Chapter 19

Ted had to do some searching to find Brian. The man must have been on the move because Ted kept missing him. Everyone he asked in Babylon said Brian had just passed by. Finally Ted climbed to the catwalk to get a better view of Babylon and hopefully spot Brian. As he reached the top of the steps, he saw Brian leaning over the rail peering around the club.

"Brian," Ted said.

"What the fuck do you want?" Brian asked. "I'm busy."

"He's in the back room. Some guy dragged him in there a few minutes ago."

"And you fucking let him?" Brian demanded as he turned and raced down the stairs.

"Emmett went after him," Ted shouted as Brian disappeared from view. He didn't know whether Brian had heard him or not.

Brian shoved his way through the men gyrating on the floor cursing at them for impeding his progress. Finally he was in the hall leading into the back room. He plunged in ignoring the sounds and smells and sights that assailed him. The only thing he wanted to see was Justin's blond head. The young man had to be all right.

Way in the back he thought he saw Emmett. Had Ted said something about Emmett? He made his way towards the man. Emmett's back blocked his view, but he could clearly hear the man arguing with someone.

"Emmett," Brian called. "Where's Justin?"

Emmett turned and then Brian could see Justin. He looked dazed, his cargo pants around his ankles, leaning unsteadily against the wall. Some guy had a fistful of Justin's T-shirt and that seemed to be the only thing holding his partner upright.

"Get your fucking hands off him!" Brian ordered.

The man hesitated for a split second, just long enough for Brian's fist to connect with his jaw. He went down immediately.

"Fuck!" the man groaned. "That guy gave him to me. I didn't know he belonged to anyone else."

"Stick your dick back in your pants before I rip it off, and get the fuck out of here!" Brian said through clenched teeth.

Emmett had grabbed Justin when the man released him. Justin collapsed against him. Emmett was holding Justin up and trying to pull the blond's pants up. Brian turned and helped him. Between the two of them they got Justin's clothes righted. Brian held his partner around the waist and started leading the semiconscious man out of the backroom.

"Do you know who that guy was?" Brian asked Emmett.

"I've seen him around here before, but I don't know him," Emmett replied. "Something was going on though."

"What do you mean?"

Emmett hesitated. He wasn't sure what he should say about Michael. "That guy said somebody gave Justin to him."

"Yeah, what the fuck does that mean?"

"Somebody slipped him something. They wanted him to be raped in the backroom."

"But who…?" Suddenly the light began to dawn. If Craig Taylor wanted to break them up, maybe he thought this was the way to do it. That man on the catwalk had to be working for Craig. If Taylor was responsible for what had just taken place, he was going to pay mightily for it, even if it was the last thing Brian ever did.


When Justin awoke the next morning his head throbbed dully and he had trouble remembering who he was or where he was. He looked to the left into a pair of worried hazel eyes.

"Morning, Sunshine," Brian said softly.

"Brian? What happened? Where…? Babylon?" he babbled trying to make sense of what little he could remember of the big black hole that held the events of last night.

"You took some drugs," Brian said.

"Drugs! Um, shit … that guy from the parking lot? I didn't see him, but I was thirsty and drank a bottle of water that was suddenly … in my hand," Justin said trying to piece it all together.

"Drugged," Brian said knowingly. "Here, drink this." He handed Justin another bottle of water. "This one hasn't been tampered with." Justin downed it immediately. "That shit dehydrates you."

"I'm sorry," Justin whispered feeling tears well up.

"It's not your fault. You were having a good time, and they took advantage of you."

"Did anything happen?" Justin asked blushing and feeling like shit.

"Not really. Emmett went after you when he saw some guy dragging you into the backroom."

"Remind me to thank Emmett."

"I already have. At least he's one of my fucking friends that seems to care what happens to you."

"I can't believe someone wanted to hurt me," Justin said.

"Your father…" Brian began.

"I know about my fucking father," Justin stopped him. "But this was a stranger."

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean?" Justin asked with a frown.

"The guy who had you in the backroom said that you had been given to him."

"Given? What the fuck does that mean?"

"I think your father's minion, the guy on the catwalk, was responsible for what happened."


"Tonight is the dinner for the Businessman of the Year. Your son of a bitch of a father is going to pay big time."

"What are you going to do?" Justin asked suddenly afraid.

"Nothing you need to worry about right now. Come here."

Justin melted into Brian's arms. He felt the strength that radiated from him. He vowed that he would help Brian bring his father down that night. Then maybe they could live their lives in peace. That was all he wanted. Peace … and Brian. Their lips came together and the world righted itself.


Brian and Justin were dressing for the dinner when the buzzer indicated that somebody wanted entrance.

"Who could that be?" Justin asked.

"Don't know," Brian said making his way to the intercom. "Yeah?"

"Brian, it's Emmett."

"What do you want?"

"Let me come up. I have some information that you should know."

"We're just getting ready to go out."

"I know. Let me come up."

Brian frowned as he pressed the intercom and released the door. How did Emmett know they were going out? What was he doing here? Brian rolled back the loft door and waited for Emmett to arrive in the elevator.

"What's going on, Emmett?" Brian asked as the man stepped out.

"It's about Michael. You need to know this."

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