Brian pulled him up into his lap as he sat back. Justin's blue eyes widened as he felt Brian go deeper within him than he thought possible.

Brian leaned in and kissed him. "You're in charge now."

Justin let out a shuddery breath that washed over Brian's face. "What do I do?"

"Lift yourself up, use my shoulders for leverage."

"All right."

Justin tentatively lifted himself up then plopped back down. They both groaned in immense pleasure. Justin started out slowly riding Brian's shaft; he couldn't believe that he was controlling the pace. Brian helped him along by lifting and squeezing his ass. He also showed him how to swivel his hips to bring on new sensations. As Justin's need grew, he hugged Brian to him and literally bounced upon his lap. His dick was rubbing against Brian's abs. Brian shifted within him, grazing his prostate. Justin cried out seeing stars flash before his eyes. Brian held onto him tight as his own orgasm rocked through him. Justin felt his ass grow warm and knew that Brian had filled the condom deep inside him.

Justin rested his head against Brian's chest. Brian buried his face in Justin's damp locks. They sat there holding each other all wet and sticky. When he started to soften he removed the condom. Exhausted they crawled up to the pillows and flopped down. Brian curled himself around Justin protectively. Justin was already out like a light. He draped the duvet over the both of them and was lulled to sleep by Justin's soft breathing.


The next morning Justin awoke to hazel eyes watching him.

"Mornen, mm, how long were you watchen me?"

"A while."

"Must have been fascinaten."

"I have something for you," Brian suddenly said. "It's in the nightstand drawer."

To Justin's surprise he pulled out an elegantly wrapped package.

"Brian," Justin said softly trying to keep the tears at bay.

"Just open it, it's nothing special really."

Justin slowly unwrapped the package till he revealed a cell phone.

"Brian no, this is too much. I can't."

"Please, I want you safe. I'd feel better if I knew you were only a phone call away." He huffed a laugh. "I should have gotten you one sooner." Thoughts of Darren filled his mind. That pest was long gone though. "Besides I already took the liberty of programming everyone's numbers into it." Brian smiled charmingly.

Justin sighed looking at the expensive silver phone. "Thank you, Brian." He leaned over and kissed Brian. Justin scrolled through all the numbers, not recognizing a few. "What are all these numbers?"

"There's the number to the loft, my cell and Kinnetik. I'll make sure my assistant knows to put you through unless I'm in a meeting. Then there's Dee's number and Emmett's and the diner."

"You always think of everything."

"I'm very thorough. Come on; let's take a shower. We reek. After we shower I'll take you to the diner for breakfast."

At the mention of food Justin's stomach rumbled loudly. They both laughed though Justin was a bit embarrassed that his appetite always seemed to make itself known. Brian tugged Justin into the bathroom and started the shower. They washed each other and frolicked till the water ran cold. Justin couldn't help smiling when Brian fluffed him dry with a warm towel.


Most of the diner's patrons took notice when Brian and Justin entered holding hands. Brian led the way back to his usual booth. Emmett and Dee were already there. Brian slid in first then pulled Justin down to rest between his legs.

Dee smirked. "My, you two are awfully cozy."

Emmett squealed, "Oooh, someone got laid!"

Justin's cheeks flamed red. Emmett and Dee couldn't help but tease Justin a little.

Then Michael walked in. When he noticed how cozy Brian was with the little blond princess he got so mad steam nearly came out of his ears. As he stomped over to the table he shot daggers of death at the blond.

Brian looked up. "Hey, Mikey."

Michael smiled at Brian and glared at Justin. Justin almost winced under the implied assault.

"What's she doing here?" Michael demanded.

"You mean Justin?" Brian asked with a raised brow and a glare of his own. He was hoping Michael would get the message. "We're bringing our first date to an official end," Brian smirked.

There was an audible gasp from those in nearby booths who couldn't believe they had heard those words come out of Brian Kinney's mouth. Michael opened his mouth in amazement and managed to sputter, "Date, date, date?" His voice got higher with each repetition of the word.

"I believe that's what I said," Brian repeated.

"But you don't do dates," Michael continued.

"I don't often get asked, but Justin asked and I accepted. Right, Justin?"

Justin grinned from ear to ear. He was enjoying every second of Michael's discomfort.

"But … but how can you be interested in that?" Michael hissed.

"Shut the fuck up, Mikey! If you don't have anything good to say, piss off."

Michael gasped. Brian never talked to him like that. And he was actually admitting that something was going on between him and the fucking little princess. "She must be awfully good in bed," Michael spat out. "I never knew you liked pussy, Brian."

Brian shoved Justin out of the booth and stood up. Michael instinctively recoiled. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen Brian look so angry. Maybe he had overstepped just a bit.

Brian's superior height allowed him to hover menacingly over Michael. The urge to punch out his so-called best friend was almost too much to control. "I don't like pussy and I don't much like you at the moment. Come on, Justin. Let's go home," he stated loud enough for everyone in the place to hear. He deliberately stressed the word "home". He grabbed Justin's hand and they exited the building leaving a stunned silence behind them.

"Brian," Justin said trailing along behind the larger man. "Why did you do that?"

Brian stopped and turned to face Justin. "Because sometimes Michael is more of an ass than anyone else I know, and that's saying a lot."

Justin tried not to giggle at that description of Michael. "But he's your best friend. He's just doing what he thinks is best for you."

"Insulting you is not what is best for me," Brian declared.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For sticking up for me and making me feel … important."

"You are important."

Justin grinned from ear to ear. "I need to go back to Dee's even though going 'home' with you is very tempting," Justin grinned. He stressed the word home just the way Brian had said it to Michael.

"What do you need?"

"Some clean clothes would be nice, and I'd like to get my homework."

"Kids!" Brian said with a sneer, but he took Justin's hand and led him to the Jeep. They would go get what Justin needed.

Meanwhile back at the diner, Michael half collapsed into the booth across from Dee and Emmett. "Jesus, Brian was pissed with me," Michael almost moaned.

"Then don't pick on Sunshine," Emmett stated.

"What the fuck kind of name is Sunshine, and Brian called him Justin?"

"His name is Justin and now you can call him a 'he'. Why couldn't you have done that when he was here?" Dee asked.

Michael sneered. "Because I didn't want to.

"Michael, Brian really likes Justin and if you don't stop picking on him, Brian is going to beat the crap out of you and then never speak to you again," Emmett told him.

Michael studied Emmett for a minute. "Brian would never do that," Michael averred after a minute.

"Go on believing that if you like, but you are being delusional." Emmett got up and stalked out of the diner. Dee followed close behind. Michael stared after them wondering why everyone was picking on him today.

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