Chapter 16

Brian woke up to a soft warm weight on his chest. His eyes fluttered open slowly and gazed down at Justin. A soft smile touched his lips. He marveled at how Justin always wanted to cuddle up to him. He hated to admit it but he was getting used to it, even the pool of drool he felt on his chest. His hand snaked down under the covers and cupped Justin's ass. He squeezed gently and let the tips of his fingers delve into Justin's crevice. Justin let out a soft groan but didn't wake up. Brian could feel Justin's morning hard on poking his hip. He squeezed Justin's cheek a little harder and let his fingers go deeper.

Justin squirmed and ground himself against Brian's hip. Justin gave Brian a sleepy smile.  "Mmm hey."

Brian thumbed away a bit of drool from the corner of Justin's mouth. Justin blushed and grimaced as he glanced down at Brian's chest and saw the small puddle on Brian's pec. Brian laughed and used a corner of the bed sheet to dry off his chest.

"At least you don't snore," Brian smirked. He gave Justin's ass a playful smack. "Come on, Sunshine, you need to get ready for school."

Justin made a face. "Aw, do I have to?"

"Yes and if you're a good boy I'll take care of your problem for you."

Justin was up in a flash and had the shower started before Brian even got out of bed. Sometimes the kid was too easy. They took turns soaping each other up. Brian's soapy hands traveled lower and lower. Justin practically went off in his hand. He rinsed Justin off, backed him up against the shower wall and set about getting his breakfast for the day.  Justin insisted on returning the favor. Who was he to deny a growing boy a protein filled breakfast?

When Daphne came over last night she had brought Justin his school uniform. He couldn't wait to see how Justin looked in it, most assuredly a walking wet dream. While Brian primped in front of the mirror Justin went out to change. As Brian selected a suit he had to admit that he couldn't wait to get back to work.

Brian nearly stumbled down the bedroom steps when he saw Justin in the kitchen. Justin was just finishing up his breakfast and was cleaning up. Brian felt himself harden in his sleek Armani suit. He composed himself and went to the fridge. He poured himself a glass of guava juice. Justin's eyes flashed with lust; he couldn't keep a big smile off his face.

"Brian, you look amazing."

"I know." Brian snagged Justin's tie and tugged him closer. "Who taught you to tie a tie?"

"I did, my father was too busy having me committed."

"Well my father was too busy beating the shit out of me," he said off hand. He pulled Justin in for a rough kiss. "We got time for a quick fuck before your first class."

"Sounds good to me," Justin panted.

Brian pushed Justin up against the closest support beam. Justin gripped the cold beam in anticipation. Living with Brian was proving to be quite the experience. Brian reached around Justin and made quick work of the button and zipper. As Justin's pants fell down around his ankles Brian fished a condom out of his pocket. He slid his suit pants down just enough to free his straining dick. With condom in place he entered Justin. Every time he thrust into Justin a breathy moan would escape. He loved that sound. It never failed to turn him on. Brian gripped Justin's hips in his strong hands. He took Justin hard and fast. On every thrust he went a little deeper and ground his hips in a tight circle, hitting all of Justin's known sweet spots.

Justin gripped the beam so hard his hands started to ache. He let his head fall back against Brian's shoulder. He knew he was close. His spine tingled and his balls were achingly full. Brian thrust into him hard enough to bring him up on his toes. That was enough to send him over the edge. He came hard against the beam and across the wooden loft floor. He hadn't even needed to touch himself. Brian thrust into him several more times before he felt the warm explosion in his ass as Brian's hot cum filled the condom. Justin hugged the beam for dear life. His legs felt all rubbery and he could barely stand.

Brian stripped off the condom and flung it in the trash. He tucked himself away then set about making Justin look presentable. He tugged up Justin's pants and placed a kiss to the back of his neck. He spun Justin around and smoothed out the wrinkles in Justin's school uniform. He undid Justin's tie and retied it with his own clean precise knot.

Brian couldn't hide a smirk. "We better get out of here before I fuck you again. I'm beginning to think you're bad for my health; after all I am a recovering sex addict."

Justin couldn't help but laugh. "Uh huh, poor hapless victim that you are, I just keep forcing your dick into my hole."

Somehow their hands came together as they walked down to the Vette. Brian drove Justin to school.

"I was thinking after school I'd take you to my tailor and we'd get you a suit so we'll be ready when your father and his cronies have a shindig."

