Chapter 8

"Why the long face, Sunshine?" Brian asked as they ate a late lunch in a small restaurant just off the interstate.

Justin sighed dramatically. "Just wondering what we're going to do when we get back to Pittsburgh," he replied.

Brian sat back and sipped his drink, making a face as he did. "What is it with southerners and sweet tea? This is like drinking sugar water."

"I think you have to ask for it unsweetened," Justin replied with a slight smile. "I kind of like it." When Brian didn't comment, Justin sighed again. "So, what are you planning to do about your friends? The ones that sent you to Greenhills?"

Brian smirked a little. "I'm thinking a little surprise might be in order."

"Oh, other than you just showing up out of nowhere?"

Brian nodded. "I'm sure they already know about our grand escape. I imagine they're getting a bit nervous, anticipating my imminent return."

"It sounds like you have something special in mind for them," Justin replied, becoming curious as to what the man had planned.

Brian shrugged, then asked. "Besides thoughts of homicide, what plans do you have?"

Justin huffed a small laugh. "I don't really. Mostly just stay out of the old man's sight or else I'll find myself waking up someplace even worse."

"That's rather short-sighted, Sunshine. You should get him where he lives, so to speak," Brian suggested.

"And how do I do that?"

Another shrug. "You know his weak points. Find a way to exploit them."

Justin thought that over for a moment, then chuckled wryly. "His biggest weakness is his embarrassment over having a gay son. I don't really see a way to exploit that."

"If that's his weakness, then make sure everyone knows it." Brian replied.

"And how do I protect myself while doing that? I'm not going back to that hell-hole we escaped from."

Brian stared into space for a few long moments, then seemed to reach a decision. "Perhaps we can continue helping each other."

Justin sat back, intrigued. He had realized that once they reached the Pitts, he and the brunet would probably part company. Now it sounded as though that might not be the case, which was encouraging. "I'm listening…"

"Michael and Lindsay sent me to that prison hoping I would come back ready to settle down to the happy, married life they envisioned for me."

"Which of them was supposed to be your partner?" Justin interrupted, remembering what Brian had said about his two friends earlier.

Brian answered, tongue in cheek. "Maybe they were going to share me, like in "Paint Your Wagon".

Justin laughed. "You don't look much like Elizabeth. Clint Eastwood was kind of hot though."

"At least you didn't compare me to Lee Marvin. I would have had to leave your ass here." Brian replied with a slight grin.

Justin stuck his tongue out at the older man (which started Brian thinking of some other uses that body part could be put to). "Okay, so what are you going to do when we get back?" Justin asked, returning to their previous topic.

"I was thinking of giving them what they wanted." Brian replied with a sly grin.

"You're going to quit tricking and marry the two of them?" Justin replied, having a feeling that he was missing something.

"I'll never give up tricking, Sunshine," Brian replied sternly. "They would be rather upset though, if I returned with my new partner, who I just happened to meet in that hell-hole they sent me to"

Justin stared at the man for a moment as if the brunet had lost his mind. "You've got to be kidding. You want to get married? To me?"

Brian leaned forward suddenly serious. "Can you think of a better way to piss off your old man than to show up with your new 'husband'? One who would be able to make sure you didn't get sent to any more brain washing institutions?"

"You're serious, aren't you?" Justin asked in shock. "We barely know each other."

"What's to know? You saved my life back there. What more could I ask for in a partner?" Brian added the last part with his typical smirk firmly in place.

Justin pondered the suggestion for several moments, absently eating his remaining fries while he thought the situation over. Finally a slow grin spread across his face. "Could we put an announcement in the newspaper?" he asked, knowing how much his father would love seeing his son's 'wedding' announced where all his friends would be able to read it.

Brian winced a little at the thought, but knew it would be important to Justin's part of their revenge plot. "That sounds appropriate," he replied.

"Do I get a ring?" Justin asked, openly grinning now. "And a proposal?"

"You just got your proposal, Sunshine," Brian replied dryly, recognizing a drama queen when he saw one. "A ring is probably necessary, but it'll have to wait until we get back and get some paperwork taken care of first."

"What sort of paperwork?"

"Marriage between gays isn't really legal, but we can take some steps to make sure our 'partnership' is as real as possible. Steps to make sure your father and my friends can't do anything like this again without the other of us knowing and putting a stop to it."

Justin sat back, running over the ramifications of that in his mind. "Would we be living together?" he asked. When Brian had first mentioned this, he had thought it would be just for show.

"It wouldn't be very convincing if we didn't," Brian replied, one eyebrow raised. "My loft isn't that big, but I think we'll manage."

Justin ran his hand through his hair, wondering why he was even considering this insane idea. "But you said you were going to keep tricking. How convincing would that be?"

Brian chuckled a little. "The idea that I not only found a partner, but one who has no trouble with my tricking… that would just drive them even crazier."

"So, do we have a ceremony or something to make this official?"

"Since it's not legal anyway, we can just agree to be partners and that should be enough."

"I still think just offing my dad would be easier." Justin replied, a small grin on his face.

