Chapter 6

Justin softly moaned and shifted slightly in his sleep. Brian's grip around his waist automatically tightened.

Justin found himself strapped to the cold metal table struggling against his bonds. He struggled so hard his wrists were rubbed raw. There was nothing to look at but the sickly green institutional paint that made him nauseous, that or the drugs they kept pumping him with. Suddenly the door squeaked open. As soon as he heard the familiar jingling keys and the distinctive footsteps, limp, drag, scrape. Justin shuddered and made a feral mewling sound in his throat. He swallowed the bile as disgusting, nubby hands groped him.

"Justin, hey Justin, wake up."

Justin sat up in a rush, panting like he'd just sprinted a mile. Brian's arm still held him around the waist.

"That was some nightmare."

"Yeah," Justin absently wiped at his sweaty brow.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really, no." After a few moments, "I was back in Greenhills, strapped to a table. There was this guard there." Justin shuddered visibly. Brian absently rubbed the boy's back to comfort him.

"I know, I think I know who you mean. He's a guard, messy brown hair with coke bottle glasses and a limp. Yeah, he's one sick motherfucker. His name is Don. Someone should lock him up." Brian got up and went to the kitchen. He got Justin a glass of water. "Here."

"Thanks." Justin drank the cool water. He curled up in the corner of the couch. Brian sat down next to Justin facing him.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure" Brian said slowly.

"Why were you locked up there?"

Brian sighed and ran his fingers through his hair making it spike up in an adorable fashion. "It's a long story."

"I'm not sleepy."

"You could say it was a conspiracy well orchestrated by my well meaning family, and by family I don't mean my biological one. As I see it my friends are the only family I have. Although after this I've come to the conclusion that families are highly overrated."

Justin looked at Brian expectantly, waiting for more of the story.

"I'm from the Pitts too."

"No shit!"

"No shit, have you ever been to Liberty Ave?"


"You're looking at the stud of Liberty Ave, well till I got locked up in that hell hole. My well meaning friends were concerned. They just wanted to change me. I was locked up cuz I'm a sex addict."

Justin's blue eyes got wider.

"I fuck men, lots of men. Each night I fuck a different trick sometimes three in one night. My two best friends betrayed me. See Lindsay, my dyke friend, wanted to have a baby. In one of my weaker, drunker moments I agreed."

Justin grimaced. "You didn't fuck her, did you?"

"Fuck no; I jerked off in a cup. After my son Gus was born she wanted me to pull my shit together and be a father. Now I'll admit I didn't want a kid, but when I saw him…" Justin smiled as he saw Brian get this crooked little smile on his face. "Anyway I make sure Gus has every thing he needs but that isn't good enough for Linds, it's never enough. Lindsay and Michael wanted me to stop tricking, drugging and drinking. Lindsay always had this fantasy of a happy hetero life, even if we were both queer. Michael wanted me to settle down and be his partner with the white picket fence; makes me want to hurl. Apparently Greenhills was their solution. Michael always drove me home when I got wasted at the clubs. Imagine my surprise when one morning I woke up with the mother of all hangovers and found myself in a padded cell."

Justin reached out to rub Brian's arm to comfort the man. Justin huffed a laugh. "So you're a sex addict!" Justin tried to choke back his giggle.

Brian smirked at him. He squeezed his crotch suggestively. "Yeah I just can't seem to keep it in my pants."

"Then how come you haven't fucked me yet?" Justin blushed as soon as the words left his lips.

Brian smirked then winked. "Don't worry I'll get around to it. Have you ever been fucked before?"

Justin slightly shook his head. "This guy jerked me off in a bathroom once."

"I knew I smelled a virgin," Brian said triumphantly. Justin's blush deepened. "Now it's my turn to ask you a question."

"I thought you already did?"

"That doesn't count. Why did you rescue me? The real reason. You took a big risk getting me out too. I was so out of it you had to drag me the whole way and I know that couldn't have been easy."

Justin shifted uncomfortably under Brian's intense hazel eyes. "When I freed myself I just picked a direction; it was just chance really. My adrenaline was pumping but I got tired and rested against a door. It was your door. Call it insanity, I saw you in there and you looked so sick, I couldn't leave you."

"Even at the risk of getting caught again?" Brian arched a brow. "Admit it; you thought I was hot and you couldn't leave me."

Justin's blush deepened. "Now you're delusional. Yeah, I just couldn't resist a sick, skinny twig of a man lying in a puddle of his own piss; real turn on. I think I can get some sleep now."

Brian's tongue poked the corner of his cheek. "Yeah that's what I thought" Brian said smugly.


Justin woke up under the gaze of intense hazel eyes. He wondered how long Brian had watched him sleep. Their positions were reversed from last night. Justin's back was pressed against the back of the couch and he was facing Brian.

"Morning," Justin said softly.


Justin could feel Brian's morning hard on poke his thigh. He was sure Brian could feel his too. He wanted to grind himself up against Brian but he restrained himself. Brian couldn't resist the warm sleep tussled boy he held in his arms. He leaned in and kissed Justin's soft pink lips. The boy's smile took his breath away. Before things could get anymore confusing and uncomfortable Justin patted his hip.

"Let me up. I need to pee."

Brian watched Justin's ass sway as he left the room.

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