Chapter 15

Daphne had watched Brian and Justin for a while now and they seemed to really enjoy each other's company. They were sitting on the sofa looking as comfortable as if they had been doing that for years.

"You two look so cute together," Daphne said.

Daphne's comment almost caused Brian to choke on his pizza (that Justin had somehow convinced Brian to order).

"Jeez Brian, are you okay?" Daphne asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"He doesn't think he's cute," Justin clarified. 'Though he totally is,' Justin said silently at Daphne who grinned back.

"I'm handsome. Some people say even gorgeous but not 'cute'."

"Okay, okay, not cute. What about lovely?"

Brian grimaced.

"I guess not. Hot? Delectable?"

Brian raised a brow. "Now you're talking."

Justin rolled his eyes. "My husband is so meticulous about his image."

"It's still so hard to believe that you two are actually married or partners or whatever."

"Better believe it and I assure you that these rings didn't come from Easter eggs."

"Yeah, these cost a fortune but *Brian* had to have platinum."

"I don't see you complaining though," Daphne said.

"Well I don't have to pay for them," Justin grinned.

"Maybe not with money but you'll pay. In one way or another," Brian said tongue-in-cheek.


"Oh tell me more, I'm all ears."

"Well, there are these beads..." Brian started.

"Brian!" Justin exclaimed with a slight blush creeping on his cheeks.

"What? It's perfectly healthy to be curious."

"She really doesn't need to hear about that."

"Oh, you wanna show her?"

"Christ no! Can we just talk about something else?"

Brian and Daphne just smirked at each other.

"So, Sam looked good," Justin said.

"Well I'm glad someone gets to see him," Daphne sighed.

"Been a long time?"

"Three weeks."

"That's long."

"Yeah well, he's coming to visit next weekend so I'm unavailable from Friday night to Sunday night, okay? Try to stay out of trouble for that time."

"I'll try my best."

"I guess you have plans then?" Brian asked.

"Oh yes, I -- I mean we -- won't leave the bed the whole time."

"Okay, we don't need to hear the details," Justin stated.

During the evening Brian and Justin told Daphne how terrible it had been in Greenhills and Daphne listened in shock. She couldn't believe how Justin's dad or Brian's so called friends could've sent them to a place like Greenhills. The place sounded worse than a prison and Daphne was more than relieved that Brian and Justin had managed to escape.

"I know Justin was in Greenhills to become normal, so to speak, but why were you there, Brian?"

"I'm a sex addict."

Daphne spurted some of her wine. "A what?"

"A sex addict. You know, someone who..."

"Okay thank you, I know what a sex addict is. You're serious?"


"Wow, I've never met one before. I feel kinda honored."

Justin shook his head. "Only Daph can be honored to meet a sex addict."

Daphne just shrugged and turned to Brian. "I guess Justin doesn't mind."

"No, I'd rather say he's enjoying my state quite a lot actually."

"I bet. I would too if I was him."

"Excuse me, Justin is sitting right here and can hear everything you say."

"Sorry dear, I almost forgot you were here."

Justin slapped Brian playfully on his arm.

"Ouch! See Daphne, only one day married and I'm already a victim of domestic violence."

Justin stuck out his tongue at Brian and Brian just couldn't resist; he grabbed Justin and gave him a long passionate kiss.

"So Daphne, are you going to leave soon?" Justin asked when he was able to talk again.

"Oh no, I'm not going anywhere, I'm really enjoying the view here," she said fanning herself with a magazine.

"I knew it was a mistake to invite her," Justin said.



Daphne looked mischievous.

"Oh no, I know that look. What is it?"

"I have a great idea."

"Do tell," Brian said.

"I don't think I wanna know," Justin sighed.

"You know Justin, you still owe me 300 bucks but I'm ready to forget it if you two give me a private show."

"I like this girl. I guess you know how to pick your friends."

"Well I don't like her very much at the moment."

"Justin always kills all the fun," Daphne pouted.

"He can't help it, he's a WASP."

"Am not!"

"But darling you are. But that's okay, you were born that way. We understand."

"Yeah and we love you in spite of that," Daphne assured.

"Oh shut up."

"So anyway, do you guys have any plans for Craig or Lindsay and Michael?"

"I've been thinking maybe I should sue Linds and Mikey but it would take a lot of time and I'm not sure if it would really be worth it. They can't pull the same kind of stunt anymore anyway. Yeah, I'm not really sure what to do."

"That's a tough call; I mean they are your friends. Well at least they were."

"Maybe keeping them in uncertainty would be enough punishment for them. I need to think about it."

"What about your dad, Justin?"

"Well, I think we should go to one of his parties so all of his business associates could meet us."

"You have one wicked mind, Justin Taylor," Daphne said.

"And you said I take the fun out of everything," Justin smirked.

"Yeah well, maybe not everything."

"I think that sounds like a plan. When is his next party?" Brian asked.

"How should I know? I need to find out. But I promise he's gonna be so sorry he put me in that hell hole."

"And I'm more than happy to help," Brian said.

The three of them planned a while what Brian and Justin could do at the party and Daphne pointed out that they really should get Justin some hot clothes 'cause according to Daphne, Justin's clothes left a lot to be desired. Brian promised to take care of that. After all the planning, Daphne was finally out the door.

"I thought she'd never leave," Justin sighed and started dragging Brian towards the bedroom. Brian smiled to himself. 'A horny teenager -- definitely a good thing to have around.'

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