Chapter 25 Conclusion

Brian was looking at Justin's face that seemed way too pale. 'Please don't die. Please. I need you. Stay with me, please,' Brian begged to himself. Brian realized he'd never been so scared in his life but now he was terrified. He could lose something very important. Something irreplaceable. Brian really had to fight the tears that were trying to pour out.

"We're here," Cynthia said.

Brian hadn't noticed they had reached the hospital and it took a moment for him move. He carried Justin inside and Cynthia told the staff what had happened. They took a quick look at Justin and he was taken straight to surgery because he had lost so much blood.

"I want to go too," Brian said.

Cynthia took a hold on Brian's arm. "Come on Brian, you know you can't go in there. Let's go to the family room to wait. Let the doctors do their job; I'm sure Justin will be okay." Brian didn't say anything but went with Cynthia.

Cynthia was worried about her boss; she'd never seen him like this. Brian was always the one in control but now he seemed so lost. Cynthia noticed that Daphne was pretty shaken up too so she tried her best to comfort her as well. Cynthia didn't know Justin very well but she knew he was a great guy and that her boss loved him. That was reason enough

for her to like him and hope that he'd stay around.

When the trio had waited for about two hours, detective Horvath came to check the situation.

"Any word?" he asked.

Cynthia shook her head. "Not yet."

"Any idea how long the surgery will take?"

"They couldn't say. We just have to wait."

"Could you let me know when you hear something?"

"Sure. Oh and thank you so much for all your help."

"I was just doing my job. Don't worry, Justin will be okay."

"I really hope so."

"I'm sorry but I can't stay - duty calls."

"I understand. I'll keep you posted."

"Thank you Cynthia," Horvath said and left.

After what felt like hours though it was only half an hour, the doctor came into the room. Brian had fallen asleep and Daphne wasn't far from dreamland either but Cynthia was wide awake.

"You're here for Justin Taylor, right?"

"Yes. Brian, wake up!"

"Huh? Where is he? Is he okay?" Brian asked almost frantically.

"I'm sure the doctor will tell us if you'll give him a chance," Cynthia said.

The doctor gave Cynthia a little smile.

Three pairs of eyes were glued to the doctor.

"He's gonna be fine."

"Thank God," Daphne exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" Brian asked.

"Yes, I'm sure."

Brian closed his eyes and gave a deep sigh. Cynthia pulled Brian into a hug and to her surprise he was willing to accept it.

"Can I see him?" Brian asked.

"I'm afraid you can't go into the room yet but you can take a peek; I'm sure you want to see for yourself that he's okay."

"Yeah I do."

"After you've seen him, I suggest that you go home, sleep and come back in the morning."

"I can't leave him here alone. What if someone tries something again?"

"I think that's highly unlikely but I can call Carl and ask him if he could arrange someone to guard Justin's room, just in case."

"That sounds good."

"And after I've made the call and we've checked Justin, I'm gonna take you and Daphne home. To your respective homes that is."


"I'm gonna take you home."

Brian raised his brow. "You know, I'm still your boss."

Cynthia just rolled her eyes but was relieved to see that Brian was more himself.

When all was said and done in the hospital, Cynthia took Brian and Daphne home and promised to pick them up in the morning.


"Morning, I'm here to see Justin Taylor."

"Are you a relative?" the nurse asked.

"I'm his husband, Brian Kinney. You have a problem with that?" Brian asked irritated.

"Brian," Cynthia tried to calm her boss.

"No no, just routine questions. You can go see him; he's in the same room as yesterday, 308. Actually he woke up a little while ago and has been asking for you."

"They always are," Brian smirked.

"I believe that," the nurse said.

"Okay girls, let's go."


"Brian!" Justin exclaimed when he saw Brian entering his room. "You're okay!"

"Of course I'm okay, Sunshine. You're the one in the hospital," Brian said giving Justin a kiss.

"How are you feeling?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm okay, just a little sore."

"That's good."

"I was really worried about you. There was so much blood..."

"Daphne," Brian said firmly.

"Oh, I'm sorry Justin. I'm just so relieved that you're okay."

"Me too," Justin said and gave his friend a smile.

"You scared the shit out of us. Please don't do that again, okay?" Brian said and took Justin into his arms.

