Chapter 11

Justin squeezed Brian's hand as they went through the door.


"A little."

"It'll be ok."

Justin looked up at Brian and gave him a radiant smile. Brian's breath caught in his throat. Justin was absolutely beautiful. The spell was broken when they heard a screech followed closely by a caterwaul. "You little asshole! When did they let you out?" Deb bellowed.

Brian dragged his eyes away from his husband to smirk at Deb. "Good to see you too, Deb."

Brian wrapped his arm around Justin's waist and led him to an empty booth, ignoring everyone in the diner. He sat down in the booth then pulled Justin onto his lap.

Michael screeched "Brian what the fuck? You're supposed to be in Greenhills getting better; it's for your own good, you know."

Brian wrapped his arms around Justin and kissed his lips softly, pointedly ignoring Mikey's wailing. He leaned in and whispered in Justin's ear. "How's your ass, still sore?"

Justin smiled, "Feels all right from where I'm sitting."

Brian's tongue traveled to his cheek in a Kinney smirk. Just then Michael noticed the ring on Brian's finger. It wasn't just any ring either. He felt his bowels turn to ice water. He could feel Brian slipping away from him. He grabbed Brian's hand, the one with the ring to get a closer look. Brian jerked his hand away. "Fuck off, Mikey."

Michael crossed his arms tightly over his chest pouting. Deb was standing beside him with fists on her ample hips.

"Deb, could we order now? I'm feeling a bit peckish and I know Justin is hungry."

"You listen to me you little asshole, you're not just going to waltz in here and act like nothing happened. We want answers now!"

Brian rolled his eyes. "Fine, after a long restful stay at Greenhills I got kinda bored so I left with Justin. Wouldn't you know it? I fell in love with him. We just got married. Show them your ring, sweetheart."

They both held up their hands displaying their rings. It was like a bomb went off in the diner with all the yelling. Brian sat there smugly during all the pandemonium. It was worth it to see the looks on all his so called friends' faces.

"You did what!" Michael screeched nearly shattering every plate of glass within a block. "Clearly you're not well if you'd marry a complete stranger. What is he, like twelve?"

Justin could feel Brian trembling with suppressed rage. He rubbed Brian's back to calm the man.

"It's none of your concern Mikey, it never was. Justin and I are happy together and now there is fuck all you can do about it. You want to hear about my time in Greenhills? I was kept in a fucking padded cell. They pumped me full of chemicals that nearly killed me and that's saying a lot. If Justin hadn't gotten me out of there I would have died in that hell hole. You're the one who's clearly not in their right mind." Brian ran his hands through Justin's silky blonde hair. "Oh how rude of me, I didn't introduce you. Everyone this is Justin Taylor my beloved husband."

"Brian you can't do this." Michael stomped his foot like a petulant child.

"Oh, but I have. We're through Mikey; you crossed a line when you had me committed. Stay the fuck away from me and my husband. Come on, Justin, just the sight of this place is giving me indigestion." He checked the time and saw it was after seven. He smiled ever so slightly. "I think I feel like a pizza; how about you?" Brian and Justin left the diner hand in hand. Everyone's mouths were gaping open like it was deep throat night at Babylon.


Brian and Justin were seated in the back of a dimly lit pizza joint.

After Justin took several huge bites to ease his hunger he asked, "Are you ok? That was pretty intense back there."

Brian shrugged, "I'm fine, never better." To Justin's surprise Brian took a huge bite of his own slice of pizza. Even being with Brian only for a short time he knew how picky Brian was about what he ate.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but your friends are really a piece of work."

Brian sighed, "They were never my friends; I was just fooling myself."

Justin looked at Brian shyly. "Can we be friends?"

Brian huffed a laugh. "I would hope so; I mean you are my husband."

Justin beamed a happy little smile. After they finished with their pizza Brian felt that celebrating was definitely in order.

"How do you feel about dancing?"