The idea of living with Brian wasn't exactly unappealing. "Do I get a honeymoon instead?"

Brian leaned back, convinced the blond was going to go along with the plan so he could afford to be magnanimous. "After the dust settles down, we'll take a week off somewhere and celebrate."

Justin reached out his hand and grinned. "Okay, partner, you've got yourself a deal." Brian took the blond's hand in his, sealing their unconventional partnership.


It was late that night when the two men reached Pittsburgh. Deciding against going to the loft that night, Brian stopped at a hotel instead. Time enough to get his life back once he took care of some business the next day.

Justin walked into the hotel room and flopped down onto the bed, too tired to even take his clothes off.

"Come on, Sunshine, you can't sleep like that," Brian said, nudging the blond until he rolled onto his back with a huff.

"I thought we were going back to your place," Justin said around a yawn.

"Not until we get some things taken care of first. We don't want to announce our arrival until we're ready," Brian replied. "Get some sleep, now. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

Justin nodded and stripped completely before climbing under the blankets. "Somehow, I didn't think this was how I'd be spending my first night as a married man."

Brian flipped off the lights and joined the younger man in the bed, tired from his day of driving. "You probably expected champagne and roses," he suggested with amusement.

Justin laughed softly. "You didn't even carry me over the threshold."

Brian humphed into the darkness. "And spend my wedding night with my back out?"

Giggling, Justin wiggled over until their shoulders were touching as they lay on their backs next to each other. "Oh, I forgot. I'm married to an old man."

Brian growled slightly. "I'm not old; I just didn't want to try to lift that fat ass of yours."

Justin frowned and rolled onto his side, putting a hand behind him to check the size of his backside. "It's not that big," he protested. "In fact, I'd say it's one of my best features."

Brian could feel the younger man's movement next to him and rolled onto his side so that they were facing. Smirking into the darkness, Brian did his own check to verify the boy's assertion. "Hmmm, maybe you're right," he agreed, giving one globe a slight squeeze. Hearing the blond's sharp intake of breath, Brian realized just how long he'd been waiting to have the younger man in just this position. "Feels like just the right size." He pulled the blond closer until their bodies were pressed together.

Justin swallowed hard, feeling his body responding to Brian's. He slid one hand hesitantly up the other man's arm, enjoying the feel of the soft skin and hard muscles underneath. Justin raised his face until he felt Brian's breath on his cheek. "You know, it is our wedding night," he managed to get out.

Brian licked his lips as he ran his hand up the blond's back, winding his fingers through the slightly long blond locks. "My blushing, virgin bride," he replied with a chuckle.

Justin felt his face burn a little, but persevered. "I'm sure you can take care of that," he replied, his mouth near the brunet's jawline.

"I guess we do need to consummate our partnership," Brian replied, brushing his lips across the blond lightly, then snaking his tongue out to taste him.

A moan was all the answer Brian received as he crushed their mouths together then rolled himself on top of the younger man, feeling their hard dicks pressed between them. The heat from their skin began to form a thin film of sweat between them, their bodies sliding against each other as the blond unconsciously bucked his hips.

Justin's lips parted, eagerly taking the brunet's tongue into his mouth, reveling in the feel, the taste of his partner. A fire burned from his groin outward as he rubbed his cock against the brunet's hip, feeling his partner's hard member throb between them. The precum added to the slipperiness as they pressed against each other.

Knowing the younger man was inexperienced and feeling himself fast losing control, Brian reached between their bodies and began stroking the blond off. His own groan followed the younger man's as Justin mimicked his action by stroking the brunet's hard cock.

Justin felt the pressure building in his groin as Brian's hand slid along his dick. Their hips and hands moved in time. It was almost like jacking himself off, but the sensation of another's hand on his cock added a sense of unpredictability into the mix that made it even hotter.

Their mouths parted, breathing rapidly, almost gasping, hot breath mixing together. Brian felt his partner's body stiffen beneath him as the blond cried out, cumming in his hand. The feel of the hot liquid against his chest and stomach, the scent of male sex, the sounds of ecstasy in his ear pushed the brunet over the edge as well.

Both men slowly collasped, Brian sliding slightly to the side of the blond who lay on his back. The cum and sweat cooled between them, leaving their chests sticky where they lay against each other.

When the brunet finally roused himself enough to climb out of the bed, Justin called after him. "Brian, where are you going?"

"Just to get something to clean us up a bit."

Coming back, Brian ran the wet washcloth over the blond's smooth skin, noting the way his nipples hardened into damp nubs as the cool air hit them. Abandoning the rag, Brian lowered his head to continue licking and nipping at the blond's nipples, smiling to himself as the younger man began to writhe beneath him, whimpering with longing.

Round one had been quick, just an appetizer. Brian planned for this feast to have many courses. Judging by the blond's reactions so far, Justin was well up to the task, and Brian felt it would be remiss of him not to teach his partner at least the rudiments of gay sex. By the time he finished with the blond, there would be no part of the younger man's body that would be able to claim virginity.

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