"I won't," Justin said holding Brian as tight as he could.

When Brian let go of Justin, Justin saw the ring on Brian's finger and touched his own ring finger but couldn't feel his ring.

"Where's my ring? Oh my God, I've lost my ring," Justin exclaimed with tears in his eyes.

"Calm down, I have it," Cynthia said and took the ring from her purse.

"Thank God! But why do you have it?" Justin asked taking the ring and putting it on his finger.

"They had to take it off when they took you to surgery."

"Why didn't they give it to me?" Brian asked.

"You really weren't in a state to hold anything important," Cynthia said.


"Brian, I wanna go home. I hate hospitals."

"I know. I'm not really a fan either. I'll go and find the doc; I'll be right back. You girls keep him company."


"So, can I take Justin home today?" Brian asked when the doctor was checking Justin.

"I'm sorry but not yet," Dr. Lecuri said.

"When?" Justin asked. "I'm feeling fine."

"Maybe tomorrow. On condition that all the test results come back as we hope they will. And if I let you go home, you have to promise me that you'll rest. You've gone through a great ordeal and it'll take a while to recover. Can you promise me you'll take it easy?"

"I guess."

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow and we'll check the situation then, okay?"


The doctor turned to leave but added: "Resting means no strenuous activity."

Brian raised a brow. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes, no sex."

"Damn," Justin muttered.

The doctor gave an apologetic smile and left.

"You can always blow me," Brian comforted.

"Hey, I'm sick; you can blow ME."

"Oh NOW you're sick."

Justin grinned.

"Can I watch?" Daphne asked.

"Are you sure your friend is normal?" Brian asked.


"No as 'you're not sure' or no as 'she isn't normal'?"

Justin laughed. "I'm not sure."

"Hey, I'm right here and I can hear everything," Daphne said. "You know, Sam hasn't been here for a while."

"Well that explains something."

"Who's Sam?" Cynthia asked.

"My boyfriend."

"Oh, I understand," Cynthia said smiling.

"So can I?" Daphne asked again.

"Can you what?"


"No," Brian stated.

Daphne huffed. "You're no fun."

The trio talked with Justin for some time and filled him in on what had happened the day before. After a bit Justin seemed really tired so they thought it would be better if they left so he could get some rest.

"I'll come back tonight, okay?" Brian said.

"Okay," Justin said sleepily.

Justin didn't hear the door being closed, he was already asleep.

When Brian got back to the loft he made himself a sandwich. He hadn't had much to eat since being kidnapped, then rushing Justin to the hospital. He sipped his guava juice in contemplation. Living with Justin had changed his life drastically, though he really couldn't complain. Justin was a welcome presence in his life. Brian snorted and shook his head. Whoever heard of finding love in a mental institution? Brian pushed the thought from his mind as he cleaned up the kitchen. He packed a change of clothes for Justin in his gym bag then headed out. He didn't want to leave Justin alone in the hospital. Brian was anxious to bring his boy back home where he belonged.

On his way to Justin's room he made a small detour at the gift shop. He spied some flowers that reminded him of Justin and made him smile. He was glad no one that he knew could see him. Who would ever believe Brian Kinney would buy flowers for someone? When Brian entered Justin's room the boy was just finishing up dinner. Justin looked up, saw it was Brian and gave the man one of his big bright smiles. Brian smiled shyly as he entered the room.

"If you keep smiling like that I'll need sunglasses."

Justin laughed softly from his bed. "You brought me flowers!" He all but wiggled in delight.

Brian shrugged it off as he set about putting them in some water. "Isn't that what you're supposed to do when someone's in the hospital?"

Justin pretended to think about it for a moment. "Um…only if you want to and only if you really, really like the person in question."

Brian set the flowers on the nightstand and began to rearrange them. He was either nervous or his gay gene was kicking in, probably a bit of both. Justin admired the daisies; they were all different colors of the rainbow. There was blue, green, yellow and purple. The artist in him loved the colors. Silver glitter adorned the petals like they had just spent a night at Babylon. Brian sat down in the chair next to Justin's bed. Justin pushed away his empty tray.

"Dinner was disgusting."

Brian snorted, "Of course it was; look where you are."

"It was only slightly better than the fish sticks we had at that beach house when we were on the run."

