Chapter 21

Mr. Van Mies cleared his throat and shuffled his feet somewhat nervously. "Well that was certainly…um…enlightening. Due to this…" He waved his hand at the blank monitor somewhat speechless. "I think it would be in everyone's best interest if we reviewed the candidates again and present the award at a later date." He dove behind the curtain before anyone could strongly object.

Craig's face was tomato red. Kinney and his own wayward son just cost him his well deserved business award. He would not be upstaged by a couple of fags. It was time to bring in the big guns. People were starting to stare at him. He gave them all a nasty glare and stormed out of the building. He had plans to make.


When Craig got home he stormed into his den and slammed the door; Jenn wisely stayed far away. He was in no mood to be trifled with. He dug into his desk drawer searching for a card he hoped he wouldn't have to use. No more games, he was done fooling around. Craig placed the call.

"Is this Kralik?"


Just that one word spoken sent shivers down his spine. The voice was creepy in a cold, calculating, calm way. Kralik was definitely the man for the job.

"I have a job for you."

"Mmm, well I'm a busy man Mr…?"


"I have to be inspired; convince me your 'job' is worth doing and then we'll talk business. You see I get bored so easily." Craig shuddered again. He'd heard that Kralik was a bit on the crazy side, looks like the rumors were true. "I want you to make Brian Kinney and my son, Justin, disappear. I want them gone; interpret that anyway you want. Money is no object."

"Mmm sounds promising; your own son. My, my, what did the little boy do to displease you so?"

"He's a fucking fag. He disgraced me in front of anyone and everyone important in this town. Tonight they cost me the Business Man of the Year Award; public humiliation abounds."

"I'm still not inspired yet; tell me more about Kinney and your boy."

"What do you want to know? They met in Greenhills and somehow escaped the incompetent staff there. They are fucking married to each other. The other incompetent buffoons I hired are worthless. They never leave each other's side."

"Do they love each other?"

Craig almost gagged at the thought. "I suppose so." Craig remembered the way his son looked at Kinney. "Justin loves him, of that I'm quite sure."

Kralik smiled evilly. "Ahh, true love; now I'm inspired."


Todd went back to his happy home. He traversed the halls of the backroom till he came to his own private nook. He changed out of his street clothes and into silk pajama bottoms with pink fluffy bunny slippers. Todd lubed up then went over to the wall mounted dildo, lowered his pants and impaled himself. When Babylon was closed he had to satisfy himself in other ways. Todd thought idly as he pumped his hips. He was happy he could help Brian out. Brian was a good man. Todd moaned as his prostate was grazed.


Brian and Justin tumbled into the loft groping each other. Justin's arms looped around Brian's waist. Justin looked up and panted. "God you're amazing, that tape. Did you see my father's face? Shit, I think he wanted to kill us both right there."

Brian ground himself against Justin's leg. "I don't want to think about your father; it'll make me soft. We wouldn't want that now, would we?"

"Fuck no," Justin panted.

They raced up to the bedroom hot on each other's heels. Brian pulled Justin in for a lingering kiss. "I've wanted to fuck you all night. You looked so hot in your new suit." Brian gave him a crooked smile. Justin laughed and blushed at the compliment.

They slowly undressed each other and placed the bits and pieces of their suits in a neat pile out of the way. Brian pulled Justin down on top of him. His hands grazed Justin's sides and back lovingly. He cupped Justin's ass and gave it a teasing squeeze. After several minutes of sweet caresses and tender kisses Brian snagged a condom from the bowl. He hesitated then handed it to Justin. Justin didn't catch the meaning and went to put it on Brian. Brian captured Justin's hands and looked at him intently. Without a word he rolled over. Justin's jaw dropped.

"Are you sure?" Justin whispered eagerly.

"Yeah, just take it easy, cowboy."

Justin's smile lit up the room. Even though Brian couldn't see it he could feel its rays encompassing his body. Justin dragged his tongue along Brian's crack savoring the moment. Brian almost never let him top but that was ok because he enjoyed getting fucked by Brian.

Justin let his tongue delve in, lapping at Brian's hole. He caressed his hip and bit by bit Brian started to relax. Justin squirted some lube onto his fingers. He warmed it first before he probed at Brian's hole. Just watching his fingers disappear in and out of Brian made him want to cum; he nearly did.

He rolled Brian over much to Brian's surprise. "I want to see your face," Justin whispered. He handed the condom back to Brian. His hands were slick with lube and slightly trembling in anticipation.

Justin had to close his eyes as Brian stroked the condom on his straining cock. Brian wrapped his long legs around Justin's slender waist. Justin entered Brian's tight sheath. He tried to set the pace with even thrusts. He wasn't used to topping and the heat of Brian's hole clenching him was too much. What pushed him over the edge was the way Brian looked while being fucked. Much to his embarrassment he didn't last very long at all. He came almost without warning.

Brian bit his lip to keep from laughing at Justin's crestfallen face. He handed Justin another condom.

"When at you first you don't succeed, try, try again" Brian smirked.

Justin snatched up the condom and hoped this time he could last long enough for them both to get off.


Sticky and satiated Justin snuggled up to Brian with his head resting on his chest. Brian held his sticky boy close to him.