"I love it; I haven't danced in like forever."

"Good, I think it's time for the Brian and Justin show."


News traveled at the speed of light all through Liberty Ave. Their king had finally returned from destinations unknown. Most were devastated that the king had finally chosen a queen to be by his side.

Brian and Justin received wild cheers when they stepped into Babylon. Justin's eyes grew wide at the sights before him. Brian pulled Justin in for a kiss, claiming him for all to see.

Brian smirked, "Guess they missed me."

"You really weren't kidding when you said you were well known around here."

"Yeah, I fucked practically all of them at one time or another."

It hurt Justin just a little to know exactly how many men Brian had been with. He didn't want to force Brian to change like Michael had but he didn't think he could take it if Brian continued to trick heavily, especially in front of him. Brian thrust a glass of Beam in Justin's hand and clinked their glasses. "To us."

Justin smiled, "To us."

Brian took Justin by the hand and led him to the center of the dance floor. Justin threw his arms around Brian's neck and they began to grind against each other in time to the throbbing bass. Justin had an erection in two seconds flat. Brian leaned down till their foreheads pressed together, their breath intermingled. Brian cupped Justin's ass pulling him flush against his body. They were practically fucking with their clothes on and the crowd loved every minute of it.

After a few songs Justin was getting desperate. He felt every bit the teenager he was. His dick was so hard he felt like he would explode at any second. His cock was leaking non stop. Justin was all wet and sticky and he needed relief.

"Brian," Justin shouted over the music.

Brian nodded; keeping their hands twined together he headed for the exit. He knew Justin was in dire need of a good fucking. Tonight he would continue Justin's tutelage on how to be to best homosexual he could be.


Brian pushed Justin up against the back of the elevator. He plundered Justin's mouth; his soft moans filled the lift. Brian kicked Justin's feet apart and began to lightly rub Justin's groin. Justin tore himself away from Brian's hungry kisses. "Mmmm, Brian stop, stop, so close."

Not wanting the fun to end so soon Brian moved his hands away. The elevator came to a stop at the top floor. Brian grabbed a fistful of Justin's shirt and dragged him out. He had to try more than a couple times to get the key in the lock. As soon as he did he picked Justin up and carried him in much to Justin's surprise. He set Justin down long enough to lock the door and set the alarm. Brian picked Justin up again and headed for the bedroom. He made the mistake of looking into Justin's eyes. He wasn't a total fool; he saw the love in Justin's eyes. He was so fucked.

Justin giggled, "What are you doing?"

"I seem to recall you wanted to be carried over the threshold; better late than never." With that he tossed Justin gently in the middle of the bed. Justin let out a girly squeal. Brian pounced on Justin but absorbed most of his weight with his arms. Their clothes rapidly piled up on the floor. Brian got a hold of himself and decided to slow things down a bit. He got up and went to his "toy chest".

"Brian what are you doing?"

"You've been a good boy so I thought I'd reward you with a toy."

Justin frowned then sat up on the bed. He strained to see what the contents of the box held. He saw Brian set aside a huge dildo and his eyes grew wide. Suddenly he knew what the contents of the toy box were. "Geeze, you really are a sex addict, aren't you?"

Brian turned with a string of black beads in his hand. "If being good at fucking means I'm an addict then I'm a fucking junkie."

"Works for me," Justin panted.

Brian crawled up between Justin's legs; he gave Justin the beads. "Do you know what these are?"

"Um, I'm not sure."

"They're anal beads."

Justin squeezed one of the rubber balls and squirmed wondering how it would feel inside of him. "You're not going to use all of them are you?"

Brian caressed Justin's thigh. "Don't worry I'll only use as much as you can take. Now roll over and get that hot bubble butt up in the air."

Justin eagerly complied. Brian lubed up the beads then worked Justin's hole open. Justin couldn't help himself and thrust back on Brian's fingers. Justin gasped as he felt the first bead press against his hole. It felt odd and good at the same time. Brian inserted five then let Justin have a little rest. He absently rubbed Justin's tummy.