"Ah yes, good times. When I spring you from this joint I'll cook you dinner."

Justin smiled with delight.

"I brought you a change of clothes for tomorrow." He slyly smirked at Justin. "Though you look damn cute in your little gown."

Justin flushed a bright shade of pink.

"Are you in any pain?" Brian asked with concern.

"No not much. I was given a pain pill with dinner. I should be pain free for several hours."

Brian held Justin's hand, caressing the back of his hand with his finger. "You really scared the shit out of me. You were so pale and cold. I thought I was going to lose you," Brian whispered. Justin didn't really know what to say so they just sat quietly holding hands listening to the hospital sounds.

The pain pill was doing its job. Justin suddenly felt so tired. He fought to stay awake. He wanted to be with Brian just a bit longer.

Brian caressed his cheek. "I'm going to stay the night; I'm not going to leave you." Before Justin got too tired he helped the boy to the bathroom. "I could be persuaded to hold it for you," Brian teased.

Justin giggled. "Kinky, but I think I can manage."

"Aw, you're no fun."

Justin smirked. "When I'm out of the hospital you can hold my dick all you want and a lot of other things too."

"Now, now Sunshine, doctor's orders; no sex for you." Justin grumbled something as he finished up in the bathroom.

After Justin got situated back in bed he patted the spot next to him. "Lay down with me," Justin said softly.

Brian kicked off his shoes, mindful of Justin's hurt arm as he got into bed next to him. Justin immediately cuddled up next to him, resting his head on Brian's strong chest. Brian ran his fingers through Justin's silky hair.

Justin murmured sleepily "Brian?"


"What happens next?"

"What do you mean?"

"With us."

"Well I'll take you home and you'll get better. We'll get a restraining order against your fucking father, or with any luck at all he'll be arrested for what he's done. You'll finish high school; go to any college your heart desires. We'll both grow up to be rich and fabulous fags. I suppose we'll live happily ever after or some shit like that." Brian heard a soft sigh from Justin and knew the boy was asleep. He kissed Justin's temple then whispered into the soft golden strands. "I love you."


In the morning Justin had breakfast while Brian went in search of a decent cup of coffee. With any luck the doctor would release Justin soon. Luck was on their side once again. The doctor released Justin into Brian's care. While Justin sat at the edge of the bed Brian slid a pair of sweats up over his legs. He gave Justin's ass a soft caress as he pulled them up over Justin's cute perky bottom.

Justin let out a shuddery breath. "Brian cut that out; you're giving me a hard on."

"Yes dear."

Brian put soft fluffy socks on Justin's small feet then set about putting on his shoes and tying them. Justin couldn't help but smile at the care Brian was taking dressing him. "Um, you know I could probably help you dress me."

Brian smiled up at him and his heart fluttered. He decided to keep his mouth shut and let Brian have his fun. They hit a bit of a snag when Brian was trying to get him out of the hospital gown. The sling was in the way and Brian was doing his best not to cause him any pain. After some tugging and cursing and a few yelps Brian got Justin into a t-shirt and hoodie. The nurse came by with the release papers and a wheelchair. As Brian signed the papers Justin pouted.

"I don't need a fucking wheelchair. I'm perfectly fine to walk out of here. I didn't get shot in the leg."

"Sonny Boy, quit being a pain in the ass and get in the fucking chair. Only good little boys get treats when they get home."

Justin perked up a bit at that and wasted no time getting situated in the wheelchair. "Well come on; let's go then," Justin said eagerly.

Brian shook his head. "Kids these days."

The nurse covered her smile with her hand. Brian gave Justin his flowers to carry then they were off. He wheeled Justin out to the black Jeep that he had on loan till his Vette was fixed. He helped Justin get in then pulled the seat belt across, strapping his boy in. He kissed him softly then got in on the driver's side.

"Brian, why are you being so nice?"

"Would you prefer me to be a mean bastard?"

"Um that would be a no. You don't feel guilty, do you? It wasn't your fault, Brian."

They rode the rest of the way in silence. Brian parked the Jeep in front of his building. He kept one arm around Justin's waist as they rode the elevator up to the top loft. Brian got the door unlocked then to Justin's surprise Brian picked him up and cradled him in his arms as he walked through the door.

Justin laughed, "Brian, what are you doing?"