"Brian, I'm worried. You don't know my father; he was beyond pissed tonight. He's not just going to let it go. Something's going to happen I can feel it. We made him look like the asshole he is in front of all his business associates."

Brian ran his fingers idly through Justin's hair trying to calm himself and Justin. "We'll just have to be extra careful and stick together; it'll be ok." Brian wasn't exactly convinced of that himself. He wasn't scared of Craig; he was a putz. He was more concerned at what a determined vengeful man could do.


Brian woke Justin up the next morning with a hand job underneath the sheets. On more than one occasion it proved highly effective in his goal to wake Justin. Thoughtful partner that he was Justin returned the favor in the shower. They dressed for work and school. Brian couldn't stop himself from tying Justin's school tie. They headed down to the Vette together. Brian playfully pulled him in for a kiss then opened the door to the Vette for Justin. Justin's smile damn near blinded anyone that happened to be up at that hour. Little did they know their every move was being watched. Kralik had his own evil smile plastered to his face.

As Brian was driving Justin to school he got the distinct feeling they were being followed. He casually glanced in his mirror. The same tan cargo van was following them. He didn't want to worry Justin with his paranoia so he decided to test his theory. He sped up then hung a sharp right.

"Brian, what the fuck?"

Sure enough the van whipped around the corner and sped up on his tail. Brian rolled his eyes; the goons were using a florist van to pursue them. "Hang on, we've got company."

Justin's voice raised in panic a little. "What, are you sure?"

"I'm sure." He tightened his grip on the wheel and hit the gas.

Surely his Vette could outrun them. In the early morning traffic Brian and their assailants zipped through intersections. He had to give them credit that they had no trouble staying on his tail.

"Brian where are you going?"

Brian spun the wheel hard. "I don't know. I'm just trying to fucking lose them. Fuck!"

Justin had a white knuckled grip on the seat and the door. His heart was racing a mile a minute. Somehow he knew this was payback.

"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me!" Justin whimpered when he saw what Brian was talking about. "Can you beat it?"

"I'll fucking try."

Brian gritted his teeth and slammed down on the gas. Timing was everything; there was no room for error. At the last possible second he slammed on the brakes nearly flipping the car. There was no way he could beat the train and live. In the blink of an eye the cargo van was screeching up next to them. Brian locked the Vette doors for as much good as it would do. He held Justin's hand tightly. Before they could even think of a plan of escape the men were upon them, one on either side of the Vette. The driver's window exploded with the force of a crowbar. Brian shielded his face. They were both yanked out of the car. Justin's hand was ripped from his. Justin screamed in terror and from being forcefully taken from Brian. Brian cursed his outrage and threatened death if Justin was hurt.

Rough hands manhandled him. He couldn't get the upper hand. His arms were roughly tied behind his back with scratchy rope. The last thing he saw was Justin struggling against a burly man before a black bag was yanked over his head. He was shoved into the back of the van. Moments later a squirming bundle was tossed in next to him. He knew it was Justin. The doors slammed shut and the van took off for destinations unknown.

Brian inched closer to Justin. As best he could he curled his body protectively around Justin's. Through the bag he could hear Justin's whimpering and wished he could hold him. They got bounced around a lot in the back. He tried to take most of the bumps while protecting Justin's body because the boy bruised so easily.


When Brian didn't show up for work on time Cynthia wasn't concerned yet. Usually Brian was always punctual if not early. There were days when he came in an hour or two late if he stayed out partying all night. To be on the safe side she called the loft. When she got no answer she was mildly concerned. Something didn't feel right to her. She called the school to see if Justin made it to class. Her worst fears were confirmed when she found out that Justin never made it to his class.

Her cell phone rang; it was Daphne babbling incoherently.

"Don't worry; I'm on it."

She idly tapped her polished nails against the desk. She flipped through her files. If she wanted to find Brian and Justin she'd have to go straight to the source. Cynthia breezed past Ted. "Hold down the fort; I'm going after the boss." Ted sputtered a reply but she was already out the door.

Cynthia had no trouble finding Craig's place of work. She stormed up to a mousy old shrew. "Where is Mr. Taylor's office?" She gave the woman her patented death glare that she had learned from the master himself. The woman pointed to a door with a trembling finger.

"You need an appointment."

"Fuck the appointment."

Cynthia strode to the door, rage filling her with every step she took. No one messed with her boss, no one. She kicked in his door with her dainty stiletto. It may have been over the top but she thought Brian would approve, plus she had always wanted to do that.

Craig gaped at the blonde as she straightened her suit and strode in. She gave her best don't fuck with me look.

"Where are Brian and Justin?" She punctuated each word slowly.

"I'm calling security."

Cynthia ripped the phone out of his hand and bitch slapped him with the receiver. He cupped his broken and bleeding nose. "Now you listen to me, you slimy little weasel. I know you're responsible for my dear boss' disappearance and his sweet little partner." She stepped around his desk and yanked him up by his lapels. "I'm only going to ask once more." She grabbed Craig's nuts in a death grip. "Where are Brian and Justin?"

Craig shrieked and wailed and choked on his own blood trying to breathe.

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