"Feel good?" Brian asked.

"Mmm yeah." Brian inserted beads seven and eight. "Brian, enough, God I'm so mmm."

Brian stroked Justin's tummy. "Just two more."

As soon as they were in he rolled Justin onto his back. He wrapped the extra beads around Justin's shaft and began a slow massaging torture. Justin fisted the silk sheets underneath him. He trembled with the need to cum.

"Brian I.. I don't know how much more I can last."

Brian pressed hard behind Justin's dick killing his urge to cum. Justin winced at the jolt of pain. Brian teasingly tugged out the first bead. As it popped free Justin gasped, it felt even better coming out than going in. Brian caressed Justin's thighs and kept him guessing as to when another bead would be released. Justin's head was thrashing against the pillows. Suddenly Justin was cumming like a gale force. His orgasm was so powerful he expelled the final three beads. Justin drenched the sheets and his chest with his creamy cum.

While Justin caught his breath Brian prepared his dick by stroking on a condom. Justin's legs went up automatically over Brian's shoulders. Brian entered him in two long thrusts then set the pace with a steady thrust. Justin was painfully hard again. When Brian felt he couldn't hold back his own impending orgasm all he had to do was touch Justin's dick and the kid came again in long thick streamers of pearly cum. He buried his cock deep in Justin's ass and filled the condom with his own hot cum. Justin forced his eyes open to watch Brian cum. It was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen in his life. Justin groaned when Brian pulled out of him. Brian stripped off the condom and flung it in the trash. He got up and went into the bathroom to get a warm cloth to clean Justin up. He tossed the cloth aside then yanked the wet bottom sheet out from under Justin and tossed it in the bottom of his closet to wash. Something told him his dry cleaning bills would be astronomical with Justin around.

He slid into bed next to Justin. He could feel Justin hesitate, wanting to move closer to him. Brian reached out and pulled the boy into his arms. Justin rested his head on Brian's chest. The last thing he saw before he fell asleep was the ring on his hand resting on Brian's chest.


The next morning the Saturday edition of the Pittsburgh Press made its way to every home. At the Peterson-Marcus household it was the usual chaos. Lindsay was trying to get Gus to eat some oatmeal. More of it decorated the floor and Lindsay's hair than went into Gus.

Mel was reading the morning paper when she saw it. She nearly choked on her orange juice and ended up spraying Lindsay who was more than a little frustrated. "Christ will you look at this. The asshole got married."

"What asshole are you talking about?"

"How many assholes do we know? Kinney, he got hitched to some kid."

"What!" Lindsay gasped. She blinked away tears as she read the short article. Brian Aiden Kinney and Justin Matthew Taylor are happy to announce that they are joined as life partners. Brian Kinney is soul owner of Kinnetik and Justin attends St. James Academy high school.

If Lindsay wasn't already sitting she would have fainted.


After her run Cynthia brought in the morning paper. She was chugging Evian when the article caught her eye. She sprayed her kitchen with French water when she saw the words Brian Kinney and life partner in the same sentence. When she got over her coughing fit and could breathe again she exclaimed, "Oh my fucking God!"


On Liberty Ave. in the dark recesses of the backroom Todd was flipping through the morning paper while getting fucked. As soon as he read the article about Brian Kinney he came across it.


Across town in the upper class area, the Taylor's were having breakfast. Craig was reading the morning paper. Jennifer had just poured him a nice cup of hot coffee. He took one sip of it then he came across the article. His grip slackened on the mug and he got a lap full of hot coffee. He did the dance of the flaming crotch while his daughter and wife looked on. He grabbed up the phone in a fury and placed an angry call.

Jennifer found what had upset her husband so. She sank down in her chair. "Oh dear," she sighed.

"Justin got married!" Molly cheered.

"Hush, Molly, never mind."

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