"Um ok, but you really don't have to spend more money on me."

"You have to look the part," Brian said nonchalantly. "Besides what kind of partner would I be if I didn't provide for my husband?"

Brian was treated to one of Justin's beautiful smiles. He pulled him in for one last kiss. "Have a good day, dear," he said in a high falsetto.

Justin got out of the car and leaned down. "Yes daddy."

Brian growled, "Twat! If you give me another hard on you won't be going to class."

"Promises, promises," Justin giggled then darted off to class.

As he watched Justin's blonde head disappear into the crowd he whispered, "Be careful." Brian groaned and squeezed his groin which was starting to tent his expensive pants. He had exactly ten minutes to lose his erection.


Brian didn't think he'd ever be so happy to see Kinnetik again. He paused at Cynthia's office. "Give me five minutes then we'll go over today's schedule."

"Ok boss, it's good to have you back."

He gave her a smirky little smile then headed to his office. He sank down in his comfortable office chair and just sat there, he needed to gather his thoughts. Cynthia came in with his appointment book and a hot cup of coffee. Brian gratefully took a sip; he'd even missed Cynthia's coffee.

"I take it by now you've probably heard what happened to me?"

"Yes, your friends had you institutionalized. Remind me never to piss them off. I also saw that you're married now." Brian waved it away. "It's just a formality."

"Uh huh."

"He saved my life. His name is Justin Taylor. Add him to the list; anytime he calls put him through immediately. I don't care if I'm in a meeting. Got it? Good. I also want you to add Daphne Chanders to the list. If Justin is in trouble and he can't call me she will."

"Are you expecting trouble?"

"We escaped from a mental institution; anything is possible. I want you to take Michael off the list. If he calls I'm in a meeting or hang up; I don't give a fuck. You're only to put Lindsay through if it concerns my son; use your judgment. I'll give you Justin and Daphne's cell phone numbers. Anything happens to me, call them. I don't think anything will. I'm more worried about Justin. It's just a precaution. If Lindsay or Michael stop by throw them out. I think we should also look into getting better security for Kinnetik. Now with that out of the way let's get to work."

Cynthia spent the next twenty minutes reviewing the months he'd missed and caught him up on all the current accounts.

"Oh and Cynthia, make an appointment with Alex for this afternoon; Justin needs a good suit."

"Will do, boss."


Brian picked Justin up from school. Justin couldn't help but smile when he saw the Vette.

"So how was your day, dear?" Brian batted his eyes at Justin, getting a laugh out of him.

Justin grunted, "Hell."

"Good to know some things haven't changed much."

"You didn't have to pick me up."

"And what? Let you ride the bus. I think not."

"You so care about me."

"Shut up, brat."

Brian drove to his tailor. As soon as he stepped in the shop they got prompt service, a rare thing to find these days. He consulted with Alex himself and they selected the best suits that would look stunning on Justin. Brian snuck in behind Justin in the dressing room. Justin jumped when he felt arms go around him. Brian ran his hands over Justin's ass.

"Brian what are you doing?"

"Just checking the merchandise."

Justin huffed a laugh, "Sex fiend."

"And yet you love me despite my flaws."

Brian turned Justin around and backed him up against the wall. He began to rub Justin's cock through the fine material.

Justin gasped, "Brian, what are you doing?"

Brian smirked, "Checking your inseam."

Justin growled out a warning, "You're going to give me a hard on."

"Mmm, that's the point," Brian grinned.

Brian freed Justin's hot hard cock and sank to his knees. Justin's head thumped against the back wall, his mouth went slack as Brian took him into his mouth. He tried his best to keep silent but he was known to be very vocal. Justin fisted Brian's hair as the man bobbed on his leaking cock.

First Brian took the head in his mouth lapping at the slit. He licked along the shaft while his hand was busy kneading Justin's balls. He let his long fingers play over Justin's hole. Justin's barely suppressed whimpering urged him on. He took all of Justin into his mouth. Justin's blonde fluff tickled his nose. He swallowed around Justin's length and constricted his throat. Justin muffled his shriek as he released his cum down Brian's throat. Brian kept a hand on Justin's hip to keep him steady. When Justin could stand on his own Brian left the dressing room and went to go pick out a tie to match the suit. When he got done with him Justin would be the best dressed homosexual. That is, of course, after himself.

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