Chapter 9

Brian rocked into Justin's ass for the millionth time that night. He had never been so aroused and so insatiable in as long as he could remember. From the first moment that he had touched Justin's ample ass, he had known that it would be his, and only his. He had left his mark everywhere on the young man during the course of their escapades.

He grinned as he continued to ride his soon to be legal life partner. At one point he had rimmed the young man to within an inch of his life. He had never heard someone beg and plead and moan and groan and scream out his name, the way Justin had done ... again and again. Half the fun had being watching Justin's reactions to all the things Brian had taught him. The kid had been game to try anything ... and so they had.

Brian rocked into the boy gripping the back of the blond hair for more purchase. Justin arched his neck back and moaned, "Brian, oh God, Brian. Please, please, please!"

"Please what, Justin?" Brian grunted.

"Oh please, I have to cum now!"

Brian grabbed the boy's dick and with one or two steady strokes Justin exploded in his hand. The boy clamped down on Brian's dick and Brian let out a mighty roar as his orgasm swept through him. They lay in a heap on the completely destroyed bed. Sweat dripped from their bodies and they gasped for air. Brian could feel his dick still up Justin's ass and some part of him never wanted it to be anywhere else.

Brian leaned in and kissed Justin's neck as they still lay joined together. The boy let out an "ummmm" and nothing more.

"Tired?" Brian asked.

"Ummm," was the only response.

Brian slowly pulled out of Justin and the boy whimpered. Brian could only imagine how sore Justin's ass would be in the morning. He reached over and hit the housekeeping button on the phone. He made it eminently clear to whoever he was talking to that he wanted the bed in their room remade within the next fifteen minutes or there would be hell to pay. He told them to get someone up there immediately. They would be in the shower and they expected the bed to be in pristine condition when they came out.

Justin rolled over and looked at Brian with new eyes. "I'm marrying someone who likes his own way, aren't I?" he asked.

"Afraid so," Brian replied with a smirk. He got up and went to his jeans. He took out one of the few remaining twenty dollar bills they had and laid it on the bed.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked. "We don't have much money left."

"Don't need Daphne's money anymore," Brian replied. "Now that we're going public I intend to use my credit card when we leave."

"But you don't have your credit card."

"I will in the morning."


"I'll explain later," Brian said. "Come take a shower with me. We smell like sex."

"Are you surprised?" Justin chuckled. "I had no idea I could cum so many times in one night."

"We could try one more in the shower," Brian suggested.

"It's a good job you bought a super duper package of condoms from the pharmacy in the lobby."

"I'm always prepared."

"Except for when they threw you in Greenhills."

"I have to admit that was a surprise."

"For me too."

"Come on. Shower. Housekeeping will be here any minute."

Justin groaned. "I don't think I can stand up."

"Give me your hand," Brian said as he pulled Justin up gently.

"Ow," Justin grimaced as his ass made contact with the edge of the bed before he found himself on his feet. "My ass will never be the same, and now I understand about walking bowlegged," Justin added as he tried to follow Brian's lead to the bathroom. Brian still had him by the hand and he liked the feel of that just fine.

In the shower Brian appraised the boy's body once again. Justin was a fine specimen, and quite well endowed. He noticed the bruises on Justin's neck and grinned. Justin would have a good crop of hickeys by morning. He hadn't meant to be so rough but he just couldn't help himself. He had wanted to taste and touch every inch of Justin Taylor. He was sure his tongue had explored every millimeter of the body that stood in front of him. He gently scrubbed his new partner and felt the boy lean in against him as the water cascaded over them.

"Does your ass feel a little better?" Brian asked.

"Some," Justin admitted.

"Good, then let's go again," Brian said pushing Justin against the wall and suiting up his dick.

Justin took a deep breath as he felt Brian enter him. He had suspected for a long time that he was gay, and had wanted to discuss it with his father. He had been amazed that the man he had looked up to and admired all his life had suddenly turned harsh and cold, telling him he was not gay and that he should never mention it again. His father had kept him on a short leash and he had had few opportunities to explore the sexual side of his being. He was sure he and Brian had done a lifetime of fucking in this one night. What would every night with Brian Kinney be like?

He had little time to finish that thought as Brian began to thrust in earnest and Justin's weary dick had suddenly found another life.

When they stepped out of the bathroom the bed was remade and looked like no one had ever been in it. Their clothes that had been all over the floor were neatly folded and sitting on the dresser.

"Wow!" Justin reacted. "You do get things done."

"You haven't seen the half of it," Brian stated. "I have to make a phone call."

"It's two-thirty in the morning."

"So!" Brian said as he picked up the phone and began to dial."

"Theodore? Yes, it's me. Did I wake you? Good! Tomorrow morning you will meet me at ten sharp at the Marriott Hotel downtown. Bring my credit card from the safe in the office. Don't tell anyone I'm here and be prepared to spend the morning with me. That's right, all morning. And if anyone finds out about this before I'm ready, you're a dead man."

Brian hung up and pulled the covers back on the bed. Justin groaned.

"Don't worry," Brian said softly. "I'm not going to fuck you."

"Good, because I don't think I could get it up again."

"Oh, you could. Want me to prove it?" Brian smirked.

"Um, no, maybe another time."

Brian grinned. "Let's get some sleep."

They crawled in and lay on their backs looking up at the ceiling.

"Who's Theodore?" Justin asked after a minute.

"He works for me."

"Works for you? Who are you?"

"I own an ad agency."


There was silence for quite a while.

"Brian, are we doing the right thing?"

"Fuck if I know!"

"But ... it's a big step we're taking."

"I know. But it seems like the only way out of this mess ... for us both."

Justin didn't think that sounded like much of a reason to be marrying someone, but there seemed little he could do about it at the moment. They had shaken on it and he would go through with it.


"Yeah," Brian said sleepily.

"What are you going to do with Theodore tomorrow morning?"

"Don't you mean what are 'we' going to do with Ted?"

"Is that what I mean?"

"Ted will be our witness when we sign legal partnership papers."


"Now go to sleep."

Brian turned onto his side facing Justin. Justin turned away and then scooted back so his ass was against Brian's groin. Brian groaned, but all he did was put his arm over Justin's hip and pull him closer. Justin sighed in contentment. They could do this. They had to do it. They had to make it work. They wouldn't be making the biggest mistake of their lives, would they?

Some time later Justin finally fell asleep. He liked the feel of Brian's arm protectively wrapped around him, but everything else was such a mystery.

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