Chapter 5

"We've been sitting here for over an hour already and we haven't seen a living soul. So, can we go and be delinquents now?" Justin asked anxiously.

Brian smirked. "I thought we already were - you know, stealing a car - I mean cars - is usually considered a crime."

"Yeah but that was too easy, I need some challenge."

"Challenge? Like a breaking and entering?"

"Yeah well, I've never done that before."

"They didn't teach that at the country club galas, huh?"


"But you think you can pull it off?"


"Well, let's go and find out what you're capable of," Brian said and got out of the car.

Justin smiled to himself and followed Brian.

"So, which one?" Brian asked when they were standing at the beach.

Justin thought about it for a moment. "That one," Justin said pointing at the second house.

"You know, it's kinda... pink."

"What does it matter; we're not gonna stay for long. Besides, it is not pink, it's mauve."

"Fine, mauve..." Brian said rolling his eyes. "Let's go already and leave the decorating for the Fab 5."

"Oh my God, I love that show! Kyan is so..."

Brian put a hand on Justin's mouth. "We haven't got the time for that now."

"Sorry. This shouldn't be a problem," Justin said looking at the door. "I guess you haven't got a hair pin on you, do you?"

"Sorry, I'm no Fabio, I like to keep my hair short and besides, hair pins aren't really my style."

"No?" Justin grinned.

"No. They're more like yours." Justin stuck his tongue out at Brian for that comment. Brian had to stifle a groan when he saw Justin's pink tongue coming out between his luscious lips. 'Fuck! I'm in so much trouble,' Brian thought.

"I need something... you have a pen?"

Brian felt for the pockets of the leather jacket and found a pen. "Here."

"Thanks." Justin took the metal clip off of the pen and a couple of minutes later the door was open.

"Well, well, I'm kinda impressed," Brian said. "Been watching MacGyver a lot, have you?"

"Well he is kinda hot, you know."

"I guess but he has no sense of fashion."

"I thought we weren't discussing Fab 5," Justin said grinning.

"Okay, inside," Brian said and gave Justin a little shove.

The house was a pretty standard beach house: kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

"I could live here," Justin commented.

"At least this is better than Greenhills."

"I think anything is better than Greenhills."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"I'll try to find something to eat 'cause I'm starving."

"Okay, I'll go to the car to grab some things."


Brian came back to the house and walked into the kitchen where he assumed Justin was.

"I found something in the freezer," Justin said.

"Yeah? So what do you have to offer?"

'I could think of a lot of things. I wouldn't mind being on the menu myself,' Justin thought.

Brian was looking at Justin expectantly and Justin realized he'd tuned out for a moment. "Umm... fish sticks and French fries."

"Fish sticks? I don't eat fucking fish sticks, that's kids' food."

"Well, we don't exactly have a lot to choose from."

Brian sighed. "Fine. But you will never tell anyone about this, got it?"

"You're such a queen," Justin said rolling his eyes.

Brian gave him a stern look.

"Okay, okay, I won't tell anybody. Jeez! Not that I even know anybody you do."

"Maybe you will. I don't wanna take any risks."

Brian and Justin ate the gourmet dinner of fish sticks and French fries with the wine they managed to find and tried to figure out what to do next.

"You have any good ideas what we should do to get out of this mess?" Brian asked.

"Not really."

Brian sighed. "Me either."

"But I want to go to Pittsburgh."

"To kill your father. Yeah, I'm not so sure that's a really good idea."

Justin shrugged. "Maybe we should just sleep on it."


"We could put a fire in the fireplace." Brian raised a brow. "Well it's damn cold in here; it's not summer anymore."

"Did you think about the fact that 'there's no fire without smoke'? The smoke might give us away."

"Yeah, there's always that risk but the other option is to freeze to death," Justin stated.

"Fire it is."

"We could sleep on the sofa and if we moved it closer to the fireplace it should be quite warm there."

"Yeah, good idea."

Eventually they were sitting on the sofa and enjoying the warmth the fire offered.

"You know what time it is?" Brian asked suddenly.

"Huh? No."

"Drug time."

"Oh. You miss drugs?"

"Not the kind they gave us in Greenhills - other kinds would be great at the moment."

"Yeah, wouldn't hurt," Justin chuckled.

"I found only this," Justin said showing an afghan. "What is it with these people; they take all the linen with them when they leave? It's not like there's no washing machine here."

"Who knows, maybe they're afraid someone might steal them? Well, we just have to manage with that then."

"So, head to toe?" Justin asked.

"No way, I won't sniff your smelly feet."

"My feet don't smell."

"Anyway, I think it's better that we sleep chest to back."

Justin cocked his brow.

"You know, for warmth," Brian said emphasizing the word 'warmth'.

"For warmth. Sure," Justin grinned.

Brian couldn't help but grin back.

Brian and Justin got comfortable on the sofa. Because it was quite narrow, they had to be very close - a fact that neither one of them was very unhappy about. Justin leaned on Brian's chest and felt safer than in months. Brian's arms were on Justin's waist a little tighter than necessary but Justin didn't complain. At some point Justin was pretty sure he felt something a little lower too but he didn't dare to push his ass any closer to Brian 'cause he was hard enough already. 'Damn I'm glad he can't see it,' Justin thought. 'Okay, need to concentrate on something else now.'

"So, why were you at Greenhills?" Justin asked.

He didn't get an answer; all he heard was Brian's steady breathing.

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