"Carrying you over the threshold. Are you complaining?"

"Not at all."


Brian carried Justin up to the bedroom and gently laid him down on his side of the bed. He put the flowers on the dresser where Justin could see and enjoy them. Brian pulled off Justin's shoes while the boy settled back against the fluffy pillows. He remembered that he promised Justin a home cooked meal so he went to the kitchen to thaw out one of Debbie's survival meals. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed back to the bedroom. He set the water on the nightstand for Justin. Brian kicked off his shoes and joined Justin on the bed. He settled himself between Justin legs, careful not to jostle him too much.

"Are you going to fuck me now?"


Justin pouted.

"I'm going to make love to you with my tongue."

Justin's eyes widened and his mouth parted, shallow pants escaped his full lips. He could feel his cock twitch at the suggestion. Brian smirked. Youngsters, it didn't take much to excite them. He tugged down Justin's sweats revealing his hardening dick. He buried his face in Justin's groin nuzzling him. Brian placed soft kisses just above Justin's fluffy pubic hair. Justin sighed and ran his fingers through Brian's hair with his good hand.

Slowly Brian licked up and down Justin's shaft, bathing it with his spit. He lapped at the prominent vein, tracing it with his tongue. When a bead of precum bloomed at Justin's tip he brushed his lips against it painting his coral lips till they were slick and shiny. Justin let out a soft moan as he watched Brian. Brian rubbed his lips against the velvety head. His tongue delved into the slit searching for more. Justin groaned more throatily.

Brian glanced up. "Did I hurt you?"

"God no, it feels so amazing."

Brian smirked, "Just checking."

He went back to playing with Justin's dick. Slowly he lapped at the head of Justin's dick like he was licking ice cream. Justin's hips tried to move with his ministrations but Brian stilled them with his hands. He kissed all along the head. He let his tongue dart out and lapped the underside of Justin's dick, right where Justin was most sensitive. Justin gasped and moaned his need. Brian fondled Justin's balls while taking him deep into his mouth. He worked Justin's dick with his throat. Brian knew Justin wouldn't be able to take a lot of stimulation. He was still young and had a tendency to explode at the drop of a hat. Brian's index finger teasingly massaged Justin's hole but didn't press in. He just kept a gentle pressure there; he knew it would drive Justin crazy. Justin was squeezing his shoulder; it wouldn't be long now. He relaxed his throat and began bobbing up and down Justin's shaft. The noises Justin made were music to his ears.

Brian thrust his tongue against Justin's slit fucking him gently with his tongue. Justin screamed in pleasure. Brian swallowed around the head and Justin was gone. He came instantly and intensely. Brian was hard pressed to keep up with the flow of hot creamy cum but like the great cocksucker he was he managed just fine. After Brian licked away the last remnants of cum, he tucked away his favorite toy then lay down next to Justin's trembling body.

"Mmm, gha, that was amazing."

"I aim to please," Brian said tongue in cheek.

"I wish I could return the favor."

"Don't worry about it. You can blow me all you want after you get better."

Justin fingered the ring on his hand. "Will there be a later? I mean with us. I don't think you fully answered my question last night. I remember something about me finishing school and us being fabulous fags but then I think I fell asleep."

Brian sighed. "What do you want to hear, Justin?"

"I want to know what will happen to us, where we stand with each other. It started out as a ruse to piss everyone off. But being your partner, it was real for me."

Brian was quiet for a moment. "Along the way it began to be real for me too. I like having you here with me." Brian huffed a laugh. "I don't actually mind having your drawers next to my drawers. I've never heard of gay divorce so if you really want to be stuck with an old geezer I'm willing to give it a try. That's not to say I won't fuck up from time to time. Plus I'm a recovering sex addict. I foresee long hard hours well into the night. I'll need to fuck at least 5 to 7 times a day."

Brian was damn near blinded by Justin's smile.

Justin giggled, "That's what I want. I think I'll enjoy those long hours that you speak of and you're not that old. I'm still young. I'm sure I'll have my share of fuck ups too but we'll forgive each other and move on."

"You have this all figured out, don't you?"

Justin grinned happily, "Yep."

They laced their fingers together. It looked like Justin was in it for the long haul and surprisingly Brian didn't want to escape. For the first time he was right where he wanted to be and he was happy.

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